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    The arguements by most ppl on this forum are the same ones as conservatives whites in the USA. That crime is up do to black ppl and their rap music and fatherless homes due to welfare. They do have a point. BUT its not the whole story. In america, the group to receive the most welfare is actually white women. And this can be seen culturally. As their children are poor white males are increasing who are addicted to drugs and commit violent crime. Also most ppl said blacks were the most violent. But most school shootings have been white males. Including the recent bomber. Yes black ppl do have a crime culture. But its mostly related to black on black crime, occurs in inner cities. Now that drugs are being used by other minorites and whites that crime has spilled onto more areas. Yes black ppl alao have a culture problem where they glorify drugs and violence. But thats been going on for a long time. Also anytime ppl r suppressed, they r given drugs. Look at panjab. And in the usa, it has been proven that CIA introduced cocaine into black communities. I think most of the issues are due to having a fatherless society. This was most common in black socities. But it is now the norm in most poor neighborhoods. And so it isnt that black ppl r infecting others. Its more that society is degenerating into conditions like black society. Like fatherlessness. And black ppl had every reason to do so. But whats the reason for whites and other races to become so corrupt? Recent research in the USA shows that even black kids born to rich families will become poor and fall into the lowest classes. And low working class blacks rarely rose out of their class. Whike whitw males did. But black females have the same upward rise as white females. And the research found the trend of black males spiraling downward was highest in some areas. And lowest in others. These areas with low downward spiral had upward rising black populations and had the most fathers in the families. This recent research has made headlines in the US.you guys can google it.
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    You guys sound like you have a hate hardon for black dudes that came out immediately at the start of this topic. I don't blame white europeans for everything, but the question was about violence in the uk, which, as evidenced, is primarily perpetrated by white europeans, and has always been a problem. Not everything is their fault, they just take first place in murder, rape, genocide, and cultural annihilation among other things, but have you thinking the black man is inherently "evil" and they're civilized, while they fight their jolly little wars in india and kill the savages, kill the beastly little people, and starve your families by the thousands. You want to fit into your masters' culture so bad, there is only one answer that your fear will allow you. The one they tell you. Blame the black man. Ignore evidence, say what the white man tells you. He already made your mind up with paid programming. Keep your head in the sand all you want and tow whatever line your british lords tell you to. No matter how much you suck up to them, jokes on you, and about you at dinner. They can disrespect your culture in their media, allow your girls to be raped, use your valor and labor and resources for generations, and get you to beg them for more. By all means, blame the black people and their rap music. Slave masters in this country always had field N****** and house N******, and they got them to hate each other, by making the lighter skinned ones, one step above the darker, and let them work inside. So which one are you to them? Because you're not even the poor white trash they keep in line by telling they're a special, proud member of a great culture. This commentary was free. Your welcome.
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    Learn to read at a second grade level, then we can continue this discussion.
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    Wow dude. I'm sorry I didn't realize before that you're truly this stupid. You have zero reading comprehension. I'll just leave you alone.
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    SGPC already has committee in it therefore you need not say committee after SGPC.
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    Exactly!! I am afraid to say but you sound like some black wannabe thug that wants to blame everything on white Europeans for the failures of the black community. Obviously there are good law abiding black people out there. But it has to be said that a great amount of crime is committed by them in the uk and even the usa. Maybe you have been listening to to much rap music that has brainwashed you into thinking everything's the white mans fault. How about people taking responsibility for their own actions in life instead of blaming others.
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    So you think white people and western culture is to blame for all stabbings and violent crime done by black people in london?
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    Guest leave jee, answering your queries highlighted in blue in your post above, I would say, you have the right feelings about when you meditate, but you have not recognized them correctly, neither have you seen them in the real perspective. For when you say the words "little sad", actually it is not that you become sad, rather by His grace you are becoming a bairagee. Meditation on Wahiguru, can never ever make one sad, because, He who is the unlimited fountain of love and bliss, can only bless us with more and more love and happiness. Suppose you are lost in a jungle, and you are finding a way out and suddenly you see a light from far away, which in the beginning seems a bit dim due to the distance, but as you go closer, the light seems much brighter, until you reach at that point where actually you reach and see everything clearly and you know then where to move and reach your home. in a similar way, if one meditates on Wahiguru, slowly and slowly, all positive qualities such as truthfulness, bairaag, nimrata, faith, love, mercy...start filling our being, so brother/sister, whoever you are, be positive and thank Him for being so meharvaan on you, for blessing you with such virtues, with just your initial petty efforts. You see, about your description of your state when you meditate, you have to be grateful, for even yogis, tapsavees, do not achieve what you have, even after extremely hardships, or they leave their homes and families, and just look at yourself, while having a girastee life, yet you are detached. Like just as lotus flower, while being in the water, still has its face towards the Sun. Cheer up, and stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    I had the exact same thought yesterday. I agree, the positive aspects of our culture such