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    He should go to Brampton, it's like killing two birds with one stone, he gets to see a Canadian city as well as Punjab.
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    A lot of these young men are looking for respect, especially from older men. They are also looking for food, and to belong to something greater than themselves they can be proud of. I've had good luck interacting with gangs in my area, have you ever tried street parchar with them? I'm ready for confused bootha to come out in force, but I'd warmly and vigorously greet them with a Sat Sri Akal. Or Akaaaaaali. When they ask what the heck you just said, say that's how we greet fellow warriors or how we greet immortal warriors. That gives them proper respect to start and might be all the hook you need to get them very interested in Sikhi. You'd want to be coming from a loving couragous place, street kids smell fear like sharks smell blood. Even if Sikhi isn't for them, the better treated they are by Sikhs and respected the less likely they are to target the Sangat. When they are out intimidating people, in part they are interviewing for targets, looking for the fear response that signals the go ahead, they are also looking for love, respect, and acceptance whether they realize it or not.
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    Why are so many people getting mad over this issue? Maryada is not set in stone like Gurbani is, Maryada is meant to change over time. The Khalsa Panth is built to function like a constantly evolving organism that adapts to the current age. Innovation must not be shunned, innovation (to Rehat, not Bani) is nesesary or else we lose.
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    The definition of pitting is : make a hollow or indentation in the surface of.- like small indentations from rust eating into the blade. these blades have next to nothing pitting in that definition.I would refer to the stains as stable oxidation of the steel rather than active rust or the after effect e.g pitting. That would be my understanding
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    start learning proper rehitee things like shastar vidiya, archery, target shooting. also do sports. Maybe find a dal or Shaunee who might do other things like shikaar. Also go to sikhi camps. Proactive lifestyle will help
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    not always the case if the sword is kept in the right conditions.
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    Wow...someone forgot to take their Degh today....
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    Heavy Metal singers never sang about shooting and stabbing people in the same manner that rap does. Those heavy metal bands that promote racism, satanism were never played on mainstream radio or TV like rap music is. But the biggest issue is boys growing up in fatherless homes.
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    According to whatever the hell i want
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    Citing music as a cause for societal degeneration started well before rap. Not saying rap isn't in this category, but heavy metal promoting racism, satanism, black magic, sex, drugs, violence, etc. isn't exactly wholesome, and has been effecting the uk much longer.
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    And I think a reason only Sikh people do it is because of the boastful nature of Punjabi culture, which our Muslim and Hindu counterparts have shed. Sikhi itself banishes any sort of egotistical behavior. You're exactly right, we have these false narratives spread among the community of conquering Afghanistan, and defeating the Mughal Empire single handedly when none of this is true. And it seems like we're trying to make up for something, when the fact is that what our ancestors accomplished was more than enough given their population size. I fully agree that we need to stop fighting other people's wars and get into fields that can lead to power, and finance is key to that.
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    In reality, the nihangs who helped were allowed cause of budha dal. Like the singhs from bidhi chand dal or harian bela had to have permission from budha dal first cause budha dal is shromani
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    Yes I agree with that there is too much boastfulness but most of it is coming from a Sikh perspective. It is we Sikhs who boast about ending the Mughal Empire when the reality was that the Marathas had more of an impact and controlled far more of India than we did. We were the last to fold to the British though. We make up nonsense stories about the Americans wanting to build a statue of Hari Singh Nalwa in the white house or NASA keeping a copy of the Guru Granth Sahib and consulting it to discover new things in the universe. It is we Sikhs (rather than Punjabi Hindus) who refer to all non Punjabis as Bhaiyas. We refer to all Hindus as Bahmans. We are racist and most of that comes from Sikh elitism rather than Punjabi. So many Sikhs are so dumb that they think the word Punjabi means Sikh. If you say to most Sikhs that so and so is a Punjabi they will think that the only religion that person can be is a Sikh. This is despite Punjab only being 60% Sikh. How dumb can people be that they don't realise that 40% of the people in their state don't follow the same religion as them? It should be blatantly obvious, but not to a large portion of Sikhs. We boast about our contribution to Indian Independence, World War 2, The wars with Pakistan, and in these wars we were just used as pawns on the frontlines fighting other people's battles and sacrificing a disproportionate amount of lives. It's time for Sikhs to truly get educated and become mangers and CEOs of companies, not just remain as farmers or soldiers fighting other people's wars.
