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    At the moment Sikhism is in its golden period. The next 50 years are crucial for its survival and prosperity. It is a make or break time for the faith. If we continue the way we are going Sikhi as we know it will become a insignificant religion on the world stage confined only to Punjabi people and not like a ethically and racially diverse religion like other faiths. Our time is running out. We must act now for the benefit of the next generations who are counting on us for their future. But we are on borrowed time. Unless drastic steps are taken to take the faith further and expand all around the world. If this is not done within the next 50 years it is game over. There will not be an opportunity like this again. Many if not all will eventually become athiest or convert to other religions. This is actually happening now but will get increasingly worse. The next 50 years is either success or failure as far as numbers go. After 50 years are up. There is no way of turning back the tide. That is why I stress the importance in a crucial period and juncture for the faith. We need huge scale missionary activity throughout the world from tibet to mongolia. Dont expect people to one day wake up and look at a basics of sikhi video on youtube then convert on their own will. Yes we can implement digital technology to reach to the masses but that is only one method. We need boots on the ground. Missionary centres on every corner of the earth to spread Guru Nanaks message. We must lobby our so called leaders to fund these projects. Money and resources need to be poured in for the effort to begin. Dedication and commitment is needed from us all. Sacrafices will need to be made. It will not be easy but we can achieve the goal with the right methods and knowledge. Dont think I am just typing this as a passing thought. I am in the process of setting up one of only in the UK of a Sikh missionary centre. If people are intrested in helping and are from the the east London area. Please contact me on ways you can help and contribute to the project. Any thoughts on this crucial period in time that we must act on? WJKK WJKF
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    The Sikh pant? You mean this? You might consider learning how to spell before you come on here telling Sikhs that they don't know anything. Yeah, I'm sure you are furious that Sikhs believe that Guru Nanak ji is higher than your beloved Prophet Mohammed. So touchy about being asked which religion, are we? I don't belong to any branch of the RSS or any other anti-Sikh organization for that matter. If you're not a sheep, you must be weasel since you're not willing to identify which of the 72 mazhabs of the Ummah you belong to. I'm not the one who made this statement originally, but I don't really see what the big deal is, either. He said "symbol". You should be able to understand that. It is often said that "ਪਾਪਾਂ ਦੀ ਬੇੜੀ ਭਰ ਕੇ ਡੁੱਬਦੀ ਹੈ" (oh, should I put that into Arabic script so you can read it, akh?). So the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji represented the summit of evil by Aurangzeb, sometime after the decline of his empire began. It's not the 5 ਭਈਏ, you dolt! How dare you insult the Guru's beloved 5 Singhs in that way. In Sikhism, a major emphasis is put on humility. The point is that if God can humble Himself, man can also. This was also to cement the principle of rule by the 5. ਗੁਰੁ ਚੇਲਾ ਚੇਲਾ ਗੁਰੂ ਕਰਿ ਚੋਜ ਵਿਡਾਣੈ। ਸੋ ਗੁਰੂ ਸੋਈ ਸਿਖ ਹੈ ਜੋਤੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਸਮਾਣੈ। ਵਾਰਾਂ ਭਾਈ ਗੁਰਦਾਸ : ਵਾਰ ੧੩ ਪਉੜੀ ੧ ਪੰ. ੪ (Did they teach you how to read Gurmukhi in your RSS/jihadi training camp?) When, indeed. There is no such book as the "Surah Prakash Granth". Get your head out of the Koran for just a second so you can make a convincing show of being a Sikh. Oh, you mean your jihadi training camp never took you on a field trip to a Gurdwara before letting you loose? If they had, you'd know what it is. ਸੂਰਜ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ is the granth of which ਕਥਾ is done every evening in every large gurdwara in the world.
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    So your basing all Hindu and Hindu- Sikh marriages about this this incident and your personal experience living in Mumbai which is the home of RSS/Hindvita (or whatever they are called ). Let me turn this around into a positive view against your negative view based on my experience. My uncle who is from Hindu background (Hindu Bharmin) married a Sikh women (arrange marriage) a few years later my Uncle become Amritdhari Sikh, His son and daughter are both Amritdhari Sikh,and proudly wear a dastar. There a few Hindu-Sikh marriages in my family which are going well One could say that if person visit a Gudwara and bows down to the Sri guru Granth Shaib they are Sikh no matter what there surname or religious background is. I dot not consider myself a non Sikh even thou by name I am Hindu Bharmin but my beliefs and culture is more inline with Sikhs. Even thou I am not fully religious I know more about Sikhism then the average Sikh. Do i think its right for me to marry a Sikhg Girl ? yes because of knowledge of Sikhi and my beliefs towards Sikhisim (like i said before i do not consider myself a non Sikh.) I would want my kids to follow and learn more about Sikhism and Punjabi culture. I would more likely have more trouble marrying a strict Hindu as they disagree with my religious views etc, Now they are Sikhs who are just Sikhs by Name. The smoke weed, get intoxicated know nothing about Sikhi. they are like "yo blood I am Sikh yo look at my blinked out Khanda neckless Jatt for for life you get me fam " these kind of Sikhs are more problem and danger to Sikhi and could ruin sikh families. However where I do agree your point against marrying a Hindu if the Hindu family has no knowledge of Sikhi, never been to Gudwara, unwilling to bow down to Sri Guru Granth Shaib and would want to convert there wife/Husband to Hinduism. Name means nothing its whats in the heart that counts . Just look at Bhai Mati Das for an example.
