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    In Punjabi there is saying 'moot vich machiyaan maardaa'. You are doing just that! The guy is an Amritdhari Singh who happens to be the grandson of 'Seva Singh Theekriwala' (famous freedom fighter during the British Raj). He comes from pedigree that is not brought up to remain silent. He was awarded the 'Sikh of the Year in 2013' but was refused a visa to travel to Amritsar receive it because of the voice he raised against the 1984 state sponsored genocide. He has not backed down to this day. 'Hardly the actions of someone who is repressed'! The Canadians gravitate to Jagmeet Singh because he is transparent, honest and is brave enough to take on difficult issues. All of these qualities are shaped by his faith and heritage. This why he is a success and this is the reason why so many other pretenders who run Gurdwara comitees and so called politicians in the U.K and Punjab fall short. They are neither committed to their faith, to their people or brave enough to raise their voice in protest. Too scared to rock the boat!
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    This my personal knowledge about rehraas sahib and I would like to share it so other people can maybe learn from it. Rehraas sahib was changed in 1940's by bhasauriay who were basically paid by the government to change rehraas sahib so that Sikhs would not get power and this happened and we fell for it they British Indian government did this because they knew if they cut out some dasam bani in rehraas sahib then Sikhs would not regain there raaj there is a document which clearly states that dasam bani has a lot of power and the Sikhs should not be allowed to feel it's power. That is some history also some people say the nihang rehraas is very long but in truth takes 20 mins taksaal and nihang rehraas sahib is acceptable but the missionary rehraas sahib is not Sant gurbachan singh said that those who read the shortened rehraas will not receive blessings from the almighty. That is some knowledge I know about rehraas sahib if you like more information email me and ask me. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding rehraas sahib. Hopefully this article has not offended anybody if so I apologize you don't have to agree with me but this some studying I have done about rehraas sahib. Bhul chuk Muaaf
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    err don't know where you get that idea , most women are the first to be anti-women and give a girl a hard time ... gursikhs don't give or ask for dowries, don't shell out for party sharty with dancers and sharab, and accept bhana honestly if a singh is strong in his rehit and bani , he will empower the daughters immensely as he will recognise her value
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    'Sikhs and Gender' Conference by Oxford Sikh Society £3 TICKETS DATE AND TIME Sat, October 21, 2017 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM BST Location LOCATION St Antony's College 62 Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 6JF United Kingdom Discovering Sikhism is an annual conference held by the University of Oxford Sikh Society and this year we invite you to our conference with the theme 'Sikhs and Gender'as we seek to reflect on how gender relations shape Sikh and surrounding cultures. We hope to provide this event as an opportunity to learn, debate and ask questions in the open and academically stimulating environment of Oxford. Topics discussed will include gender discrimination in Punjab, writing a gender history of the Sikh Empire, and how British Sikh masculinities were constructed with regard to the 2016 Anand Karaj protests in Leamington. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sikhs-and-gender-conference-tickets-38365175272?aff=es2
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    maybe if the stupid s)d stop drinking he would have more fragile Y sperm living to generate a possible male , it's not her fault he's the one determining the sex of the child , I reckon this one scientific fact should be drummed into punjabis' heads it would go a long way to redress the blame game and get the men to look after their health better. vasey what the hell is she agreeing to generate more kids when he won't look after the ones he's already got ?
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    This is what men need to do also. There needs to be parchar at the Gurdwara on how to deal with these things. And when the men get together, rather than talking about what is expected as norm in society, change it to what to do if so and so happens. There should be a counsellor type man and woman in each pind. The panchayat don’t really do much.
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    Amrit is a confirmation of your 'death'. And your marriage to vaheguru. You give up yourself, your mind, body, soul and understand that vaheguru is in everything, everyone. You wake up during amritvela and focus your consciousness on the beauty of the creator and slowly you start falling in love with his play
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    By "this" do you mean destroying a gutka after yet another girl was born? Yeah, that's manmat, but not just manmat, it's a vicious attack on the body of Satguru. This fool is bound for hell. On the other hand if you're asking whether a Sikh wanting a son is manmat, no, it's not. Was Guru Hargobind ji a manmukh for saying that "puttar" is "nishan" to the wandering sadhu? Of course, if it is not written in God's will for you to have a son, you should not pout or be angry with God. You should accept God's will as sweet.
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    What's to say just a con-man claiming to be an expert in everything
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    Honestly manmaat, but in all reality it's our fault we've brainwashed a generation into thinking do paath, and get what you need. All this because 'Babay' have been doing Arths of shabads like this: "jo mangay takhur apnay te, soee soee devay" as whatever you ask god for, do a certain # of japji sahibs and you'll get it. We're the better translation would have been those who ask for god onto themselves, as in ask for the gift of sikhi, they revive their requests. Had he been given better gian and taught santokh he could see the anand in this. We also have punjabi culture to blame for this: daaj, wedding culture, the fact that males are seen as more superior, and the thought that girls won't be there for them.
