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    ‘Guessing’ requires thinking....... try again retard
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    Never ever compare your idiotic self to Guru Gobind Singh
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    That’s rich.... coming from the biggest retard & simpleton on this site....... your so retarded it IS funny..... You have the intellect of an earth worm yet want to make comments on topics you know absolutely nothing about..... it’s your type that are bringing our panth down to its lowest. Let me guess.... people rejoice in your presence & celebrate your knowledge & intelligence?
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    who needs a Salotar when you have one of these bad boys
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    And where are you on a scale of 1-10 on following puran maryada of sri guru nanak dev ji? Are you a better gursikh then jagmeet singh? According to gurbani are you beautiful or ugly?
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    VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I've been reading some ithaas (modern) and you can't read about modern ithaas without coming across 1984. I started watching a few videos and one thing led to another and I came across this one video which I can say blew my mind, at the very least. A bit of backstory to this video before I add the part which I found the most staggering Ji. A swami/yogi meets Sant Ji and all the sangat with Sant Ji and they talk for a bit and then the swami/yogi decided to take his leave about 5 minutes later. Please bear in mind the video quality isn't great (audio) so not everything that happens in this video is crystal clear Ji. However, after everyone gets up something is said/agreed between the swami and Sant Ji and a fortune telling yogi sits in front of Sant Ji and tried to tell his future and things that have happened in his past. She says at the age of 8, Sant Ji had an experience in his life that led him to be the leader he is today and when this was translated to Sant Ji in Punjabi, they shook their head and said that it was not true. Of course, bad move. Anyway, Sant Ji laughs off a few attempts of hers and then themselves do a bachan and said "Tell her, that before the age of 13 years old she wasn't doing the fortune telling that she is today". When this was translated to the yogi in English the yogi smiled and agreed and Sant Ji laughed and went onto explain how Ridhi-Sidhi are against gurmat and how her trying to do this is not the way of Sikhi and backs this up with a line from bani by Kabeer Ji, which unfortunately I could not hear properly. This absolutely blew my mind. I had to pinch myself a few times to truly believe what I had just seen. The way it happened and just seeing Sant Ji in chardikala giving the yogis just a taste of the power of bhagti was truly out of this world and my heart is still pounding from this. I'll leave the video link so you can all watch the video and also see it for yourselves Ji. Sant Ji's Bachan is said at 37:48 minutes into the video Ji. I do have one benti, Sangat Ji. Please if someone can translate Sant Ji's exact words of their Bachan as they say it in Punjabi it would be greatly, greatly appreciated Ji. I myself understand Punjabi but due to the audio quality I was unable to totally make out what their exact words were Ji. Maaf Karna for anything I may have said Ji. Here is the video of one of the greatest Sikhs of our panth there has ever been Ji. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3j9cVmx8FkI Vaheguru Ji.
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    You've yet to provide any definition. You have nindya me about ten times in this forum though. How you think I used skin color to add legitimacy to that definition I'm not sure. Come at me with something of substance bruh. Wannabe little <banned word filter activated>. Better off with women in panj pyare than your punk <banned word filter activated>. 😊
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    The only type of meat I eat is Lamb thats Jhatkad by a Rehatdhari Nihang Singh using a Puratan Sarbloh Kirpan...
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    The Sakhi was Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Mardana Ji both came to a village where the people were really rather horrible to them, so Guru Sahib blessed them to always keep their roots there. When they came to another village Guru Sahib and Bhai Sahib Ji were treated with alot of respect and love. But afterwards Guru Sahib cursed them to get uprooted and scattered. When Bhai Sahib asked why Guru Ji did this, Guru Ji told him he wanted the evil people to remain in one place so they couldn't spread and infect the world with their evil. But good people will spread goodness wherever they go, so he wanted the people of this village to spread goodness. That's from memory so i dunno the exact specifics so Bhul Chuk Maf Karni.
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    Past lives and past are same in your small brain😁
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    Retarded people like you can't even think leave aside guessing. They are just born to bark like mad dogs
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    Operative word being 'past' this usually equates to history for most sane folk.
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    You showed your mental iq of a donkey by not knowing the difference between past lives and history
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    I asked you to do something and share your findings with us. Are you scared to do that now😁
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    Everyone knows you have a gutter mouth which comes from your gutter upbringing
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    Seems your brain is already rotting away given the level of mental retardation you have; tis apparent you have a parasite from the water the rest of the world flushes down their shitter which you fudus drink in New Zealand.
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    Why the f you here then. Go rot in hell where you belong.
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    An old thread but just been thinking how quiet it is in punjab on thr sikh rights and justice front, you would think since the badals are now out the picture, the sikh activists behind the sarbat khalsa would get moving again now the sikh butchers (congress) are back in control. A few notable points that come to mind: 1. The sikh killing congress are quite firmly in control of punjab. 2. Badal Dal in freefall 3. Still no closer to unhatching the planners behind the ang ripping of sggs mahraj across punjab 2-3 years ago 4. Congress have recently dropped sedition charges against the front liners and jathedars related to the last two attempts of arranging sarbat khalse 5. akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co shtum on biannual sarbat khalse.. all the issues they raised are still there though..... hmmmmmm???? Sounds like the likes of akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co have acomplished what they wanted hence no talk of future sarbat khalse. Stinks of a dodgy deal with congress and these fake sikh leaders especially (4), were they doing the bidding for congress all along???? The important kaumi issue (3) seems to have been "forgotten" by akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co, or was (3) just a convenient excuse for them to achieve (1) & (2). Can't trust anybody at the sikh political top table. Hopefully the world sikh parliament gets off the ground as diaspora sikh politics is more cohesive, less uncorrupted and not as pendu backward as punjabs sikh politics.. maybe this will lead to reformation of some kind of regular sarbat khalsa type gatherings to bring focus to actual issues and in turn addressing them. Basically posted this to see if anybody else smells some rats in amongst; akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co??????
