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  1. Hair

    Sikhs are also given buddhi to figure out such cases within seconds with depressing ourself with such questioning of our faith. We are not jaini type folks brother/sister. Do ardas and keep on sikhi in progressing !
  2. Which is the correct rehras sahib???

    Account SecondToNoneSingh restricted to post anything.
  3. Maybe he case of Cultural difference. Do they live in a city or in a pind? Was there a cixhola involved? I don’t think that age difference is the issue unless she is under 20. Takes time for mind to get mature.

    Yes! Kalyug it is and these thing happens but we are watching few folks who are trying to pull our community down and showing another community as progressing even in bad stuffs. We match IP addresses and they usually belongs to one or two users usually.

    This is clearly a TROLL !!!
  6. We are all brothers and sisters. We need to help, uplift each other and stop creating walls between us regardless of small or big issues. We agree to disagree but never should go against each other. In this kalyug, we need to be level headed sant sipahi as we are going to interact with various type of folks who differs from your personality. Mithaas is what our religion is. Ajeet, i wish you all good luck in your future endeavors.
  7. Uncle ji you are still alive ? I thought you probably did akal chaalana and dharamraj giving you punishment for your BS utterances against our guru sahibs. Chalo, Wishing you good holidays seasons
  8. Gurfateh Gupt Members, Please note that regular topics which does not fit the reasoning of being GUPT/Anon will be held back from approval occasionally. We have so many trolls who are taking advantage of this GUPT section where a person does not have to register the account are posting their rubbish propaganda. Topics that are not sensitive and does not require anonymous will now get hard time for approval. Register & use other sub-forums. Chardikala
  9. Here's how we have some losers who are dumping their propaganda in our forums. Their way is to attack our sisters and they are truly a cheap snakes oil saleman. They are not too good as they change and sell their family, name & religion every other second. Kaur2, apology for your post editing by one of our sewadars. We have to filter out these sharia folks rubbish dozens a day and some mistakes we do while kicking them out. This guest "MODS ARE SCARED" also posted this few weeks ago: Well I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Gareth, I am 34 years old and have been dating a Sikh woman for around 4.5 years. In the last 2 years our relationship has got quite serious and my girlfriend would like for us to marry so that we may start a family together. As you probably have guessed by now the main hurdle is that I am a white Englishman, non-Sikh. My girlfriend's family are quite strict Sikhs if that's the correct term to use, all the males wear turbans and so does my girlfriend's younger sister also. None of them drink and all are also vegan so they are pretty hardcore in a sense. I do love my girlfriend and would also like to marry her but the issue is about me becoming a Sikh. My girlfriend I believe has told me as much as she can about the religion, so the reason I found this forum and would like to ask you guys is can you put forth your best argument to convince me 1. there is a God/creator/being 2. what makes the Sikh faith the 'correct' one? My girlfriend's family expect me to become a Sikh in order to marry her and I don't want to become a Sikh for the sake of just showing that I am one in order to marry my girlfriend as that doesn't sit well with me, it'll basically be an ongoing lie and I can't find it in my heart to do that. Thank you.
  10. My little brother

    Talk at this similar thread -
  11. Lohgarh.ca

  12. Britian First

    I agree with a person saying that we should stay neutral. Don't go against and don't lend support either. It is always beneficial from all sides if one decide to stay neutral.
  13. We are more of “choice”. The same way guru giving singh jee gave us human the choice in 1699. Very good topic.
  14. Non-stop flight to Amritsar

    That record certificate is a total fake issued by novice fake organization.
  15. Non-stop flight to Amritsar

    Did the government controlled airport authority now charging less for landing fees in Amritsar ? Last time I heard two reasons why airlines stopped landing in Amritsar is because : 1. No business class booking. 2. Indian airport authority were charging more than double fees as compared with Delhi airport.
  16. What would India be if the British never came?

    If British never stepped then we would have Gandhi live and died hating Africans in Africa. There would have been no cancer Gandhi clan.
  17. What would India be if the British never came?

    Vishvaas and trust is what we need. We need to stop questioning everything specially questioning the jeevni and character of panj piyaray. Ranjit singh was advised by many to put panj piyarays as head of the kingdom and which he didn’t do it and we all suffered. We had Mahan leaders of those time such as alkali phoola singh, baba Bir singh and so on.
  18. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    This is what our enemies want us to talk about and being busy in such issues so that they can do their job of eliminating our history, language, culture and religion. In my opinion, If the OP who started this thread, if he is not jatt then he believes in caste things.
  19. Site Security

    Will find out more about it. Did this start happening recently?
  20. Dehli Air pollution

    Kejriwal CM used right words “Death Chamber”
  21. Sikh Marriage Proposal NYC Times Square

    Ehh.. Too cheesy.. blah. Roka/mangni/viaah should always stay simple. Our sikhi lifestyle should be simple down to earth.
  22. Alcohol & Anxiety/Depression

    Stop drinking is the solution.
  23. I see Bhinder Bhaji almost every week or so. He did lot of work on dispelling Gandhi ideology.
  24. Missnaries and their stooges are creating their own cult which will reject basically everything that can’t be proven to their Manmat science barometer. Dhadri fanboys are now missnaries. Dhadri gone cuckoo after the murder attempt on him.