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    Yes I agree with that there is too much boastfulness but most of it is coming from a Sikh perspective. It is we Sikhs who boast about ending the Mughal Empire when the reality was that the Marathas had more of an impact and controlled far more of India than we did. We were the last to fold to the British though. We make up nonsense stories about the Americans wanting to build a statue of Hari Singh Nalwa in the white house or NASA keeping a copy of the Guru Granth Sahib and consulting it to discover new things in the universe. It is we Sikhs (rather than Punjabi Hindus) who refer to all non Punjabis as Bhaiyas. We refer to all Hindus as Bahmans. We are racist and most of that comes from Sikh elitism rather than Punjabi. So many Sikhs are so dumb that they think the word Punjabi means Sikh. If you say to most Sikhs that so and so is a Punjabi they will think that the only religion that person can be is a Sikh. This is despite Punjab only being 60% Sikh. How dumb can people be that they don't realise that 40% of the people in their state don't follow the same religion as them? It should be blatantly obvious, but not to a large portion of Sikhs. We boast about our contribution to Indian Independence, World War 2, The wars with Pakistan, and in these wars we were just used as pawns on the frontlines fighting other people's battles and sacrificing a disproportionate amount of lives. It's time for Sikhs to truly get educated and become mangers and CEOs of companies, not just remain as farmers or soldiers fighting other people's wars.
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    Is it really the culture that Guru Sahib accepted though? Was he not the one that saw the rampant misogyny, that still exists to this day, and rejected it? Was it not the culture's ignorant ways that led him to yearn for realization and from that realization establish Sikhi? Are those actions considered changing "some bad parts"? Jacobin really? Is it only because I'm trying to propose the removal of our old ways? The culture is a boastful, misogynistic, Brahmanic, casteist, way of life. Yes, there is some good to it, such as its familial system, but as a whole, I don't see it being all constructive. Perhaps you'll enlighten me? Punjabi culture in its boastful, bravado ways allows for many things intoxicating than a "bit of drink". One thing it doesn't allow is education, which our people desperately need. Clearly the authentic Punjabi culture you are supposedly talking about is not in practice, and therefore is a thing of the past. Things are only going to get worse from here. Instead of trying to cling onto a culture that we have no need of, what is wrong in accepting the culture encompassed in Sikhi, for there is a whole culture in it?
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    And I think a reason only Sikh people do it is because of the boastful nature of Punjabi culture, which our Muslim and Hindu counterparts have shed. Sikhi itself banishes any sort of egotistical behavior. You're exactly right, we have these false narratives spread among the community of conquering Afghanistan, and defeating the Mughal Empire single handedly when none of this is true. And it seems like we're trying to make up for something, when the fact is that what our ancestors accomplished was more than enough given their population size. I fully agree that we need to stop fighting other people's wars and get into fields that can lead to power, and finance is key to that.
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    A lot of these young men are looking for respect, especially from older men. They are also looking for food, and to belong to something greater than themselves they can be proud of. I've had good luck interacting with gangs in my area, have you ever tried street parchar with them? I'm ready for confused bootha to come out in force, but I'd warmly and vigorously greet them with a Sat Sri Akal. Or Akaaaaaali. When they ask what the heck you just said, say that's how we greet fellow warriors or how we greet immortal warriors. That gives them proper respect to start and might be all the hook you need to get them very interested in Sikhi. You'd want to be coming from a loving couragous place, street kids smell fear like sharks smell blood. Even if Sikhi isn't for them, the better treated they are by Sikhs and respected the less likely they are to target the Sangat. When they are out intimidating people, in part they are interviewing for targets, looking for the fear response that signals the go ahead, they are also looking for love, respect, and acceptance whether they realize it or not.
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    Citing music as a cause for societal degeneration started well before rap. Not saying rap isn't in this category, but heavy metal promoting racism, satanism, black magic, sex, drugs, violence, etc. isn't exactly wholesome, and has been effecting the uk much longer.
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    I disagree that an elitist attitude exists in all states of India. Punjabi and Punjabi culture endorse an extremely boastful nature which has seeped into Sikh attitudes as well. I've seen Punjabi look down on anyone just because of their appearance or caste, we're as worse as white people during colonialism. I'll hear our fellow Punjabi boasting about conquering Alexander, having the largest empire in India, and single handedly defeating the Mughals because of this boastful, elitist attitude. It's this kind of attitude that drives people away Sikhi, as most equate Sikhi to Punjabi, which is not true at all. You're definitely right about Punjabi, especially Sikhs, needing to chase after academics.
