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    "I've been getting these emails saying that it's not my position to judge anybody. I want to make it quite clear that I didn't judge him. I know God is the only judge we have. I just set the appointment up." -Steven Sandison on the murder of his child molester cellmate
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    We recently had a psychologist do a seminar on communication and abuse in our Dojo. Basically he said any communication that isn't respectful is some degree of abusive. It seems to me keshdari showing respect for non-keshdari and visa versa, men and women for each other, various rehits for each other will only serve to strengthen Sikhi. Even when it comes to addicts etc. the only way they will get better is to be shown respect as a human being and a Sikh, and feel accepted so they can be honest and get the help and support they need. If they feel shamed or shunned they will just leave Sikhi, or hide in their addiction. The only way sexually groomed females can be honest and stay strong within the Sangat is if they aren't shamed and have no reason to feel ashamed. I feel love, communication, respect, and inclusion is what is needed to heal divides and strengthen Sikhi, but it requires accepting all the differences and supporting rather than condemning each other. I agree but I have a feeling this started with Amritdhari Sikhs treating the cut Sikhs like they aren't Sikhs. That sentiment is voiced on this board. Definitely this.
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    Happy (desi) new year.
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    For your Info the sevadhaars were able to protect themselves. The man never reached upastairs.
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    Very true. The racist white mainstream establishment is so mentally ill they wont tackle the problem they are creating and created themselves. Even the far right people like tommy robinson who are labeled as thugs in the racist white media knows its a muslim religious and cultural problem he knows its not an asian racial problem because at school he and his non-muslim sikh and black friends were singled out for not being muslims when there was fights and how his cousin sister was groomed by muslim gangs. Thats why he and generally the far right white working class know the score and are respected amoung non-muslim minorities. But the racist white centre- right establishment and its media (the dailmail, the sun,etc) knows the truth but they wont say it because they need muslims and their backward countries on their side to tackle islamic terrorism and have economic cooperation. They want to shift the blame on to your racial skin colour your brownness or asianess. They would rather have a racial prejudice against all browns all asians than point our the real predators and the backward intolerant abrahamic religious culture they come from. I feel we should call out the racist white establishment where ever it rears its ugly head its bad enough fighting and calling out islamo-fascists and their grooming gangs without the sly white racists in western establishments aiding and covering for them.
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    Agree with the suggestions above but most don't take notice or care until it happens to someone close to them - too busy with their own lives, following the crowd and not taking time to think for themselves.
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    The whiteys are weak in many morals and values and that won't change because that's part of their 'culture', so the job of certain suleh becomes easier. How can this end? Immigration conflicts with the ego and greed of the establishment who, also, strongly oppose discrimination/racism.
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    I would add the most important thing : sikhs should treat their womenfolk as equally responsible for the future of the panth and equip them spiritually and especially mentally with the tools to give answer to any grooming/dawah gang . They should have poora gian of itihaas and know gurbani pangtian inside out to counterargue and convince their sisters to not fall . They should honour their ancestors character and strive to bring those values to life now . Gurdwarey should be their safe zone to come when they have problems , where they know that there are trustworthy people to talk to. Educate a Singh you may educate his family but educate a Singhni and you will educate generations going onwards as they are always first caregivers of children and grandchildren . Propose santhiya classes during the day when they are freer to attend . Drop-in centre style santhiya kirtan classes
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    Hola Maholla hopefully but my couch is also a contender.
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    Was this before or after the bhang?
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    A picture would help lol. How would the internet know? You know Sikhs come in all colors right? I like all the responses. On a side note, I was driving today and I passed a speed limit sign, couldn't tell if it said 25 or 35, can anyone help me out with that?
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    Could have been from mars bro, you cant be too sure nowdays
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    Thank you, for your kind, sweet words 🌸😢. Your mother will always be your mother and I couldnt be as good as her. I’m only giving my opinions and advise, to help. I also call my mother, mama sometimes too. You seem to know what to do and how to deal with it. You’re a good kid that uses knowledge and wisdom wisely, aswell as turning to Gurbani is a good role model for your siblings. May Waheguru keep you in Chardi Kala 🙏🏻🌸🌷 PS: I forgot it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, don’t forget to spend quality time with your mother.
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    This is the often cruel nature of politics, when the seemingly central issue at hand - in this case Canadian Sikhs - is a smokescreen for the true conflict, i.e. Trudeau's enemies finding any feasible reason to criticise and undermine him. It's not personal, it's politics. As a Sikh born in Britain, it is a stark reminder of how different Canadian Sikhs are viewed in their adopted country by other groups. At times the hostility from certain quarters isn't too far off from the perception of Pakistanis in Britain. Generally, Canada is undergoing it's own particular awakening amongst its white majority. The stereotype of Canadians being amenable and easy going has taken a hit in recent years. There are prominent Canadian voices amongst the Right who are beginning to speak out against the policies they foresee as signalling trouble for the future of their country. The cult of Trudeau seems to have magnified and accelerated some of the deeply held negativity and hostility towards minority groups that Trudeau keeps close to him for political purposes. This hit piece by Rebel Media is an example of Sikhs being caught in the crossfire between the battle of liberals and conservatives. Canadian Sikhs need to smarten up, because sooner rather than later the Indian government will put the squeeze on Canadian Sikhs, and they'll achieve this by allying with the Canadian Right.