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    You are absolutely corect. Guru Sahiban can never ever have any past life nor karam, for they they come from the plane of complete Truth, namely Sach Khand, for the only purpose to enlighten and upliftment of mankind, in the mysteries of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, for us polluted jeevas, as we can not have any sort of access, not morally, neither physically, nor intelectually. We are tightly bound by maya and karam, thus in deep agyanta, unless He, through His kirpa dissolves these our tight chains, there is no hope for us,. Bin Navai nahee kou thao. Sat Sree Akal.
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    What about Gurbani? I never said we should change Gurbani, because we can’t. But we can remove Perso-Arabic influences from our vernacular. And when did I say that we should all begin to speak Hindi and Sanskrit, no that’s a terrible idea. We need to revise Punjabi, and you can call me whatever you like, but I firmly stand by that. Have you forgotten that the very tyrants that killed our Gurus, the Sahibzaades, slaughtered our men, our women, and children, sold our ancestors as slaves, pillaged our land for centuries imposed Perso-Arabic influences onto our language. If we have any ounce of self respect, we should purge those influences from our language. How am I demoting Punjabi? How am I saying we should stray away from Gurmukhi? In fact if you read any of my other threads you will realize I advocate further development of Gurmukhi and Punjabi. Why are you accusing me of things that I am opposed against in the first place?
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    If we perceive this from the traditional Santaan school of thought, then of course this aphorism seems self-contradictory. Gurmat, though, differs from Sanataan Mat in that that it perceives attachment to the world to be false rather than the world (creation) itself. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh reminds the Khalsa that Sri Akal Purakh Vaheguru is embedded in the very microcosms of their creation and will ultimately triumph over all man-made institutes/ hegemonies. The Khalsa, according to Jagjit Singh ("Percussions of History," "In the Caravan of Revolutions") is the climax of Sikh mysticism in all fields. Upon it's manifestation, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji bequeathed it with the slogan of "Vahguru Ji Ka Khalsa; Vahguru Ji Ki Fateh."If translated, this means: "The Khalsa belongs to God; triumph belongs to God." The slogan invokes dual emotions in Sikhs. The first emotion is that of optimism as the Khalsa's cause is, essentially, God's cause and will eventually succeed. The second is that of humility. Only via God's grace is triumph achieved and not through any personal efforts. Furthermore, the Khalsa being the only army of the Divine makes it perennial. It is universal in character, ubiquitous in disposition and fundamentally humanistic in approach; as such it belongs to no one nation, community or era.
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    Well then why not learn Arabic while you're at it as well. I'll argue that Punjabi has more words borrowed from Arabic than Farsi, words like haq, rabb, dunya, sawaal, jawaab, kitaab, quam, insan, mushkil, mubarakan, maut, qanun, ijat, barkat, shukr, mujrim, qursi - these are just a few of the many that I recall. What I'm trying to get at it is that just because we have borrowed words from other languages, which is a very commonly seen phenomenon in linguistics and is referred to as loanwords, doesn't mean our language has roots in the language borrowed from. Punjabi and Punjabis have no roots in Farsi or Arabic, so I don't know why some of our own claim that. If anything Punjabi has roots in Sanskrit, but it is an apabrahmsha meaning a corrupted version of Sanskrit - like all present day Indo-Aryan languages. You're right in saying that when Sikhs had the chance to spread Punjabi/Gurmukhi, we didn't, and that was our biggest mistake. Honestly, we could have been like the Arabs, we could have spread our culture and language to the ends of South Asia, but unfortunately due to poor leaders we failed to do so. And I reiterate again, learning a new language is a great intellectual pursuit and everyone should take part, but don't suggest that it is imperative that Sikhs learn Farsi or Arabic because we have roots in those languages, that’s simply not true.
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    Exactly. To be proud of one's language we should strive to speak words from our own language. Rabb is a commonly heard word in our community, but many do not know that it is Arabic. We can use indigineous words such as Ishwar or Parmatma instead during daily discourse. It's actively trying to bring back words that we used but were forced to extinction in our language because of violent invaders.
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    The question would be are there arab loanwords that can be gotten rid off if we have perfectly good indigenous words we could use instead. For example, should we use sansaar instead of duniya. What other words could we replace if it is already in our vocabulary. Do some us prefer the back throated sounds of the Arab words because we think it sounds sexy and we can pretend to be some pakhandi Sufi poet?