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    The wheat we eat today is not the same wheat our grandparents ate. The modern wheat varieties are actually genetic hybrids that contain a much greater number of chromosomes and therefore more proteins that are not present in naturally-occuring ancient varieties of wheat. This is partly why modern wheat is pro-inflammatory, causes allergies, contains more gluten, and is full of anti-nutrients that strip the body of vitamins and minerals. The second reason is that conventional wheat is sprayed with pesticides including the notorious glyphosate before harvesting which means that residues remain and are ingested. Glyphosate is carcinogenic, immunomodulatory, damages gut flora, causes chronic diseases like coeliacs/leaky gut, nutritional deficiencies. The ancient wheat varieties I have seen are organically grown so therefore are not exposed to Glyphosate. Many people with so called 'gluten-intolerance' are able to eat ancient wheat (which contains gluten) without any problems. Much like how people with so called 'lactose intolerance' can drink raw milk (which contains lactose) without any issues. These are false labels as they are misidentifying the culprit. Another problem with modern atta is the fact that in the UK (maybe other countries too) only 'wholemeal' flour is exempt from additives such as synthetic 'vitamins and minerals' (which are actually toxic drugs with different chemical properties and effects compared to what is found in nature). So every type of flour bar wholemeal contains artificial additives by law. The solution: Buy an ancient variety of wholemeal flour i.e. Einkorn, If unavailable then buy Khorasan flour.....they make delicious, easily digestible rotis. You can buy them online (in UK its Dove Farm Organics) or in supermarkets like Waitrose. You can't put a price on your health. Since roti is a staple of our diet, this one change could make a lot of difference to our health. This is what I do and thought i'd share it with you.
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    Boys need fathers in their lives to control them, especially if they are living in a low income neighbourhood where crime is prevalent. Being politically correct will never fix problems, in fact it will add more fire to the flames. I think rap music in general has a negative effect, it promotes violence, materialism, shallowness, misogyny and other crime. In Punjab rap music is big and has been for the last 7 years, is there any coincidence that this is when alcohol, drug abuse and violence is at it's highest? Youngsters will mimic what they see on TV or hear on the radio. Black youth will mimic what the black rappers are rapping about and Punjabi youth will mimic the likes of Honey Singh, Sidhu Moosewala etc
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    Brother, there, there is no I, is no we, no they/them, no he nor she, but only Wahiguru, I repeat it once more, only HIm, Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Sach Khand is not like Swarg, Baikunth or alike the devtay loks/planes, where gods are with goddesses, their children, devtays, demigods, evil and so on.... In Sach Khand, only Ik Oankar, Satnam exists, if anyone wants to remain or see indivduals there, then better do not follow sikhee, be a christian or a hindu or any other dharam/religion. Sikhee is not for those who have any other desires or expectations, other than the Highest of all, only One, Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Brother, Mind is duality, is confusion, is maya, is change, is variety, is limited, is the source of pain, is subtle matter, is not divinity.... Just as long as water is in the bottle, even if thrown in the sea, the water in the bottle is separate from its origin, the Sea, though there is water on all sides. in a similar way, in order for the water to become one with the sea, the bottle has to be broken, in a similar way, mind is only with the soul, as long as the soul is under the control of the mind. Once the soul, is released from the mind by His apaar kirpa through Bhakti, the mind becomes helpless and powerless, thus only releases the soul from its clutches, then the soul rides higher and higher, in the jahaaz of Nam, and reaches Sach Khand, upon reaching there, it becomes one with the only one original and permanent existing reality, which is none other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Just as all the rivers flow and merge in the Ocean, to become one with it without any distinction, so do all souls do upon reaching there, means merging in Him. Souls do not go there for vacation, or sightseeing, or attending a musical concert, or give it any name ...But souls yearn to go there, for it is their origin, where once they were one with Him, without any second, third or multiplicity. For there only Wahiguru exists. Sach Khand vaseh Nirankar There is no such destruction of the soul. For the soul being a particle of the Ocean, holds all the same virtues/qualities, as the Ocean has; that of divinity, of Sach, of chit, of Anand, of immortality. If the soul was not of the same nature as Him, it could never become one with Him. If there is any destruction prior to our union with Him, that is of the mind only, and it is due to this very mind that we are confined in the mayavee creation, taking our bodies to be our real identity and nature...and from there on, all our problems start. Holding on to Him, through His bhakti, is the key to be freed from all this mind and maya, and also the key of our union with Him. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Ajmer Singh makes many great points in this video:
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    Having watched the BBC report on alcohol being an issue in the UK Punjabi community, I came to a realization that Sikhs value Punjabiyat (Punjabi-ness) over their Hindu and Muslim counterparts and are for that reason suffering. Muslim Punjabi were willing to separate their state, their language and culture for their religion and did so. The Hindu Punjabis as well have distanced themselves from Punjabiyat, evidenced through their speaking of Hindi. Now Punjabiyat has its goods and bads, however as a whole, the culture is extremely destructive. And I think it was for a reason that Guru Nanak was born in a Punjabi community and not any other Indian community, as the culture needed saving, and Sikhi was just that. To be very honest, Punjabiyat and Sikhi are polar opposites. And unfortunately most "Sikhs" follow Punjabiyat over Sikhi. This is our fault. The ethnic identity of Punjab is actually quite recent, having only emerged fully in the 10th century. It was essentially a mixture of Jats, Khatris, Rajputs, Tarkhans, Brahmins, Sindhis, and Dalits that formed a new identity on the basis of language, and now ethnic. Before this, Punjab was home to Vedic teachings and essentially was a small cog in the mega-Vedic machine which encompassed Sapta Sindhu (NW India + Pakistan + Eastern Afghanistan). It's only a few hundred years older than our Sikh identity, and unlike the Sikh identity it was never truly defined up until recently. In fact, taking a look at the history of the Punjab region (when it was called Punjab and before that), there's not much to be proud of in fact. Yes, it was home to the oldest university of the world, Takshashila, a institution for Vedic teachings, however other than that, it was mostly defeat after defeat by invaders and cowardice until Sikhi. The first time after thousands of years of foreign rule, indigenous rule in Punjab was established only by Sikhs. What I'm trying to convey here is that as Sikhs, we need to learn from our fellow Muslim and Hindu counterparts and ease up on the Punjabi identity, and stress more importance on Sikhi. I'm not saying stop speaking Punjabi and whatnot, however get rid of the customs, which are mostly destructive, such as alcohol consumption.
