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  1. Brother, There is nothing to be ashamed of with the natural hair. Are we talking about professional swimming here? I never heard that in order to swim, all swimmers shave.
  2. These "so called" pracharaks want these stuff to happen wherever sikh lives in peace. They are planted seeds to go far far land and create pangay to full extent. Why have these S*** heads when you have western based pracharaks like basics of sikhi, naam simran guy and so on.
  3. We cut dead nails just like we comb out dead hairs.
  4. Again we can't tell if that is "Particularly" your home You don't have to prove. Relax and chill
  5. sangat is running and moderating this forum
  6. They been creeping in various small gurdwaras in punjab. They been holding small groups of forum, gathering and camps whether under direct name of theirs or names such as "Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle" etc etc. They target the active folks who are hungry to learn more about sikh religion. They started this trend in 90's. example - in chandigarh, they have sec 34 gurudwara which acts as missionaries base and like of katha guy Amrik Singh Chandigarh is from such area. They are all over punjab and stole our precious gems while our kaum care takers were busy fighting, building and looting gurdwaras (sgpc).
  7. Personally i think we have a huge wave of liberalism in our youth. Mod Note: For privacy reasons, i removed the link. I am hesitant to allow that on sikh forum. Hope we keep the talk civil.
  8. When i got married we had no reception after the marriage. It really depends on the couple and their parents. Some people do it because they think it is social norm. Some people do it to keep it family happy. Some people choose not to do it.
  9. which is where it is going..
  10. Sukhvir has about 10% posts approval rate. I understand with totally but we try to be very less restrictive and let the sangat runs on its on.
  11. I won't mind having him open another new thread for his posts only. He can post anything he like but it would be the choice of other members to go read his thread or not. They can simple choose to avoid that thread. jag- open new thread as you like but pls keep the posts a bit civil.