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  1. No major religion other than Sikhism allows its followers to elect their faith leaders. No wonder then that spirituality remains too microscopic to become visible to the unaided eye. But what becomes most pronounced is a powerful philosophy of cohesion — of Sangat — lying crisscrossed. Full article available at
  2. The verse from Dasam Granth is obviously talking about physical relationship between male n female, husband n wife therefore are valid. Non-marital sex is forbidden, even to fantasies is not allowed. If you read today's Hukamnama from Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar it will remove all doubt's about Grehasti not being Spiritual. More so Sikhs should be Udaasi within Grehast Jeevan.
  3. You expect a food stuff giant to market products through a skinny model, makes no business sense.
  4. He was America's Got Talent presenter
  5. According to Gurus, the woman was the true faith. Once Guru Hargobind chanced to meet Jehangir, a disciple of Daulai Shah who said to him Aurat kya aur faqiri kya, Hindu kya aur Piri kya? Puttar kya vairag kya, daulat kya or tyag kya.? (Woman and mendicancy do not go together as a Hindu and Pir (Divine); a son and detachment; wealth and renunciation). Guruji advised him that the woman you ridicule keeps the moral character high: Aurat Iman, daulat guzran, puttar nishan, Faqir na Hindu na Musalman. (A woman is the faith, wealth is for a living, a son continues the lineage and a Faqir is neither a Hindu nor a Musalman). Of course the Sikh faith forbids cohabitation with ‘other’ women so that man should not decline morally. "Sudh jab te ham dhari bachan Guru diaye hamarai. Poot eh pran tohi, pran jab lag ghat tharai. Nij nari sang neh tum nit badhaiyoh. Parnari ki sage bhool supnai hoon na jaiyiho" - Dasam Granth (When I came of age, my father-Guru told me to take a vow - to be kept throughout my life- to love my wedded wife always and not to go to another woman’s bed erroneously even in a dream). Source -
  6. Feb 19 Inclusive Networks‏ @incnetworks After seeing this we want to get our #JiggleOn. Great seeing #diversity in @sainsburys in-store advertising. #InclusionInRetail
  8. Kaur Values is committed to help women achieve their ambitions, Are you bold enough to change?
  10. 11th March Wonder what odds Bookies are offering! Ladbrokes Coral & William Hill should cash in on Indian Election results
  12. EVMs are Vulnerable to Fraud
  14. Sikh International Short Film Festival Australia is an initiative by Kick Drugs in collaboration with SinghStation Media & Australia vich vasde Punjabi.