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    Both trash full of obese unsightly thickoes.
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    This would be a very good idea but you need to be careful to ensure you get grains which have not been genetically manipulated. I know that bajra, sorghum, corn have been researched to create hybridised and genetically modified varieties for example by DuPont. If you can be sure you are getting the real natural variety then go for it, if not then I would avoid. It's ridiculous how much our staple foods have been tampered with. I'm struggling to find anything which has been left untouched. It's not even enough to just buy 'organic', as I have seen genetically manipulated grains sold under organic certification even in the UK.
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    Totally agreed, if one hasn't seen the movie how can they judge it before even seeing it. I mean there are already calls to behead the director by crazy hot right winger sikhs in india on facebook. Absolutely grotesque. It goes out to show how emotional indian /feeble/insecure/paranoid/hot headed communal communities are. This is same underlining fear and emotions - bigger players tap into and watch sikhs ripping each other apart or big players create situation such as violent riots to kill more sikhs in name of subduing violent protest. History is witness, most damage is done to sikhs by sikhs inadvertently/unconsciously themselves as they say only iron can cut another iron. Lets just say even hypothetically even if director of this movie is bjp rss influenced, ignoring or making similar right movie in future to counter this movie with another similar movie with all historical/esoteric events and messages would be only solution. Heck, its open field, none one is stopping anyone to remake Nanak Shah Fakir-real, remake or important chapter- part 2 those who are upset. Just ignore the movie collectively if you feel so offended, it will fall into abyss. Ego thrives on resistance, controversy sells. I plan to watch torrent copy of it when it comes out as i don't want to support the director financially yet only after watching it and if i see it and deem good i will buy dvd or watch in theater.
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    I hope the edited version is just as good as the original. I watched the original before it got "banned". What a disservice to humanity. The movie is amazing. It is very inspiring , especially to people who don't know about Sikhism . The only people who are crying about it are the ones who haven't seen it. You're trying to nitpick every little thing, then why do you not do that at your local Gurdwara when Samparda Singhs do Katha that doesn't line up with your views? Or Nihangs? Or Taksal? Or Nanaksar? Or missionary? There are so many different views that people hold, but everyone thinks they are the ones who are right. From someone who has actually seen the movie, it is absolutely not anti-Sikh. It's actually the opposite. In the movie, they show people doing Aarti and other rituals of statue worship, but Guru Ji leads them out of their temples and contradicts those teachings. Isn't that anti hindu, if anything? The movie was made with utmost respect. We finally have something that could show the world about the teachings of love, bhagti, and service that are taught in Sikhism, but our own people are trying to stop it. People are leaving Sikhism at an alarming rate , and finally something comes along that could inspire people and we try to shut it down. Ridiculous!
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    This is a great thread. This recent obsession with "Punjabiyat" creates two different problems: 1. It encourages the youth to adopt elements of "Punjabi culture" (whether authentic Punjabi culture or some recent perversion of Punjabi culture) that are not in line with Sikhi 2. It damanges Sikhi by pigeonholing it as a strictly Punjabi phenomenon, and it prevents it from growing into the global religion that it should be.
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    Probably, though the Gurus didn't object or discriminate against Sehajdhari Sikhs, who later in history helped the Khalsa, during the most difficult of times. But, being born in a Sikh family and having no serious threat or difficulty, keeping their hair, is the least someone can do.
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    Also when Bhai Mardana asked Guru ji how to become a sikh first hukham was to keep kesh intact , a fact most fools who claim they are sikhs of Guru Nanak Dev ji not Guru Gobind Singh ji are unaware of . The film seems to be pointless and misrepresents sikhi as just liberal airy fairy langar servers which there seems to be a decided agenda to reduce us to...
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    I'm not saying we should give up the Punjabi language, what I'm saying is that we need to give up Punjabi cultural dominance, and buckle down on the Sikh identity more. We don't need Punjabiyat to dominate our way of thinking and behavior, because frankly, its not a very good way of thinking. The SGPC not converting Ambedkar's Dalits was the greatest mistake in modern Sikh history. The elitist attitude of the SGPC led to Ambedkar concluding that Sikhi was only egalitarian on paper, and not in practice. Sikhi lost out on a lot of potential followers with that decision, and I'll argue that elitist attitude stems from Punjabi culture. We should not be obsessed with Punjabiyat, and instead be "obsessed" with Sikhi and its way of life. The only way I see this happening is if Sikhi spreads out to other ethnicities, however our own, such as in the case of Ambedkar, become an obstruction to that spread.
