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    Actually a lot of ppl dont think the nihangs are authentic cuz when they went south, many ppl think that nihangs r following the southern hindu rituals. Such as bali, sacrifice, blood tilaks, jhatka etc. All of that sounds more hindu to normal panjabis. Ofc some of this can be proven from puratan granths but normal ppl dont read those. And vaishnu hindus dont eat meat because they think they wil become prisht. While we sikhs dont due to karma and reincarnation. Anyways im glad sukha and meat are banned from gurudwaray and sikh faith in the modern times. Sikhs already have alcohol issues. Most other communities drink alchol but they dont go overboard like our ppl. Imagine if sukha were added to the mix. Our panjabi ppl would go overboard with it. Also most babey are already so lazy and fat. If we allowed sukha and meat. They would get lazier and fatter. Also it is scientifically proven that cannaboids the products in marijuana decrease intelligence in teenagers. It has no such affect on adults whose brains are already developed. So if we bring in sukha whose gonna stop the youngsters from frying their brains out? Everybody looks down on amlis. No matter if they nihang or not. Stop trying to make sikh ppl puratan. It would mean living on the land without jobs like nihangs do. It is very commendable and will be very beneficial to have these survival skills in the panth. They will be needed if electricity gives out or mayhem descends. But the whole panth shouldnt become like that. We need ppl in the highest positions, knowing abt the most modern science and weapons. Sant jarnail singh advised ppl to get motorcycles and ak47s. The modern day horses and teers. Veganism is on the rise. Might become the norm and even law. Good thing we sikhs are ahead on that.
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    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Next time any punjabi or indian tries to claim that it is Punjab where the most girls are killed ....and thus the ratio is unbalanced slap the truth into their faces Punjab's ratio is actually is improved by more than 19 points , the sex ratio is worst in Gujarat dropped by 53 points , then Haryana 35 points, Rajasthan 32 ,Uttarkand 27 etc 17 out of 21 states have been found to having dropping ratios.
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    I will say this make sure your homes have safe fire exits and you install smoke and fire alarms throughout which are hardwired to mains with battery back up ... if it wasn't for those battery smoke alarms we would not be here ... Trust everything Guru ji tells you beyond your own knowledge and other humans' . People have no idea how much care and love is there ...He has saved us so many times from disease, disgrace, cowardice by his advice and comforting words
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    jis ka sahib dada hoe ...veer ji ..no need to be scared , be prepared
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    Try keeping it on and report the results.
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    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh bhain ji , build up your family life include gurbani in the family life , the family that prays together stays together . Unfortunately your in-laws will be what they will be , you need to make sure your husband understands that he has your loyalty and expect him to treat you as his respected wife , an equal . He has no right to abuse or hit you for ANY reason look at 52 hukhams of Guru Gobind Singh ji . He slips back into his subservient kid mentality when they are around and it is your duty to make sure he realises that that change is no longer appropriate (I have had similar problems it gets better dutt ke reho te gurbani da asaraa leh levo)
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    To OP, sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. It’s similar to what I’ve been through, so I fully understand how you’re feeling. Your husband was wrong to change towards you. Only somebody that’s been through the same will understand how hard it is to please everybody and also defend yourself. I’ve finally put my foot down, when I have been taken advantage of too far. You could do everything perfectly or give them all the money in the world, but they still won’t appreciate you, if they don’t appreciate you for what you are now. You have two lovely daughters and you should be proud of that. You don’t have to take any nonsense from anybody. They should be grateful that you married their son and gave him citizenship. You don’t sound like the bad one in all of this. I think they’re just taking advantage for their own matlab. His parents should know better than to act like that towards their daughter in law. But unfortunately they play the victim and make out you’re the wrong one. Kaur 2 is right, don’t be rude back to them, but also make a stand that you will not be pressured or treated like that. If you were a daughter in law from India, would they treat you the same? No they wouldn’t, so why you? Make it clear you are from this country and have given respect where it’s due and done everything you could for them. Don’t let them walk over