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    The Canadian Sikh Sangat is largely a post-84 sangat. The UK Sikh Sangat is largely a post-partition /post WW2 sangat. This has an impact on their collective psyches.
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    Oh right. So it should've been "playing football wearing a kirpan." I understand.
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    I wouldn't play football with a kirpan. It's disrespectful and dangerous. Just use a football.
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    Jagraj specifically mentions bani and puratan itihaassic granths as our tools for finding our way out of the maze that angreezi's created. Certain closed minded fudhus need to get over the mini-mental breakdowns they have when faced with information that contradicts the horse-poo version of religion they have inherited (usually via some colonial sepoy soldier ancestor). Yeas, sexual matters might be referred too, as well as the use of psychotropic pharmacopoeia. People need to throw off the prudery of Victorian protestant values they've imbibed and become more worldly. We know that poor, pendu juts were mass-targeted very specifically by goray for their 'Sikhism', so it shouldn't be a surprise if the most confusion lays in that quarter. If a shaster is some 'symbolic' thing for an amritdhari instead of a real tool to be used for defence, they should just keep it real and become sehajdharis and give up the pakhand. I don't live too far from you now bhen ji. How I'm seeing dastaar wearing bibian raising their sons around me is pretty much making the boys useless for anything else other than office work in future. We should face that truth too.
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    Reprogramming ourselves........very interesting talk by Jagraj Singh. Wish I could have met and talked to this brother. All the best for 2018, I hope it stretches us all to new levels.
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    not gonna lie. He does look a bit intimidating though no disrespect to Baba Ji, please forgive me for my distasteful joke Akaal Purkh Ji. Trust me OP, your Dad sounds like a nutjob. If Devtas were coming to him he would getting good advice, I don't think Durga Devi will be too interested in throwing people down stairs or punching a toddler in the face. She has bigger things on her plate.
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    They do not believe in Naam. There's not even any point mentioning the rest. They are atheists phenji.
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    who is to say I'm not the one hacking this site and not a mole, so same question to you. would you rather be shot and left on the side of a river or casually dropped off at your local khet? Oh and before your untimely demise please choose one of the following methods of friendly information gathering: Electrocution of dingly danglies Small paper cuts, ok well slightly deeper Iron creases from old age
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    We should pay our respects to Inderjit since its clear he is getting hacked by the government.
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    Not hard to guess mine, currently not wanted by GOI
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    Yeah I know some of them. I'll check with them later to see if they are monitoring you. I was actually referring to MI5 and the FBI. Ask NonExistent paaji. He's already on their blacklist. He did indeed. Why do you think we haven't seen him here recently.
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    Government agencies are reading this right now. Might as well upload pics of your passport.
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    He doesn't mean using the kirpan in game, he means that keeping the kirpan on person.
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    Exactly! Why on earth would anyone think this? yeh, it's a case of not sticking to a dharam.
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    Evil??? What a silly thing to say.
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    Bro, I've been after that book for like WELL over 10 years! lol (seriously) Nice one. Anyway, no matter where we are now, it's never over till it's over. Change is coming. Over the next few generations we will ensure that people have a much better understanding of what they are, and how they got muppeted into believing some new 'synthetic' religion created by goray. One of the most significant impacts of this is that I think the 'conservatism' that strangely defines the 'respectable' community today is going to go flying out the window. This has dangers too, especially with Sikh females, some of whem struggle with self-discipline in sexual matters that leads them straight into the hands of predators. Maybe this itself is a consequence of the conservatism that I speak of anyway? We'll find out in time. Our work is cut out for us. We need soldier mentalities to step up to all the work ahead of us. It's already been started. Just got to follow through now.
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    lol! I wasn't having a go at you bhen ji. It's just these days I really dread getting invites (which i rarely do nowadays anyways), to vegetarian relatives 'functions'. As well intentioned as they are (God-bless), as soon as I leave them I have to (literally) crawl into my bed like an anaconda that has swallowed two whole gazelles, and needs to few days to digest it all. The kind of work I do doesn't allow you to be physically sloppy. You'll get sacked for that 5hite quickly. Talking of which, better get to bed. First day and early start tomorrow - after the xmas break.........
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    (i) Read one or more pages of SGGS and listen to as much kirtan as possible. (ii) Eat only to support the body and not for the fun of it - (oni duniya tore bandhna ann pani thora khaya), also making sure no sentient being was hurt for my taste buds. (iii) Right after waking - first thing 5 -10 minutes of simran(iv) Khalsa should be tyar bartryar - simple home workout - 3 sets of pushups, squats and leg raises - our body is a shastar too afterall (v) Not engage in meaningless gossip only use words to inspire joy in others (no fikka bolna) -Lab lob ahankar taj trishna , bahuta nahi bolna (vi) Minimize use of electronics (especially cell phone) - they steal our precious breaths like none other (vii) Give away clothes, electronics , furniture etc that I do not need and live minimally (viii) Sponsor underprivileged children and help them realize their dreams. (ix) Educate people about virtues of simple living, simple weddings (x) Drop castist surnames if you still use them and discard all baggage of this evil brahmanical practice - our gurus fought hard to bring equality to all and we blinded by our egos, have undone all their good work.
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    Bhen ji, this is exactly what has to change in our community. We need to be giving out nutritious food when we meet, not stuff that'll turn us all diabetic after 2 or 3 sittings. Give me smoothies, organic kookars, machi (i.e. protein rich food) and low carbs please. As much as I love the other traditional stuff, they debilitate your mobility because they are so tough to digest.
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    You say it as if we have been sleeping, Canadian Sikhs have been at the anti-India forefront since day 1. Most of our Gurdwaray are not in the hands of Communists, Indian Nationalists, Moderates etc. Sure, a couple are, but that's worldwide. Our committee members are angels compared to UK ones.
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    Glad you remembered that one. lol! I'm wondering what members think of Jagraj's point that colonialism essentially created a new, passive religion ('Sikhism') that utilised the visual imagery, iconography of Sikhi especially in its Khalsa form but was a complete departure from the faith and fiercely independent mindsets of our pre-colonised forefathers. What is this 'reprogramming' he speaks of??
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    Eloquence?!?!? Certain closeted clowns on here were pretty adamant that I was some ranting, potty mouthed bundha. lol! Just passing through. It's back to the grind in a couple of days.
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    Ranjit Singh made them his own. He trusted them as their kin. Many Dogras are still Sikhs, so they are our own. Punjabi =/=Sikh
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