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    Having watched the BBC report on alcohol being an issue in the UK Punjabi community, I came to a realization that Sikhs value Punjabiyat (Punjabi-ness) over their Hindu and Muslim counterparts and are for that reason suffering. Muslim Punjabi were willing to separate their state, their language and culture for their religion and did so. The Hindu Punjabis as well have distanced themselves from Punjabiyat, evidenced through their speaking of Hindi. Now Punjabiyat has its goods and bads, however as a whole, the culture is extremely destructive. And I think it was for a reason that Guru Nanak was born in a Punjabi community and not any other Indian community, as the culture needed saving, and Sikhi was just that. To be very honest, Punjabiyat and Sikhi are polar opposites. And unfortunately most "Sikhs" follow Punjabiyat over Sikhi. This is our fault. The ethnic identity of Punjab is actually quite recent, having only emerged fully in the 10th century. It was essentially a mixture of Jats, Khatris, Rajputs, Tarkhans, Brahmins, Sindhis, and Dalits that formed a new identity on the basis of language, and now ethnic. Before this, Punjab was home to Vedic teachings and essentially was a small cog in the mega-Vedic machine which encompassed Sapta Sindhu (NW India + Pakistan + Eastern Afghanistan). It's only a few hundred years older than our Sikh identity, and unlike the Sikh identity it was never truly defined up until recently. In fact, taking a look at the history of the Punjab region (when it was called Punjab and before that), there's not much to be proud of in fact. Yes, it was home to the oldest university of the world, Takshashila, a institution for Vedic teachings, however other than that, it was mostly defeat after defeat by invaders and cowardice until Sikhi. The first time after thousands of years of foreign rule, indigenous rule in Punjab was established only by Sikhs. What I'm trying to convey here is that as Sikhs, we need to learn from our fellow Muslim and Hindu counterparts and ease up on the Punjabi identity, and stress more importance on Sikhi. I'm not saying stop speaking Punjabi and whatnot, however get rid of the customs, which are mostly destructive, such as alcohol consumption.
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    Yes I agree with that there is too much boastfulness but most of it is coming from a Sikh perspective. It is we Sikhs who boast about ending the Mughal Empire when the reality was that the Marathas had more of an impact and controlled far more of India than we did. We were the last to fold to the British though. We make up nonsense stories about the Americans wanting to build a statue of Hari Singh Nalwa in the white house or NASA keeping a copy of the Guru Granth Sahib and consulting it to discover new things in the universe. It is we Sikhs (rather than Punjabi Hindus) who refer to all non Punjabis as Bhaiyas. We refer to all Hindus as Bahmans. We are racist and most of that comes from Sikh elitism rather than Punjabi. So many Sikhs are so dumb that they think the word Punjabi means Sikh. If you say to most Sikhs that so and so is a Punjabi they will think that the only religion that person can be is a Sikh. This is despite Punjab only being 60% Sikh. How dumb can people be that they don't realise that 40% of the people in their state don't follow the same religion as them? It should be blatantly obvious, but not to a large portion of Sikhs. We boast about our contribution to Indian Independence, World War 2, The wars with Pakistan, and in these wars we were just used as pawns on the frontlines fighting other people's battles and sacrificing a disproportionate amount of lives. It's time for Sikhs to truly get educated and become mangers and CEOs of companies, not just remain as farmers or soldiers fighting other people's wars.
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    I'm not saying we should give up the Punjabi language, what I'm saying is that we need to give up Punjabi cultural dominance, and buckle down on the Sikh identity more. We don't need Punjabiyat to dominate our way of thinking and behavior, because frankly, its not a very good way of thinking. The SGPC not converting Ambedkar's Dalits was the greatest mistake in modern Sikh history. The elitist attitude of the SGPC led to Ambedkar concluding that Sikhi was only egalitarian on paper, and not in practice. Sikhi lost out on a lot of potential followers with that decision, and I'll argue that elitist attitude stems from Punjabi culture. We should not be obsessed with Punjabiyat, and instead be "obsessed" with Sikhi and its way of life. The only way I see this happening is if Sikhi spreads out to other ethnicities, however our own, such as in the case of Ambedkar, become an obstruction to that spread.
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    At the end of the day the muslims wanted a seperate homeland in 1947 and kicked us out of west punjab and we did the same in east punjab. There are very few Sikhs left in Pakistan and in west Punjab and even they are subject to harsh conditions, especially those living in the Khyber Pakhtunkwa area who are forced to pay taxes or forced to become muslims. Compare this to east punjab, the number of muslims after 1947 was pretty much 0% but due to migration from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh they are now almost 2%. I was shocked to see Halal meat shops and new mosques in my holiday to Punjab earlier this year. These were never there before. Building a mosque will just encourage these muslims even more and they will feel compelled to settle in Punjab and as their population grows they will cause problems, they will demand sharia etc. It's best to nip these problems in the bud. When have the muslims ever helped Sikhs out? We sent them aid when there were earthquakes in Kashmir and they caused a riot when we wanted to build a gurdwara on our own land in Uttar Pradesh in 2014. Do not encourage them as they cannot live peacefully side by side with any community. They act all nice when they are a small minority but as their population grows they cause too many problems.
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    And I think a reason only Sikh people do it is because of the boastful nature of Punjabi culture, which our Muslim and Hindu counterparts have shed. Sikhi itself banishes any sort of egotistical behavior. You're exactly right, we have these false narratives spread among the community of conquering Afghanistan, and defeating the Mughal Empire single handedly when none of this is true. And it seems like we're trying to make up for something, when the fact is that what our ancestors accomplished was more than enough given their population size. I fully agree that we need to stop fighting other people's wars and get into fields that can lead to power, and finance is key to that.