you. Your mother in law saying she won’t visit again, then good riddance. I know it sounds harsh, but there’s only one of you and there’s 3 or more of them, so it’s hardly fair. And if they can’t be bothered with your daughters either, it shows they are only interested in boys. You need to work on your relationship with your husband, because it sounds like they want you to break up for their own matlab. And your husband is too ignorant, that’s hes listening to them more, that he’s willing to mess up his marriage and family for them. What more do they want ? They should have stayed with you happily and not ignored you. All that rubbish about being from a different country and hesitant to talk to the daughter in law is bs. Because they do in communicate in India with their daughter in laws there, so there should be know discrimination. They have veils over themselves so they can’t see your good qualities. I know I’ve been through it. One day, your husband will see what they have been doing and he’ll probably regret it when it’s too late. Pray and do Ardas to Waheguru to help you through this. And if you can talk to other women who have spouses from India. It is hard penji, but like the say, you can’t change somebody, but you can change yourself. Just be nice to his parents, so they have no excuse to belittle you. And don’t even bother to ask them why or for explanations, because you already know they will never take your side. And if there’s something you don’t agree on with him, then instead of hurting your own soul and getting angry with him, tell him in a more polite way, because he will argue more with you otherwise. Change your approach towards the problems and how to deal with them. Have your parents spoke to them? In a way it’s good they don’t live near you, so chill out, enjoy your life and hopefully your husband will appreciate and respect you more when he sees the truth. Get some counselling from your doctor too. It will help you to relax.
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    No, bhang and sukhnidaan would replace the alcoholism, so it would be better! But none of this silly weed stuff. Also more of the panth needs the warrior and survival skills; 1984 and 1947 karma happened to us because we lost the skills due to SGPC and jatehbandis' rehits sikhs are always students? If a sikh stops learning then there's a problem!
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    In the chapter Dakhni Oangkaar its written Oangkaar Bedh Nirmey. In another shabad it's written Chaar Veda Brahmeh Ko Deyeh From the above quote's and many others we can see that the Vedas came from God himself. Therefore why would Gurbani criticize the work of God himself. Also if you look throughout the lives of all the ten Guru's you see that never did they criticize other religions. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj sent 5 Singh's to Haridwar to study Hinduism thus creating the Nirmala Sect. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to all primary Islamic institutions they showed supremacy of Gurmat. In recent times there are many sceptics who are embedded within the Sikh community, online as well as in religions institutions. There purpose is only to TRY to fool people. This is a non existent debate, all puratan granths such as Faridkot Teeka, Sant Amir Singh Teeka and Baba Gurbachan Singh MP3 CDS point against the OP
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    Yet Kamalroop, <banned word filter activated> Bob, a kid named Gavin Dhanoa and nang fauj UK promote otherwise.
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    Its not an over exaggeration to say Santa Sio was a GOI sold out. Taking money from Indira to rebuild Akal Takht was treachery with Khalsa Panth. Tainted his name forever. Panth went through immense tribulations during and after 84, role of Budha Dal as "fouj" of the panth was very much dormant.
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    Why would he have consulted with a group that was largely already useless and allied with his and the kaums enemies. The Nihangs that did want to be useful joined on their individual discretion. Wasn't Santa bragging he should have been sent in instead of the army?
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    First, the unnecessary destruction of old aspects of the Akal Bunga is highly regrettable and a big loss for the Sikh panth. Secondly, if the father of Sobha Singh was responsible for 20-60% of the artwork in Akal Takhat and Darbar Sahib, that means that 20-60% of the work is quite recent, and is certainly not of the period of the 10 Gurus, and possibly not even of the Sikh Raj, right? Finally, in regards to Baba Santa Singh, would the following suppositions (widely assumed by many Sikhs) be correct or incorrect: 1) Since the Nihangs were not allowed leadership of the Akal Takhat, and the Akali Dal party was in charge of the SGPC, the Nihangs favored Congress, which they thought would give them control over the SGPC/Akal Takhat. 2) When the attack on Darbar Sahib Complex happened, it was seen by Baba Santa Singh as a sign from God, and he was happy about it, since it was the fulfillment of a prophesied event when the control of the Akal Takhat would be returned to the Nihangs.
