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    Yeup. Pakistanis especially refer to Sikh rule as "Sikha Shahi" and view it as a very bad rule, its even a derogatory word there. They inflame stories of Sikhs desecrating mosques and whatnot, which I'm not even sure are truthful. because Maharaja Ranjit Singh ordered a mosque to be built as well. They also really like to praise the Afghan Durranis who taxed, murdered Punjabi Muslims and obviously desecrated Harmandir Sahib.
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! If you are going to attend the Surrey Nagar Kirtan and wish to volunteer with Basics of Sikhi, please message me ASAP!
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    I personally think Guru Sahib made it clear to us with the Panj Pyaare being from all corners of India what his intent for Sikhi was. He didn't want it to be restricted among Punjabi, and its unfortunate it has been so. And the culprits for this are us Punjabi. I personally think that we need to spread awareness among other communities. A significant non-Punjabi Sikh population are Sindhi people. They're very devoted to the Sikh Panth, however are also verging on Santana Dharmic ideals. A little more awareness among them would help them correct their ways. We also need to reach out to other communities, especially those that are related to the Panj Pyaare and also those not related as well. Most individuals from the Panth will say that this is proselytization, but I disagree. If you won't spread awareness, how will one know about it? The issue is who will do this? Our own Panthic organizations are weak and uneducated, and can be easily bought over. We need to renew our Panthic foundation, but I don't know how that is possible?
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    Is it any wonder that Hari Singh Nalwa advised Maharaj Ranjit Singh to pass the Khalsa Raj to the panj pyareh. It makes perfect sense.
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    Have you noticed a trend in non-Sikh media to discredit the Khalsa?
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    Courtesy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb:
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    Yes finger millet is very good. You are lucky in India as you can grow your own ancient/heirloom/natural varieties of grains and avoid the genetically modified & hybrid ones. Also, the best, most nutritious rice to eat is rakthashali rice which you can get in India. I cannot find it in the UK.
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    Lying British and American scum. The media stooges making the case for these strikes need hanging. The plan was always Iraq > Afghanistan > Libya > Syria > Iran > Russia. Saudis are comfortably in bed with the various western governments and agencies pushing their respective agendas. I expect another flimsy pretext for war to emerge in the next few years, with Iran being next, perhaps in another 10 or so years. Meanwhile, the incessant disinformation and brainwashing will continue.
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    err singh sabha movement was against the hindu Mahants appointed by Angrez ...try again
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    What would have been world history had Khalsa not been created by the Tenth Master? Time to reflect and thank Guru Gobind Singh for this world shaking revolutionary step. Please give your views on this.
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    On Vasakhi 1699 after the first two Khalsay had stood up ... Guru Gobind Singh Ji (the sixth Khalsa) gave three more calls. Mohkam Chand, a Gujarati calico printer/tailor from DwarkaNagar, Himmat Rai, a water-bearer from Jagannath Puri in Orissa, and Sahib Shah, a barber from Bidar (south India), stood up one after another and advanced to offer their heads. ... a minority of the wider Punjabi community is Sikh ... most Punjabi's are Muslims and there are more Hindi speaking "Punjabi's" in the historic parts of pre-1966 Punjab. So we as Sikhs need to fight back against this nonsense portraying Sikhs as the equivalent of Punjabi's as they seek to limit the truth to a small part of Punjab only. Even the Muslim Jatts that killed 300,000 Sikhs in 1947 and the Hindu Jatts like Sajjan Kumar laugh at the ridiculousness of some Sikhs associating an ancestry with their name as a mark of pride given the fact that even the vast majority of Jatts are Muslim and Hindu ... So again we as Sikhs need to fight against our Panth being associated with any particular ancestry backgrounds (because that's exactly what our enemies want) So let's be clear anybody in 2012 who proclaims their ancestry background from the rooftops is not a Sikh and Punjabiyat has no relavance to Sikhi. Anybody into Bhangra please tell your favourite artists that you will not buy their records if they continue to promote alcohol + caste on behalf of a Muslim record label like Moviebox. Sikhi is falsely portrayed by the Panth's enemies and for the record let me state that i think a billion or so Hindu's are generally good people (the 800 million or so Hindu's who live in poverty I consider as Sikh in my eyes anyway ... before someone misinterprets my stab at the Panth's enemies)
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    I've been thinking about this too. Things are definitely heating up, hope it doesn't reach an extreme.
