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  1. Bheinji i'll make some suggestions 1. Buy an Air Purifier - Best Air Purifier for the Home (UK Review Guide 2017) 2. Hire a Professional Carpet & Mattress Cleaning Service 3. Natural, cheap n best solution - Growing Fresh Air With Common House Plants
  4. This Mother Quit Her Job To Teach Her 8 Year-Old How To Do Chemical-free Farming. Here’s Why Pallavi Goel 4:47 PM 25 APR, 2017 In a world where most couples aspire to educate their children in international schools so that they can get the best education and well-paying jobs in the future, there is also a couple who is ready to do anything that it takes to make their son a successful farmer. To be able to fulfill this dream, Gurbaksh Singh’s parents have not only moved to a village, they’ve done a lot more than that. His mother, Chanchal Kaur, has quit her job as a senior matron in Railways that paid her 90,000 rupees every month. His father, Rajendra Singh, a cashier in the Railways has also taken a long break from his job and plans to quit soon. The family was inspired to take this decision after being moved by the sufferings of Rajendra Singh’s sister. She fell victim to cancer because of chemical fertilizers used in the production of cereals and vegetables. Terming the hard-hitting incidence as a “U-turn” in their lives, the family has pledged to do chemical-free farming all through their lives. Rajendra Singh and Chanchal Kaur, hailing from Ajmer, Rajasthan, now want their son to be a farmer so that he can grow organic vegetables and grains and prevent people from getting cancer. Now they have bought two bigha land in Asrawad, which is known for being a fertile land for cultivation. The family, however, has no prior connection with their new village. Gurbaksh Singh has been enrolled in the Central School of Asrawad. The 8-year-old has already started training in farming. The family has also started constructing their house which will be erected with the use of completely natural material. Solar energy will be used for the purpose of cooking and electricity. Source -
  5. Gurmukhi School and Gurudwara Sikh Center of Gulf Coast Area, Houston is hosting Sikh Children’s Day, on April 30th 2017, devoted to our young Singhs and Kaurs. There will be Sports activities, Moonwalk, Pony rides, Dastaar Contest and Sikh Art Contest. Winner from each group will be awarded and Winning Artwork will be on display at Noticeboard and website. A detailed flyer will be sent out by today evening. For Dastaar Contest and Sikh Art Contest, participants must register as per their age group by emailing at or provide your names to below mentioned Sevadaars for these Contests : S.Sukhjeet Singh Sodhi - 832-335-1709 Sdn.Kamaldeep Kaur - 832-326-9735
  6. Discovering Sikhism is an annual conference held by the University of Oxford Sikh Society and this year we invite you to 'Windows and Mirrors' as we seek to reflect on the relationships within and around the Sikh Community. We hope to provide this event as an opportunity to learn, debate and ask questions in the open and academically stimulating environment of Oxford. Topics discussed will include gender relations, caste, Gurdwara governance, religious expression and identity. Source -
  8. These men want to be the first turbaned Sikhs elected to the B.C. Legislature
  11. I have found many of them very hostile to exegesis, I believe it is important to engage with people we disagree with or with those who disagree with me.. I think it is important to do this as otherwise I would be surrounded by like minded sycophants with whom I generally have a lot in common.. What do other people think? Source -
  12. If it was love marriage I would have supported it but not arranged ! Girl's family should have told Bichola about their elder daughter, no point hiding such a big screw-up.