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  1. More recent video clip of his:
  2. We have some major pending updates and shall be implemented soon. Our server is not shared with anyone and @Balait_da_Sher had a very strong security in place on our server. We might also take our forum to next level of upgrade.
  3. his body language shows that he is happy to meet this singh.
  4. I don't think any of them visit this forum for the past few years.
  5. Jago Album by Immortal Production helps. This below movie soundtrack helps me.
  6. This is one good sewa.
  7. I saw this same message on mind unleashed website. I don't think he ever said this, however all of our gurus mentioned many similar messages.
  8. You are the same person who posted 2 below threads this: You are some serious identity crisis.
  9. You are the same person as of who posted this Original Thread. IP address matches.
  10. I approved this topic just to show sangat that there are such these type of ppl and very much needed to beware of them. They raise the flag of "liberalism" BUT they are actually not.
  11. Most likely the sound system. Sound settings are the worst in mostly all gurdwaras. Get together with few folks and buy a professional to help tweaking and buying new speakers.
  12. Domain is not on sale but pointing it to their default domain company. It seems like they maybe having some problem with their website/hosting. Sikhsangat was down for about a week because of several hacking in November, so might be the same thing as both sites uses the same software. If i am not mistaken, N3o singh member runs that website, maybe contact him.
  13. Gurfateh, Sorry for the late response: I did reset your password. It is your email username. "s______.___" Chardikala