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    Is it really the culture that Guru Sahib accepted though? Was he not the one that saw the rampant misogyny, that still exists to this day, and rejected it? Was it not the culture's ignorant ways that led him to yearn for realization and from that realization establish Sikhi? Are those actions considered changing "some bad parts"? Jacobin really? Is it only because I'm trying to propose the removal of our old ways? The culture is a boastful, misogynistic, Brahmanic, casteist, way of life. Yes, there is some good to it, such as its familial system, but as a whole, I don't see it being all constructive. Perhaps you'll enlighten me? Punjabi culture in its boastful, bravado ways allows for many things intoxicating than a "bit of drink". One thing it doesn't allow is education, which our people desperately need. Clearly the authentic Punjabi culture you are supposedly talking about is not in practice, and therefore is a thing of the past. Things are only going to get worse from here. Instead of trying to cling onto a culture that we have no need of, what is wrong in accepting the culture encompassed in Sikhi, for there is a whole culture in it?
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    Well you should know all about that pal. Since your probably a second grade individual.
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    It all comes down to one thing created by man, "roadmen".
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    That usually is a key attribute of whistle blowing.
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    The politicians don't care, they just want votes and the Sikh farmers and Hindu shop owners want cheap labour no matter the background of the worker, they just want to make as much money as possible, they don't care about the long term future. Secularism has been driven into the minds of Indians since those are the teachings of Gandhi and Bandit Nehru who were muslim apologetics. At the end of the day the muslims asked for West and East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and they got it mostly through violent action (direct action day). Even though we kicked them out of east punjab, the Hindus allowed them to stay behind in the rest of India in large numbers and even let them rise to the top in Bollywood. In fact in the early days of Bollywood movies actors like Dilip Kumar (Muhammad Yusuf Khan) had to change their names to fit in, then the next step was to allow muslim actors to keep their names but to play Hindu characters and nowadays you will find plenty of Bollywood films which have a muslim characters as the main character in the movie. It is a slow infiltration and acceptance of muslims by the wider Indian public. Consider this - muslims in kashmir have kicked out all of the Hindus in Kashmir and still the Hindus haven't done anything to retaliate in other parts of India. In fact I visited Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh (a state which has over 90% Hindus) earlier this year and saw plenty of muslims selling their shawls etc, working on construction etc. One thing Hindus and Sikhs will say is - Indian muslims are decent not like Pakistanis. I say that is nonsense! They only appear to be decent because they are a minority in most areas in India. Where they are a majority (Kashmir) we have seen what they have done. There is no difference in my opinion between a Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Indian muslim. It's just a case of their strength in numbers. Would a Kashmiri muslim ever build a Gurdwara or Mandir in Srinagar? Every August Sikhs and Hindus in India will cry and say partition was a bad thing and that everyone lived happily together and the two countries should join together again, the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis on the other hand will rejoice and they don't want more Sikhs and Hindus in their land, they want a pure Islamic state, they are happy with what happened and they make sure life is uncomfortable for minorities so that they either leave for India or convert to islam. Even in England - look at Southall, you will find Sikhs and Hindus selling pictures of mecca and other muslim memorabilia in their shops but you will never find a muslim selling Sikh or Hindu related goods. It's all one way traffic. I've even seen Hindu owned restaurants sell halal meat in the UK. Thankfully apne haven't gone to that step yet.
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    Wonderful, heartwarming news... if we lived in Satyug. Unfortunately, Kalyug is where we reside, and this magnanimous act of interfaith warmth and solidarity has laid the foundations for an act that will bear bitter fruit for these Hindus and Sikhs decades into the future. Survival of the fittest. If you refuse to learn the countless lessons of history, then perhaps you deserve to be erased from existence.
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    Probably never, after all everyone is equal Say what you will about Master Tara Singh, he did at least warn us about this menace and made sure we didn't have to live with these people after 1947, now it seems we are going backwards. Under a congress government, expect it to get worse.
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    I remember going to punjab few years back and was shocked to see high amount of sufi shrines and sufi masjids there. The Gujjar, Utter pardesh and bihari muslim migrant laborers were also constructing small little masjids on side roads. I'm suprised hindu extremists of RSS and shiv sena havent reacted to the alarming spread of these masjids but also the antics of christian missionaries who have know opened up a church in virtually every town and village. Huge plots of land are being reserve for graves makes punjab look filthily ghoulish and gastly. Sikhs really need to wake up in Punjab maybe the Intelligence agencies wish punjab to have no Sikh majority so that it becomes easier to control thus allowing other faiths to have a flourish unchecked and free reign to do as they please at the expense of the Sikh majority of Punjab.
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    It's due to the migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and I'm guessing that they have lots of kids. Like I said above they have gone from 0% in 1947 to 2% now. Old mosques which were abandoned after 1947 have now opened again and stupid apne get happy with that or even encourage it. My father in law told me that he never saw muslims in Punjab when he was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s but on a recent trip back to Jalandhar he said he saw scores of muslims crowd towards a mosque in Jalandhar. Then you have idiots like Gurdas Khan, Hans Raj Hans, Kanwar Grewal, Harshdeep Kaur singing islamic sufi songs and dressing up like suls. It was good that we forced them all out in 1947 because they did the same to us. But due to Hindu weakness which allowed muslims to remain in India in places like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar we now have to pay the price. The only good thing is that the suls probably know that they cannot mess with us.
