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    It all comes down to one (or two) things. Ego and pride. Ego because you want the world to know which caste you are. You want the world to know that you are one of the highest castes in India. Pride because you feel proud due to it. ਜਾਤਿ ਕਾ ਗਰਬੁ ਨ ਕਰਿ ਮੂਰਖ ਗਵਾਰਾ ॥ Do not be proud of your social class and status, you ignorant fool!
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    instead of nihangs and wanabe nihangs always hyping about meat and pang, how many of them actually train like the real nihangs of the past? I dont mean swinging a sotee around either. How many of these 'nihangs' have done anything on a street level i.e suleh groomers, or done anything in punjab when mass beadbi has taken place? this aint a cuss, but it seems these type of 'nihangs' wana talk the talk or should i say eat the meat, but do what there supposed to e.g. be the pehredhaars of the panth
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    apparently it is being re-released but who has seen the rushes of the reworked film ? Who was in charge of input ? Who financed this movie really? https://www.hindustantimes.com/regional-movies/nanak-shah-fakir-to-be-re-released-after-alterations-in-script/story-p703390M5cUD4TKXukZbQN.html
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    It is a stereotype and a lie as it follows the same one for men and Singh. Actions and appearance define the name gifted to us from Guru pita ji - one without the other just doesn't work.
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    I posted a small snippet of the movie, the part where they showed Guru Nanak Sahib Ji doing Aarti near the mandir.
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    I would still like to see the rehatnama of Kalgidhar Patshah Akaali Guru Gobind Singh Ji Dasmesh Pita. If you were referring to 52 hukams please let me know. As far as I know, I haven't read a rehatnama that states to do 5 baania. I respect 5 baania, not contradicting it. I do believe that there is a hukamnama/rehitnama, lot's of sangat have mentioned it but I would personally like to read it whole, not small snippets from it.
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    My observation is that for every 10 Sikh man (may or may not be a Singh) wearing a Dastaar, there is 1 Sikh women (almost always a Kaur) who wears a Dastaar. The amount of women who wear Dastaars is and has always been lower than men, this is because historically and even today the dastaar is seen as more masculine by society. There is also the issue of higher beauty standards for women, that don’t affect men that much. Those women who do wear Dastaars, are always Kaur’s, Sikh women who have received Khand Di Phaul initiation into the Khalsa Panth.
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    I see. At least it isn't another "do i need pesh for this" post.
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    Can you send me a link to the rehit nama of Guru Gobind Singh Ji? I have read about it and I believe Guru Ji did make one but are you referring to 52 hukams? Jhatka maryada posted one but I can't find the full version of it anywhere.
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    Gurbani says the vedas are stuck in the 3 gunas and don't know the fourth state, which is only given by Satguru. Reading Jap ji sahib many are praising Akal Purakh but Jap ji sahib says only those who follow Akal Purakh hukam are praising him. Even devil worshippers are praising Akal Purakh. The key word in the line is 'mat' and Bilja Singh is on to something here. I wouldn't translate 'mat' as religion. But something more closer to understanding, which would perfectly represent how the vedas and Koran and bible understanding of the fourth state is false/wrong. These three religious books think they know the fourth state but they actually don't as Gurbani says. The Shabads that come before this Shabad in question are addressing Muslims and Hindus and their religious practices and their prayers. Bhagat Kabeer ji is criticising them and rejecting their beliefs.
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    bro i aint having a dig at nihangs, it breaks me to know that the pehredhaar of the kaum have now been reduced to a joke or going on large hyping over meat but not ready for any form of action. regards to others wearing bana but constantly slandering other jathebandis are just has bad, all these divisions in the panth i doubt are even out of sharda for Sikhi, its all self hype and trying to be bigger and better than each other. Until we truly bow our heads in shame in front of Guru Ji then we gona continue to suffer how we are
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    I believe bani in sggs ji addresses why Sikhs don't believe to be superior as such
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    Yeah, I think the entire reason that the Sikhs of that old times (even of new) suffered all the pains that they did is exactly because they did consider Sikhism to be superior to other paths. If, as some of our weak brothers say, the other paths are exactly the same, and you get exactly the same results by following them, then why in the world would you bother to be a Sikh, and be flayed alive, impaled, beheaded, boiled, burned, or otherwise tortured and killed. And even if that didn't happen to you, if things remained peaceful, you have to follow rehit and do amrit vela. If all paths are exactly equal, then why not just sleep in?