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    This has been happening for decades so it's nothing new. If poor and surrounded by lies from bigger communities and little access to education, how can people begin to think differently? Those of us living in the western diaspora have a duty to invest and save younger genrations.
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    Don't trust any product myself - better to rely on yourself by growing your own food and keeping it simple as much as possible as Guru ji instructs rather than chasing what the whiteys want. Do you know finger millet? Red in colour (lots of iron) and the glaze after cooking seems different. Common in Rajasthan.
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    You have no idea how much Ranjit “Singh” damaged the Sikh Psyche. He was boarderline ritualistic, and even very superstitious. He got played by the Hindus and even changed the colour of the Khalsa Nishan Sahib from Guru Hargobind’s Basanti to Orange.
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    What a coincident just as there is a discussion going on about Maharani Jind Kaur. Dawn news published an article about her role in the fall of khalsa army.Anyone who is interested can read it here. https://www.dawn.com/news/1401384/how-a-queen-plotted-the-fall-of-khalsa-army-by-starting-the-first-anglo-sikh-war
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    1) If she was as accused ,she would not have been told she would not get money from the treasury to give to Sikhs on our tuhaars unless she gave double to brahmins as same time 2) she would not have been imprisoned as she would have been under hindu control 3) who would gain from besmirching her honour ? the dogras , the English as no one would side with her to get sikh raj back 4) you underestimating the depravity of the Brahmin paltus of Angrez , they have always sided with whoever is in charge until they are strong enough through wheedling to overturn the powers that be , the mughals knew this so kept them down also their Kitab teaches them to do that . The angrez have always used the Hindus greed to gain ground ,that's why they established themselves so quickly and fairly bloodlessly in the East of India and really despise them for lack of spine and obseqiousness. To serve their masters they put many many rumours about . 5) in that time all it took was one whisper or question and people would assume the worst , people used to kill themselves because other merely spoke ill of their females honour . so I doubt that was true . 6) when was this supposed tryst ? when she was assisting her son by being regent after her husband's death ? when she was under house arrest? when she was transported to Nepal ?
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    I dont know whether this is true or not, but in reality this is an easy accusation to use in order to try and destroy someones character. Look a bit closer to our time and see some of the stories that were said about kharkoo singhs.
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    I think if you want to solicit "the truth" about various topics, you should slow down your pace of posting topics to allow discussion on all sides in-depth.
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    He should go to Brampton, it's like killing two birds with one stone, he gets to see a Canadian city as well as Punjab.
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    And I think a reason only Sikh people do it is because of the boastful nature of Punjabi culture, which our Muslim and Hindu counterparts have shed. Sikhi itself banishes any sort of egotistical behavior. You're exactly right, we have these false narratives spread among the community of conquering Afghanistan, and defeating the Mughal Empire single handedly when none of this is true. And it seems like we're trying to make up for something, when the fact is that what our ancestors accomplished was more than enough given their population size. I fully agree that we need to stop fighting other people's wars and get into fields that can lead to power, and finance is key to that.
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    I disagree that an elitist attitude exists in all states of India. Punjabi and Punjabi culture endorse an extremely boastful nature which has seeped into Sikh attitudes as well. I've seen Punjabi look down on anyone just because of their appearance or caste, we're as worse as white people during colonialism. I'll hear our fellow Punjabi boasting about conquering Alexander, having the largest empire in India, and single handedly defeating the Mughals because of this boastful, elitist attitude. It's this kind of attitude that drives people away Sikhi, as most equate Sikhi to Punjabi, which is not true at all. You're definitely right about Punjabi, especially Sikhs, needing to chase after academics.
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    Definitely go for USA. Not much in Canada to be honest.
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    I'm not saying we should give up the Punjabi language, what I'm saying is that we need to give up Punjabi cultural dominance, and buckle down on the Sikh identity more. We don't need Punjabiyat to dominate our way of thinking and behavior, because frankly, its not a very good way of thinking. The SGPC not converting Ambedkar's Dalits was the greatest mistake in modern Sikh history. The elitist attitude of the SGPC led to Ambedkar concluding that Sikhi was only egalitarian on paper, and not in practice. Sikhi lost out on a lot of potential followers with that decision, and I'll argue that elitist attitude stems from Punjabi culture. We should not be obsessed with Punjabiyat, and instead be "obsessed" with Sikhi and its way of life. The only way I see this happening is if Sikhi spreads out to other ethnicities, however our own, such as in the case of Ambedkar, become an obstruction to that spread.
