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    He's not a politician he is an activist who was persuaded by his friends to enter politics and make a real change. There's nothing untrustworthy or sly about Jagmeet Singh. He has never compromised his Sikhi or beliefs along his meteoric rise in politics or his youth. He is truly a lion amongst today's many sheep. "Sava Lakh Khalsa"
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    Isn't all this mythology? Why does this have relevance with us?
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    Show this to those who believe Pendu women are a burden, incapable of change👍 https://mobile.twitter.com/ArronSingh/status/915154378251800576/video/1
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    Sikh & Punjabi society is too blame for such incidents. Girls from poor families must be given free education, health insurance & social security till they become an adult. If parents are incapable or unwilling to raise a girl child, she should be given to a childless couple for adoption. Govt & Religious Organisations have failed that's why people are looking upto to Baba's for support n guidance.
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    Typical backtracking. Good luck with your life brother.
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    In no particular order, just taken from playlist I use to rip audio off to put on my ipod... Can only embed 5 videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sB-G5LQGII& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl3d_QSODhg& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bwIYMJop-s& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biYEY5FI510 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVUBs62ntXo& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC-6a5fDgzg& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYNQfAhSIhM& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1zXGBZaBDw& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ePYT5U2ibo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1IIdNU0y-U& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPa-kA3Y-wM& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb-Qk_Wicic& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpVthja5kB8& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYrv60nvcC4& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpNNJhlWa-4& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THp6wTq2q-c& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rScvuWZQWc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HttcoBHOSZw& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j6RWnvjozY& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqXPgmVB6F8& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a489jGk5R-4& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qogieR7SznE& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKRih_kj88U& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1evBpE111Kg This is secretly an idea for me to get new kirtan to listen to lol. Please contribute.
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    What's to say just a con-man claiming to be an expert in everything
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    Honestly manmaat, but in all reality it's our fault we've brainwashed a generation into thinking do paath, and get what you need. All this because 'Babay' have been doing Arths of shabads like this: "jo mangay takhur apnay te, soee soee devay" as whatever you ask god for, do a certain # of japji sahibs and you'll get it. We're the better translation would have been those who ask for god onto themselves, as in ask for the gift of sikhi, they revive their requests. Had he been given better gian and taught santokh he could see the anand in this. We also have punjabi culture to blame for this: daaj, wedding culture, the fact that males are seen as more superior, and the thought that girls won't be there for them.
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    Abhyasee...? Nevermind let's just focus on the topic
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    girls ar no more burden these days and pendu women’s ar more advance because they have smarter 💡
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    In Punjabi there is saying 'moot vich machiyaan maardaa'. You are doing just that! The guy is an Amritdhari Singh who happens to be the grandson of 'Seva Singh Theekriwala' (famous freedom fighter during the British Raj). He comes from pedigree that is not brought up to remain silent. He was awarded the 'Sikh of the Year in 2013' but was refused a visa to travel to Amritsar receive it because of the voice he raised against the 1984 state sponsored genocide. He has not backed down to this day. 'Hardly the actions of someone who is repressed'! The Canadians gravitate to Jagmeet Singh because he is transparent, honest and is brave enough to take on difficult issues. All of these qualities are shaped by his faith and heritage. This why he is a success and this is the reason why so many other pretenders who run Gurdwara comitees and so called politicians in the U.K and Punjab fall short. They are neither committed to their faith, to their people or brave enough to raise their voice in protest. Too scared to rock the boat!
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    Any western based high profile Sikh politician will be targeted by the Indian establishment and the Indian media, particularly from Canada since Sikhs in Canada are probably the most politically active in regards to Sikh rights in Punjab. Any Sikh politician that speaks up for Sikh rights and wants to open up the enquiry to 1984 will be seen as "Khalistani" or paid up lackeys for Pakistan by India. What India fears the most regarding Jagmeet is that he could potentially become Prime Minister. No stone will be unturned by the Indian establishment to scupper this.
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    None other than Khalsa Panth. Sant Ji spoke against today's equivalent of fanboys/fangirls even back then saying don't prioritize Jathebandi over Panth.