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    The arguements by most ppl on this forum are the same ones as conservatives whites in the USA. That crime is up do to black ppl and their rap music and fatherless homes due to welfare. They do have a point. BUT its not the whole story. In america, the group to receive the most welfare is actually white women. And this can be seen culturally. As their children are poor white males are increasing who are addicted to drugs and commit violent crime. Also most ppl said blacks were the most violent. But most school shootings have been white males. Including the recent bomber. Yes black ppl do have a crime culture. But its mostly related to black on black crime, occurs in inner cities. Now that drugs are being used by other minorites and whites that crime has spilled onto more areas. Yes black ppl alao have a culture problem where they glorify drugs and violence. But thats been going on for a long time. Also anytime ppl r suppressed, they r given drugs. Look at panjab. And in the usa, it has been proven that CIA introduced cocaine into black communities. I think most of the issues are due to having a fatherless society. This was most common in black socities. But it is now the norm in most poor neighborhoods. And so it isnt that black ppl r infecting others. Its more that society is degenerating into conditions like black society. Like fatherlessness. And black ppl had every reason to do so. But whats the reason for whites and other races to become so corrupt? Recent research in the USA shows that even black kids born to rich families will become poor and fall into the lowest classes. And low working class blacks rarely rose out of their class. Whike whitw males did. But black females have the same upward rise as white females. And the research found the trend of black males spiraling downward was highest in some areas. And lowest in others. These areas with low downward spiral had upward rising black populations and had the most fathers in the families. This recent research has made headlines in the US.you guys can google it.
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    Learn to read at a second grade level, then we can continue this discussion.
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    Listen ' Mr dude' or should I call you Mr Rasta boy. Stop worshipping blacks like they are your masters. Maybe you think P diddy or Tupak is your leader and role model in life and you think all black people are in jail due to racist white police? Wake up and smell the coffee. This is not a bob marley song.
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    It's a completely different scenario for Sikhs as compared to Punjabi Muslims and Punjabi Hindus. Pretty much all Sikhs are Punjabi, 95% if not more. Whereas Muslims are from all over the world and Hindus are the majority in pretty much all states of India. So Punjabiness will dominate our way of thinking and behaviour. All of our leaders will be from Punjab, our literature will be in Punjabi because there is no need to communicate in any other language to other people. Gurmukhi is a Sikh script, it was invented by our Gurus so we will never let it go and Punjabi Hindus will never feel completely comfortable adopting it for this reason, hence why you see many Devanagari signs in Hindu dominated Jalandhar. I've even heard that Dr Ambedkar and his followers (non Punjabis) were considering to convert to Sikhism but the SGPC didn't want that as it would have reduced their power and actively discouraged it. The most holy shrines for Muslims are in Saudi Arabia and for Hindus they are in Benaras in Uttar Pradesh, for us they are mostly in Punjab. So again Punjab is more special to us than it is to Hindus and Muslims. Sadly Sikhi did not spread to the same extent as these two religions. For a religion to spread it needs support from rulers and the only time we had a Sikh king in Punjab he was busy building more Mosques and Mandirs than he was building Gurdwaras. When we took over Delhi we handed it back a few days later to the Muslim Mughal King, just handed it back! Compare this to King Asoka who sent Buddhist missionaries all over India and to the far east. We are so obsessed about Punjabiness because it is the only place in the world where we are a majority. It is like the country we never had.
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    I agree. Punjabiyat is really destroying Sikhi. Though, the society of Punjab during Guru Nanak ji's time wasn't much identical to the Punjabi society of today. Firstly, Jats didn't think themselves as a superior race/caste. According to Rattan Singh Bhangu, Jats didn't consider themselves as warriors, let alone a master race. Most of the customs and traditions associated with Punjab these days, date in fact just to during the time of the Misls , Raja Ranjit Singh and his reign, a period of peace and prosperity. Once the Sikhs had fought off the invaders and had created their own state, their attitude towards Sikhi and it's rules had relaxed. Sardars who drunk a lot, were considered "wise" by other Sardars. Debauchery and prostitution was prevalent among the Sikh nobility, especially during the time of the Sikh Empire (Ranjit Singh and his wifes+mistresses, Rani Jindan and her lovers). The majority of Punjabi Sikhs, who were of Jat descent, started thinking that they are greater than other Sikhs. When the Brits annexed Punjab, they promoted the idea of Jat Sikhs being better and superior than others, just to get them in their armies. Not to mention the whiskey bottles that the Brits gave as gifts to their best sepoys lol
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    I had the exact same thought yesterday. I agree, the positive aspects of our culture such as our language, our folklore, and other cultural and historical markers should be treasured for posterity, but I can't help but think we've lost our way. In many ways I think Punjabiyat has inadvertently dumbed down the impact and image of Sikhi. I look at the contemporary figureheads of the Panth, and I think, "No. You can fool these simpletons, but you aren't making a mug out of me. You're not what Dasme Paatshah had in mind for us." But, as I said, there are some wonderful aspects to our culture besides the weird self-destructive and egoistic pandering parts of it. I'll try to briefly summarise the problem as I see it, and I genuinely believe a considerable aspect of the overall problem lies in third party perception as well as our own Punjabi interpretations gradually bleeding into that which should be immutable. In Sikhi we have a philosophy that, if gifted to a community of people who came from medieval Italy, for argument's sake, would be considered a treasure for humanity. The problem as addressed by this topic arises because of the somewhat erroneous assumption (I wouldn't quite call it discriminatory) that the humble origins of the faith and the seemingly... unsophisticated following who took up the faith are considered to be an indication of the substance and value of the philosophy itself. We haven't done ourselves any favours in this regard, as this is where I believe Punjabiyat is wielded as a stick to beat Sikhi, because we've sort of floundered and coasted along since the arguable golden age of our faith, and eventually for the admittedly essential act of survival and proliferation we've become the very thing that we weren't kind of supposed to, i.e. an organised religion and everything it entails. We've switched off. We just follow without any serious khoj. Coupled with the human desire to create factions and subgroups for various purposes, which could be argued is even more of a problem in desi cultures, there's a sense we've forgotten and neglected the spirit of that essential founding spark which allowed our faith to emerge. Being surrounded by the Indianess of India on all sides means we've regressed socially, intellectually, and spiritually. There's so much going on, and can't be pinned on a few reasons.
