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  1. Dhukh Naahee Sabh Sukh Hee Hai Rae Eaekai Eaekee Naethai || Buraa Nehee Sabh Bhalaa Hee Hai Rae Haar Nehee Sabh Jaethai ||1|| Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib ji
  7. Please Note: 1. The event is at UBC Robson Square (in Downtown Vancouver), and not at UBC's main campus at Point Grey. 2. Doors will open at 6:30pm. Event will begin at 7:00pm SHARP. 3. Skytrain is the best way to reach UBC Robson Square (Granville/Vancouver City Centre Station), but please allow yourself 10-15 minutes to park if you are driving. GNA Talks are engaging lecture in which distinguished speakers discuss a variety of topics in the Sikh faith based on the model of “listen, learn, practice.” This model was developed to incite the listener to take tangible steps after hearing the lecture to improve their own quality of life as a Sikh both personally and on the panthic level. Inspired by the world-famous, TED Talks, GNA Talks focuses on bringing speakers who can speak on their individual specialties, while rooting their topic in Sikh history, philosophy, and principles. GNA Talks offers a venue for a diverse audience to come together and truly engage in an in-depth analysis of a certain topic. GNA Talks brings out great personalities from abroad, and speakers from the local community to share their perspective on Sikhi and inspire others. GNA Talks Conference is the first time where multiple speakers will come together at a venue outside of Guru Nanak Academy to share their passion and research. Joining us on the evening of May 25th will be Simran Singh from Vancouver speaking on "Conversations with the Divine;" Jatinder Singh from Abbotsford speaking on "Seva in Your Community;" Arwant Singh and Sukhpreet Singh from Surrey speaking on "The Art of Dhadi;" and Dr. Jaspreet Kaur from Toronto, Ontario speaking on "Unpacking Sikh Settler Privilege." Please join us in Downtown Vancouver at UBC Robson Square on the evening of Saturday, May 27th for an inspirational and engaging night.
  8. YSPN Melbourne invites you to an insightful eveningwith Alexandra Kaur Bhathal. A successful Sikh woman, Alex will share her learnings and challenges as a Green candidate in the key seat of Batman, Victoria. A member of the Australian Green’s party for over 15 years, Alex has a Masters degree in Criminology and has undertaken Doctoral studies in the social impacts of global warming. For over 30 years Alex has been a passionate community advocate fighting for issues relevant to society today including global warming, marriage equality, access to higher education and fairer treatment for people seeking asylum. Alex has gained recognition locally as a social worker, nationally as Australian Green’s Climate Campaigner and Internationally for her presentations at UN forumson climate displacement. We are very fortunate to have secured Alex as our next key note speaker and we hope you can join us. Where: University of Melbourne - Pelham Room, 200 Leicester St, Carlton When: 6:00pm, Thursday 1st June, 2017 Tickets: $10.00 Early bird tickets until 24th May. $15 General Admission
  9. How should Sikhs vote? Join us for an evening of discussion and debate on the UK General Election 2017, as the Sikh Press Association host a Sikh community Election hustings. What should Sikhs consider before voting? Which party best represents Sikh interests? How should we vote? Hear from Sikh political party campaigners and more. LIMITED SPACE - Please ensure you only register for tickets if you are certain to attend. DATE: Tuesday, June 6th SCHEDULE: 6.30pm – 7.00pm Refreshments & Networking 7.00pm – 8.00pm Hustings 8.00pm – 8.30pm Networking LOCATION: Room 201- Skempton Building, Imperial College Union, Prince Consort Rd, Kensington, London SW7 2BB. Five minute walk from South Kensington Underground Station (follow signs for ImperialCollege).
  12. ‘I hung out with him on the set of Octopussy’ In the summer of 1982 a man asked if I was a Sikh and if I wore a turban. He had phoned to book a disco as I ran a mobile disco with my brother, so I wondered what my religion had to do with things. He told me he was from Eon Studios, the company behind the James Bond film franchise. He said the next Bond film Octopussy would have scenes filmed at the steam railway in Peterborough and the movie’s main villain would be wearing a turban and they needed someone who could tie one: could I do this for them? That rather surreal conversation led to me meeting Roger Moore and Kabir Bedi - the movie’s villain - in a local hotel and I got the gig, possibly because I had my own turbans. I spent the next four weeks on set tying what was my grey school turban on Kabir’s head, as the ones they had purchased in India were too small and kept falling off. I was paid £50 per day for what was 10 minutes of time to tie on the turban and then hung around the set “chatting” with the Bond Girls or in Kabir’s trailer, which was next to Roger Moore’s. I found it really easy to sit and chat with him as he loved cinema as much as I did. He wasn’t even offended when I told him that Sean Connery was my favourite Bond. Reporters allowed on set tried their best to goad him about the Connery vs Moore Bond rivalry since Connery was coming back to do a Thunderball remake Never Say Never Again. But Roger never rose to the bait he simply commented that both he and Sean interpreted Bond in their own way. He had a fantastic and very dry sense of humour. He also never took himself seriously - the ability to laugh at oneself is a gift many of us lack, but not Sir Roger. He will be sadly missed.