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    and you are a patit as you seem have to have ZERO pyar, satkar or nimrata judging by your comment. If getting with a 'patit' is such a paap, then why dont you stop chasing money? aint that against baani aswell?
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    I very much appreciate that veer ji. I can search it on here too momentarily.
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    The Akal Takht which Santa built with blood money was demolished by Sikh sangat and rebuilt
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    He was the biggest sell out and traitor who licked the feet of Indra and did whatever she asked him to do.
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    One can see the reception you have received from previous posts who has the smaller cerebrum. Your contribution has not always been poor but on this occasion you have surpassed expectations of foolishness.
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    I think you left your brain in bed today. I'm nothing compared to Guru Sahib, that's why I said im confident i can access my past lives IF Guru has Kirpa. Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote about his past life, but you're the one calling it "useless" So what you're saying is Gurbani has portions which are "useless" lmao? So let's break it down since I think im being really too fast for you. So here you go. You said Yet... Guru Gobind Singh Ji not only wrote about his past life...but he actively discussed it. So you see here what you've done, you've gone and called Guru Gobind SIngh Ji something obscene.
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    they're the same things you numpty.
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    Haha, I'll accept it from you!
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    You are so casteist.....
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    living down under doesn't necessarily mean you have to speak from it..
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    So Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who wrote about his past life...is what then? Why are you avoiding my question? You called anything past life related useless so why did Guru Gobind Singh Ji write about his own. Why did he write about the past incarnations of every notable personality on the Indian Subcontinent...no..the entire world. Getting past life regression isn't even hard. Rather simple if you follow the Path of God.
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    A bit too harsh isn't it mate? I mean hell is temporary so you can't technically belong there.
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    stop being a gadha for once. are you more knowledgeable than Sant Jee?
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    If we took a poll in an attempt to ascertain how retarded everyone here thinks you are, it would probably break the internet. Do us all a favour would ya...because I think rather it is your presence which makes this place the shittiest darn cesspool we ever did see.
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    Go ahead and find about your past life. Do share what you were and what you learnt from that life. Can't believe the level of stupidity you can come out with😁.
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    If u feel dhumma is mukhi then in my opinion the answer to ur question is No he is neither sant or brahmgiani.. anyone to argue otherwise must be wearing rose tinted chushmey. (thought id answer as this q seems to have been side stepped in previous responses). If you consider somebody else to be the mukhi, then possibly yes depending on who see the mukhi to be..
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    look what I stumbled upon http://sikhissues.blogspot.co.uk/2018/
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    Past lives are history, they're history of how certain personalities of the Panth Manifest, they're just as much a part of history as anything else, if you don't believe me then go read Bachittar Natak . In the Past Guru Gobind SIngh Ji as Dusht Daman did Bhagti of Akaal Purkh Mahraj and wrote Sarbloh Granth, not only does he bring up the fact that he had a past incarnation but he also wrote about the history behind the Sodhis and the Bedis, look at that, Guru Sahib wrote past lives ALONG with history as one component. If they're so useless then please tell me why Akaal Purkh himself penned them down?
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    Nindo Nindo.. Nindo Moko Log Nindo… Criticise me… Oh Criticise me All you people… please criticize me. The great Kabir ji.
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    It’s really good that you are looking at this kind of stuff & learning more, keep it up.... it’s all mahraj kirpa..... the point I was trying to make is there’s no point sharing that stuff on a site like this.... comments above are proof of this lol... your better off posting stuff like this on sikh awareness.... you’ll get intelligent constructive replies..... on here you get borderline special needs members making comments just for the sake of saying something.... these lot would get nowhere near a gyan sabha where things like this would be discussed.... read khalsa mool mantar..... that is where Sant Ji’s katha is based on
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    Yet another jagmeet singh nit picking wedding thread, can we please play this type of golli dandi game when we were in little bit comfortable position politically, in media, last time i've checked GOI tried to <banned word filter activated> sabotage canadians sikhs relations with liberal party and no doubt indirectly attacked ndp leader-jagmeet singh in the recent fiasco and very well influence canadian elections in 2019 by driving hindu and vast indo canadian votes to conservatives and create a fear and parnioa among white masses how liberals pandering are hurting bigger INDIA-CANADA relations. There are currently whopping 135 articles in canadian press against phantom sikh extremism in canada in one week span. Here is the list. Even sunny hundal is working around clock to refute some of them. https://www.facebook.com/notes/gurjiwan-singh/canadian-media-and-sikh-extremism-february-2018/10155547313673924/ Wake up!
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    Finally someone who is looking at the bigger picture, instead of letting his own insecurities and jelousy get the better of him.
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    Welcome to Kalyug, enjoy your stay.
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    I am hardly a sycophant of Jagsaw Singh, a recent example being his vile comments towards me here. But your protestations would have more effect if you would actually quote what you object to, and attempt to refute it, rather than make a nebulous charge of "lying".
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    Cookie parshad?! I am sold.
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    Very interesting, thank you!