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    Well what was spoken before Pali? Sanskrit! Just because I have a different opinion from yours doesn’t mean that mine is stupid. I actually have a valid arguement while yours is vapid. Why is it that the Zafarnama is the only piece purely written in Farsi, because it was a letter addressed to Aurangzeb - a Mughal who only spoke the language of the court, Farsi. And I’m not saying go all RSS and remove Perso-Arabic words from Gurbani, I’m just saying remove it from our present day lexicon, because that influence isn’t something to be proud of. You mention Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, yet you completely missed the point of it. It was written to preserve Farsi from Arabic influence, it was an act of upholding a community’s self-respect that was under attack from foreign invaders. And here you are saying that the removal of violent foreign influence on our language is a “stupid argument”. More than half of the commonly used words in Punjabi stem from Sanskrit, not Farsi. And Arabic has had far more influence in Punjabi than Farsi, so what you have stated is incorrect. We have very little Farsi influence on our language, which many are unaware of. So I really don’t see what you’re trying to get at. Where do you guys get your information from? Sanskrit, an Indo-Aryan language that is almost mutually intelligible from Avestan, used by the ancient Iranian-Aryans is now based on a Dravidian language, Tamil. On top of that you link a biased website, why not link a more neutral one. You gotta be kidding me man. Punjabi has more Dravidian influence than Sanskrit has and here you are saying that Sanskrit is a made up language by Pandits that aped Tamil. Funny. You’re the one that needs to chill and stop spreading inaccurate information.
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    Again taking my comment out of context. Perhaps you should go read my original post in the DNA testing thread. I said that changing Gurbani would be a dire no, but the nature in which Perso-Arabic influences entered our language are not very pleasant, and therefore we have no need to further use them when we have our own lexicon. We are not like the Guru Sahibs, and can never be. They had a way of speaking that managed to touch all and thus the use of multiple languages was used, also known collectively as Sant Basha. This a topic on Punjabi, and Punjabi itself does not need to be spoken with Perso-Arabic influences, we have our own unique words. It is for the most part accepted as a fact that Sanskrit outdates Punjabi. Earliest written inscriptions of Sanskrit have been dated to 100 BCE, whereas Punjabi is believed to arisen in 700 AD, and poetic use by Nath poets is dated to 1000 AD, and the first written account is around 1200 AD when Bhagat Farid wrote his shloks in Punjabi. And where are you getting this information that Sanskrit was made up by Pandits? Sanskrit predates Hinduism and shares links with the Avesta language.
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    Agreed with the fact that the users posts are verging on vulgarity, and a religious forum would be the last place to post these. I personally think if any individual has any questions about sexuality, they should be discussed on this forum, but making crude and borderline sexual remarks on a religious site is very disparaging behaviour. I don’t have anything against AjeetSinghPunjabi, and don’t want to offend him, but I ask that he please refrain from posting overtly vulgar and inappropriate remarks.
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    Why shouldn’t Sikhs set aside Farsi? It serves us no purpose. As a community, we have no need for Farsi at all. Sure, as an individual, you can learn Farsi for your personal interest, but don’t go on with the community having to give some importance to Farsi. As for the writings of Bhai Nand Lal Ji, well he was born in Afghanistan, where they spoke and still speak a dialect of Farsi, and so he was taught that language from an early age and it was the language spoken around him, thus he began to write poetry in that language from an early age. As for the Zafarnama, well let’s not forget that Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote it to address Aurangzeb, a Mughal Emperor, who spoke Farsi, the official language of the Mughal Empire. So I don’t see it as a surprise that he would compose it in Farsi. And one doesn’t need to learn a whole new language such as Farsi to understand the Zafarnama, there are Punjabi translations of it. You know I don’t want to sound like a right-winger but we should actually attempt to remove Arabic/Persian words from our language, and replace them with Sanskrit. I say this because the nature in which the Perso-Arabic influence entered Punjabi is not a pleasant one. And I say Sanskrit because it was the language of our ancestors, it’s as dear to us as is Punjabi. In fact, Punjabi is the closest apabrahmsha to Ancient Sanskrit, even more so than Hindi. When the Arabs forced Islam and Arabic onto the Persians, they resisted and cleansed their language of all Arabic influence. They even replaced religious terminology such as Allah with Khudah, salah with namaz, ramadan wth ramzan, as to preserve their language and self-respect. We could learn a thing or two from them, of course I’m not saying that we should go back and change Gurbani, that’s a dire no, but we can remove infleunces from our lexicon today. No Punjabi, no matter what their caste, no matter how they look is ethnically Persian. We do not share a significant genetic overlap with Persians to consider ourselves ethnically similar. They cluster with Caucus/West Asians and we with Central/South Asians. And here is where inferiority shows, why not be proud and accept your own ethnicity. A Punjabi is a Punjabi and just that, why draw similarities to other ethnic groups when such similarities do not exist. And just as a side note, the Vedic Aryans (our ancestors) and the Iranic Aryans (Iranians) were not exactly friendly, they were in fact dire enemies that demonized each other. A whole war and exodus was waged, which is described in the Rig Ved.
