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    Right to the misspelled personal attacks ji? This is why people keep calling you angry and you keep getting site banned ji. Wait so you linked us to something you wrote to validate your claims here? Lol. Nice. And apparently you profit from it? Lololol
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    This is my very basic understanding. It all started when the british ruled India. Thw gurudwaras were ruled by mahants, priests with hereditary positions as the landowners and income earners from the gurudwara properties. They were an immoral lot. So the sikh people protested to have them ousted. The british decided to support the mahants and it was a long struggle. Today we celebrate those accomplishments as Nanksar da morcha, Jaito da morcha and Guru ka baag morcha.These morchas(protests literally battlegrounds dont know how to translate) had the most high body count. The sikhs suceeded in getting rid of the mahants.and then they had to think of how to create a different governing body for the gurudwaras. They created SGPC Shrimoni Parbandak Committee. It was supposed to be democratic, elected by votes. And there was the Jathedaar, the highest position in sikh religion. He can issue edicts that apply to the whole sikh panth. Like the pope except he has no divinity. This was during british times so early 1900s. But some sikhs dont support committees and voting as it can lead the majority immoral ppl to win which we dont want in religious affairs. They would prefer to go back to the sarbat khalsa system and the panj pyara system of olden times (1700s when sikhs were rebellious and lived in jungals and constant conflict with the mughal government. They ruled themselves as such) But then india gained independence and became a democracy. However it refused to give Sikhs any rights in Panjab. Sikhs fought for state rights, like the right to teach their language panjabi, the right to the water in their rivers. The akali dal was an organization at the forefront of this state rights resistance. They won some victories. And were seen as heroes. So for state elections, sikhs always used to vote akali dal vs the national party congress. And so there are 2 organizations in panjab. Sgpc controls the gurudware and they have a huge revenue from donations at the gurudware. And then there is akali dal, a political state party. It will never rise to national levels because it caters to sikhs and panjab. Which is only 1 state out of 40 or 20 states in india, i forget. But over time akali dal aligned more with the central and national government than their constituents the sikhs and panjab. This split widened in 1984. When the CM zail singh. I think he was like the state minister of panjab and maybe the head of akali dal as well. He supported the attack on harminder sahib to oust or kill sant jarnail singh bhindranwale. He was killed for his role in 1984 by sikhs, i think. But ever since then there has been mistrust of akali dal. Which is sad cuz the sikh party and it betrayed sikhs. Badal was also a politician during the 1984 times and was involved in suppression of khalistaan movement. Anyways there are 2 elections in panjab i think. 1 to vote ppl for SGPC, only sikhs vote cuz it governs sikh gurudwares and is the sikh religious organization. 2 to vote for state ministers (ministers are like senates. India follows the british parliamentary system). The political party with the most seats in parliament decides the prime minister(President) of the country.
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    Veer ji. I agree. It has long been routine. I work helping the homeless in my community now, among other things. I mean how we going to help in france or other places we aren't? True. They also shiver without blankets. I'm not in europe, maybe you could do a clothing drive? The carmelite nuns taught us how to do this in our area. Can't vouch for the video quality but there are a 100 ones like it. Maybe we could start a website with a lot of tips like this, and then geo specific sections where people can upload specific information about surviving homeless or hard up in those areas. Again I think you speaking to a compassionate community already, that is why people are saying well...what to actually do about it?
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    Why he or they needs to do theatrics and the Deep echo sound system that they carry around? It is all theatre show but nothing else and same goes with many others.
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    I think that there should that for non Amritdhari, it really should be a registry marriage with an Ardas. Most non Amritdharis only pay lip service, they just want to dress up and look the part. They don't want to spend anymore time going through the Anand Karaj, the kirtan, the speech and shagan. It will speed up the time so they can get to the reception. But if Anand Karaj was restricted to Amritdharis the Gurdwarae will lose a large chunk of their revenue.
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    We complain because we don't have enough Sikhs in politics. When we do have one we still complain because he's not a Mahapurkh. A generalisation that one could make is Sikhs in political power have not always adhered to maryada as strictly as janta. The same is true for many other communities, and just like Jagmeet they know where their loyalties lie - for the qaum. I find it hard to believe that his motives are otherwise. If they were, he would have been at an advantage had he still been a mona rather than an Amritdhari. While there's no doubt that Raajneeti from a Dharmic perspective should always contain elements of righteousness, the means to reaching the primary objective, which I believe in this case to be the betterment of the Sikh Qaum and amassing political influence and power to wield in the international arena, may well be outwardly adharmic. This especially applies at a personal level whereby one may be exempt from certain religious laws to serve the greater good. Executing Ranneeti and Raajneeti simply cannot be held to the standards of Rehat Maryada namely due to the fact that this is Kalyug. As stated in another post we cannot and should not expect the neetikaars to be pious and religious figures. Unless of course we're happy being personae non gratae forever. If it later becomes evident that his motivations, intentions, and loyalties lie elsewhere, by all means tear him down.
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    Guys secretly admire girls with open hair. My husband always used to encourage me to leave mine open. Uncut hair is hard to leave open without it blowing everywhere and getting untidy. I finally told him - they cut their hair to get that look. So yes- being amritdhari does mean that you have rid your feelings for a spouse whose looks match the western ideal stamped upon us by advert after advert about what looks best. Why don't people see it as a positive - as in a cut hair girl actually married a sikh boy When they reject pag vale we complain - do wheres the praise now? An apna married an apna and we are still sad. What do we want and who made us judges by the way?
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    Come on don’t be so harsh on him! He’s a solid banda who is fighting for Sikh causes. This video is all about warming to those sceptical White Canadians. PR exercise nothing more. As far as his partner goes who knows what conversations have taken place between the two. Maybe she will take her Amrit from when they are officially married. Besides there are 101 Amritdhari girls who walk around who also wax and pluck so I don’t think Jagmeet Singhs fiancé can be pulled up on this yet. Also are seriously going to hold his privileged upbringing against him. He could have just chased the money and kept off the rador by being a yes man but instead he chose to be vocal about his grievances and chose to represent his community and be their voice when nobody would speak for them.
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    That would have taken a lot of digging to figure out. Thank you very much.
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    I had to read it twice to get it. Lol. I appreciate the education though. Well refuted.
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    She didn't pen a letter to Guru Sahib but to Mata Sundri Ji, she was separated from the Guru army and followers during the attack at Sirsa River and left with Mata Sundri Ji but got seperated from there too, the mughal tried to cox her into marrying him but she got hold of his dagger and killed herself to protect her own honour. The Mughal then buried her with muslim rites but Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji later on buried her with sikh rites, though I dunno too much about this part, it could have been another Bibi. really touching sakhi.
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    Alright. One of those is my friend confused face. Did I actually miss something other confused face?