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    At the end of the day the muslims wanted a seperate homeland in 1947 and kicked us out of west punjab and we did the same in east punjab. There are very few Sikhs left in Pakistan and in west Punjab and even they are subject to harsh conditions, especially those living in the Khyber Pakhtunkwa area who are forced to pay taxes or forced to become muslims. Compare this to east punjab, the number of muslims after 1947 was pretty much 0% but due to migration from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh they are now almost 2%. I was shocked to see Halal meat shops and new mosques in my holiday to Punjab earlier this year. These were never there before. Building a mosque will just encourage these muslims even more and they will feel compelled to settle in Punjab and as their population grows they will cause problems, they will demand sharia etc. It's best to nip these problems in the bud. When have the muslims ever helped Sikhs out? We sent them aid when there were earthquakes in Kashmir and they caused a riot when we wanted to build a gurdwara on our own land in Uttar Pradesh in 2014. Do not encourage them as they cannot live peacefully side by side with any community. They act all nice when they are a small minority but as their population grows they cause too many problems.
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    Sikh girls just arent attracted to guys with beards and turbans, they only run to sardars when non-sikh boys have finished using them! then they all of a sudden want to marry a sardar to save their reputation. No wonder so many singhs go to india to find a decent wife.
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    I hardley ever agree with his lot, but do with this stick to your own kind when it comes to marriage and relationships.
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    LOOL cybersex?????? honestly tho, if ur engaging in cybersex u need to think of more productive ways of expressing your self.. i dunno pic up a hobby, or go join boxing, masturbation on the other hand... yep u need to go
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    Those ones did though. The restoration looks good.
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    Learn to read at a second grade level, then we can continue this discussion.
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    Wow dude. I'm sorry I didn't realize before that you're truly this stupid. You have zero reading comprehension. I'll just leave you alone.
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    You guys sound like you have a hate hardon for black dudes that came out immediately at the start of this topic. I don't blame white europeans for everything, but the question was about violence in the uk, which, as evidenced, is primarily perpetrated by white europeans, and has always been a problem. Not everything is their fault, they just take first place in murder, rape, genocide, and cultural annihilation among other things, but have you thinking the black man is inherently "evil" and they're civilized, while they fight their jolly little wars in india and kill the savages, kill the beastly little people, and starve your families by the thousands. You want to fit into your masters' culture so bad, there is only one answer that your fear will allow you. The one they tell you. Blame the black man. Ignore evidence, say what the white man tells you. He already made your mind up with paid programming. Keep your head in the sand all you want and tow whatever line your british lords tell you to. No matter how much you suck up to them, jokes on you, and about you at dinner. They can disrespect your culture in their media, allow your girls to be raped, use your valor and labor and resources for generations, and get you to beg them for more. By all means, blame the black people and their rap music. Slave masters in this country always had field N****** and house N******, and they got them to hate each other, by making the lighter skinned ones, one step above the darker, and let them work inside. So which one are you to them? Because you're not even the poor white trash they keep in line by telling they're a special, proud member of a great culture. This commentary was free. Your welcome.
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    I don't think there are any basic geometric shapes that someone hasn't concocted some metaphysical meaning for. When engineering things, or building things, the shape of the thing is determined by the math, science, materials, means of construction, and asthetics. I wouldn't read too much into it, or you'll be left with no shapes from which to construct anything.
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    Whites still. https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&ei=Wc7IWvf3BYjv5gLA34yYDQ&q=sikh+shopkeeper+attacked&oq=sikh+shopkeeper+attacked&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.3..35i39.4858.6109..6624...1....212.858.0j4j1..........1..mobile-gws-wiz-serp.8YC%2B93ztiBw%3D https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/669094/statistics_on_race_and_the_criminal_justice_system_2016_v2.pdf The video of shopkeeper attacked too, but I couldn't find it fast enough and I have to go drill.
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    Here's some stuff on Chruchill https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://crimesofbritain.com/2016/09/13/the-trial-of-winston-churchill/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwimptDg06faAhVjxYMKHXa7CuIQFjARegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw3VcZkb1et-XI6b7IL8crM3&ampcf=1 https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/not-his-finest-hour-the-dark-side-of-winston-churchill-2118317.html%3Famp&ved=2ahUKEwimptDg06faAhVjxYMKHXa7CuIQFjABegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw3yt720WB3Lxe8Kz7LHrlLF&ampcf=1 But watch out world, the slaves are off the plantation listening to rap music.