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    Khalsa college was founded by the manager of Sri Nankana Sahib management committee in the mid-1930s mainly as a college where the lower castes that Dr Ambedkar had promised would convert to Sikhism would be taught. We need to beware when accepting the anti-Akali dal trope that the Akalis or Jat leaders refused to admit Dr Ambedkar to Sikhi. This is a lie that has gained currency especially after 1984 as a way of showing that the Akali Dal has never had the best interests of the Sikhs. Dr Ambedkar did show an inclination to become a Sikh and it was because of this that Sardar Narain Singh the manager of the Sri Nankana Sahib estate management committee was chosen to go to Bombay and set up a college for the lower caste converts. If the Akalis really did not have lower caste Sikhs then why did they set up missionary centres to convert low caste Hindus to Sikhism in places like Hapur, Aligarh and even places in the south such as Mysore? The SGPC even set up a printing press in Bombay ostensibly for the use of Dr Ambedkar to print his newspaper and books. It goes to the credit of Dr Ambedkar that he returned all the money spent on the printing press when he did not convert to Sikhism. There might be other reasons for why he did not convert to Sikhism but to blame the SGPC or Akali Dal or 'Jats' is clearly false. With regard to Sikhism being hijacked by Jats that is not the case at all. Do Jats place Bhagat Dhanna Jat as a Guru equivalent to the Gurus as some others castes have done lately with Bhagats of their background? That would be hijacking a religion. Has any Jat Sikh ever expressed disappointment that none of the Gurus belonged to a Jat background? The fact is that Sikhs from a Jat background are majority of Sikhs and hence they control most of the institutions of the Panth which is natural given that we use democratic means to select our leaders. If the Jat Sikhs were say, 2% of the Sikh population and they had the influence and leadership positions they have now ( just as Brahmins have in Hindusm) then it would fair to say that they have hijacked Sikhism. In places like Delhi where the number of Jat Sikhs among the Sikh population are miniscule there are no Jat Sikhs in leadership positions.
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    I think if you want to learn Farsi on your own, that's great because learning another language is always fine and all. But what need do we have of Farsi, what need does it fulfill for our community? The Persians don't feel any affinity towards Punjabis, they aren't learning Punjabi as a community, so why should we be? I think our quam has more worrisome things to tackle than reviving Farsi. We need to revive Gurmukhi and Punjabi among our community, because most of our youth does not know it. I don't mean to be offensive, but I disagree with your comment. As for your DNA results, great that you got them done. I also took a DNA test through 23andme last year and I got similar results, most Punjabis do. Apart from the curiosity of where my ancestors are from, it also warns you of potential genetic diseases, which I thought was beneficial. We need more Punjabis to take these DNA tests as it improves data and puts an impetus on the researchers to focus research on our people. As for the Persian origin, I was told that it's most likely that both Punjabis and Persians belonged to one Aryan tribe that later on split up into the Iranic people and the Indic people. This claim is supported by the Rig Ved. Our people, the Indic Aryans then mixed with the Dravidians to produce the Indo-Aryans of today, and thats why we still share a genetic link with Persians but do not have similar genes due to mutations and mixing.
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    Thanks! I agree with your post. Brahmins do give it large and people get the impression they're religious when many of them, infact, aren't particularly Dharmi bande - a few are good at keeing sucham so I'll give them that much. You're right that in the U.K it's not as bad but there is still plenty of caste discrimination from them. As for Punjabi Hindus attending the Gurdwara, it's true many do attend and probably do feel more comfortable there, I've come across some who are basically Sikh - just as you have people who are Sikh in name but Hindu, you have people who are Hindu in name but Sikh (ironically some Sikhs would never accept them but are happy to push others out into the Hindu camp if they get even the slightest whiff of something Sanatan coming their way). And it's not just Punjabi Hindus who go to the Gurdwara - where I live pleny of Gujarati Hindus also attend, not just for the langar either, and some have been attending for years. I actually think there would be quite a few Hindus who would genuinely be interested in Sikhi but sadly there is no prachaar directed towards them - I think if we could manage something similar to how Sikhs work with Swami Parmanand Ji, we could defo appeal to more Hindus. As someone who was raised a Brahmin, what would you suggest as a way to bring them into the Sikh fold?
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    The gurus were the human form of god. Waheguru came to earth in the form of light within the gurus themselves - Someone correct me if im wrong because im no expert Also ive been told waheguru is everywhere and in everything
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    Fateh jio! Another 1 gone down. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/hindu-sangharsh-sena-amritsar-cctv-camera-rss-punjab/1/1078761.html
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    I just read news that the Indian film industry is making a film on the Battle of Saragarhi, called Kesari, and was surprised to know that it has a female lead. I hope they don't turn this into a silly love story. DNA India - Parineeti Chopra to play female lead in Akshay Kumar's Kesari.
