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  1. Seva Required -

    Involve sikhsangat in it and we can help find sponsors for such projects. Let me know the details.
  2. Half of them are auto bots trying to register. After 10 years, now we are seeing bots having random punjabish name. They get caught with fake emails.
  3. Yes. He did. He used to hold camps in california and had to cancel most of them once there was a bit movement to put stop on his manmats. It was huge surprise to me when khalsa camp uk invited him as a speaker. He started many projects, including sunday school syllabus- which once a famous california gurdwara teachers and sewadars announced to boycott sunday school over his manmat. He is the person who likes to change stuff and test the waters of the sangat. For example- in syllabus he said.. "Guru manyao Panth" instead of "Guru Manyao Granth". He also edited Guru jees signature etc.
  4. We had a small glitch where we were not being able to approve new members. Solved it. For past few weeks, whoever tried to join were able to join but didn't go thru approval process. Four pages of pending approvals just got cleared. 2 weeks older member validating needs to re-apply. Just a public information.
  5. They are part of sikhri harinder singh based out of US. Not a good guy at all. Too many controversies surrounding him. Punjab’s PDL started by him but I guess they are bit independent but I WILL never trust them.
  6. Brexit

    Orange man will never do any good trade deals. He is our crazy loco president. Tell ur UK bibi to stay put and come back to senses to hold another vote to undo the brexit. London property rate is already falling.
  7. To some Sikhs, it might be okay to make mockery of the religion, bring sudden drastic anti-Gurmat change. You based your whole post on two events and showed that somehow they are the victims. To folks like me, they are the well known perpetrators who should face stiff punishments. Your first paragraph saved me time to read rest of the thread. Know the person and his deeds first before throwing all support.
  8. Sandhu & Ghotra marriage

    Your posts are real. One of two folks are playing around and pretending to be someone. Pls ignore them and report their replies.
  9. Sandhu & Ghotra marriage

    Ajnala is a town/pind near Amritsar and people use their pind names as their last name just like badals are dhillon but they use last name as badal because they are from that pind. Gothra is the last name of lubana community. Many of them are also farmers but most of them are in business trades just like someone above gave the perfect example of “Makhan Shah Lubana” - the shop merchant who found guru sahib ji. Once Amritdhari then all these things does not matter.
  10. Who are the moderators on this site?

    I am not doing the moderation for past few weeks. I only check on reported posts/replies and approve/ban pending memberships. We have about 2 moderators and 2 admins. Except me, all sewadars are to be gupt due to many reasons.
  11. Sangato, Politician : A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization. He/She is the person who works for you. We pay their salaries. He/She works for you. They never should be the role model for anyone as politics is dirty no matter what/where/when. Jagmeet is a simple politician who will decide everything that is best for his political life. He is no different than any other gora/kala politicians. He represents Sikh community social matters and that is good for us. He represents us politically and he does his job good. Respect him for that ! HOWEVER, He is not our religious leader nor we should ever ask his input in religious matters. What he does or doesn't in his personal is his and not ours. Amritdhari marrying amritdhari is one of our main rule in our religious society. Those who don't follow are the ones at the fault. Don't protect someone who made or is making a religious mistake.
  12. Why he or they needs to do theatrics and the Deep echo sound system that they carry around? It is all theatre show but nothing else and same goes with many others.
  13. Amritsar Gurdwara

    Amritsar is indeed our holy city. There are so many gurdwaras nearby with concentrated history of our gurus.
  14. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    I haven’t seen anyone protecting someone sooo deeply unless you are him or closely related.