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  1. Sandhu & Ghotra marriage

    Ajnala is a town/pind near Amritsar and people use their pind names as their last name just like badals are dhillon but they use last name as badal because they are from that pind. Gothra is the last name of lubana community. Many of them are also farmers but most of them are in business trades just like someone above gave the perfect example of “Makhan Shah Lubana” - the shop merchant who found guru sahib ji. Once Amritdhari then all these things does not matter.
  2. Who are the moderators on this site?

    I am not doing the moderation for past few weeks. I only check on reported posts/replies and approve/ban pending memberships. We have about 2 moderators and 2 admins. Except me, all sewadars are to be gupt due to many reasons.
  3. Sangato, Politician : A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization. He/She is the person who works for you. We pay their salaries. He/She works for you. They never should be the role model for anyone as politics is dirty no matter what/where/when. Jagmeet is a simple politician who will decide everything that is best for his political life. He is no different than any other gora/kala politicians. He represents Sikh community social matters and that is good for us. He represents us politically and he does his job good. Respect him for that ! HOWEVER, He is not our religious leader nor we should ever ask his input in religious matters. What he does or doesn't in his personal is his and not ours. Amritdhari marrying amritdhari is one of our main rule in our religious society. Those who don't follow are the ones at the fault. Don't protect someone who made or is making a religious mistake.
  4. Why he or they needs to do theatrics and the Deep echo sound system that they carry around? It is all theatre show but nothing else and same goes with many others.
  5. Amritsar Gurdwara

    Amritsar is indeed our holy city. There are so many gurdwaras nearby with concentrated history of our gurus.
  6. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    I haven’t seen anyone protecting someone sooo deeply unless you are him or closely related.
  7. I miss my grandmoms. Believe me you will too once they are not near you anymore.
  8. Pesh?

    Should not happened but peshi is reserved mostly for bujjer khureit. God forbids but If you don’t end up marrying each other then I think it makes perfect sense to get peshed.
  9. Thank you!!! You don’t need these theatric stage artist to preach.
  10. Baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale exposed

    Dhadreanwala is nothing but a stage artist just like what West has those mega church pastor followers.
  11. He is a good politician and lets leave up to that. They groom their lifestyle in such way in order to win votes. He is just a politician, we should not expect such people to be pious religious figure.
  12. Always open but need folks with at least year or two of posting on forum in order to get the sewa.
  13. IP addresses are hidden from public. It is only visible to admins and moderators. Nobody except sewadars can see it. Did something happened?