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    So I was looking for a shampoo which wasn't loaded with any toxic chemicals, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors etc and there was nothing on the market, even those labelled as 'chemical-free' and 'organic' failed miserably... Then I found the solution....I have been using this and it works wonders. I would strongly recommend everyone that uses commercial shampoos to stop since not only are you damaging your hair, you are also absorbing the above chemicals through the scalp into your tissues and bloodstream..leading to systemic effects.
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    Tea contains an array of toxic ingredients which promote disease. It contains chemicals (e.g.tannins, phytates) which inhibit iron absorption, reduce iron bio-availability leading to iron deficiency anaemia. Vegetarians and pregnant mothers should therefore avoid tea for their own health and that of their children. Tea contains fluoride, heavy metals (inc Al, Pb), carcinogens, pesticides, caffeine, nicotine to name a few. As you can see some of these chemicals are highly addictive causing dependence, tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, which is why it can be hard to kick the habit. People suffering from indigestion, acid reflux, bloating should also avoid tea as the caffeine can aggravate these symptoms. To make matters worse, the tea bag material itself contains chemicals which leach out into the brew. For example plastics (e.g. thermoplastic, PVC, polypropylene) which breakdown and release carcinogens into your mug. Paper tea bags are commonly treated with epichlorophydrin which, on contact with water, hydrolyses to 3-MCPD --> a carcinogen implicated in suppressed immunity and infertility. Basically the additives which help to keep the tea bag's integrity and prevent it from disintegrating into the water, are responsible for leaching harmful, carcinogenic compounds into the tea and ultimately into your bodies. Taking this all into account, I think it's too risky on so many levels to even contemplate drinking another cup of tea. Solution: -Drink raw milk instead. -Boil water with herbs e.g. fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves. -For chronic tea users, I would advice you to slowly taper down tea consumption to limit the withdrawal symptoms and not to quit 'cold turkey'.
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    Supermarket milk/dairy is full of hormones, pesticides (e.g. glyphosate), antibiotics, synthetic 'vitamins' (toxic), flavourings, additives, colours and is completely devoid of nutrients. 1. Pasteurisation causes milk proteins to breakdown and form carcinogenic degradation products including free glutamic acid/monosodium glutamate (msg); an excitotoxin with a wide range of adverse physical and psychiatric effects. This processing renders milk pro-inflammatory and allergenic. Beneficial nutrients, enzymes (lactase for the assimilation of lactose; galactase for the assimilation of galactose; phosphatase for the assimilation of calcium) and bacteria are destroyed. Thus, milk is harder to digest which can lead to over-stress of the pancreas ultimately resulting in diabetes. 2. Homogenisation breaks down the fat globules in milk into smaller particles. This means that the harmful chemicals within processed milk (above) can easily bypass digestion and be delivered intact directly into the bloodstream, where they can exert systemic effects. E.g. high levels of IGF-1 in milk of growth hormone treated cows can pass into the blood promoting cancers. Processed milk may lead to chronic inflammation, changes in the arterial walls and ultimately athelorsclerosis-->heart disease. Solution: Raw milk. Buy it from a local Farm, Market or online. http://rawmilk.simkin.co.uk/index.html People that are ' lactose intolerant' normally tolerate raw milk well since it contains important enzymes, bacteria, improves immunity and is hypo-allergenic. Raw milk is full of vitamins and minerals which your body can use. It's great for making dahi, makhan, desi ghee too. It is more expensive, but you get what you pay for. The semi-skimmed and skimmed milk sold is shops is just a collection of the liquid at the end of industrial butter production which they would otherwise have discarded. They sell it on for profit. It is devoid of butterfat, fat soluble vitamins and is basically low quality buttermilk with additives. Ironically, having all this low-fat and fat-free dairy will actually promote diabetes and obesity! Finally, don't be fooled by organic dairy it is still processed (pasteurised/homo) and so has negative effects on your health. Get the RAW stuff.