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    Is it really the culture that Guru Sahib accepted though? Was he not the one that saw the rampant misogyny, that still exists to this day, and rejected it? Was it not the culture's ignorant ways that led him to yearn for realization and from that realization establish Sikhi? Are those actions considered changing "some bad parts"? Jacobin really? Is it only because I'm trying to propose the removal of our old ways? The culture is a boastful, misogynistic, Brahmanic, casteist, way of life. Yes, there is some good to it, such as its familial system, but as a whole, I don't see it being all constructive. Perhaps you'll enlighten me? Punjabi culture in its boastful, bravado ways allows for many things intoxicating than a "bit of drink". One thing it doesn't allow is education, which our people desperately need. Clearly the authentic Punjabi culture you are supposedly talking about is not in practice, and therefore is a thing of the past. Things are only going to get worse from here. Instead of trying to cling onto a culture that we have no need of, what is wrong in accepting the culture encompassed in Sikhi, for there is a whole culture in it?
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    I can fully understand were you coming from.Whats important is your health and mental state. Do whatever it takes to get yourself in a good happy place dont pressure yourself into work if your unhappy at work it will make it worst . Get all the help you need. In time everything will workout fine as you have Waheguru on your side. When it comes to job/careers etc I think there is an added pressure on our community and Most Asians especially in the West as we are judged by the job we have . For example you can be a doctor/IT consultant and you will be considered a great person regardless of who you are as person , If yo have a low end job your not valued much despite being a good person which is just wrong. In my case I graduated with a 2:1 honours degree in computing back in 2011. Since Graduation I have been unable to get IT or any office job. I current work at Waitrose (been there for 8 years now) I earn about £8.20 an hour which is not alot when compared to my cousins and friends etc who have also graduated and our on 32-45k a year. My cousin/aunties/uncles absolutely love bragging about this and try to make me feel small. Honestly I have not time for them. I maybe on low wage and my job may not be great but I work hard and do my job to a great standard. As for the future I am still searching and would like job that has decent pay where I can buy my own house and get married etc. I have had plenty of Interviews last one was for an IT Helpdesk job where over 100 applied and only 20 were interviews I was one of 20 that were interviews but did not get the job. The IT job market is very competitive . I have even applied at banks for customer service roles. I have done voluntary Work IT back in 2013. I did my placement year as part of my degree in 2009 which went terribly wrong as 5 months into my placement the company had finical difficulty adn had to let me go however I volunteered to work for free to gain full credits towards my degree and to gain experience. The company did not give me enough work and most of the time i spent doing nothing for 7 months. I did like it it all and it really put me off the IT/computing. So its been a struggle and at times which me have low self esteem . Since July 2017 I was dealing with anxiety and depression (caused by many other reasons and not just work) I felt low and , tearful at times but now I feel alot better. Hopefully things will get better. I have faith in Waheguru which has got me thought the bad times. Most Important thing i have learnt which we should all apply is that dont compare yourself to others which can be easily done with social media etc we are all on on our pathway to life. focus on your own journey and do what it take be happy .
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    Advocating violence will not change the Panth, it just makes you sound like a terrorist. Just because someone isn’t doing anything for the common Sikh doesn’t entitle them to death, this is insanity! You making these kinds of statements is what gives the enemies of the Panth “ammunition” to attack Sikhs with. Someone is going to screenshot your stupidity and then post it on some Hindu right wing site as proof Sikhs are terrorists or whatever.
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    I have been among the Dals myself and the kanjar po I have witnessed has convinced me that it is high time now that all these sampradas and jathas, who are doing nothing whatsoever for the common Sikh, be on the receiving end of the bullet.
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    Not to rain on your parade, but Baba Binod Singh was married; Nawab Kapur Singh was married; Baba Jassa Singh Ji was married- how do these modern day nangs, you mention, compare to those past Gursikhs then?
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    It's good that you're asking. It's obvious that you must not have any proper grounding in Sikh history, otherwise you would not wonder how people get married in the Sikh panth. By the way, are you a Sikh? If so, it's strange that you're asking how you're supposed to get married without dating. You get married in the same way your parents got married, or their parents. The Gurmat way of getting married is when you're old enough to marry, they find someone suitable, and you get married. There are variations on that, you'll likely want to meet and talk with the prospective marriage partner, and so on, but that's basically it. By "suitable" I mean someone who, in your parents estimation and experience, is someone who is responsible, educated, employed, and also attractive. And from a good family with a good reputation. Plus who follows Gurmat (to whatever extent that you do). I.e., if you're amritdhari, he/she should be amritdhari. Or keshadhari/keshadhari. Or mona Sikh/mona Sikh. If you have all of those items checked, it's very likely the marriage will succeed. If you're missing one of those, the marriage will very likely fail. "Love marriages" are usually missing one of those items. Sitting around in a bar hitting on girls is not the Gurmat way of getting married. I don't have time to do a huge writeup right now, but suffice to say that someone who starts his journey towards marriage by flirting with any pretty young thing that walks past him is also someone who will have a wandering eye after marriage. Secondly, the dating culture automatically leads to an arms race of sexualizing young women as they try to use lower and lower necklines, higher and higher hemlines, and tighter and tighter clothes to attract the attention of potential dating mates. Finally, we're called to treat women as mothers, sisters, and daughters, which is the furthest thing from the mindset of a dater, someone who's on the prowl. The Gurmat way of marriage is simply the way that our Gurus got married, the way they spent 200 years on this earth teaching us how to live like Gurmukhs. Note: this does not mean you have to marry someone who wears a chola with a 1 ft dumalla turban. If you're lax in Sikhi observance, that's fine, just have your parents find someone who is at the same level as you.
