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    This is the mentality that makes us a joke in the eyes of other kaums .... when did we become low minded like this , that we would ignore Guru Pita ji's advice to NEVER speak such words to destroy another's good work or character in front of society especially a Brother or sister i.e. nindiya , I guess swimming in the same cesspool as others of low characters has finally affected our judgement. Please drop the B'tchy falsities and support a brother in a key position which could help our kaum's political aspirations and profile
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    Big Tera and the other dude calling Jagmeet Singh a homosexual, both of you should stop making yourselves look like jealous little kids. Big Tera -what grounds have you got to doubt Jagmeet? Because he is successful? Premi- Do you think he is homosexual as your own gaydar is working over time? Typical wasteman mentality, bring someone down who is doing well. Jagmeet is an ex monah turned Amritdhari who has always acted and conducted himself very well, made Singhs look fashionable and has took the injustices of the Khalistan movement to an international stage. Big Tera and Premi - what have you both done? Unless you can even match 1% of what Jagmeet has done, I suggest you stop making yourselves look stupid.
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    What’s the matter with our kaum.. why our kids are lingering on getting married. I have couple of my friends who are in mid 30’s and still single. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    So what he’s unmarried. Just because somebody isn’t married, does not make them a homosexual. Gosh, talk about over analysis 😧
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    God´s wonders. A very poor woman with a small family called - into a radio station for help from God. A non believer man who also listening to the program, decided to make fun of the woman. He got her address, called his secretary and ordered her to buy a large amount of foodstuffs and take it to the woman. However he sent it with the following instructions : When the woman asks for who sent the food, tell her it was from the devil. It was late afternoon when the secretary arrived at the woman´s house bringing all the foodstuff. The woman was so grateful for the help that was received. Don´t you want to know who sent the foods? The secretary asked. The woman said, just say thank you, to whomever sent these. As I do not care who the person is, because I know, when God orders, even the devil obeys.
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    he's very relaxed and comfy in his sikh saroop , I think he's a good role model for the youth , in terms of possibilities and being tough despite bullying (he's been talking openly about his youth) , being proud of gurroop and non-apologetic I remeber his impromptu lesson:
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    💐Amazing Reply💐 Teacher to a kid: If you tell me where is the Lord ..? I will reward you $10........ Kid smiles and replies gently: I will give you Millions, If you tell me Where He is Not.....
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    MARRIAGE BOX Most people get married beleiving a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all thinghs they longed for. friendship, companionship, intimacy, etc. The truth is that marriage is an empty box at the start. You must put in something, before you can take anything out. There is no love in marriage. Love is in people. And people put love in marriage. There is no romance in marriage. You have to infuse it into your marriage. A couple must learn the art and form the habit of giving, loving, serving, praising, keeping the box full. If you take out more than you put in, the box will be empty.
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    In Punjabi there is saying 'moot vich machiyaan maardaa'. You are doing just that! The guy is an Amritdhari Singh who happens to be the grandson of 'Seva Singh Theekriwala' (famous freedom fighter during the British Raj). He comes from pedigree that is not brought up to remain silent. He was awarded the 'Sikh of the Year in 2013' but was refused a visa to travel to Amritsar receive it because of the voice he raised against the 1984 state sponsored genocide. He has not backed down to this day. 'Hardly the actions of someone who is repressed'! The Canadians gravitate to Jagmeet Singh because he is transparent, honest and is brave enough to take on difficult issues. All of these qualities are shaped by his faith and heritage. This why he is a success and this is the reason why so many other pretenders who run Gurdwara comitees and so called politicians in the U.K and Punjab fall short. They are neither committed to their faith, to their people or brave enough to raise their voice in protest. Too scared to rock the boat!
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    It's nice that he has been chosen NDP leader. He is both the first Sikh and first visible minority of a federal Canadian party to become leader. In order to become Prime Minister, he will have to convince Conservative and moderate voters that he is not going to import 10% of the worlds 1.5 billion Muslims. I think he has made a good start by not including increasing immigration in his priority list of 4 action items: income inequality, indigenous Canadians, climate change, and electoral reform. I think he would make a good opponent for Justin Trudeau. Just like Trudeau is relatively young, so is Jagmeet Singh. He is also very good looking, to my eye, at least. He is extremely fit, and his tailored suits show it. (They must be tailored, no way those could be off-the-rack suits, with that close fit.) Just like Trudeau boxed, he is a mixed-martial arts fighter. He's not a lukewarm uncleji like Harjit Singh Sajjan, but rather something like Obama: not necessarily in the politics, but as a relatively young figure that creates excitement. In the image-centric age we live in, it doesn't hurt to have been called Canada's most (or one of the most) fashionable and stylish politician by Buzzfeed, GQ, and Toronto Life. The fact that he won on the first ballot is astounding. He got 53% of the vote, more than all his 3 opponents combined, with the greatest being at 17%.
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    The most credible Sikh in politics today! Onto to the next phase for sure.
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    not in the legal field as they take making partner seriously and that was his chosen route to politics through the legislative arm. He came to politics later than other career politicians
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    Thank you simran345 yes they are much appreciated
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    Any married couple will have their ups and downs. Different religions and cultural traditions provide different solutions. The Guru Granth Sahib (p.143) states, “Should brass, gold or iron be broken, the smith fuses it back together in the fire. Should the husband and wife have a break of relations. Through children are their bonds forged again. The ruler when making a demand, by a tax is calmed. The hungry, by food are satisfied. With rain and inundating rivers is famine lifted. In love through sweet speech comes reunion”. https://gurbaninow.com/shabad/398/5878 The Guru acknowledges that a relationship can become broken. However through their children, it is possible for a couple to find love again, and it is through love that they can overcome their difficulties. http://www.wahegurunet.com/role-of-women-in-sikhism
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    Tusi Kaur or singh? remember that no matter what the situation is, many time I see old timers always usually take sides of boys. This is just my opinion and bad Punjabi culture practice that I’m sure won’t last long in future.