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    The quote you have posted, was just an advice for senior people, as seen from the title of that post. Anyhow, let us see something about walking backwards as an exercise. By Dr. Mercola The Many Benefits of Walking Backwards Backward walking, also known as retro walking, is said to have originated in ancient China, where it was practiced for good health. In the modern world, it's become quite the rage in Japan, China and parts of Europe, where people use it to build muscle, improve sports performance, promote balance and more. For starters, when you walk backwards, it puts less strain and requires less range of motion from your knee joints, making it ideal for people who have knee problems or injuries. Also, because backward walking eliminates the typical heel-strike to the ground (the toe contacts the ground first), it can lead to changes in pelvis alignment that help open up the facet joints in your spine, potentially alleviating pressure that may cause low back pain in some people.2 Not to mention, walking backwards gives you a chance to work out all of those muscles in your legs, such as your quadriceps and calves, which take a backseat to your hamstrings and glutes during regular walking. It also works out your hamstrings in a different way, and walking backwards for just 10-15 minutes, four days a week for four weeks has been shown to increase flexibility in your hamstrings. A More Intense, Comprehensive Workout in Less Time Interestingly, when you walk backwards, your heart rate tends to rise higher than it does when walking forward at the same pace, which suggests you can get greater cardiovascular and calorie-burning benefits in a shorter period of time. In one study, women who underwent a six-week backward run/walk training program had a significant decrease in body fat as well as improvements in cardio-respiratory fitness at the end of the study.4 There appear to be benefits for your brain, too. Researchers found that when you walk backwards, it sharpens your thinking skills and enhances cognitive control.5 This may be because even though backward walking is a physical activity, it's also a "neurotic" activity, meaning it requires brain activity that may help you stay mentally sharp. Plus, since it puts your senses into overdrive as you move in an unfamiliar way, it is also known to enhance vision as well. You Can Try Backward Running, Too Many of the same benefits from backward walking extend to backward running. This activity requires close to 30 percent more energy than running forward at the same pace,6 which means it burns more calories. This is partly because it reverses the typical "soft takeoff" (when muscle-tendon units shorten) and "hard landing" (when muscle-tendon units are stretched) that is found in forward running, which requires greater step frequency and energy expenditure.. Further, because backward running puts far less impact on your knees, this activity is ideal if you ordinarily have knee pain or problems. In fact, researchers have called backward running a safer form of training that can actually improve your forward running skills as well.
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    Sounds like you're shopping for a Dulux Paint tester rather than a potential spiritual awakening, lol. Start with the basics: nitnem. Then see how you feel after a while.
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    Bro, I’m doing the exact opposite to reducing Jatka and Shikaar marayada to just eating meat. I know this was practiced and is still practised amongst the Nihungs. I also see, understand and respect the reasoning behind it. What I also see is that this Puratan practice and Marayada has been pushed to the confines of Shaunis and Nihung Dereh. The benefits of these practices are not surfacing in the actions of Nihungs as they are no longer willing to engage in combat or willing to step out of their zones to challenge tyranny in the real world. Neither are the Nihung Singhs I have seen in the diaspora who advocate Puratan practices such as Jatka and Sukha doing anything for the safekeeping of people around them. Being a Nihung is about practising a way of life and being ready to engage oppression at all times and not just about keeping alive old traditions or practicing these traditions just on a weekend and then switching off during the work week going back to a being a shirt and tie. I’m not refuting any of the Puratan Marayada or what is written in Dassam Bani, all I am saying is that it is disservice to Puratan Nihung Singhs to do all this and then to not engage in the real world.
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    The clown seems to me a symbol of fear and your sense of being powerless to defeat it, whether you feel it was an emotion or actual entity. Calling upon Vaheguru does make any entity powerless and overcome any emotion, as you found. The chair represents two possibilities to me, either don't let fear take you into inaction or let yourself rest and don't worry. You will have to feel which is true to you. Fear is part of our growth. Something we overcome. Fear of the unknown is especially powerful in appearance, and ultimately fear is the fear of death. You have as much metaphysical power as anything else, more so in the physical realm, and especially in your own space. If something were to appear you are armed with the Naam and your own soul power. An appearance would be proof of spiritual power, that cuts both ways, that means you too have metaphysical powers and the playing field, especially with Naam, is in your favor. You are more than a match for any spirit. They fear you armed with the Naam and the confidence to use it. There is no spirit more powerful than Naam. This man is an opportunist and a pervert. Keep him away from you and especially keep him away from your female relatives, he's taking advantage of your fearful state. This man is a predator. He told you spirits are more powerful than Naam to control you and continue to exploit your family's vulnerability, and give himself false power. Your Grandmother either was frozen by adrenaline or in the presence of a great and benevolent spirit who's pressence made her human mind fearful. The only spirits that can't be dispelled by Naam are those ruled by benevolence sent by Vaheguru. I had a dream, I was with my Sensei. He took me into a fearful position near a cliff and I was able to overcome the fear. Each time I overcame the fear, the situation got worse and again I would have to overcome, and again the fear was worse. I stopped and said Sensei, everytime I overcome it gets harder and he said that's exactly the point until you have no fear left. These hardships are a blessing, you will overcome, and Vaheguru has gifted you greatly with his Kirpa on your path to total freedom. Jo bole so nihaal! Veer ji. Have no fear, you are on the path and through Vaheguru, victory is yours, the true victory, victory over self, victory over fear, victory over attachment. You are not alone. Vaheguru is with you, within you always and the Sangat is with you. Edit: You're welcome to pm me any time Veer Ji. We can talk about whatever. Nothing is too strange.