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    The politicians don't care, they just want votes and the Sikh farmers and Hindu shop owners want cheap labour no matter the background of the worker, they just want to make as much money as possible, they don't care about the long term future. Secularism has been driven into the minds of Indians since those are the teachings of Gandhi and Bandit Nehru who were muslim apologetics. At the end of the day the muslims asked for West and East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and they got it mostly through violent action (direct action day). Even though we kicked them out of east punjab, the Hindus allowed them to stay behind in the rest of India in large numbers and even let them rise to the top in Bollywood. In fact in the early days of Bollywood movies actors like Dilip Kumar (Muhammad Yusuf Khan) had to change their names to fit in, then the next step was to allow muslim actors to keep their names but to play Hindu characters and nowadays you will find plenty of Bollywood films which have a muslim characters as the main character in the movie. It is a slow infiltration and acceptance of muslims by the wider Indian public. Consider this - muslims in kashmir have kicked out all of the Hindus in Kashmir and still the Hindus haven't done anything to retaliate in other parts of India. In fact I visited Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh (a state which has over 90% Hindus) earlier this year and saw plenty of muslims selling their shawls etc, working on construction etc. One thing Hindus and Sikhs will say is - Indian muslims are decent not like Pakistanis. I say that is nonsense! They only appear to be decent because they are a minority in most areas in India. Where they are a majority (Kashmir) we have seen what they have done. There is no difference in my opinion between a Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Indian muslim. It's just a case of their strength in numbers. Would a Kashmiri muslim ever build a Gurdwara or Mandir in Srinagar? Every August Sikhs and Hindus in India will cry and say partition was a bad thing and that everyone lived happily together and the two countries should join together again, the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis on the other hand will rejoice and they don't want more Sikhs and Hindus in their land, they want a pure Islamic state, they are happy with what happened and they make sure life is uncomfortable for minorities so that they either leave for India or convert to islam. Even in England - look at Southall, you will find Sikhs and Hindus selling pictures of mecca and other muslim memorabilia in their shops but you will never find a muslim selling Sikh or Hindu related goods. It's all one way traffic. I've even seen Hindu owned restaurants sell halal meat in the UK. Thankfully apne haven't gone to that step yet.
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    When will our people ever learn?
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    I remember going to punjab few years back and was shocked to see high amount of sufi shrines and sufi masjids there. The Gujjar, Utter pardesh and bihari muslim migrant laborers were also constructing small little masjids on side roads. I'm suprised hindu extremists of RSS and shiv sena havent reacted to the alarming spread of these masjids but also the antics of christian missionaries who have know opened up a church in virtually every town and village. Huge plots of land are being reserve for graves makes punjab look filthily ghoulish and gastly. Sikhs really need to wake up in Punjab maybe the Intelligence agencies wish punjab to have no Sikh majority so that it becomes easier to control thus allowing other faiths to have a flourish unchecked and free reign to do as they please at the expense of the Sikh majority of Punjab.
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    The wheat we eat today is not the same wheat our grandparents ate. The modern wheat varieties are actually genetic hybrids that contain a much greater number of chromosomes and therefore more proteins that are not present in naturally-occuring ancient varieties of wheat. This is partly why modern wheat is pro-inflammatory, causes allergies, contains more gluten, and is full of anti-nutrients that strip the body of vitamins and minerals. The second reason is that conventional wheat is sprayed with pesticides including the notorious glyphosate before harvesting which means that residues remain and are ingested. Glyphosate is carcinogenic, immunomodulatory, damages gut flora, causes chronic diseases like coeliacs/leaky gut, nutritional deficiencies. The ancient wheat varieties I have seen are organically grown so therefore are not exposed to Glyphosate. Many people with so called 'gluten-intolerance' are able to eat ancient wheat (which contains gluten) without any problems. Much like how people with so called 'lactose intolerance' can drink raw milk (which contains lactose) without any issues. These are false labels as they are misidentifying the culprit. Another problem with modern atta is the fact that in the UK (maybe other countries too) only 'wholemeal' flour is exempt from additives such as synthetic 'vitamins and minerals' (which are actually toxic drugs with different chemical properties and effects compared to what is found in nature). So every type of flour bar wholemeal contains artificial additives by law. The solution: Buy an ancient variety of wholemeal flour i.e. Einkorn, If unavailable then buy Khorasan flour.....they make delicious, easily digestible rotis. You can buy them online (in UK its Dove Farm Organics) or in supermarkets like Waitrose. You can't put a price on your health. Since roti is a staple of our diet, this one change could make a lot of difference to our health. This is what I do and thought i'd share it with you.
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    A lot of these young men are looking for respect, especially from older men. They are also looking for food, and to belong to something greater than themselves they can be proud of. I've had good luck interacting with gangs in my area, have you ever tried street parchar with them? I'm ready for confused bootha to come out in force, but I'd warmly and vigorously greet them with a Sat Sri Akal. Or Akaaaaaali. When they ask what the heck you just said, say that's how we greet fellow warriors or how we greet immortal warriors. That gives them proper respect to start and might be all the hook you need to get them very interested in Sikhi. You'd want to be coming from a loving couragous place, street kids smell fear like sharks smell blood. Even if Sikhi isn't for them, the better treated they are by Sikhs and respected the less likely they are to target the Sangat. When they are out intimidating people, in part they are interviewing for targets, looking for the fear response that signals the go ahead, they are also looking for love, respect, and acceptance whether they realize it or not.
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    The arguements by most ppl on this forum are the same ones as conservatives whites in the USA. That crime is up do to black ppl and their rap music and fatherless homes due to welfare. They do have a point. BUT its not the whole story. In america, the group to receive the most welfare is actually white women. And this can be seen culturally. As their children are poor white males are increasing who are addicted to drugs and commit violent crime. Also most ppl said blacks were the most violent. But most school shootings have been white males. Including the recent bomber. Yes black ppl do have a crime culture. But its mostly related to black on black crime, occurs in inner cities. Now that drugs are being used by other minorites and whites that crime has spilled onto more areas. Yes black ppl alao have a culture problem where they glorify drugs and violence. But thats been going on for a long time. Also anytime ppl r suppressed, they r given drugs. Look at panjab. And in the usa, it has been proven that CIA introduced cocaine into black communities. I think most of the issues are due to having a fatherless society. This was most common in black socities. But it is now the norm in most poor neighborhoods. And so it isnt that black ppl r infecting others. Its more that society is degenerating into conditions like black society. Like fatherlessness. And black ppl had every reason to do so. But whats the reason for whites and other races to become so corrupt? Recent research in the USA shows that even black kids born to rich families will become poor and fall into the lowest classes. And low working class blacks rarely rose out of their class. Whike whitw males did. But black females have the same upward rise as white females. And the research found the trend of black males spiraling downward was highest in some areas. And lowest in others. These areas with low downward spiral had upward rising black populations and had the most fathers in the families. This recent research has made headlines in the US.you guys can google it.
