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    Please see the reply on amritvela from Gurmat Bibek Singhs toward dadhre cult leader:
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    General assumption is that jat's are zameendaars in Punjab. Storyline in commercial is based on their lifestyle.
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    like this : and I've easily done the required fifteen minutes float could have done hours obviously in fresh water (swimmin pool) but would be easier in saltwater
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    as part of the test for scuba diving you have to float on the surface of the water for fifteen minutes , it's easy when you relax your body and trust the physics .
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    fat people float simple , fat is less dense than muscle or bone , no miracle just besharam parents who think being out of condition is some special thing to celebrate . when this lad develops diabetes or heart disease , only then will they wake up.
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    Listen to the video. Ranjit is sitting on the stage telling people to not to do simran. Gurbani says to do simran with your tongue, mouth, mind, and heart. Even a dog cries for his owner. Ranjit has no owner. He is a beymukh.
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    Brother singhbj singh, I will not go into depth as I do not see the need, for the verses of Kabeer Jee are direct and simple. You see we all know, Wahiguru is present everywhere, but that His presence as such is not of much avail for us, cause though He is within us also, we do not see Him. It is only when we do His simran, we are carried within those subtle spiritual realms, where we can see His Jot in full refulgence and hear His sweet divine voice, for as the Bani says: Amrit Bani Har Har Teyree. Outer Amrit is had through mouth, but the inner Amrit Bani, is heard by the soul, as we all know, Wahiguru is known Satnam or Shabad also. So here Bhagat Kabeer Jee is saying, if I ever die, let me be at that time engaged in His Bhakti, for it is the only vehicle which transports me to that realm, or call it His door, His Darbar, where I can have His Darshan and listen His sweet amritful voice. Also when we are conscious of the world we are unconscoius of the reality within, while if we are within, we are dead to the world and its paraphernalia, so Bhagat Kabeer Jee is saying, He wishes to die at His door, means, dead for the world, but much alive spiritually in the inner realms. Also see the true humility of this Bhagat, for we all know, nobody can reach Him, without His kirpa, yet from his words, he is telling us, he is such a sinner, that in fear, he says he hopes, He does not ask : who is lying at my door? Sangat Jee, even the lying at His door, it is by His Hukum only, it is now just a matter to time to enter inside. For if He has brought us till His door, He wants us to enter, and not for rejecting, as mostly we manmukhs falsely do with our fellow beings. I am not saying with this my reply I am 100%right, but it is my personal view, though the Sangat here is quite wise and can also give their respectable opinions. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Premi I should be asking the same question why mod's & admin are allowing this topic ?
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    I don’t know paji 🤔, I think it’s best if you ask him yourself, you’re more likely to get a direct answer.
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    I don't need to read an article to know that the world has changed greatly in the electronic age.
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    Only slightly. Why can't he post in the correct section (POLITICS | MEDIA | FEEDBACK | LIFESTYLE)? Why have different sections for this forum if no-one is using it properly?
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    well you have got time and love for your little town in warwickshire, as you have written essays on this, then thought your clever by calling me a pakora LOL. But when I called you a samosa you didnt like it. Now do you realise how pathetic you come across? I aint got negativity or hatred, I got better things to do in my time. You just dont like the fact I cussed your town, your probs part of the besharam commitee yourself hence why you got ants in your pants LOL. Maybe you should add your own name to this list!!! P.S I rather stay away from your palm, never know where its been.
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    . What’s the thanks for ? For the friggin full stop?
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    The reason why Christianity and Islam has high numbers is due to their missionary work. Without it they would be small religions to. Also they invaded countries and brough their religion with them. We need start preaching about our faith more. It needs a world wide effort. Huge scale funding and resources need to go into it.
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    All pendu area? I love it 😂😂😂😂
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    Lol ok, thank you for your time and your veechars. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖ਼ਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫ਼ਤਹਿ
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    Apart from the ignorant British attacking a Sikh wearing a turban (which I hear is very rare, I'm Canadian/American btw), I doubt that the British people will target Sikhs. Instead, what they will do is far worse, they will use our history with the Muslims to incite us, especially our youth, and basically use us as fodder as they did in their Raj, though this time, it'll be purely against the Muslims.
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    I've never heard a 7th grader refer to themselves as "daas".
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    I agree with the notion that we must first succeed as a community ourselves, before going out and fixing the issues of others, and of course, charity begins at home. However, what Ravi Singh is doing isn't bad at all. I think we as a community have developed a very bad habit of criticizing each other for any achievements whatsoever. I agree that Ravi Singh should be doing more for Sikh issues, but he's also not doing anything bad either, he's instead following Sikhi by helping people irrespective of their faith, creed, ethnicity (so basically recognizing the human race as one). I think we need to overlook some of his faults (which I agree he does have, but who doesn't) and instead see how we can get not only him more exposure, but our community good exposure as well. Name one Sikh that has won a Nobel Prize, none. It wouldn't hurt to have one, and so if there's a likely candidate such as Ravi Singh, why not back him up? @jkvlondon Of course the reward of seva is unmatched by anything, however a Sikh getting a Nobel Prize is a great achievement for our community, collectively. So I don't see what's wrong in helping Ravi Singh achieve that goal, which is ultimately a communal goal.
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    If this type of parchar offends you don't listen to him. Just keep listening to people like dhumma and banta singh. Why do you insist on cramming your view(s) of sikhi down others' throats? Now you guys are after NKJ? Honestly man if it doesn't match your taste, listen other parcharaks. At the end of the day he tells everyone to read guru sahib for themselves, if you guys are right, then why are you worried?