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    Don't know about tricks & cheating at Swayamvar therefore will make no comments.
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    he's very relaxed and comfy in his sikh saroop , I think he's a good role model for the youth , in terms of possibilities and being tough despite bullying (he's been talking openly about his youth) , being proud of gurroop and non-apologetic I remeber his impromptu lesson:
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    I don't big up dhumma I don't believe him as damdami taksaal Mukhi but I know that he is a abyasee he does a lot of naam abhyaas also he has done bad things behind taksaal back such as eat ladoo with badal which personally I think is really bad but I know that he is a naam abyasee and he still is in the Sikh panth so I think we should not say anything akalifauj let's leave it and do no more don't cause an argument and if I have offended anyone I apologize also this topic was not for an argument I would just like other people views on rehraas sahib. Bhul chuk Muaaf
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    akalifauj I am not a missionary I am am a takasli singh please let's not argue and fight let's sort it out. Akalifauj I apologize if I have offended you and I am going to make a topic later today on history and my personal studies of rehraas sahib
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    Internet Se Download Wife to Husband: Tumhe Pyar Karna Nahi Aata. Husband: To Kya Ye Bachhe Internet Se Download Kiye Hain??? Wife: Nahi Eh Tan Singh Sahab De Pen Drive To Litte Ne. Kash Main Mobile Hunda Kudi Bust Stop Te Khadi, Mobile Te Gallan Kar Rahi Si, Boy ohnu Comment karda hai: Haye! Kash main mobile hunda, teriyan Gaallan (chicks) naal lagya hunda... Kudi: Haan, fer main ghar jaa ke charger teri *$%*& ch laundi... Rabb ne tiwi nu Rabb ne tiwi nu sunder banaya Khoobsurat dimaag vi diya Hirni jehi aakhan deyi Gulab jehe honth Pyar bharya dil ditta Te fer Jubaan deke sab te pani fer ditta...
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    Husband Di Saza Husband Naal Ladai Karn Ton Baad, Tivi Ne Apni Maa Nu Phone Kitta: Mummy Osne Fer Mere Naal Ladai Kitti E, Main Tuade Kol Aa Rahi Han... Maa: Na Putt Na, Ohnu Ohdi, Galati Di Keemat Chukaani Pavegi, Tu Na Aa, Main Aa Jaani Aa Tere Kol... Husband Wife Problem Wife: Oh Sweet Heart, Tusi Kinne Pyare Ho? Meri Photo Hamesha Apne Naal-Naal Rakhte Ho? I Love You... Husband: Jad Vi Koi Problem Aundi Hai, Main Tuhadi Photo Dekh Lenda Han, Te Problem Solve Ho Jandi Hai. Wife: So nice, Tusi Dekhya Main Tuhade Layi Kinni, Lucky Han? Husband: Jee Bilkul, Jad Vi Koi Problem Hundi Ae, Tuhadi Photo Dekh Ke Menu Oh Problem Vi Nikki Jehi Lagdi Hai, Sochda Han Ke Jad Aidi Problem Nu Jhalda Han, Eh Tan Kujh Vi Nhi... Aalu Bhindi SMS Joke 1 Aalu Ne Bhindi K Number Pe I Love U Ka Msg Beja, Bhindi Ne Use Phone Kar K Bura Bhala Kaha Aur Boli, Shut Up, Tum Itne Mote Aur Main Slim And Smart, Aalu Ko Bahut Dukh Hua Aur Us Ne Phir Itni Sabziyan Fasaayi Ki Aaj Aap Dekh Skte Ho, Aalu-Ghobi, Aalu- Bengan, Aalu-Shimla Mirch, Aalu-Palak, Aalu-Matar, Aalu-Gajar Aur Bindhi Us Din Se Aaj Tak Akeli H, Moral: Mat Kar Itna Gurur Surat Par Ae Haseena. Son and Papa Son : Papa 10+10 Kine Hunde Ae? Papa : Ghade, Kanjra , Ullu De Pathe, Nalayak, Haramkhor, Tenu Kuch Nhi Aunda Ja Andron Calculator Le Ke Aa.