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    Learn to read at a second grade level, then we can continue this discussion.
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    Why are so many people getting mad over this issue? Maryada is not set in stone like Gurbani is, Maryada is meant to change over time. The Khalsa Panth is built to function like a constantly evolving organism that adapts to the current age. Innovation must not be shunned, innovation (to Rehat, not Bani) is nesesary or else we lose.
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    I said "people." I never alluded to their nationality or ethnicity. My next door neighbours are a family of Nigerian Christians. Most kindest and warmest people I've ever known. They've shown me more love than any Sikh ever has. There's savages in all races. In this particular context, there's a hathi in the room not many are eager to discuss, which is ironic considering there's many, many black nationalities and ethnicities who have no problem calling a spade a spade. It's the perpetually offended "educated" white man who's terrified of conducting a frank and honest discussion. That's ultimately to their detriment as history will prove one day.
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    I will be the first one to admit that I haven't done anything for the Khalsa Panth; definitely not. But all these <banned word filter activated> jathas and their bumboys with such lucrative budgets, outreach, weaponry and access to knowledge, what have they done? In the past 10 years not a single <banned word filter activated> jatha/samprada has questioned why Punjab has become so regressive; why our kids are being kicked around in foreign countries; who is supplying the drugs in Punjab. What they do instead is focus on some shitty calendar issue; whether the Dasam Granth is real or not; which jathas nuts are bigger and seeing what they can eat at all the '84 bhogs. If the crap hits the fan, we always have a petition or a protest. Whats the point of calling yourselves warriors of the qaum when you can barely arrange pheras at Gurughars? Much as it hurts me to say this, even bloody Nidar could do a better job of being Jathedar than these dimwits we have been presently blessed with. If the mainstream agitates over something, then the whole thuga di toli come running to get free media exposure. If the Suraj Prakash had been violated like Maharaj, than its a full guarantee that these kanjars (fearing for their gaap-chaap shops) would have been up in arms over the matter. Monato, Doaba, S4ngh and that other fuddu who thinks his silat will slay asses, I don't really give a damn as to what you ram up each other's <banned word filter activated>. Fanboys probably take fanboy <banned word filter activated> up the <banned word filter activated> all the time, but give it a thought as well when you guys finally have an orgasm. The entire qaum was being slaughtered on one hand, whilst on the other Santa was bending over for his mistress Indra. So lets imagine what would have transpired if Akali Phula Singh had been in Santa Nang's shoes? Would he have joined the British if they felt compelled to attack Sri Darbar Sahib because Ranjit Singh's policies weren't to his taste? Or would he have aligned himself with the greater Panth and given them a befitting reply?
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    Except fighting for the defense of the Panth.
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    Why would you want to marry into a family that has such ridged views anyways? If someone judges you because you went to another country to study, then they aren’t worth your time. The impressions of others don’t mean anything, it’s all about the Guru.
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    Just simply a fantastic answer, whether from a spiritual perspective or even as a healthy human perspective.
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    Yeah my parents are from Nawanshahr, Doaba and this really big mosque is now being constructed there! I remember when i went India a few years back that mosque was a very small building but when i went India in December 2017 the old building had been demolished and has been replaced with a much bigger building. I remember on Friday there were lots of Muslims rushing around in the area and several of them were speaking Hindi/Urdu so i'm guessing they were from other states, plus opposite the Mosque they now have a little makeshift shop selling halal burgers etc. The only reason the smaller Mosque has been replaced with a much bigger building is because there obviously now is a demand for a bigger one because the population of Muslims has grown! In areas of Doaba like Nawanshahr Sikhs are a minority anyway the last thing we need is an increase of muslim migrants from other states.