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    Abhyasee...? Nevermind let's just focus on the topic
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    girls ar no more burden these days and pendu women’s ar more advance because they have smarter 💡
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    Any western based high profile Sikh politician will be targeted by the Indian establishment and the Indian media, particularly from Canada since Sikhs in Canada are probably the most politically active in regards to Sikh rights in Punjab. Any Sikh politician that speaks up for Sikh rights and wants to open up the enquiry to 1984 will be seen as "Khalistani" or paid up lackeys for Pakistan by India. What India fears the most regarding Jagmeet is that he could potentially become Prime Minister. No stone will be unturned by the Indian establishment to scupper this.
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    None other than Khalsa Panth. Sant Ji spoke against today's equivalent of fanboys/fangirls even back then saying don't prioritize Jathebandi over Panth.
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    My analysis of her from her you tube post was she was sent by Indian govt to discredit him. Due to the unfortunate Muslim-Sikh confusion exist in the west She was just using that to create a scene.
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    He's not a politician he is an activist who was persuaded by his friends to enter politics and make a real change. There's nothing untrustworthy or sly about Jagmeet Singh. He has never compromised his Sikhi or beliefs along his meteoric rise in politics or his youth. He is truly a lion amongst today's many sheep. "Sava Lakh Khalsa"
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    honestly there are many things girls are expected to do - shoulder such hardships and protect their parents from the gory details to avoid making them suffer - very common in domestic abuse cases parents are unaware of how bad it is until the girl is hospitalised or dead. I personally saw a MIL dropping her DIL in the maternity ward when I was having the twins with the following words 'jeh kudi hoee sanu phone nah karree' My Dad used to give me massively hard time and be harsh ... my Mum confronted him as to why ..his logic 'pata nahin kehije family naal viah karoge , main ehnu toughen up kar reha hu taanke eh cope kar sakke ' Mum explained that it is important to give me good memories and self-confidence as it goes a long way to balance out . I knew my Dad loved me beyond ...but he was never given a method to show his softer side . The younger gen are a bit better in doing this and I've seen a lot of superproud Dads with their daughters but I get the feeling that if that girl fails in some way the father's ego will get a direct blow. My folks were unusual as they wanted me to be a girl (firstborn) and my mum was cussed out by the punjaban they were renting a room from because of it.
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    Dasam bani with all other bani's blessed by our Guru's contains alot of power. Please remember that the same jot from Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji passed through to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, there is no difference. Stop thinking too much, focus your 'mind' on the creator, fall in love with the beauty, stop looking for 'problems/issues', nothing actually gets done without his Hukam :).
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    7 daughters means 7 weddings and 7 sets of dowry. Told "koi nahi" everytime his wife gives birth. The pressure of relatives and villagers constantly on his case about not having a boy. Being constantly ribbed about not having a son. Being a man, you are expected to suck it up. There is no support network like women do with each other, the only thing you can do is turn to drink.
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    His wiki page says he is unmarried. Chances he is a repressed homosexual? Would being unmarried damage his political chances in Canada?
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    I don't big up dhumma I don't believe him as damdami taksaal Mukhi but I know that he is a abyasee he does a lot of naam abhyaas also he has done bad things behind taksaal back such as eat ladoo with badal which personally I think is really bad but I know that he is a naam abyasee and he still is in the Sikh panth so I think we should not say anything akalifauj let's leave it and do no more don't cause an argument and if I have offended anyone I apologize also this topic was not for an argument I would just like other people views on rehraas sahib. Bhul chuk Muaaf
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    akalifauj I am not a missionary I am am a takasli singh please let's not argue and fight let's sort it out. Akalifauj I apologize if I have offended you and I am going to make a topic later today on history and my personal studies of rehraas sahib
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    If you had studied them. Then provide what you know so far. But you have not because its your attempt to cause issues on the forum. I know you are not a taksali and have only picked this name to poke fun at Taksal. You big up dhumma knowing the Sikh sangat and those who stay true to sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa will be bothered by it. What missionary group do you belong too? Is it panthpreet sinh, ranjit sinh, dhunda, or Darshan ragi?
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    Akali fauj don't make threats because I have read your reply about baba harnaam Singh Dhumma and you should not say anything to him because you don't know anything about him and you don't know why does what he does so please think before you speak.
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    Yes, I do. What all went down? Why did the committee even invite him in the first place? Are the cmte members rode hedonists and atheists? Devout rode? Kesadhari shraabi kabaabi, or devout kesadhari? Amritdhari or mistaken (missionary) Amritdhari? Did some traditional Sikhs show up to oppose Dhadrianwale? In what way were they opposing Dhadrianwale? Did the cmte attempt to calmly ask the opponents to leave the Darbar Hall, or did they jump straight to beating them up? Was the cmte beating people up?
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    No, brother, this is my transcription of Sant Dhadrianwale's 10min video. From my post: "This is basically what he said. I'll reply later on below:" I don't know if Gurpreet Singh from California made a recent refutation video, but I know that he does a lot of that sort of thing. Quite interesting that Dhadrianwale did not address any substantive points made by Gurpreet Singh, but merely homed in on the number of protesters and supporters.
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    Are you saying above or someone else? Because I know everything that happened there because I’m involved in it - first hand experience from day one meetings till today. Any questions?