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    VJKK VJKF Wait... God was fighting maya? How is that even possible? My head is hurting. Vaheguru Ji.
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    VJKK VJKF I don't know how I feel about this. I thought all the gurus had no past lives. It's just not right... how can a mere mortal do many lives of bhagti and become the guru? Not just any guru but the only true guru in this world and all the next worlds and are god themselves. This confuses me so much. I've always been taught that the gurus were god themselves on earth because they were one with god and god came themselves 10 times in the human form. But there are many mahapurakhs who are one with god so why don't we consider them the guru as well? I'm really confused and it's really shaking me... I just can't come to terms with this. Vaheguru Ji.
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    Once upon a time even I professed belief in these incredulous tall tales, but after residing with some so-called Gursikhs my perception had to be revised. These are only myths manufactured to weaken Sikhs and not strengthen them.
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    Sant Thakur Singh Jee also believed they would come back and remained in Chardikala. As much as I respected their kamaee and that of old school Taksali Singhs, I find it hard to believe. I replied to a private message on this very topic. Sant Jee's body was found riddled with bullet holes, all at the front, this shows their immense bravery and adherence to Guru Sahib's spirit of never turning ones back on the battle field. What type of Singh with as much Bhagti as Sant Jee would cower in hiding whilst so much paap has been committed since '84. Below is one account from Sant Jee's life. By Dalbeer Singh in "NayRayo(n) Dithay Sant Bhindranvale" Dalbeer Singh Journalist was a close friend of Baba Jarnail Singh It was a Sunday in May 1984. I arrived at Harmandar Sahib at 9 AM, and noticed an odd sadness everywhere. I came to the Parkarma and saw about 25 young men in yellow dastaars with kamarkasas marching. In the room underneath the stairs of Guru Ram Das langar, Sant jee's companions used to plan out strategy and have meetings. All outsiders used to enquire here first. I arrived there and asked Bhai Amreek Singh about the 25 men marching in the Parkarma. He answered "These Singhs are from Hazoor Sahib. They told the Kar Seva Babas that until the existing gurdvaras are secured and protected, there is no need to build new gurdvaras." Today I think that these young men had arrived from all over after receiving training, all according to Sant jee's strategy. Their march was to give warning to the government. Bhai Amreek Singh said that in a little while the Jatha (Jatha Bhindran) would be having an important meeting on the roof of Sree Akaal Takhat Sahib. "Sant jee has asked that you (Dalbeer Singh) should certainly come to this meeting." I said that "I am neither a member of the Jatha, nor even amritdhaaree, how can I go to this meeting?" Bhai Sahib asked Sant jee on the intercom and said Sant jee wanted to speak to me in person. After answering my Fateh, he forcefully said "Gurmukha, you must come to the meeting." Answering my concerns, he said "I'm the head of the Jatha, and it is my decision to make about who can attend the meeting and who cannot". At around 10 AM, I, Bhai Amreek Singh and others went to the highest roof of Sree Akaal Takhat Sahib where the meeting was to take place. Because there were too many Singhs and not enough room, they had made an "L" shape around the dome. Tyaar-bar-tyaar Singhs with yellow dastaars, yellow kamarkassas and knee length cholas and kachheras, with their weapons facing sky-ward were giving an amazing sight. This sight can be seen in paintings of puraatan times. I took a place in the corner facing Harmandar Sahib. Sant jee came and stood in a corner. He could see all the Singhs form this spot. In his pure Punjabi, Sant jee said "Singho, I have called your meeting because the situation is very serious. A Jatha has come from Sree Hazoor Sahib and you should arrange weapons for them. Whoever amongst you have two weapons, should return one. You may choose which weapon you want to keep, because later on, there will be no changes. After this, Sant jee's assistant Bhai Rachhpal Singh took his small diary and began to take an account of the 100 Singhs' weapons. This took about half an hour. Then Sant jee resumed his speech. He said "Singho, the government will according to its strategy surrounded us with 100 000 soldiers. It is possible that jets and helicopters could be used and parachute soldiers could be dropped onto the parkarma. But until then, you will not fire any weapons, until the soldiers fire. Let the government fire first. Until the soldiers jump from the planes, do not fire. But when they do, not one parachutist should land alive. Don't waste ammunition and you should take one life with each bullet at least. If the enemy comes very close, distribute the Ladoos (hand grenades). This will be a very terrifying incident but taking the support of Guru Ram Das jee's feet, we will pass this test. " Sant jee said some other things and then finished his speech. He stopped for a while and then according to his habit, he took his lower lip into the left side of his mouth and began to think of something. He would do this when he was double-minded about something. After a minute or two of silence he spoke in very drawn out voice "Singho, I have to speak to you about another issue as well." He looked towards me and said "Bhaeeyaa, should I do it?" I understood what was in his heart and said he should do it. In a very serious mood, Sant jee said "Singho, that which is going to happen will