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    So dice is rolled by RAW to infiltrate cdn, uk, america sikhs diaspora - direct or indirect inflitration in -back drop sikhs looking figure, they already predicted hows sikhs will react both predictable reaction- either way they win and advance their goals: Current issue among sikhs in west- missionaries and sri dsasam granth RAW in the backdrop watches influences directly or indirectly-, influences both ultra hot headed pro and ultra hot headed anti stance on dasam granth/missionaries- watch sikhs tearing each other part, if there is message of unity- it creates insecurity, fear, hyper, paranoia to keep the fire going. I've never seen hindus worked up so fast over debate over their various school of thoughts, over scriptures to the point they are fighting among themselves, there are six school of thoughts or more in hinduism all polar opposite of each other- vaishanivsm, shavaism, advait etc in their scriptures all they reject each other etc etc, yet in their circle no one is fighting yet politically they strong as iron- when it comes to HINDU NATIONALISM-Their sants- ravi shankar, sadhguru all supports hindu unity an front Example of ranjit singh dhandriwanle. Raw saw this guy prominence -see it as threat- influence his thoughts sant got played big time, created the divide in community, then flare hot headed sikhs to create issues and back drop assassinate attempt againt him- boom their goal is accomplished, huge divide in sikhs abroad. CIA ASSESSMENT ON SIKHS LIVING ABROAD: CSIS ASSESSMENT ON SIKHS IN CANADA Anyway there are many examples, i am more geared towards solutions - Worst thing sikh could react is with fear, paranoia calling each other agents anti panthic , fighting violently against each other. Do polar opposite see each other with non divisive eyes, dialogue, debate, constructive vichar - and leave it that. - RAW want cdn sikhs to relive trauma and divisiveness of 1980s again in current political climate get worked up in whichever way possible- they would love angry anti india slogans by sikhs in canada do pollar opposite hold the line of human rights bring other christianity minorities too, more holligans burning indian flags they will love this kinda stuff it will play good in media, more khalistan banners in nagar kirtan, divisiness, do pollar opposite - every day pay respect to our shaheeds as we normally do - keep on moving getting inspired by our role models in canada such as harjit singh sajjan- defense minister- apply for gov't jobs, learn french, apply police, rcmp, miltary jobs, media put past sikh seperatism in the back of head but dont put it on altar it proves nothing but just play more into raw hands. Andrew cohne- very well known journalist already pushing narrative- questioning sikh loyalty in canada by providing example of sikh body guards killing indira gandhi- casting doubt- they are religious zealouts, prove them wrong- apply apply apply for high gov't positions, security, poilice rcmp, military jobs. - Pay no attention to rhetoric emotional speeches get worked up, have sympathy but ignore ignore and ignore emotional violent rheotoric type of response - Have more interfaith sessions, push more yoga, world peace, get 3ho all white turbans push for mindfulness, peace etc etc in ottawa parliament-yoga international day- get 3ho to inflitrate on so called hindu concept which is not theirs anyway as its not their to begin with, get behind jewish genocide, explain sikh genocide via lenses of other civilizations, basically get behind with dastar anything to do with peace, mindfulness yoga movement - put hindu bhramins in canada out of business. Yogi amandeep singh udasi nirmala already doing amazing job. - tune down sikh internal issues activism protesting infront of gurdwara, commitee endorsement, be more involved wider canadian activism - don't isolate ourselves, engage in wider canadian soceity, Raw wants to isolate us from cdn diaspora politicsm cabinet positions, policy decision makers as its huge threat and cdn diaspora to some other, do polar opposite. Once we are able to infuse ourselves in media , politics like jews then we can influence not just say khalistan zindabad but further play proxy wars in terms of trade deals. Indians are already pissed trade deal with canada is only 1 billion dollar despite of huge indian immigrant people thats why they raised this ujjal dosanj tattu to isiolate us from all canadian political party, cdn cabinet positions, politics from canadian national fabric. Raw via media will keep pushing the narrative- get rid of these sikhs , our success trade deals - sky is limit already, more canadian jobs, it will very well play into conservative election promise RAW is trying to get sikhs out of canada fabric into over represented, defranchise thugs violent isiolate, do pollar opposite- infuse further ourselves and do seva into all Canadian veins, political parties, all self righteous left wing, liberal canadian movements- whether its pipeline, feminism, peta-vegan, environmentalist, first nation issues, jobs , polarized canadian debates.
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    I need to sort myself out? lol your the one bad mouthing fellow members and issuing personal slurs.... do you really want to be placed on quality control? you know the rules I suggest you moderate your language and behave like a sikh. Dhumma I was never comfortable with being elected head of DDT he doesnt have the IQ or stature of a respected institute like that. Also once he started to hang around badal like a lap dog, sitting with azar alam killer of sikh youths and then to attack a sikh missionary guy during shabeel and justifying it....then it just sealed in my mind that this guy is too dodgy and a fake leader. I used to be big fan of Jagjit Chauhan I used to look up to him because he was a proud khalistani leader standing up to the might of the indian govt. I read up on his articles and books written about him. It is only recently I have started to question who was this man and how did he manage to go back to India in 2006 without harassment from the Indian state. This was the very guy was so ant-india that he would give speeches in hyde park and in southall parks calling for the destruction of the genocidal indian state.... he was the one who pioneered and led the Khalistan movement of the 1970s-2000s based in the UK. Yet now I'm beginning to think he was an intelligence asset the for the american CIA/British MI6 or of the Indian R&AW itself. We have to bare in mind that the best asset an intelligence agency can have is a leader of a violent extremist group or separatist group once you have one of the leaders as your proxy you can do what ever you want and blame the people you want to target with the guise of fighting "anti-nationals" fighting "sikh terrorists" fighting "khalistani's". The British MI6 had quartermaster leaders in the IRA who did their bidding and similar most intelligence agencies have so called leaders in their pay as agents or double agents. I find it too convenient that Jagjit chauhan was able to live freely in the UK without repercussions from margaret thatchers tory government and others while he was issuing threats against india, indira gandhi and organising the Khalistan movement at a time when most Sikhs did not even want Khalistan and were ok with India. Chauhan started the movement seemingly out of no where after a meeting in new york with some white americans.The Khalistan movement only gained huge following, strength and power after operation blue star. so we need to ask ourselves looking back at history and trying to understand juts what the hell went on back then that was chauhan the pawn piece used to target Sikhs because Sikhs were campaigning peacefully for greater rights in civil disobedience agitations yet the Indian state wanted the protests to turn violent ......wanted the Sikhs in punjab to take up arms so that the huge Indian army resources and manpower could come down heavy on the Sikhs in the guise of fighting extremism/terrorism.
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    It's due to the migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and I'm guessing that they have lots of kids. Like I said above they have gone from 0% in 1947 to 2% now. Old mosques which were abandoned after 1947 have now opened again and stupid apne get happy with that or even encourage it. My father in law told me that he never saw muslims in Punjab when he was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s but on a recent trip back to Jalandhar he said he saw scores of muslims crowd towards a mosque in Jalandhar. Then you have idiots like Gurdas Khan, Hans Raj Hans, Kanwar Grewal, Harshdeep Kaur singing islamic sufi songs and dressing up like suls. It was good that we forced them all out in 1947 because they did the same to us. But due to Hindu weakness which allowed muslims to remain in India in places like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar we now have to pay the price. The only good thing is that the suls probably know that they cannot mess with us.