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    The Akal Takht which Santa built with blood money was demolished by Sikh sangat and rebuilt
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    Baba Santa singh was because he took Indira Gandhi money so your saying you should he built akaal thakth sahib quickly but then baba thakur singh did Kar sewa and built it properly and also baba Santa singh used to get money from government to hit singhs who fought after 1984 so he is a sellout like the others
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    So just let me try and understand this. We are feeling proud of Sikhs who date Muslim girls, but scream when the tables are turned. Hang on, leave grooming aside for a minute, don't come up with the "but Sikhs don't groom" logic, I already know they don't. My point is, where is the Khalsa character here? Pre-marital relationships are a no-no, no matter how much anyone sugarcoats it. Its a NO-NO, period! And PLEASE spare me that old "just because they are dating doesn't mean they are sleeping" argument. I wasn't born yesterday :D Whats funny is, we can't abide by Guru Sahib's Hukam, and at the end of all this we wonder "sadde Panth nu kee ho gya? saddi qaum nu kee ho gya?" Well duh, wake up and smell the coffee Singho and Bheno, whatever "ho gya" is right on this forum in front of us all! Help me understand how/why you guys think its alright when its our guy and their girl but wrong if its vice versa.
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    And if you want to see a perfect example of your culture. Let's look at the 3HO on elders. Yogi Bhajan gave the hippies an idea on how to make money. So Yogi Bhajan made up different companies and started generating money for the 3HO cult. He acted as a father, teacher, and Guru to the 3HO. As soon as he passes away all the 3HO children get into huge court battles for Yogi Bhajans companies and money. They didn't think to take care of Yogi Bhajan's wife, but only cared for his money and even though his wife is alive, the 3HO children want to take the money by force from her. This is the way your cultural people act. They can dress in white and wear white turbans, but they show their true colors.
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    Let me paint a pretty picture of your culture. Your parents are kicked out of the house they worked hard for. You stick your parents in senior homes where the nurse don't care for one second and you only look at how much it will cost more to keep these old bags around for few more years. Many of your parents are out on the streets begging for a hot meal. They are on drugs due to all the stress they face for when their so called loving children kicked them out. Your parents took care of you for 18 plus years and when it comes to repay that debt, they are on the streets. Pension money they can't survive on so either they sell the house or sell it to one of you who makes them into slaves. They ask for money from you and you deny them funds. Don't remember for one second that they spent their life savings on ungrateful children. Any title they own, you want as some how you earned it sitting around on their couch making out with different guys while they are in the house. Among siblings the fight continues for years who should take care of the parents in the courts. And the only reason one of you step up to the plate is because they have a lot of funds collected over the years of making an honest living. So their goes their money in court battles for their money among siblings. So any Sikh or Punjabi parents will not want an ungrateful girl in the house. Thanks to your culture many Punjabi women have adopted it as the truth. fyi I do everything myself for household chores. Follow the instuctions of the Gurus to respect and take care of parents and wife parents. If you have a problem being a slave, then re-think why you are becoming a Sikh. Leave your immoral culture at the door. We have generations of generations who sacrifice themselves for respect and giving back debts to elders. While your culture has many generations of parents hanging on to the last thread of money before their children fight over who will pay the bill for their funeral.
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    Alexendria Morgan your post makes it sound that Sikh males are looking for physical attraction. Sikhs are above such lowly behaviour. Ask your 'surveyed' women whether they would live with the in-laws and make sure in-laws are completely taken care of. Food is made when and how many times they want everyday for the rest of their life, house is clean, kids are fed, clothed and sent to school. Decisions in the house cannot be made without asking in-laws first and before getting their okay. Western women are about self happiness at other expense and do not think for a second about sacrifice. Sikhi is about self sacrifice. We don't sacrifice animals, food, or someone else's possessions. Sikhs are slaves of their elders and Akal Purakh. Western women want a guy that lives for his wife's happiness. Sorry, but the wise Sikhs have taken a read of Sri Charitorpakhyan and know what is in store. I might be generalizing, but the 1%er's of the western female population does not make them pure and holy. Many western women have started marrying Sikh background men for their bank roll. Name me any ten white, black, Caucasian, Latinas, and Mexican women that have done as I described above after marrying a Sikh without ending in divorce and I will prepare a long list with over 200k plus of women that came from a Punjabi background that have done it. White, black, caucasian, latinas, and Mexicans women want the in-laws stuck in a seniors home, while they go on vacation with the in-laws hard earned money. Happiness does not come from a women, vacation, or kicking in-laws to the curb. Honestly, you sound like one of the members from 3HO who has come here to spread their gospel. If you want to honestly motivate Sikh men then read up on Sikh history and read the translations of Gurbani in English with no preconceived notions. Read up on the story of Bhagat Prahlad who still gave his father respect after his father tried to destroy him. Many Sikhs are built on these rocks. The only Sikhs which you can influence with your propaganda of attraction is low self-esteem Sikhs due to ignorance. If you or your friends ever find such a Sikh. Make sure to keep him away from strong minded Sikhs because they will pull the shutters before his eyes and he will awake from his deep sleep. Where your life of "happiness" will be shown the door and the door to in-laws would be open wide.