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    Lol ok, thank you for your time and your veechars. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖ਼ਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫ਼ਤਹਿ
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    VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH California has a decent presence of Sikhs in most bigger cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco) and across the Central valley (from Sacramento to Fresno to Bakersfield). New Jersey - city of Carteret and surrounding areas. Richmond Hill in Queens, NY has probably the highest density of Sikhs in the U.S. Smaller clusters are in Seattle, Dallas/Houston, Indiana, Chicago, Atlanta, maybe Michigan. Western Sikhs have center in New Mexico, but also in Los Angeles. Mid West and other lesser populated areas are much less likely.
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    I don't follow any jathebandi. But i do like 17 Nanaksar Gurdwara built by Baba Gurdev Singh. I enjoy listening to AKJ kirtan. I practice reading Gurbani according to the Taksal. I believe in Dasam Granth like the Nihangs.
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    None. But I listen to kirtan of any jathebandi, that whichever one my soul connects with, I will listen to that shabad.
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    It's nice that he has been chosen NDP leader. He is both the first Sikh and first visible minority of a federal Canadian party to become leader. In order to become Prime Minister, he will have to convince Conservative and moderate voters that he is not going to import 10% of the worlds 1.5 billion Muslims. I think he has made a good start by not including increasing immigration in his priority list of 4 action items: income inequality, indigenous Canadians, climate change, and electoral reform. I think he would make a good opponent for Justin Trudeau. Just like Trudeau is relatively young, so is Jagmeet Singh. He is also very good looking, to my eye, at least. He is extremely fit, and his tailored suits show it. (They must be tailored, no way those could be off-the-rack suits, with that close fit.) Just like Trudeau boxed, he is a mixed-martial arts fighter. He's not a lukewarm uncleji like Harjit Singh Sajjan, but rather something like Obama: not necessarily in the politics, but as a relatively young figure that creates excitement. In the image-centric age we live in, it doesn't hurt to have been called Canada's most (or one of the most) fashionable and stylish politician by Buzzfeed, GQ, and Toronto Life. The fact that he won on the first ballot is astounding. He got 53% of the vote, more than all his 3 opponents combined, with the greatest being at 17%.
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    Ape is a compliment to him, I would downgrade to something more minuscule and worthless.
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    Good looks? lmao. I think OP has an inferiority complex here.
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    Socio-Economic classification simplified Lower class - Biskut Middle class - Biskit Upper class - Cookies Lower class - Roomal Middle class - Hankie Upper class - Kerchief Lower class - tamaatar Middle class - Ta'may'to Upper class - Toh'mah'toh Lower class - Sauce Middle class - Ketchup Upper Class - Toh'mah'toh dip Lower class - Lifafa Middle class - En've'lope Upper class - On'vo'lup Lower class - Nimbu Paani/Shikanji Middle class - Lemonade Upper class - Virgin Mojito Lower class - Jean pyant Middle class - Jeans Upper class - Denims Lower class - Chasma Middle class - Goggles Upper class - Shades Lower class - chaddi Middle class - underwear Upper class - lawn-juh-Ray Lower class : Do cutting chai leke aa bé Pintu. Middle class : Can I have two cups of tea. Upper class : May I have two chai lattes please. Regular. Lower class: Middle class: Upper class:
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    You had the dream of Harmandir Sahib normally, put your mom shouting to wake you up in real life.