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    What we need to work out who is the true Sikh leaders and who are the fake ones who are hand in glove working with the killers of Sikhs. Many times in Sikh history we have betrayers we did not know their agenda we saw them as upstanding Sikh leaders real heros of the panth. They get elected they get put forward but later we find out they were in the pay and control of foreign non-sikh elements. We can identify these fake leaders as DDT's current leader dhumma, most heads of sgpc and sri akal takht since mid 1990s, akali dal's p.s badal and his family, the late sant longowal, nihung santa singh, the late jagjit chauhan,etc. How do you test if they a real Sikh leader? Well if they willing to put their life and liberty on risk and engage in physical confrontations with enemys and/or oppressors of Sikhs. When anti-sikh incidents occur..... so we recongised shaheed sant fateh singh mid 50s, ajk's shaheed bhai fauja singh, shaheed Sant bhindranwale was no congress party slave/puppet he was a true Sikh leader who confronted the govt on abuse of Sikhs and sikhi, we saw bhai mannochal jathedhar of akal takht as a true sikh leader who fought armed battles with the indian armed tyrants, Shaheed bhai sukha and Shaheed bhai jinda, Bhai hawara and bhai rajoana who targeted, avenged and took out successfully the murderers of innocent Sikhs.
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    If a Christian goes to Israel and converts to Judaism it most definitely isn't "news worthy" fake or otherwise. If it's real who cares anyway? Totally a media hype propoganda tool for whatever rediculous reason.
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    Guest Sikhism, what is wrong with you? Why don´t you do a self introspection, and look in your inner mirror before baseless blaming of being egoistical or a sight to behold? That would surely be a pitiful sight. Have you seen or understood what Gurpreet Singh is asking, or the reply I have given him? I think you have not, for you were engrossed in your own ego/hankar, which was hurt, as the reply given differed from your thinking. Nobody is preaching here, so stop talking like the hindu pandits, of elite or utter monks which do not exist in sikhee. In sikhee there is Guru Jee as guru, and all others are of the same class, means Sikhs... no elite, no monks or higher or lower sikhs Then also, Gurpreet is not making any general query as you think it to be. He is asking a specific question, about: if one merges with Wahiguru, does one still have our own mind, and if one can see others and travel, or if on reaching there and becoming Wahiguru along with all others? You see, this is a short simple and a direct question, not a general query as you pretend it to be. So naturally, if your perception is not correct of what the OP is asking, definitely, your response could well be anything, but far from what it ought to be. Then also your baseless accusation of creating karma, by telling someone to stray away completely , for asking more about sikhism, is utter nonsense. For the OP has never asked more about sikhism, but a short simple and specific question about mind and Wahiguru in short, or in other words, about the state of the self when becoming one with Him, as simple as that. So, be humble enough to understand fully what is being said, and stop indulging into mental loose motion. I do not know if you were blinded by your hankar or krodh, but you never saw what I told the posters above, in case you did overlook it, let me reproduce it to you once again: Do you really think, if I wanted anyone to stray away, i would have written the line above? Am I not saying that, for whosoever wants to merge in Him, should do His bhakti wholeheartedly and single minded? And the bhakti I refer to, there is no mention of any elite or monk class, rather for any wadbhagee sikh, who wants Him alone, none other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh. If anything I said, which you really have misunderstood, is that, if you want anything apart from Wahiguru, then, do not follow sikhee, rather any other dharam, where he/she can satisfy their minds with varieties/multiplicity of forms, sizes, and colors... For as brother NEOS1NGH has shared some most beautiful verses above : You see, in the last verse above, it clearly says: Na maan, which means no mind or mindless, so this should answer the question of the OP, for there is no mind, as the mind by itself is a barrier between us and Him. You see, it is all braham through the mind, which makes us see the untruth as something real, and permanent, thus id does not allow to realize Him. Mind is not ours, for it is left behind in the lower dimensions, only the soul is our real self, which belongs to Him, and in Him it returns to become one with Him, through His apaar kirpa only. It is our limited perception of Him and ourselves as individuals, which keeps us deluded all the time, until, as said above, we hold on to Him, through His bhakti, realize our true identity as divine beings, only then will we take the right steps in the right direction, until then, we will be stumbling in our own manmat. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Lying British and American scum. The media stooges making the case for these strikes need hanging. The plan was always Iraq > Afghanistan > Libya > Syria > Iran > Russia. Saudis are comfortably in bed with the various western governments and agencies pushing their respective agendas. I expect another flimsy pretext for war to emerge in the next few years, with Iran being next, perhaps in another 10 or so years. Meanwhile, the incessant disinformation and brainwashing will continue.
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    Yeup. Pakistanis especially refer to Sikh rule as "Sikha Shahi" and view it as a very bad rule, its even a derogatory word there. They inflame stories of Sikhs desecrating mosques and whatnot, which I'm not even sure are truthful. because Maharaja Ranjit Singh ordered a mosque to be built as well. They also really like to praise the Afghan Durranis who taxed, murdered Punjabi Muslims and obviously desecrated Harmandir Sahib.
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    Citing music as a cause for societal degeneration started well before rap. Not saying rap isn't in this category, but heavy metal promoting racism, satanism, black magic, sex, drugs, violence, etc. isn't exactly wholesome, and has been effecting the uk much longer.
  36. 4 points
    I disagree that an elitist attitude exists in all states of India. Punjabi and Punjabi culture endorse an extremely boastful nature which has seeped into Sikh attitudes as well. I've seen Punjabi look down on anyone just because of their appearance or caste, we're as worse as white people during colonialism. I'll hear our fellow Punjabi boasting about conquering Alexander, having the largest empire in India, and single handedly defeating the Mughals because of this boastful, elitist attitude. It's this kind of attitude that drives people away Sikhi, as most equate Sikhi to Punjabi, which is not true at all. You're definitely right about Punjabi, especially Sikhs, needing to chase after academics.