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    Probably, though the Gurus didn't object or discriminate against Sehajdhari Sikhs, You mean other than calling hair-cutters dried roots? Would that count as objecting? ਬਚਨ ਹੈ ਸ੍ਰ੍ਰ੍ਰੀ ਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਕਿ ਜੋ ਕੋਈ ਸਿਖ ਦਾ ਬੇਟਾ ਹੋਏੇ ਔੌਰ ਮੋਨਾ ਹੋਇ ਜਾਵੈ Bachan hai srrrī gurū jī kā ki jō kōī sikh dā bēṭā hōē aaur mōnā hōi jāvai This is the directive of Guru, that if the son of a Sikh shaves the head, ਤਸਿ ਕੀ ਜੜ੍ਹ੍ਹ੍ਹ ਸ ਕੀ, ਔੌਰ ਜੋ ਮੋਨਾ ਸਿਖ ਹੋਇ ਜਾਵੈ ਤਸਿ ਕੀ ਜੜ੍ਹ੍ਹ੍ਹ ਹਰੀ ॥ Tasi kī jaṛhhh sa kī, aaur jō mōnā sikh hōi jāvai tasi kī jaṛhhh harī ॥ His root will dry up, and if a shaven one becomes Sikh, his root will become green. ਭਾਈ ਨੰਦ ਲਾਲ ਜੀ : ਤਨਖ਼ਾਹ ਨਾਮਾ ਪੰ. ੧੪੯
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    No it is not. It is extremely constructive. This is the culture that Guru Sahib lived in, and changed some bad parts. Punjabi culture is much more conducive to human happiness than modern mainstream British/American culture. You sound like a Jacobin from the French Revolution. Most of the customs are destructive? Is there a percentagewise list? You've set up a strawman, then are attempting to alight it. Punjabi culture does not advocate drowning yourself in drink, or of drinking in public. If you want to say that's Punjabi culture, then you might as well also saying that drinking is part of the Sikh rehit. Authentic Punjabi culture only allows for a bit of drink behind closed doors when guests visit. Also, so-called "bhangra" is not a part of Punjabi culture. Rather, it's simply a dance to celebrate farmers' harvests. It's for men only. Male-female dancing (whether "bhangra" or otherwise) is not a part of Punjabi culture. Finally, girls dancing (whether giddha or otherwise) with men watching is also not a part of authentic Punjabi culture. (I realize that there was prostitution, I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the "mainstream".) So if you were just to follow authentic Punjabi culture, you'd be in a pretty good place (better than mainstream British/American culture or fake Punjabi culture). Of course Sikhism goes a step further, and nasha is outright banned in the rehit.
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    My parents come from Punjab and i love it. And it’s 60% Sikh with Amritsar (Sikh holy city). It has 3 Takhats.
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    This dude is blatantly some fat 35 year old virgin whose never even held hands with a girl and is type who joins in with the his mummy and auntiyah doing choogliyah. He blatantly has no self esteem, probs has no friends and is a social outcase. Comes on here giving it large, when its blatant this dungar cant step into the real world. Listen bruv, instead of chasing bakra meat, go chase women LOL. Or even better allow all that and look at the beauty of Sikhi instead of chatting baquas as per usual.
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    Alright men, time to start out own grooming service :biggrin2: (not serious). @OP, do you really think girls only go for clean shaven guys? One of my best friends has never touched a hair on his head, wears a turban and is dating a Muslim girl. Although granted he does trim his beard (not to the point of stubble, the beard is still pretty big), but it isn't hard for a sardar to date a girl, sikh//hindu/muslim or whatever, assuming he knows how to talk to people and is confident. And yes it p1sses muslim guys off, most of them, even the more "liberal" ones, can't stand the idea of one of "their girls" dating a non-muslim, especially if it is a turbaned sikh, given the history between our two religions. The girl is a pakistani, maybe things would be different if she was arab or north african. No muslim has ever directly said anything to him (he's over 6'0 and lifts, not surprised), but his girlfriend tells him all the time about how muslims tell her to break up with him. The hypocrisy is pretty funny.
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    :excited: I know a few singhs that dated sulianh in the past just to annoy the abduls !! Boy, it worked too !!! :biggrin2: :excited:
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    what is the b/s above another perfect example of "only five" typing before thinking! Sikhs are not slaves of their elders, yeah help your elders out because they have given you so much but live your life for you, only do it if you want to do it, sikhs are NEVER I REPEAT NEVER slaves 2Ask your 'surveyed' women whether they would live with the in-laws and make sure in-laws are completely taken care of. Food is made when and how many times they want everyday for the rest of their life, house is clean, kids are fed, clothed and sent to school." Think about what impression you are giving out, the women singhs require are as confident as the men, we do not subscribe to roles of making food and cleaning the house for women, oh how the stories of Mao Bhago are lost on people like yourself. if thats the type of woman you want to look for go ahead but please dont make assumptions for all sikhs! p.s i dont agree with "attraction" either being the only option of choosing!