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    Khalsa Ji, bedh kateb cannot be false, since they contain the praise of the creator. but also: So contemplation, and them in context is important...
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    The whole Meat vs Veg argument vs Shaheedi Degh equalling a better warrior is becoming a favourite amongst the youth. The question is for what purpose does anyone promote Meat and Sukha. Is it for building stronger bodies or is it for courage in the face of war or is it a combination of both. Does Sukha bring courage in a coward, does Jatka Meat build a stronger body frame and mind for someone who is trying to bulk up and do the two combined create the ultimate warrior. On the other hand does a veg diet build a weaker body and mind and does a narcotic free state of mind limit ones inner courage or spirituality. All this arguing is futile when you look at the bigger picture. When you break Meat and Veg down all you have is macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat). In the end nothing is Meat and nothing is Vegetable all you have is argument that goes round and round in circles. What benefit will the Panth have with the promotion of Meat and Sukha and where do you draw the line when you start to break down the chemical compound of Sukha. Will other mind altering Chemical Drugs be permissible for use in combat and meditation. What benefit will the use of these have on an individuals own personal Kamai? Will the Meat and Sukh make you a better warrior or will it consume your own soul with Homai, Lobh and Hankaar.
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    don't just blame gorey , our own granths state that hindus practices were brought in by new singhs like vaishnu disgust for flesh. I don't eat because I don't need to , but if I did to be sure chatka would be my choice , my actions taken upon myself not this cowardly shifting of karams supposedly to others ...
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    same people who say that are usually happy to chow down on halal meat cooked in some restaurant washed down with beers and spirits galore . Why do Singhs even pay any notice to such hypocrites? Those who choose not to indulge have the right to choose but not to say the rehit didn't exist because there's plenty of evidence to prove Singhs of old did it . hunting jungle soor /boars is highly dangerous and a real test of reflexes and strength it doesn't surprise me that was a regular target. Point to take is when such hunts happened nothing was wasted , it was not done for pleasure but training/need.
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    Another forum member was kind enough to educate me on the fact that based on genes beards have a varying natural growth time between two months and six years. Hence the short beards that looked trimmed to me.
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    In the US it is definitely allowed. Some corporations may have a policy against it, but legally speaking you can shoot, stab, bludgeon, beat or otherwise mayhem somebody if they try armed rob you like that, with basically whatever weapon you like. Thank God Harman Singh prevailed. He also chose not to kill the guy at the end. Good on him. Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru
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    Very incisive analysis, brother. Personally, I would say that all this would have happened even if the British had come. The only reason we lost the Anglo-Sikh war was treachery. If we had won the war (which I think we would have if Maharaja Ranjit Singh had put in appropriate governmental structures, like the Panj Piyare as head of state), then basically all you said would also have happened, only a few decades later. Yeah, that's how Islam is said to have spread (initially) to SE Asia and to the West coast of India. Agree. Downtrodden "Hindus" would convert to Sikhism rather than Islam. And forcibly converted Muslims would see a route to revert from Islam, without having to adopt idol-worshipping or an unjust caste system. Right. To people who say we should be grateful to the British for bringing industrialization and railroads, I ask: Did Japan not have industry and railroads? So, yeah, we would have have Khalsa Rail. Good point. The reason our parents came to the West is because of lack of opportunities in our homeland. With a free and prosperous Sikh kingdom (or India generally), we would never have had to leave. (In fact, they came to us: Ventura, Avitable, MacDonald, etc.)
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    Everyone knows that nihangs in both budha and tarna dal practice jhatka and drink shaheedi degh, but people always say “oh that’s going against rehat” and “that’s a “kurheit”. Mate go and look at all the evidence out there that says that we ate meat. The English have been successful in messing up the Panth. They changed our dastaars, made most of the Panth think that dasam and sarbloh Granth is not authentic, changed our nishaan sahibs and made us into some Brahmin religion. Looking at the Sikhs today, it really does look like we are a sect of Hinduism with our vaishnu practices. Go and read your history and see for yourself, stop making sikhi into some Hindu sect! go onto http://www.jhatkamaryada.com/ and see for yourself the amount of evidence from souces ranging from Panth Prakash to the British themselves!
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    My Afghan Hindu brother, are you willing to accept Sikh Dharam.