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    posted a gif but the heading in the url was somewhat let's say not appropriate for a Sikh Forum and it's likely I would be severely chastised by the internet powlice
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    I really don't understand how. We have proven beyond doubt Guru Ji and his Sikhs fought with rifles in addition to a wonderful array of bladed weapons. You cannot make blanket statements without evidence.
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    Wow amazing. Guru Sahib fought without guns. Hope no one attacks you on the street man, I would love to see you "love" them to death. Ghandi Style.
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    I'm sure you wear Bana 24/7 then. And you seem a bit dense, the pointy turban he talks about is a nok style turban not a flippin' Dastaar Bunga. Two completely different styles. Yes guns will be used because guns are also Hukam of Akaal, else Maharaaj would not have written about them in Gurbani. Now then...where did I put that ant powder???
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    Cannot escape that easily. jk. Report the person's profile and posts for quickest action from moderatos/admins
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    Remember when we said in the Gupt section that this person is a troll. Time for quality control! 15 years of this forum member, I can sense the presence of trollist !
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    Yeh my dad was physically abusive and horrible when I was young aswell. Maybe he's changed or maybe he hasn't. Let him believe what he wants to and you believe what u want to believe. Forgive him but be wise in who you choose as Company. Focus on your own life. If you're still living in his house and he's still abusive, report him. Don't beat him up don't Lower yourself God bless you
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    Were not forced to do anything. Guru Gobind Jis infant sons were being forced into converting Islam but they refused. They were killed standing up for their beliefs and freedom of choice. I believed in what I wanted when I was younger. I was called a rebel child by alot of people. But at least I was free.
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    These days sikhs have become vaishnav BAMMANS. Its all good to be a vegetarian but we shud not hate meat or meat eating sikhs.
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    You get paid to troll by some organization or just do it for free? I know what it is. You have a controlling interest in a brick factory and you're looking to create a climate you can unload your surplus. Here's a pic from catalonia for you.
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    The lost Sikh turban style! At last!
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    I would say in the modern world, that horsemanship has translated into some impressive motorcycle use...for...uh...justice.
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    Valid point but not accurate in terms of the intention of the OP's topic. He (or she) was referring more to the folk who HAVE taken amrit, are Gursikhs, are entrenched in Gurbani, but still do not understand anything about Sikh unity, tolerance of other Sikh schools of thought whether it be between various jathebandhiya, etc. The issues regarding 'Harnam Singh Dhumma vs Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale' are nothing to do with Dave Jones down the road. :biggrin2: Our white brothers and sisters are, in this instance, blameless. If the guys at the top (the Sants and the jathebandi leaders) join hands then what excuse do the chele have for further exploiting differences and deepening divides? If Sikh leaders (even moreso the spiritual) stop running to wherever there's pounds and dollars and only go where Sangat is crying out for help then we will see change. Until then people will only have their bharosa chipped away until breaking point.
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    It's the western thinking that is corrupting our children.Parents are the ones who should be blamed.They only want to have their children grow up to be succeful even if it means cut their hair etc.They want to be accepted by the whites. What they don't realize is that you don't have to change drastically to be accepted.Parents are pushing education in front of gurbani etc. I love white people it's just we are drifting off to far. PS:Don't tell me I have no right to say the things I said.I have personally seen these things with my own eyes.