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    I dont see anything bad marrying boy/girl from foreign religion, as long as she/he is not trying to convert them to another religion. If I someday become a sikh, I probably never find sikh girl at here in Finland.
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    The problem is deeper than that it .......all boils down to the actual definition of a Sikh, when the current rehit maryada was drawn up by SGPC in 1950s it made such a big divide in the Sikh population that many Sikhs were considered themselves Sikhs were now seen as hindu punjabis because by definition they were not khalsa Sikhs and those keeping kesh and dastaar regarded as true Sikhs which was nonsense and still is nonsense to this day. So generations pass, hindu-sikh conflicts take place in punjab because of this divide, issues of Khalistan arise, and western born desi Sikhs aboard are messed up because they are told by some fundemtalist egotistical amrithdhari sikhs that they are not true Sikhs if they do not keep kesh or take amrit etc so they are marginalised about 85%+ of the Sikh population has been left neglected this created a culture where these Sikhs look for other lifestyles like western christian/atheist hedonistic anything goes culture their music is from black rap stars talking about getting laid, taking drugs, drinking in a club, killing other gangsters and those who disrespect them. .... and you have this big mess where these mona sahejdhari girls are drawn to all the gandh all the worst in society rather than looking for the goodness that their religion delivers because they been so marginalized and neglected for too long and so when it comes to finding a partner and marriage they do not think that their Sikh religion requires them to marry a fellow Sikh because they have lived the gandh lifestyle and besides most Sikh guy will not want to marry a girl who has been used by every tom, dewayne, harry because she will raise kids in similar gandh lifestyle. Also their aspirations are different to what their mums and grandmothers generation was, they go travelling around the world, have careers and when its comes to settling down they start to panic as they have neglected their duties the community to their faith they supposedly belong to so they get with any non-sikh chancer who gives them attention and their parents often let them do that because they dont want to see their daughter unmarried all her life. So the problem is a deep rooted one and one can only be solved when the more these sehajdhari females themselves wake up and realise they are killing and destroying Sikhi themselves no one else is they can not blame men on this one either they organise themselves to empower their fellow sisters in faith in finding Sikh partners or see their community and faith eroded and ultimately they will have to answer for it in Waheguru's court once their precious human life is taken away from them which can happen any time just read the newspapers how death can come in an instance when you minding your own business and enjoying a materialist life. In simple terms men are surplus stock in this world and society to seed a woman is what the DNA of a man is programmed to do and after that their human biological job is over after the woman is pregnant then it takes one good woman to raise a good wholesome family in a good wholesome Sikh family orientated environment and that is what not being taught to these young impressionable females who are left do what the gandh environment which tells them its ok to do whatever they desire because in atheism in Christianity YOLO you only live once. If you want to see how to do things the right way look at the islamic or jewish model how they programmed and feed their women propaganda to make their women natured into thinking they must marry a jewish / muslim guy or convert them to their religion. This strategy has been successful for them, and one the Sikh community's leaders and scholars needs to pay serious attention to in implementing. Sikh males for their part must actively ensure non-sikh women their in relationships with learn about Sikhs and convert in order to marry. And those Sikh guys struggling to find a suitable marriage partner should look at marrying a non-sikh black or white woman and bring them into the Sikh fold.
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    We cannot reject or distort what the Gurus actively preached in the hope of it simply stopping a selection of females from purusing relations with Muslims and Hindus - what an insult and a crime that would be to their message let alone their memory. The Gurus preached the oneness of humanity and equality of all people and all faiths- there is no ifs or buts about that - just look at the many lines in Gurbaani. The only thing that should change is our approach to this predicament. That partly lies with the Sikh community as a whole who has a responsibility to educate the youth, with it also being heavily dependnt upon the females parents. With that being said, its not our responsibility to "save" everyone single one of our sisters. They are subject to their own karam and whether they want to play it out or not thats up to them. However, do not mistake me for saying we are to do nothing - I am not advocating that either. Although a lot of these cases of Sikh girls going off with men of other faiths are carried out due to acting upon lust or because its the product of a lack of knowledge and understanding of Sikhi, I am no doubt that a small percentage of such relations are due to the pure and true love between the female in question and the male. If that is the case, all we can do is air our opinion on the matter and share some views but then we must simply leave it at that. Who is to say that the relationship will even last or become serious let alone lead to her either willingly or forcefully "converting" to her partners faith. All we can do is try our best to educate all Sikhs, males and females about such a beautiful path. Once we have done that, the rest is in God's hands. Although I do not know what the best strategy is to stop a large proportion of such false relationships from occuring, I do know that sending our sisters to every Sikh Camp going, dragging them to Gurdwara every waking minute and locking them up until marriage isn't the answer either. I would also like to say that there is no such thing as being "loyal" to a religion, it is not a club. Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!
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    Wow, just wow. Why on earth did that family want a Gurudwara wedding? So they could have live out some politically correct fantasy? I hope the gora converted at least.