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    This my personal knowledge about rehraas sahib and I would like to share it so other people can maybe learn from it. Rehraas sahib was changed in 1940's by bhasauriay who were basically paid by the government to change rehraas sahib so that Sikhs would not get power and this happened and we fell for it they British Indian government did this because they knew if they cut out some dasam bani in rehraas sahib then Sikhs would not regain there raaj there is a document which clearly states that dasam bani has a lot of power and the Sikhs should not be allowed to feel it's power. That is some history also some people say the nihang rehraas is very long but in truth takes 20 mins taksaal and nihang rehraas sahib is acceptable but the missionary rehraas sahib is not Sant gurbachan singh said that those who read the shortened rehraas will not receive blessings from the almighty. That is some knowledge I know about rehraas sahib if you like more information email me and ask me. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding rehraas sahib. Hopefully this article has not offended anybody if so I apologize you don't have to agree with me but this some studying I have done about rehraas sahib. Bhul chuk Muaaf
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    Singh don't worry your mum will have trust do Ardaas and don't argue do your nitnem and when you are ready for amrit nobody will stop you and guru Jee will be with you all the way. Don't worry your mum will trust you. You will be fine.
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    honestly there are many things girls are expected to do - shoulder such hardships and protect their parents from the gory details to avoid making them suffer - very common in domestic abuse cases parents are unaware of how bad it is until the girl is hospitalised or dead. I personally saw a MIL dropping her DIL in the maternity ward when I was having the twins with the following words 'jeh kudi hoee sanu phone nah karree' My Dad used to give me massively hard time and be harsh ... my Mum confronted him as to why ..his logic 'pata nahin kehije family naal viah karoge , main ehnu toughen up kar reha hu taanke eh cope kar sakke ' Mum explained that it is important to give me good memories and self-confidence as it goes a long way to balance out . I knew my Dad loved me beyond ...but he was never given a method to show his softer side . The younger gen are a bit better in doing this and I've seen a lot of superproud Dads with their daughters but I get the feeling that if that girl fails in some way the father's ego will get a direct blow. My folks were unusual as they wanted me to be a girl (firstborn) and my mum was cussed out by the punjaban they were renting a room from because of it.
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    err don't know where you get that idea , most women are the first to be anti-women and give a girl a hard time ... gursikhs don't give or ask for dowries, don't shell out for party sharty with dancers and sharab, and accept bhana honestly if a singh is strong in his rehit and bani , he will empower the daughters immensely as he will recognise her value
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    nah just using him to generate publicity for her protest against anti-islamphobhia anti-racist motion 106 of course she didn't target any of the other white politicians that passed the motion... cynical racist move on her part to use his look to get column inches then tries to throw shade at his mention of past experience of profiling ...
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    He's not a politician he is an activist who was persuaded by his friends to enter politics and make a real change. There's nothing untrustworthy or sly about Jagmeet Singh. He has never compromised his Sikhi or beliefs along his meteoric rise in politics or his youth. He is truly a lion amongst today's many sheep. "Sava Lakh Khalsa"
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    Good accomplishment. I hope he stays true Sikhi and represents Sikhs honestly.
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    Yes, in a perfect world both husband n wife need to adjust equally not in Desi world 😊 Who said anything about being a slave, am just stating facts ie being realistic. Liberal girls don't have an arranged marriage, moderates haggle seek compatibility whereas backward are just told to marry (have no say in decision making). PS - In a perfect world Admin's wife, sister & mother would also be participating in the forum
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    Bad Company A rich man had only one son. The son fell into the bad company. He developed many bad habits. The man was much worried about the habits of his son. He tried his best to mend his habits but he could not succeed. One day he thought of a plan to teach his son a lesson. He went to market and purchased some fresh apples and a rotten one. He came back to his home and called his son. He asked his son to put all the apples along with the rotten one in the almirah. The son did the same. After some days father asked his son to bring the apples. As he opened the door of almirah he was surprised to note that all the apples had become rotten. He felt sad. At this his father told him to see how one rotten apple had spoiled all the rest. In the same way one bad companion could spoil all others. The father's advice had the desired effect. The boy gave up bad com­pany and became good again. Moral: Better alone than in bad company.
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    Growing closer to akaal yes but doesn't speak about Muslim hindu etc
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    Dasam bani with all other bani's blessed by our Guru's contains alot of power. Please remember that the same jot from Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji passed through to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, there is no difference. Stop thinking too much, focus your 'mind' on the creator, fall in love with the beauty, stop looking for 'problems/issues', nothing actually gets done without his Hukam :).
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    What is your view on shortened and sampooran rehraas sahib because I would like your thoughts and It will give me an understanding of how people think about gurus bani.
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    His wiki page says he is unmarried. Chances he is a repressed homosexual? Would being unmarried damage his political chances in Canada?
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    If you had studied them. Then provide what you know so far. But you have not because its your attempt to cause issues on the forum. I know you are not a taksali and have only picked this name to poke fun at Taksal. You big up dhumma knowing the Sikh sangat and those who stay true to sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa will be bothered by it. What missionary group do you belong too? Is it panthpreet sinh, ranjit sinh, dhunda, or Darshan ragi?
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    Akali fauj don't make threats because I have read your reply about baba harnaam Singh Dhumma and you should not say anything to him because you don't know anything about him and you don't know why does what he does so please think before you speak.
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    I dont like him for some reason. seems untustworthy and sly. But then again all politicians are like that.
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    @singhbj singh doesn’t your bakwas ever stop? You should get some counselling or some therapy for it.