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    Brother, Mind is duality, is confusion, is maya, is change, is variety, is limited, is the source of pain, is subtle matter, is not divinity.... Just as long as water is in the bottle, even if thrown in the sea, the water in the bottle is separate from its origin, the Sea, though there is water on all sides. in a similar way, in order for the water to become one with the sea, the bottle has to be broken, in a similar way, mind is only with the soul, as long as the soul is under the control of the mind. Once the soul, is released from the mind by His apaar kirpa through Bhakti, the mind becomes helpless and powerless, thus only releases the soul from its clutches, then the soul rides higher and higher, in the jahaaz of Nam, and reaches Sach Khand, upon reaching there, it becomes one with the only one original and permanent existing reality, which is none other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Just as all the rivers flow and merge in the Ocean, to become one with it without any distinction, so do all souls do upon reaching there, means merging in Him. Souls do not go there for vacation, or sightseeing, or attending a musical concert, or give it any name ...But souls yearn to go there, for it is their origin, where once they were one with Him, without any second, third or multiplicity. For there only Wahiguru exists. Sach Khand vaseh Nirankar There is no such destruction of the soul. For the soul being a particle of the Ocean, holds all the same virtues/qualities, as the Ocean has; that of divinity, of Sach, of chit, of Anand, of immortality. If the soul was not of the same nature as Him, it could never become one with Him. If there is any destruction prior to our union with Him, that is of the mind only, and it is due to this very mind that we are confined in the mayavee creation, taking our bodies to be our real identity and nature...and from there on, all our problems start. Holding on to Him, through His bhakti, is the key to be freed from all this mind and maya, and also the key of our union with Him. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Waheguru Ji, Taking my leave from this forum (indefinitely) due to finishing my studies and moving back to Kaanada to continue further research there in my field. Wanna thank the many people on this forum for everything I learned and for everyone I bickered with Special thanks to Simran Penji for being so nicer to everyone and being so motherly, special thanks to MrDoaba for being my partner in our joint efforts to corrupt the sikh youth (Jai Mata Di!), to JFKLondon penji for being a regular and actually teaching me a bit with her posts, to SIngh12345678 for being someone who knows what the context of a joke is, for JSinghnz for showing that even our good old special people in society play an important part (im just kidding, dont execute me by guillotine) and thanks also to SINGH bhaji for bring all of these people together.
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    Its always been a violent society it wasn't much difference i the 80s and 90s and 2000-2010. I remember there was just as many stabbings, murders and rapes. But it was alot more contained back then nowadays it seems every other youth is wearing a hoodie like a criminal and has to carry a knife because of the fear. As the police is not doing their job of protecting community and running the streets as they are paid to do so. The only difference is that the mainstream popular culture is now heavily promoted by the druggie mentally ill black evil criminal elements of Afro-Caribbean society. There are no manors because kids are learning from popular culture and social media how to disrespect their elders. The evil deranged black music genres of rap/grime/drill music in large is to blame glamouring violence, drug dealing,etc along with social media. The more communities tolerate it and don't speak out against it the worse it will get. Lack of firm belief in a religion, economic poverty, rise of gay rights, feminism, defranishing men rights and parental upbringing is also adding to the dangerous mix. How do you solve the supposed crisis? Zero tolerance no politically correct nonsense no child protection nonsense. Crack heads old skool style with starting in the home give power to fathers to kick <banned word filter activated> and lay down ground rules. What is needed is traditional family setup without the hindrance of the state. As the saying goes you get the politicians you elect and you get the government you vote for. The more people who elect loonie politically correct capitalist pro war, pro-bankster bail outs. pro-gay pro-feminist politicians the more strife there will be in society.
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    There are only 3 options left to you. #1 is really bad. I hope u dont do it. Abandon the girl. Leave a poor girl after marriage. Terrible. #2. Stay married. Live with girl. A bit hard but the right thing to do. #3 the best option now. Also one Gurjant Gnostic so eloquently argued for. Bring the girl to UK then divorce her. As the girl has told u on the phone, she cant wait to start her life in the UK. So let her have that life. Its the least u can do. Plus divorce is easier in the uk. If u try to divorce her in india, they could put a case on you of being an NRI who misled and abandoned his wife, and you would never be allowed in india. Or they could lie that you demanded dowry from them and put a case on you. I wouldnt blame them for wanting to get back at you. Cuz if u abandon the girl. Her life is ruined. So bring the girl over to the UK. Let her get citizenship. Let her bring her parents over. And then help her get a seperate house where she could live with her parents. You might have to support her financially and emotionally. I hope u do. We panjabis like to copy western culture but we just mishmash it. If we want to have divorce like westerners, we have to accept the responsibilities and laws that come with divorce. So bring the girl over. Ya its not a clean break and you wont be able to start over from scratch. But guess wat? Theres already a marriage record.so u wont ever have that clean slate again. Its better to have a guilt free clean mind. Rather than the stain and karma of abandoning a poor girl on ur soul. It would be even cooler if u got her married again in the UK...reminds me of the movie Meri wife da viaah.
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    I think you just summed it up perfectly. The best thing you can do is be an example and as the child grows up he will be influenced by you as an example. I have two perspectives on this though: 1) from an adult convert to Sikhi and 2) as a parent of a baby whose mother is not Sikhi. First, I am Sikhi now, but I am 34 and have only been Sikhi for several months. I have always been "spiritual" starting as a child and have a long, maze-like, journey from being raised Christian to bouncing from atheism to Judaism to Buddhism (for the longest stretch) and now Sikhi. I wouldn't have been ready for Sikhi before now. I don't even think I knew about Sikhi until I was in my late 20's when I met a Sikh for the first time in my life and still didn't really know what Sikhi was. I still found Sikhi for myself though! This is Waheguru's plan for me - everything has a reason. The important thing now is that I am on the Sikhi path and for me to stay on this path. Second, I have a baby and that means thinking about the future for my baby. My fiance (his mother) isn't very spiritual, but her family is Catholic and she wants to expose him to Catholicism. I'm OK with that as long as I am able to expose him to Sikhi, as well. It is completely non-traditional and I know many here will probably shake their heads about that, but I am OK with it. I wasn't raised Sikhi, but I am now and I think the path I took set me up to be Sikhi and as I said, I don't think I would have been ready at an earlier age. My main plan is to lead by example. If he chooses Sikhi at an early age - great, if he finds it later in life - good, if he never finds it this life, well that is Waheguru's plan and I will accept it. As you said earlier, it's all Waheguru's hukam. I find myself saying that a couple times every day! I hope that my take from my couple perspective is helpful. I thank Waheguru daily for letting me find Sikhi - I hope that your new brother finds it, as I hope my son also finds it. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh -I.