as our language, our folklore, and other cultural and historical markers should be treasured for posterity, but I can't help but think we've lost our way. In many ways I think Punjabiyat has inadvertently dumbed down the impact and image of Sikhi. I look at the contemporary figureheads of the Panth, and I think, "No. You can fool these simpletons, but you aren't making a mug out of me. You're not what Dasme Paatshah had in mind for us." But, as I said, there are some wonderful aspects to our culture besides the weird self-destructive and egoistic pandering parts of it. I'll try to briefly summarise the problem as I see it, and I genuinely believe a considerable aspect of the overall problem lies in third party perception as well as our own Punjabi interpretations gradually bleeding into that which should be immutable. In Sikhi we have a philosophy that, if gifted to a community of people who came from medieval Italy, for argument's sake, would be considered a treasure for humanity. The problem as addressed by this topic arises because of the somewhat erroneous assumption (I wouldn't quite call it discriminatory) that the humble origins of the faith and the seemingly... unsophisticated following who took up the faith are considered to be an indication of the substance and value of the philosophy itself. We haven't done ourselves any favours in this regard, as this is where I believe Punjabiyat is wielded as a stick to beat Sikhi, because we've sort of floundered and coasted along since the arguable golden age of our faith, and eventually for the admittedly essential act of survival and proliferation we've become the very thing that we weren't kind of supposed to, i.e. an organised religion and everything it entails. We've switched off. We just follow without any serious khoj. Coupled with the human desire to create factions and subgroups for various purposes, which could be argued is even more of a problem in desi cultures, there's a sense we've forgotten and neglected the spirit of that essential founding spark which allowed our faith to emerge. Being surrounded by the Indianess of India on all sides means we've regressed socially, intellectually, and spiritually. There's so much going on, and can't be pinned on a few reasons.
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    Who ever is to blame. It does not change the fact that britain is fast turning into a crime ridden ghetto. Where areas are divided by race and religion. Its become a hostile environment. The rich dont care as they live away from all this in beautifuly leafy suburbs. We the common everyday people have face the crime on a daily basis. I was walking along southall high street the other day and its the same thing. Kids walking around in gangs trying to intimidate others. How many times do we hear stories of a law abiding person trying to confront these menacing youths only to be stabbed. Many black people are jealous of asian wealth and success. They dont like other races and are hostile towards them. I have seen it many times. I personally feel the only way is to live out of the hell hole that has become london. I am lucky I live away from these ghettos but just on the outskirts.
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    Well you should know all about that pal. Since your probably a second grade individual.
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    Listen ' Mr dude' or should I call you Mr Rasta boy. Stop worshipping blacks like they are your masters. Maybe you think P diddy or Tupak is your leader and role model in life and you think all black people are in jail due to racist white police? Wake up and smell the coffee. This is not a bob marley song.
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    This is an age old argument. That I am afraid does not wash anymore. Should crime commited by british asians in the uk (Sikhs,Hindus, muslims) be blamed on the British who ruled India and exploited us? The answer is no. If you do a crime dont go thinking I am going to blame someone 100 years ago. That is a moronic thing to do. Take responsibility of your own actions. Its not just blacks doing crime. Its muslims also. Blacks and muslims in the uk are known for drug dealing. This always leads to violence as people try and protect their patch as it where. Knife crime is completley out of control. Mostly young black and mixed race people who like to rob and mug other people. Much of the crime is actually black on black crime. These people are very dangerous. They have nothing to live for. Apart from getting their next drug money. You are living in the past mate. We know what white Europeans do. They mostly engage in white collar crime which is also bad. All crime is bad no matter who does it. Some areas are just not safe anymore. Sikhs need to be careful out there. Any little confrontation can turn into some yob pulling out a knife.
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    Well in Gurus' times teenagers and young adults were married, why not get married instead of having girlfriend. Guru Nanak promoted grihast dharam, grihast jeevan; you cannot have grihast jeevan with girlfriend. Girlfriends take you away from grihast jeevan and make you get married late. You will there is a lot of harm in getting married later; the adults have grown up too much that they haven't grown compatible together and will not have grown into respecting each other. The daughter in laws will not have grown up with the paretns in law from a young age and this cause massive issues. This in turn leads to talaaq/dirvoce, a concept which is incompatible with dharmik culture. When a woman becomes widwa/widow, she maybe called rundee hogei. But this trash dating culture is leading to women being left by men without even being married, and these exes become rundee as their partner is like being dead to them , ie ex-partner/ ex boyfriend. If you follow Gurus and respect them, then you follow grihast dharam. sikh looks for a life partner, by looking for a girlfriend instead you are wasting time away from your life partner. Some abrahamic religions allow concubines or sex slaves, and with girlfriends you are doing something similar!!!! sikhi does allow polygamy (remember it is still part of grihast jeevan as opposed to trashy dating culture), some brave Singhs like bhai Mani Singh had 2 wives, Maharaja Ranit Singh had more - they also married as teenagers or young adults. So the wives replaced any need for girlfriends. If one can have a wife or wives, then what is the need for girlfriends? They are just cheap replacements/options. Just lead by Guru Nanak's example of following grihast!
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    Every sikh with a turban should have a kripaan on himself/herself somewhere. As it is legal we have no choice. Also as I work in IT, I usually have screwdrivers or something on me. Even pens can be used defensively. Need to wake up!