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    I had the exact same thought yesterday. I agree, the positive aspects of our culture such as our language, our folklore, and other cultural and historical markers should be treasured for posterity, but I can't help but think we've lost our way. In many ways I think Punjabiyat has inadvertently dumbed down the impact and image of Sikhi. I look at the contemporary figureheads of the Panth, and I think, "No. You can fool these simpletons, but you aren't making a mug out of me. You're not what Dasme Paatshah had in mind for us." But, as I said, there are some wonderful aspects to our culture besides the weird self-destructive and egoistic pandering parts of it. I'll try to briefly summarise the problem as I see it, and I genuinely believe a considerable aspect of the overall problem lies in third party perception as well as our own Punjabi interpretations gradually bleeding into that which should be immutable. In Sikhi we have a philosophy that, if gifted to a community of people who came from medieval Italy, for argument's sake, would be considered a treasure for humanity. The problem as addressed by this topic arises because of the somewhat erroneous assumption (I wouldn't quite call it discriminatory) that the humble origins of the faith and the seemingly... unsophisticated following who took up the faith are considered to be an indication of the substance and value of the philosophy itself. We haven't done ourselves any favours in this regard, as this is where I believe Punjabiyat is wielded as a stick to beat Sikhi, because we've sort of floundered and coasted along since the arguable golden age of our faith, and eventually for the admittedly essential act of survival and proliferation we've become the very thing that we weren't kind of supposed to, i.e. an organised religion and everything it entails. We've switched off. We just follow without any serious khoj. Coupled with the human desire to create factions and subgroups for various purposes, which could be argued is even more of a problem in desi cultures, there's a sense we've forgotten and neglected the spirit of that essential founding spark which allowed our faith to emerge. Being surrounded by the Indianess of India on all sides means we've regressed socially, intellectually, and spiritually. There's so much going on, and can't be pinned on a few reasons.
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    Another reason to start a simran section is all the benefits of simran ਸਿਮਰਉ ਸਿਮਰਿ ਸਿਮਰਿ ਸੁਖੁ ਪਾਵਉ ॥ Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace. ਕਲਿ ਕਲੇਸ ਤਨ ਮਾਹਿ ਮਿਟਾਵਉ ॥ Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body. It is easy to read books and debate because it only makes the mind stronger and gives it more energy to keep on thinking. To still the mind the above quote from gurbani says to do simran.
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    Well I can address your first point. The kara predates Sikhi, Hindus have worn Karas for aesthetic and combat reasons. I believe the Rajputs wore karas and used them as knuckle dusters, and many other Indian ethnicities have their own variation of it. But its best to remember that the reason we wear a kara is different from other groups and that it reminds us of our religious duty, and when need be, can be used in defence.
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    Homework is indeed vital for the whole panth.
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    When will our people ever learn?
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    i hear if you spot one, you have a lucky chance of winning the lottery the next day, according to sanatani research of course
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    Great perspective! I didn't think of it that way to be honest. I overlooked that Waheguru expects us to act genuinely, rather than out of self-interest. Makes sense to me now. Thanks.
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    But can't creation exist without a material world? Isn't being in Sach Khand living, existing?
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    Joseph, you are quite weird and have serious issues. These untruthful, self-righteous and pathetic claims are just not normal. Why have you not posted any evidence? The reason is that there is none to present. You wouldn't be a very good lawyer or judge. The fact that you made a thread about how posters disagree with some of your posts by using emoticons is not only laughable but shows everyone the size and frailty of your ego and self-esteem. You have already proven yourself to be a hypocrite on these boards and now you will be shown to be a liar. Firstly, only some of your posts have been marked confused from my account because of disagreement, incoherent arguments and strange ramblings. One poster has already admitted joining in as a joke and a bit of fun but you have kept quiet. A quick search shows that some of your posts have been left with no emoticon so why are you claiming otherwise? Why are you exaggerating? Secondly, what 'personal information' has been posted? Another quick search on these boards shows that some my posts to you refer to your first name. Is that it? This 'personal information' that is mentioned so much is just your first name? Not sure about anyone else here but personal information usually includes full name, address and contact numbers etc. Please show evidence of these three posted from my account. Did you know that if you search for your name, you see the following: You posted that. It came from your account, not mine, as you have joyfully cried. Look what else was found: You posted that. It came from your account, not mine, as you have joyfully cried. Well done on proving yourself to be a liar on this forum. Hope the fake accounts that you created within the space of a few hours in order to like your OP gives the impression that most of the forum agrees with you and really helps with your mental well-being too. The truth is that on the night this thread was posted, no-one replied to it. It had more than 100 views but it was ignored because it is petty. How does that make you feel? Only after the first reply did you then spend your evening liking your posts in this thread because you knew the thread would be seen the following day after being bumped to the top of the page. Which IP proxy or VPN did you use? Also, thanks for marking some of my recent posts as confused. This does not bother my well-being at all because there is meaning in my life. Almost feel sorry for you. EDIT: You are now in my ignored users list.