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    SNAKES. Santa Singh was excommunicated from the Panth in 1986. Baba Santa Singh chose Congress over the panth and had the sewa of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib funded by the same government that had once destroyed it. The true singhs of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj did not like this cowardly manoeuvre and on 26th January 1986 Sarbat Khalsa, the Jathedar Baba Thakur Singh Ji himself gave the leadership of the Budha Dal to Bhai Amrik Singh Jaura and tied him the dastar. It was also on this day that the sewa of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib was recommenced, but this time entirely by the Saadh Sangat. Santa Singh should have never been Jathedaar again of the Budha Dal even after he came back into the Panth. Todays Dals are in total shambles. Note. Bhai Amrik Singh Jaura was a Great Freedom Fighter who worked with Bhai Avtar Singh Brahma.
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    My grandfather was general secretary of the Doaba Kisan Union when Giani Zail Singh inaugurated the Guru Gobind Singh Ji Marg. During those days Zail Singh was playing fiddle to both Santa Singh of Budha-Dal and the neo-Nirankaris. Only a few days prior, Nirankari gangs had set upon an amritdhari Singh and burned him with acid. The Union took up his case and approached Zail Singh who outright refused to interfere in the matter asserting that Gurbachan Nirankari was a Sant and Sants could not be publicly arraigned and/or criticized. The Union next approached Santa Singh who was, then, based at Bathinda and preparing for his journey to Anandpur Sahib. It informed him that not only were Nirankaris publicly desecrating Gurbani but also attacking Sikhs. Santa Singh, laughed them off, saying that Zail Singh was a hans (pure as swan) and if he believed Gurbachna to be divine then even he-Santa Singh- was ready to conform to the latter. The other Nihang Dals, however, contributed money towards the victim's kin all the while grumbling against Santa Singh's ludicrous rhetoric.
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    Bravo troll. Bravo. If you can get kachara IN your feet, I will applaud you again.
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    The evidence of the Master's hand is woven into every aspect of science. The more we learn about science the more all we can do is step back and say wow! Wow! WOW! ... Let's say life generated from non life matter by chance alone, so what? (A lot of math against this) Where did the matter come from? The big bang, okay well what happened before that? All you have to do is keep going back further and further and you run straight into Divinity. Or take space, we are in the room, room in the city, take this question of what's outside that? Or what contains that? Again you run into Divinity. Infinity. Only the Selfcreating, Timeless One answers these questions ultimately, of something from nothing, infinitely, forever inside and outside of time. There is ultimately only One answer. Science away people, we're still stuck in the dark ages. All the science in the world doesn't change the One real answer Ultimately though.
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    The whole Meat vs Veg argument vs Shaheedi Degh equalling a better warrior is becoming a favourite amongst the youth. The question is for what purpose does anyone promote Meat and Sukha. Is it for building stronger bodies or is it for courage in the face of war or is it a combination of both. Does Sukha bring courage in a coward, does Jatka Meat build a stronger body frame and mind for someone who is trying to bulk up and do the two combined create the ultimate warrior. On the other hand does a veg diet build a weaker body and mind and does a narcotic free state of mind limit ones inner courage or spirituality. All this arguing is futile when you look at the bigger picture. When you break Meat and Veg down all you have is macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat). In the end nothing is Meat and nothing is Vegetable all you have is argument that goes round and round in circles. What benefit will the Panth have with the promotion of Meat and Sukha and where do you draw the line when you start to break down the chemical compound of Sukha. Will other mind altering Chemical Drugs be permissible for use in combat and meditation. What benefit will the use of these have on an individuals own personal Kamai? Will the Meat and Sukh make you a better warrior or will it consume your own soul with Homai, Lobh and Hankaar.