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    About what you say feeling good, is like eating sugar coated poison. which may taste sweet, but it is poisoning your body, until it will kill you. The lust you talk about, is only at mental level, which drags you down to the beast level, and which will never allow you to think or meditate on Him. As the saying goes: there where is kaam, there is no Naam Simran. Kaam and Naam are contradictory, both can not coexist at the same time, just as darkness and light. For kaam pulls you downwards in the mayavee creation, putting heavy chains of karam on you, while when you attach yourself to Naam, it liberates you from all your bondage, and accelerates your going back to Sach Khand, His abode. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Britain since ww2 has culturally and economically shifted towards being like the USA (modernity = the west = the USA ). Is the USA a bastion of law abiding strong civil society? Not really. Crime is no worse than yesteryear, it's just that you now hear about it much more and the various media avenues amplify it more. It's also harder to cover up crime these days . Would the likes of saville get away with it today? Don't be afraid of what the media pumps out as scared population is easier to manipulate for Draconian policies . The biggest issue is that police and judicial numbers are down and since the 1990s the UK population has increased by 30 percent so you do the math of the liklihood of being caught and punished if you commit a crime.
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    So in the past, White Europeans were worse. But tell me, is it whites or non-whites responsible for example, for most of the gun and knife crime in the UK?
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    I said "people." I never alluded to their nationality or ethnicity. My next door neighbours are a family of Nigerian Christians. Most kindest and warmest people I've ever known. They've shown me more love than any Sikh ever has. There's savages in all races. In this particular context, there's a hathi in the room not many are eager to discuss, which is ironic considering there's many, many black nationalities and ethnicities who have no problem calling a spade a spade. It's the perpetually offended "educated" white man who's terrified of conducting a frank and honest discussion. That's ultimately to their detriment as history will prove one day.
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    Ignore the first 30 second intro. It's not great but the video itself is.
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    Mate I keep kitchen knives in my shastar prakash, whats ur point
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    I want to become nihang singh Not for showing ego I want to become Nihang SINGH for doing Sewa Doing Something for Panth
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    You're going to make a really good grandma one day....
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    Mahakaal ji, it is a huge blunder on your part to divide our Shaheeds and warriors of the past in something so silly as caste. As a Jat you are claiming Baba Deep Singh Jee Baba Budha Jee and others while Ramgarias are claiming Jassa Singh Ramgaria as their own, Khatris are claiming our Gurus and Hari Singh Nalwa, Rajputs are claiming Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and Brahmins are claiming Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dayal Das as their own not realizing that all the accomplishments they attained and Shaheedis they gave was ONLY for Sikhi and the casteless principles that Sikhi upholds. Our atma has no caste. You could have very well have been born a non Jat in your previous lifetimes and who knows, if you show too much Jaat Abhiman, you might reincarnate into a caste that you deem as low or inferior to your own as God's way of teaching you a lesson. Jaat Paat is only skin deep. Improve your spiritual life, keep as much Rehit as possible while Japping Naam is what really counts in the Dargah of Vaheguru. All these caste issues are useless and are of no benefit to the Panth
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    Are there any projects, or finished works, of translations of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, or parts there of, into languages other than english and french? Japanese for example? I can only seem to find various english translations, and news about a french translation.
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    Opps the above post wast meant for guragnostic . I quoted premi5 by mistake. Apologies for this.
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    Your not understanding my points to lept to the defence of the in-defensive thus showing your hand in being part of the problem. A proper racist doesn't have friends of other races, a proper racist does not associate or indulge in stuff by the race they hate. A racist thinks their race is superior and the other race is inferiour. I maybe a Sikh supremist as Sikhi is the best and I hope every Sikh on here is a Sikh supremacist because if they arent they might aswell not be a Sikh if they think other faiths are equal to the Sikh ideology. I dunno how you come to the conclusion that anyone who talks about a huge problem of drug fuelled gun and knife crime in the black communist is racist. I would call people out for racism against the black community for allowing excuses made for evil filthy lyrics druggie music fulled gun knife crime to get out of hand. You dont even realise the link between social media, filthy degenerate music, glorification of rape murder drug dealing in this material. Its a way of life its an ideology much like islam is if you tap into its violent tendencies you will become a muslim extremist/terrrrorist. At the moment there is a huge problem western afro-carribean culture black ideology, and no not all blacks are this way. Only a m0ron would think its ALL blacks into this degenerate way of life just as it would be stupid to think ALL muslims are pedo sex groomers or terroorists. I have many black mates, my neighbors are blacks from africa whose parents brought their kids up the right way they are good people decent hard working and we regular discuss these topics how the youth are into this filthy culture. Maybe the politician/bankster elites are allowing to be fostered and go ahead maybe to allow blacks/minorities kill each other while they laugh in their gated secure white ruling class/middle class communities. This roadman violence culture has been fostered from the black community and no other communities are not immune to it the working class asian youths have started to hang around in gangs to drug dealing wearing hoodies masking up and getting stabbed and acid attacked. Same with the working class white youth they too are now groomed into the same culture because the dominant violent afro-carribean culture has poisoned and infected their fragile minds.