be very shocking and we should go according to the will of Akaal Purakh. I can't say that at that time what the status on my life will be. If at that time I have breaths, I will tell the name of the next head of the Jatha, if this is not what pleases Akaal Purakh, then the next head should be chosen by consensus. My body should be cremated at Gurduara Gurdarshan Parkaash Mehta, on the street in front of the gate. Taking his right elbow onto his left palm, he said "Put a Nishaan Saahib of about this size there. Don't make any memorial. I want my cremation on the road so that the Sangat can continue to pass over my pyre and I'll get the touch of their feet." Everyone's eyes were teary after hearing Sant jee's words. In his clear voice he said, "Don't lose heart. Remain steadfast. The time has come when the Dharam cannot be protected without giving our heads." After this, all the Singhs quietly went to their own resting spots. When walking, Sant jee put his hand on my shoulder and said "Brother, keep your duty of friendship to the end [yaaree nibhaaee(n)]" After this, Blue Star happened and it remained a very big weight on my mind that who should I talk to about all this? After a lot of thought I shared this with the late Sd. Jagjeet Singh, the respected scholar of GurbaaNee and Sikh principles and the author of the book "Sikh Revolution". I asked why the Sant had called me into that meeting. He said very softly to me, "Dalbeer Singh, the reason is quite simple. The Sant had given a spoken final testament and without writing it down, he made you a witness to it."
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    SURI organised hit on Vipin SHarma due to inside arguments of shiv sena , done by gangster donning a a pug and making sure his face showed to be used to stir up anti-sikh hatred
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    Although I agree with the notion that we need to spread our faith. We aren't exactly in a golden period, I'd go as far to say that we're actually in the worst phase. Although our lives have become easier, the practice of Sikhi has been tarnished. I have met very few Sikhs that practice the Sikhi of Guru Nanak, and even I'm not one of them. Most Sikhs don't exactly know what they're doing. We need reform in Sikhi first of all. It has been littered with practices that have no place in the religion. You have Sikhs priding on caste. You have Sikhs performing all kind of stupid rituals and superstitions. You have Sikhs indulging in drugs/intoxicants and philandering. You have Sikhs that are following false idols and babas that blind them. You have Sikhs that are working against the panth. We need reform, before we can go ahead and spread our faith. Because what's the point of building towards the sky, if the very foundation at the bottom is weak.
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    Sikhi can only be 'truly' propagated by someone who is solid in their faith. The words of a sacha Gursikh can transform and touch the lives of hundreds and thousands, just like we had with the DDT Mukhis, Bhai Randhir Singh and Sant Attar Singh. Getting JusReign involved will not reap the same benefits by any measure. He has sold his soul to Maya and YT hits and only recently created a disgusting video where they indirectly depicted Guru Sahib in a negative light.
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    Sant Ranjit Singh debunks the video of a man claiming that the Chaar Sahibzaade were hindu Deities in their past lives. Share to spread the truth!!
  29. 5 points
    they are three but there were four sahibzahidey the three were deluded by maya and panj chor so had fights in between themselves never true of char sahibzahidey they were exact copies of their father Guru Pita ji many kathavachaks state it , the ishara is they too were Akal Saroop , which is also clear when Guru Pita ji asked Baba Fateh Singh ji for the roop of Akal purakh ...and Guru Puttar ji gave Khalsa roop as explained in bani .To say they are the three is to say they are not able to go to sach khand but are tied to sewa in tregun tied jagat... doesn't seem right and leaving the name of indra the rapist to attach to our Guru Sahibzahidey is definitely wrong
  30. 4 points
    I began to realize, albeit a bit too late, that there really wasn’t any point in arguing with Jagsaw any further. But I gave the poster some benefit of doubt. But thank you for reassuring me that I wasn’t wrong in my judgment.
  31. 4 points
    Chandasa is a precursor to Vedic Sanskrit and therefore are closely related. Prakrit stems from Vedic Sanskrit and the reason Buddha used Pali is because by then the Brahmins restricted the use of Sanskrit, Buddha, a Kshatriya could not use that language. Apabrahmsa is a type of Prakrit, I’ve been saying that for the past 3 posts, not sure why you’re phrasing it as if I was unaware, and just so you know Punjabi is an Apabrahmsha, a “corrupted” form of Prakrit, which in itself is a vernacular form of liturgical Vedic Sanskrit. Anyways to suit your own narrative, you’ve completely taken my comment out of context. I stated that we should remove Perso-Arabic influences from our language, Punjabi, as we have no relation to them, and I simply mentioned that if any language is related to Punjabi then it is Sanskrit. That was all I said, but it seems you have an agenda to fulfill and will harp on about it, so I guess no point of arguing. My profile avatar is a Nihang, who I thought looked mighty cool and thus decided to use, I have no agenda behind this unlike you. Also who is Nihang Niddar Singh? Can you please link a thread or forum where I’ve mentioned or sided with Nihang Niddar Singh? Or are you just making baseless accusations and forming needless assumptions to suit your narrative?