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    And the fact that mythologizing narratives was an accepted practice then should be enough to dissuade one from thinking that the Panj Piares were some incarnations.
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    yep but even so saying Singh sabha movement was purely about countering Ranjit SIngh's bad decisions is a bit of a stretch . The main problems were : suspending sarbat khalsa method of getting panthic concensus giving command of khalsa army to non-sikhs who were purely motivated by personal greed giving Dogras so many high positions including control of treasury , true to type they showed their true colours as soon as Ranjit singh was on the wane , and started planning with the angrez how to capture the sikh kingdom .
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    A lot of these young men are looking for respect, especially from older men. They are also looking for food, and to belong to something greater than themselves they can be proud of. I've had good luck interacting with gangs in my area, have you ever tried street parchar with them? I'm ready for confused bootha to come out in force, but I'd warmly and vigorously greet them with a Sat Sri Akal. Or Akaaaaaali. When they ask what the heck you just said, say that's how we greet fellow warriors or how we greet immortal warriors. That gives them proper respect to start and might be all the hook you need to get them very interested in Sikhi. You'd want to be coming from a loving couragous place, street kids smell fear like sharks smell blood. Even if Sikhi isn't for them, the better treated they are by Sikhs and respected the less likely they are to target the Sangat. When they are out intimidating people, in part they are interviewing for targets, looking for the fear response that signals the go ahead, they are also looking for love, respect, and acceptance whether they realize it or not.
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    I don't think he's trying to be rude Veer Ji. Saying he should terminate himself isn't necessary. It's good to hear there are many authentic Saroops. Are they all identical? If so, then there's the answer. That's what he's asking I think. If Saroops are being stolen and destroyed, then the original authenticity must be protected.
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    What I wanted to express is the BBC picks a problem, that effects every culture, and focuses just on Sikhs, while avoiding attributing the grooming gang problem to the culture that is responsible for perpetrating it by name.
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    That is great information. Shukria. However I had heard steaming vegetables removes nutrients? Not as bad as boiling etc. I guess it depends on what you mean by steamed. Cooking in a pan briefly with a bit of water, then consuming it all is different than using a steamer where nutrients are left behind in the water. Again. Shukria.
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    Amazing your english is so much better in this post. Jio_/\_ Oh and you know Khande Di Pahul is prepared with a lethal weapon right. That cool? Jio _/\_
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    BhForce ji did a great job of answering. Let me ask this, if I may. What are your feelings regarding becoming a Sikh?
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    Confused face says marry within your own caste only apparently. Heh.
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    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Glad things are well. As long as he didn't get a bag over his head in Hindustan. Heh Shukria
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    Yes jagsaw. I post all hours. In between being at the Air Force base, the Dojo and my civilian job. You regularly drop many points that you can't refute away with an insult smoke screen. I have no problem with socialism. Google apparently links that to the crab mentality though that you exemplify, which seemed oddly apt. I enjoy being here so I come often. You might think that's pathetic, but then again some might say being banned however many times and still coming is pathetic. Especially when you still demonstrate the krodi, ahankar and haumai that bought you the bans. As someone who says they wish to protect the khalsa image I don't find your personal example very compelling. You choose to ignore a prominent "khalsa" trying to ban kirpan to wage your war on Jagmeet Singh Ji's engagement. You can suggest I kill myself, I wont. Or demean me, that's fine as it will only help kill my ego, but do you want to own those words in your book and carry that burden? Which one of these crabs embodies telling someone to kill themself? Which one talks their brother back off the ledge? Which do you want to be? I'm a crab too veer ji or I wouldn't be here. The panj chor knock at my door daily. We have an opportunity however in this barrel, to uplift each other. I don't expect much from your response. No worries. Feel free to lash out, latch on to a key phrase and willfully ignore the rest. Much love.