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  1. 2012 was the year when he started his sewa. 🙏🏽
  2. He started in 2012 and within 5 years he did sewa that no other Sikh youth ever did. He spent time with sangat for the past many years and sangat (us) should now support him and his organization including his very young family.
  3. Why punjabis want to leave India? No jobs in Punjab. Discrimination against rural folks by city folks. Hard to get any work done in any sector without bribing. You have no opportunity in Punjab if you dont have money. Most of the people who wants to leave are basically from farming background. They are barely barely break-even after their hard work in fields. Why above method? i don't understand punjabis on choosing the most stupidest way to migrate. If South Indians can fill hundreds of thousands of IT jobs in silicon without spending any "migration" illegal scheme then what's stopping punjabis to study in India and get work visa or something. We got the habit of choosing the easy way out.
  4. A mode of transportation needed to travel. In 80's very few (extremely few) could afford a car- so only option was a bike.
  5. Well stop eating meat.
  6. I hope that with SP Singh's good will they will leave the bad habits that got them in the mess in first place.
  7. I do not mind them touching or pat down the turban. Good thing is that they use gloves. I mostly gets swab chemical test.
  8. The reason why this forum survived is because it's being driven by sangat itself. We do not align with anyone as we want to stay independent. We never believed in promoting one group nor try to demonize anyone. sikhsangat is sangats forum and will stay up as long as waheguru akal purakh wishes it to stay. special thanks is to amar @Balait_da_Sher for keeping it safe for 15+years.
  9. What a waste of time. Desperate youtubers.
  10. London Jawan, can you please lay-off posting every single reply to jagsaw? Focus on something else.
  11. With 14+yrs maturity since creating of this topic, I would say that we should dress properly and shirts should be avoided. Living in sunny area, I wear shorts most of the time but do not wear it while going to gurughar.
  12. Distraction. Treat and see all girls as your sister. This is not your age to get into this. This is not our Sikh culture. Focus on your studies.
  13. Gurbani mentions Sikhs should never ever in their life should ever lay their eyes on married woman (pirai estri).
  14. We have forum members who are below 18 and that is the reason why such topics are either edited or not allowed. I hope you will understand.
  15. So true brother as RSS sent their Ramesh Kumar aka. Panthpreet to stir trouble. Agree?