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    I'm not particularly politically correct. I just call people out on some racist <banned word filter activated> second I smell it. Everyone's too quick to point the finger at the black man, and I got my brother's back. You smell like a racist bro. You don't realize it. But you're afraid of black people and it turns to hate. Anyone talks <banned word filter activated> about Sikhs I'm just as quick to call it. And no I don't <banned word filter activated> foot around the grooming gang problem. So speak for yourself.
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    What was their excuse before Afro Caribbeans? Africans didnt invade the UK, it was the other way around.
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    I see what you mean. Could another way to interpret that be the devte and maya are all encapsulated in Vaheguru though? Gurbani speaks of Devte and Maya as being creations of Vaheguru in khel?
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    Here is one article, you can find many more. It's infamously damaging to everyone involved. http://www.nytimes.com/1995/04/23/us/left-behind-a-special-report-when-one-spouse-is-gay-and-a-marriage-unravels.html?pagewanted=all EDIT: Note this has to do with closeted homosexuals in homophobic cultures. I am expressing no opinion against homosexuals, or their families, in healthier more transparent accepting environments.
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    Can we make jagsaw a political website and hand him the keys? @jagsaw I respect that you have an opinion, but you come across to me as angry with a clear political agenda, which just makes me not really trust your intentions for posting. Like it's one thing to go to church and another thing to try and turn it into your political platform.
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    Who cares if self proclaimed sikhs want to marry whites, blacks, chinese or red indian, we're all equal in the eyes of god, coz we're all god. Like I've said in other posts, most of the girls you call sikhs are not even Sikh(Students), and are not on the path, they may drink, take drugs, indulge in lustful actvities etc. You cannot call a bunch of punjabis sikh just because their ancestors were students of Truth, or becuase they were born in a certain region- there is culture and there is the path of divinity, there is only 1 path- not a path in which the focus is deviated the majority of the time by giving in to the seduction of maya. So many people on here are so caught up in culture that they fail to see that a bunch of Punjabi people with brown skin who may attend the gurdwarra a few times here and there are not True seekers/ students. A true sikh will make the right decisions according to hukam, whether they choose to marry a typical punjabi guy, a chinese sushi chef or a white tramp living on the street. They would see you as a a true sikh, so why all the negativity, ideas of control and irritations? A false sikh will probably make the wrong decision based on their own ego and ideas, as a bhagat(devotee) you can educate them of the true path and in practicing they will gain the humbless to recognise you as a bhagat/true sikh, instead of just seeing your image. Why not live and let the true sikhs live, let the bhagats make their own decisions, focus on your own path to Nothingness. Its not you driving them, its god, do ardas and trust him. If a sikh flows with His hukam to marry another true student of Truth then so be it, if they decide to marry a previous athiest interested in sikhi then so be it, if the hukam is to marry a total <banned word filter activated>, then so be it. Human attachment is false anyway, we all walk this path alone in total unattachment, we are only attached to Truth which the bhagats and sants live, but even that association need not be physical, it is spiritual in all aspects- for the bhagat does not live in the maya energy. If we marry a great slanderer, what a great blessing for the best slanderers are the ones in our own homes, they lead us to detach from the foolishness into our masters arms, to bring total dependency upon Him, upon applying Truth to our lives and living in it. Running away from the company of bad people day and night is not physical for we are surrounded by scum(it is Kalyug, the age of hell on earth)- if it meant physically the tuk wouldn't say run 'day and night'- it means 24/7 detachment- practicing Truth/detachment every single second of the day. It is detaching from them and rising above, raising our energy to be attuned to Truth, that is true detachment. The energies which we react with are up to us, they all come from within- we can remain detached or lower ourselves back into the scum- it is all dependant on our own psychological state of being. Do we judge and react in anger and irritation towards another(maya/5 thieves) or do we see that God himself is that person testing and teaching us and rise above the illusion. Spread the education to all, you can preach a maya principle(that girls are not attracted to singhs) or you can teach the truth so that the people will become Sikhers and you will be recognised beyond your image.
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    I think most of the Sangat agrees that Max Arthur's 6 volume work is the most authoritative book on Sikhi with few mistakes thanks.
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    Macaulliffe is excellent. There are some mistakes in there, but it's worth reading just for the way he explains bani using sakhis. Patwant Singh's The Sikhs is excellent. I don't agree with his views on Bhindrenwale and I think he got them wrong, but otherwise he is solid. The best to fill in your understanding of the 1984 years is The Gallant Defender by AR Darshi. You can read it online for free at bhindrenwale.net. Cunliffe's History of the Sikhs is very good. It gives a very clear picture of the times, in deep detail. There's also Suraj Prakash Granth, the oldest source of history. An amazing read, although you can find katha of it on www.gurmatveechar.com as well where any mistakes/discrepencies in the text are pointed out. There's also the oldest source on Guru Nanak SAhib ji's life. You can read English translations of it here.