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    You sure? Anand Karaj married both you and your wife to Guru Ji. You were joined together to pursue Sanyog. Nobody forced you to do anything. You're a 32 year old grown az man. You act like this girl is a car you bought online, because your mom liked it, but you didn't ask any questions, like year of manufacture etc. Turns out it's a reliable car, but you're not used to driving, and you don't want to get stuck with it. The very second you unpacked it, it's value depreciated a lot. It's no longer new. Only thing, is it's not a car, she's a person, but to extend the car analogy, you voided her warranty. Even if you didn't "drive" her for the two weeks. So, if you truly want out, you should at the very least compensate her enough to restore her value. Like 2 thousand dollars a month alimony until she remarries, your UK citizenship if she wants it first, etc. And a giant fn apology. If you live at home with your parents, move out. I don't usually suggest this, but your growth is super stunted somehow. Jaap Naam, read Gurbani daily, do Shastar Vidya, don't watch TV/movies, talk to women in person, respect them like men, and forge deep friendship. We gotta harden your az up brother. If you're trying to make this your last life, then marry Guru Ji. Be Sant Sipai. Kill yourself while remaining alive. Cut the Panj Chor to pieces with Simran Khanda. Eat nutrient dense food in small but frequent portions, so you lean out and muscle up. Then approach this marriage thing again as a Gursikh. Your age isn't a big deal. Your mentality is. Be solid to this girl. Transform yourself. Be worthy of Anand Karaj when you do it a second time, but the next time be the, hard as iron lion version of yourself who respects his family but makes his own decisions and stands by them. I hope you feel me cheering you on brother. You have to understand you married our sister though and are backing out. Do the right thing, either road you take. Do it the solid way. Simran, train, gain. I want to get lunch some day with the bad az version of you, that everyone respects for being legit as it gets. This is your clarion call. Jo bole so nihaaal! You can do it Raj! Total victory brother! Wake up today and ride on Maya like a soldier in the Guru's army.
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    What seva? Killing each other? Bending over for the GOI? Attacking fellow Sikhs? Ripping off amateur wannabes in the UK? Soliciting with prostitutes whilst claiming Sarbloh Bibek?
  44. 4 points
    It's even sarbloh. Heh.
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    Well, to my mind, I'm actually treating politicians the same. E.g., if a Sikh is loose in rehit, the people around him should gently persuade him to be stricter. Same for politicians. And, for example, shopkeepers, do you care if a shopkeeper gets up at 1am in the morning to do simran and nitnem? As a customer, you care only if the product is good, and the price is right. Same for politicians. Are you talking about Bahadur Shah? I'm just talking about the general provisions for women in Islam. And then the general stance toward women by rajas, which is basically use and abuse. But Guru Sahib knew that going in. Does anybody argue that Bahadur Shah was a Gurmukh? OK, bro. But let me offer you a hypothetical: You have a leader who is a bajjer kurehiti, apostate. He doesn't follow strictures of religion, but he's a bigshot leader, and he offers us the ability to get our own country. Do you take your country, or do you refuse the country because you wouldn't want it handed to you with a guy loose in rehit? OK, I lied, it wasn't a hypothetical. I'm talking about the father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As you know, he was basically apostate from Islam, being a lover of pork and wine and all. If the Pakistanis went by the picky standards of some of us, they'd not have a country, but hey, they'd at least not have suffered the ignominy of being led by an apostate. (By the way, I'm one of the most conservative posters on this board regarding rehit and maryada. But that's for Sikhs as Sikhs, not for politicians as politicians.) Also, in your hypothetical, what if it's a Hindu Punjabi or other non-Sikh who's doing all that stuff? Then do you care about his personal life?
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    I wonder if Gurdwaras could encourage or hold classes/sessions for those with health conditions or disabilities. What are your thoughts on this?
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    Gurbani is set in stone and is timeless, the Khalsa Panth is a living organism that constantly evolves.
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    Our (as in non-Islamic populations) survival instincts have been dulled by a combination of selectively interpreting religious doctrine so that it's as inoffensive and watered-down as to make it irrelevant to the day-to-day human experience (and in some cases, a complete denial of the existence of divinity), and a naive social pacifism that will ultimately work against us in the long-term, minus the short-term basking in the glow of our arrogant, self-congratulatory benevolence. Turning the other cheek as all paths lead to God will not be of any purpose to those who want to survive the gradual intrusion of Islam on this mortal plane! Ironically, our Islamic friends have doubled down and are being encouraged to be unapologetic about their ways and their beliefs, whilst everyone else of a non-Islamic hue is subtly chastised and dissuaded from wishing to preserve their own ways and beliefs. How does anyone not see where this is all heading?
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    Probably never, after all everyone is equal Say what you will about Master Tara Singh, he did at least warn us about this menace and made sure we didn't have to live with these people after 1947, now it seems we are going backwards. Under a congress government, expect it to get worse.
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    RIP, I hope the perpetrators face the full consequences. But yet again Sikhs will join the Kashmiris and support their cause for independence even though it is those same Kashmiris (mirpuris) who do crimes like this, and take part in grooming gangs that target Sikh girls.