  32. 4 points
    Informal discussion or not, if I or anyone fails to understand what you’ve written in the first place, then there’s no point in writing at all as you won’t be able to get your arguments across. So whatever pride you take in not editing or making your argument understandable is in my opinion due to plain ignorance. How about instead of calling me an imbecile or fool, you back up your claims with relevant sources. Show me one relevant article that claims Sanskrit arose from Prakrit. You keep on harping about Sikhs in Punjab going through a process of “Sanskritization”; which I disagree with, no ones bringing back Sanskrit, Hindus love their Hindi now, yet I’ve never even lived in Punjab a single day of my life. I was born and raised in the West, so how did I go through “Sanskritization”. To deny that Punjabi comes from Sanskrit is to deny your heritage. Proto-Indo European language split into many languages of which we know there is Vedic Sanskrit and Old Persian. Vedic Sanskrit is nearly 5000 years old with it being spoken around 2000 BCE, where as Punjabi really emerged around 700 AD, so how exactly did Prakrit lead to Sanskrit? Can you please provide sources?
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    Rightly said, without Brahmgian one cannot be a Brahmin. And restricting the flow of knowledge to other people is not reflective of the actions of a Brahmgiani. It is unfair, unjust and reflective of narrow-mindedness.
  34. 4 points
    You are chatting about your gay preferences on the wrong site, this forum is for promoting Sikhi, teaching others and trying to lead by example. Without being graphic, but when your getting bent over by some 'haircut' dude, with your own kesh all over the place, im sure you are doing besti on all of us. I find your posts disgusting and that isnt because I am homphobic, even if you said the same about girls I think your messed up for chatting this gandh on a Sikhi forum.
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    I'm not trying to be critical here, but isn't one of the reasons for growing out our hair and beard is so that we don't focus too much on our appearance in trying to keep up with worldly trends and dwelling on different styles. Let the beard grow as it will, don't care for it. I'm not saying don't take care of it, but who cares how it grows. By dwelling on the appearance of your beard, you've ultimately defeated the purpose of growing it out. Who cares what it looks like, you're focus should not be on it anyway? I may be wrong, but this is how I honestly feel. And tbh I use to dwell on this as well, and it only brings more worrying and anxiety, just forget about it and you will find peace with whatever your appearance looks like.
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    What you tend to find with any group that like to boast about themselves. Is that the louder someone shouts the more insecure he is inside. Thats why foxes, dogs and hyensas bark alot and make a scene to try and scare or imtimidate. But A lion just does one growl and shows them who is the boss. The moral of the story is confidence is quiet insecurity is loud. This is not directed at all jatts but only those that boast and try and put others down.
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    It was about 20 years ago. I do agree that Both Bharmin and Jatts think they are superior then then rest and would marry within there own cast to keep hold of there linkage which is wrong as feel the cast system has no place in today society. The biggest flaw in Hinduism is the cast system. why should person cast dictate from birth till death what value they hold in society .Were all born as mortal Human's are action in are waking life define who we are and not the cast. system If your born a Bahrmins that does not your autonomically make you self righteous,powerful and closer to god then say someone who is of a lower cast which sadly many still Brahmins think they do. I have know some Bhramin's who will not eat a a lower cast person house. its totally wrong. There are certain temples in India were lower cast cant enter which is BS as we know god does not discriminate. in The UK i feel its not as bad but some Brahmins in the UK can come across as arrogant and would be totally against inter-cast marriage. I hate these kind of Brahmins. The Punjabi Hindu's I have across irrespective of there cast have more respect towards Sikhism and feel more comfortable attending there local Gudawara. I dont think there is thing as Sikh Brahmin ?
