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  2. I read somewhere about a Turban washing competition, may be they can use them. Otherwise think about giving it to textile recycling org.
  3. Ethical & Compassionate Living
  4. Health is Wealth
  6. Bheinji the poster says "Families & Children" you should mail or call to suggest the same for Adults.
  8. Indian families desperate to get their sons to Canada are posting ads in newspapers to find brides who are on track to being accepted into a Canadian university and willing to take a new husband along, says a former Canadian citizenship judge. The ads are part of what some media in India are reporting is a booming industry based on families paying the travel and education expenses of students studying abroad, in exchange for marriage. Ads for students typically seek a young woman who has passed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) required by Canadian post-secondary schools. On the flip side, parents of those who have passed the English exam and face paying $50,000 to $60,000 for a two-year diploma in Canada are also placing ads to find “spouses” willing to foot the bill. Full article available at
  9. Jats Are Now, Officially, A Backward Class
  10. Upcoming research presentation by Dr Jasjit Singh
  11. Let me turn to Guru Nanak for my food.
  12. This idea of the good immigrant. You start off in the UK as a bad immigrant, here to steal the women, the jobs and an NHS place, and then when you win a gold medal or a TV baking competition, you become a good immigrant. It's a <banned word filter activated> binary scale that should not exist.<banned word filter activated>-binary-scale-says-nikesh-shukla/articleshow/59611861.cms
  13. One word "Favouritism" Jats being ruling class in Punjab don't pay taxes, get free electricity n water, get bank loans at cheaper rates which they later get write-offed. Still they wanna leave !
  14. What I don't get is 1. Why are Jats leaving jat land ie punjab 2. If you have C$ 60,000 to spend why not hire Canadian Lawyers to secure a Work Permit which is a step above student visa n step below PR. 3. I don't think girls getting good scores would be stupid to accept such proposals. 4. Good part is Intelligent girls & their family don't have to pay Dowry for wedding.
  15. “The biggest thing with the Sikh community is that they don’t fit in well with the current community right now,” says 19-year-old Ajeet Singh. “Everyone right now is still trying to learn how to fit in, and I think baseball is fitting in with the rest of the American community.”
  16. Also, how do we distinguish between revenge and justice?
  18. EVENT DETAILS PA MINI SAMAGAM ****PLEASE NOTE***** Local Sangat starts on Friday the 14th at 5 PM and ends at 9 PM and starts again on Saturday the 15th at 5 AM to 12 PM. Accommodations will be made for Friday and Saturday. With blessings of the Lord, we are humbled to invite you to a Mini Samagam at the Nazareth Gurudwara on Saturday the 15th. Sadh Sangat or holy congregation is a key facet of the Sikh religion and almost all spiritual paths. ****PLEASE NOTE***** Local Sangat starts on Friday the 14th at 5 PM and ends at 9 PM and Starts again at Saturday the 15th at 5 AM to 12 PM and then starts the mini samagam from 3:30 pm onwards till Sunday 11 am. Accommodations will be made for Friday and Saturday.