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  1. Do a SWOT Analysis There is merit n demerit in every decision, key is that Merit outweighs Demerit.
  2. Bringing Gurbani into the the Modern Internet
  3. London, UK: City Sikhs Network (CSN) today released fifth annual report called British Sikh Report (BRS). British Sikh Report 2017 Making this announcement, Jasvir Singh of CSN issued a written press release which reads as follows: London, UK – 21 March 2017: Today sees the launch of the fifth […]
  4. Definition of right n wrong as per traditional dictionary Right - Love the one you marry Wrong - Marry the one you love Benefit of having strict parents & being obedient is kids are married sooner then contemporaries. Sincerely, Uncle Singhbj.
  6. I have recently come across Khoj Gurbani website. It is an excellent website for searching Gurbani. In particular, the good thing about the website is that it has an option for reading Gurbani in Pad-Chhed, Larreevaar and in unicode font. Unicode font is useful if you are searching for Gurbani on a computer that doesn't have any Gurbani fonts installed. There is a selection of Teekas (translations) to choose from. In English you have Bhai Manmohan Singh and Bhai Sant Singh's translations. What was particularly useful was that for the Punjabi Teekas, there was also an option for Giani Harbans Singh's Teeka. The website is easy to use, and well recommended for comparing translations and understanding Gurbani. Source -
  8. *Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders to Serve the Community*
  11. Following yesterday’s Independent news story headlined “Neo-Nazis’ plan White Pride march on same day as Sikh religious festival”, the Sikh Press Association spoke with many of the organisations involved in the situation, in an attempt to bring clarity to the issue.
  12. Movie Recommendation Vijeta (English: The Victor) Released in 1982 Angad (Kunal Kapoor) is a confused teenager trying to find himself and caught in between the marital problems of his Maharashtrian mother Neelima (Rekha) and Punjabi father Nihal (Shashi Kapoor), it is time for him to decide what he wants to do with his life. Angad chooses to become a fighter pilot with the Indian Air Force. What follows is his struggle to become a victor both with his self and the outer world. Angad is attracted to Anna Verghese (Supriya Pathak), who is the daughter of his flying instructor (Amrish Puri). Angad must learn to adapt to flying, leaving his mom and dad for long periods of time, as well as try and woo Anna who helps him overcome his fears and realize his potential as a fighter pilot. Nihal is a clean shaven Sikh, Neelima is a Hindu, Angad is a Sikh and Anna a Christian, while Angad's fellow officers represent all religion. The film is notable for some rarely seen aerial photography of combat aircraft active with the IAF in 1980s. The central character of Angad is a MiG-21 pilot and is shown flying the aircraft in ground attack role in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. Much of the movie, including the climax involving a MiG-21bis, was shot at Pune. The IAF No.4 Squadron (the 'Oorials') provided the pilots and planes for the film's aerial sequences. The movie included good color footage of the Oorials aircraft in flight and in operation. Source -