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    While Guru gobind singh ji said “main hoon param purakh ko dasa dekhan aayo jagat tamasha” , “Jo humko parmeswar uchare te sab narak kund main parhe” "Those who call me God, will fall into the deep pit of hell. Regard me as one of his slaves and have no doubt whatever about it. I am a servant of the Supreme Being; and have come to behold the wonderful drama of life." He led by example, sacrificed his father(hind ki chadar Guru tegh bahadur saheb ji), his four sons, his anandpur, everything he had)
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    Things like Football camps maybe even a national Gudawara football league with Gudawara's across the country competing against each other would be great idea. From there you could set up self-defence classes (the art of Gatka) Punjabi reading and writing sessions. lots can be done. Also I feel its a good idea to send our kids to Sikh schools such as the Khalsa academy where the kids will learn about Sikhism form young age and hold the values and respect which we hold in our culture . The Khalsa academy welcomes all and teaches all the academic curriculum other comprehensive schools teach so its a win win situation. Start them off at young age i say. http://www.khalsaacademiestrust.com/
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    they are not on a solid footing with sikhi so are at risk of being easily swayed by the dawah fools , they already are equating the groomers of islam to the odd perv hanging around gurdwaras. Simmi Kaur yazidi women : muslim girl here talking about being groomed http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30152240 rotherham victims : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-28971058 apnian: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23921570 things have moved on , because of SAS and people are now willing to support and admit grooming is happening because of the realisation that they are not alone . The dawah gangs want to dishonour sikh girls and women to reduce our numbers because historically our people have opposed their activities in terms of abuse of females . Islam has nothing to offer a sikh female as it will curtail her freedoms , make her a second class citizen and unable to maintain relationships with their own loving families . I wouid let the families know that their daughters need instruction in sikhi and itihaas as a priority
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    VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I'm hearing that apparently the gurus had past lives. I find this hard to believe because I thought they were Akaal Purakh themselves so can someone please enlighten me? Vaheguru Ji
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    it doesn't take guts to get a wodge of cash for killing someone , quit with the bigging -up of a Gundah... probably wouldn't hesitate to murder or rape a sikh to order either
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    Pen Jee, from what I understand, is that, that Dhur kee Bani, is Shabad, is Naam or Satnam also, is Wahiguru Akal Purukh Himself. When this Supreme universal Truth, manifested in the swaroop of Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj, that Truth, then we came to know about a bit of its beant wadeayee, which otherwise is impossible fo us. That is why also, the bani says: Prabh jee baseh, Sadh kee rasna. Means, when Akal Purukh manifests itself in someone like our Guru Sahiban, then whatever they speak, is that what He wants to tell us for our benefit and spiritual upliftment, otherwise we manmukhs are entangled in supertistions, rituals, ceremionies, outer forms of worship, for as He is not seen with these our limited and poluted gyan and karam indriyas, we try to look for Him at outer spots, which is maya and perishable, for there is no spiritual reality, as it is all made of the 5 perishable tattwas(idol worship). The spirit is consciousness, and if the Highest Consciousness manifests itself in Guru Sahiban, naturally, it will tell us to worship that Spirit, that Truth, that Naam or Shabad within us, for there is where He is, not outside. We can say, He, Wahiguru or Naam, is like an infinite Ocean of Sat-Truth, Prem-Love, Daya- Mercy, Anand-Bliss and Chit-Consciousness, of which our soul or jeevatma, is a drop of that Infinite Ocean, in which it has to blend and become one. You see, the sidhas, were manmukh wanderers, after all spiritually limited, so when they listened to the highest wisdom and truth uttered by Guru Jee, they were dumb stucked, deeply impressed, that is why they kept asking Him questions, not that they doubted, but their hunger for Truth, started getting satisfied from the small morsels of truth given to them by Guru Jee. It is like when a very hungry person, gets some food from someone, that person keeps looking on eagerly and attentively, from where and how much food is given to it, and that person verily cherishes that food. That was the case with the sidhas, just as we also, want to know about the unseen Wahiguru, of whom we have heard so much, but have not the smallest idea even. Forget about Sachay Patshah Wahiguru for a moment, just see how on this forum, or other dharmic ones, how people keep on asking in one way or the other, about some spiritual experiences during their spiritual practices, to just strenghten their faith. So imagine, if someone like Guru Jee came disguised to us, and started telling us things about Akal Purukh, we will either call him a fraud, or ask him questions, just as the sidhas did, out of our love and faith, though poor, for Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Sat Sree Akal.
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    VJKK VJKF This is a beautiful message. I'm working towards this now. I'm 17 right now and by 18 my life (Maharaj kirpa) hopefully will be dedicated towards this very cause. The next 50 years is as much a job as it is for the panth but for each individual person. I'm ready to make all the kurbani and all the steps needed! I'm ready to walk with you! Vaheguru Ji.
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    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41780116 Guess a referendum does work after all.
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    VJKK VJKF I think you very nicely summarised the aim for all us sikhs walking this path. The true and hard answer is we have to keep on grinding at this. Carry on doing paath and simran and always remembering Waheguru and always doing bhagti to clean this and however many millions of lives of dirt we have to really see through the lense of Maharaj and no longer this lense of Homai. Just keep it up - it's going to get very very very very hard at some points and it's all gonna seem like to way too hard to keep doing but you have to just dig deep and have faith. Keep at it at all time because there's no other fruit in other things. Hope that helps - I know nothing but the sangat give me many beautiful sikhya which daas tries to share. Vaheguru Ji.
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    A reminder to focus on the present: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” “Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, why fret about it, if today be sweet.” ― Omar Khayyám
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    This is all the more reason to help young vulnerable sikh's who feel lost. This girl was clearly lost wanted her faith to guide her but her parents ignored her , if he had found a place this this online etc she could have been given the guidance she needed and would have had stronger bound with her faith. When people are vulnerable and lost like this then its most easiest time for people to radicalize them.