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  1. When i got married we had no reception after the marriage. It really depends on the couple and their parents. Some people do it because they think it is social norm. Some people do it to keep it family happy. Some people choose not to do it.
  2. which is where it is going..
  3. Sukhvir has about 10% posts approval rate. I understand with totally but we try to be very less restrictive and let the sangat runs on its on.
  4. I won't mind having him open another new thread for his posts only. He can post anything he like but it would be the choice of other members to go read his thread or not. They can simple choose to avoid that thread. jag- open new thread as you like but pls keep the posts a bit civil.
  5. Huge cost brother! Ppl are raking money in India by selling old and possibly fakes.
  6. Justajatt, believe there will be a spiritual stage in your life where you will understand the complexity of such issues. As you stated that you are new into this, so it will take time for you to learn thru experience. Buckle up as it's a long journey- some come and go as their karma took them off track. Very few stay on the sikhi path. As gurbani says the path to walk on is sharp edge of kirpan which is thinner than human hair. have patience brother!
  7. Perfect example of troll!
  8. Please post such topics in a regular sub-forum. Thanks
  9. Over the years, i have learned few things and for the past 2 years, i am not donating to any charity blindly. The bigger and well known charity is, the better is to avoid them. I give sewa when i am directly helping someone. I totally support you that we all have luxuries in our life and we really should donate our time, effort/energy for the good cause. Our kids see us donating and helping and that alone shapes the future of our generations.
  10. Post it on the right sub forum. We have the dedicated section for this topic. Here is the link- http://sikhsangat.com/index.php?/forum/78-new-moms-motherhood-parenthood/
  11. http://sikhsangat.com/index.php?/forum/78-new-moms-motherhood-parenthood/
  12. Approved. Sorry for the delay.
  13. More recent video clip of his:
  14. We have some major pending updates and shall be implemented soon. Our server is not shared with anyone and @Balait_da_Sher had a very strong security in place on our server. We might also take our forum to next level of upgrade.