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  1. What would India be if the British never came?

    If British never stepped then we would have Gandhi live and died hating Africans in Africa. There would have been no cancer Gandhi clan.
  2. What would India be if the British never came?

    Vishvaas and trust is what we need. We need to stop questioning everything specially questioning the jeevni and character of panj piyaray. Ranjit singh was advised by many to put panj piyarays as head of the kingdom and which he didn’t do it and we all suffered. We had Mahan leaders of those time such as alkali phoola singh, baba Bir singh and so on.
  3. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    This is what our enemies want us to talk about and being busy in such issues so that they can do their job of eliminating our history, language, culture and religion. In my opinion, If the OP who started this thread, if he is not jatt then he believes in caste things.
  4. Site Security

    Will find out more about it. Did this start happening recently?
  5. Dehli Air pollution

    Kejriwal CM used right words “Death Chamber”
  6. Sikh Marriage Proposal NYC Times Square

    Ehh.. Too cheesy.. blah. Roka/mangni/viaah should always stay simple. Our sikhi lifestyle should be simple down to earth.
  7. Alcohol & Anxiety/Depression

    Stop drinking is the solution.
  8. I see Bhinder Bhaji almost every week or so. He did lot of work on dispelling Gandhi ideology.
  9. Missnaries and their stooges are creating their own cult which will reject basically everything that can’t be proven to their Manmat science barometer. Dhadri fanboys are now missnaries. Dhadri gone cuckoo after the murder attempt on him.
  10. We don’t allow these topics- 1. Ragmala whether pro or anti 2. Anti Dasam granth 3. Pro meat
  11. Chal yaar rakh lai usdi photo apni wallet teh.
  12. Too much softies. I am bit of moderate when it comes to politics. Agreed with Bernie sanders platform, likes life work of revolutionist like che/mandela etc etc... but our youngsters tilting to too much on left which is extremely dangerous.
  13. This is too weird topic. This seems too fictional.
  14. Most of upcoming generation are of these mix type of liberal commies.