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    A tale of 5 idiots Akbar asked Birbal to look for five biggest idiots in his state and produce them in his court within a month. After a month's extensive search operations, Birbal brought to the court only two persons. "But I asked for five", Akbar angrily asked. "Give me a chance to present them one by one", Birbal pleaded and went on to present his idiots: "Maharaj, this man, while travelling in a bullock cart, was keeping his luggage on his head so as not to hurt the bullocks. He is the first <banned word filter activated>.Pointing to the second man Birbal continued, "And this man here is the second <banned word filter activated>. Some grass grew on the roof of his thatched house and he was trying to force his cow climb up a ladder to graze on them." Birbal continued, "Maharaj, there were a lot of importants jobs for me to do in the state, but I ignored them and wasted a precious month in searching for idiots. According to me I am the third <banned word filter activated>." Birbal paused here for a moment. "Who are the fourth and fifth idiots?", Akbar thundered. "Beg your pardon, Maharaj", Birbal continued, "You are the king and are responsible for the wellbeing of the entire state and its people. You need wise persons to help you oversee the state affairs. Instead of looking for wise people you engaged me to look for idiots. According to me you are the fourth <banned word filter activated>. And, Maharaj, the person who is glued to this post, keeping aside all his high priority assignments, oblivious of pressing needs of his familiy, just to learn who is the fifth <banned word filter activated>, is the fifth <banned word filter activated> himself. You will not find a better <banned word filter activated> to beat this one. What do you say, Maharaj?", Birbal concluded. Akbar said, "Post it immediately in all forums. Lots of idiots are eagerly waiting".
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    True but the mistake we make as Sikhs is that we always get thinly spread out and then when the storm comes we suffer. Around the world now we are spread out just as the Sikhs were pre-1947. The only Sikhs that survived were the one who lived in areas where Sikhs were a good percentage of the population or those how were able to flee to those areas. Some Sikhs have the mentality that they want to move away from areas that have a large Sikh population such as those those who moved from Southall to Iver, Ickenham, Reading etc. So they have spread themselves thinly and when the proverbial will hit the fan which it will in the next decade or so they will be sitting ducks. Sikhs in Europe should really be thinking of moving to UK if possible. Hate crimes against Sikhs aren't many compared to USA and they will always be a minute minority is Europe whereas in UK they can still live in Sikh dominated areas as by moving to the UK they can contribute to make these areas more stronger. I have noticed many Sikhs from Italy, Portugal and Belgium have been migrating to UK after getting citizenship of these countries. This needs to increase.
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    This my personal knowledge about rehraas sahib and I would like to share it so other people can maybe learn from it. Rehraas sahib was changed in 1940's by bhasauriay who were basically paid by the government to change rehraas sahib so that Sikhs would not get power and this happened and we fell for it they British Indian government did this because they knew if they cut out some dasam bani in rehraas sahib then Sikhs would not regain there raaj there is a document which clearly states that dasam bani has a lot of power and the Sikhs should not be allowed to feel it's power. That is some history also some people say the nihang rehraas is very long but in truth takes 20 mins taksaal and nihang rehraas sahib is acceptable but the missionary rehraas sahib is not Sant gurbachan singh said that those who read the shortened rehraas will not receive blessings from the almighty. That is some knowledge I know about rehraas sahib if you like more information email me and ask me. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding rehraas sahib. Hopefully this article has not offended anybody if so I apologize you don't have to agree with me but this some studying I have done about rehraas sahib. Bhul chuk Muaaf
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    7 daughters means 7 weddings and 7 sets of dowry. Told "koi nahi" everytime his wife gives birth. The pressure of relatives and villagers constantly on his case about not having a boy. Being constantly ribbed about not having a son. Being a man, you are expected to suck it up. There is no support network like women do with each other, the only thing you can do is turn to drink.
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    His wiki page says he is unmarried. Chances he is a repressed homosexual? Would being unmarried damage his political chances in Canada?
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    Not necessarily, if you are having life troubles even if you are a mona and don't follow Sikhi, it can still happen.
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    Dreams have a lot of meanings especially in Sikhi. Some folk here had a dream about Guru Gobind Singh Ji giving everyone treasure apart from him and instead he got a gutka sahib. Has a lot of meanings. No one regularly dreams about that stuff.
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    If you had studied them. Then provide what you know so far. But you have not because its your attempt to cause issues on the forum. I know you are not a taksali and have only picked this name to poke fun at Taksal. You big up dhumma knowing the Sikh sangat and those who stay true to sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa will be bothered by it. What missionary group do you belong too? Is it panthpreet sinh, ranjit sinh, dhunda, or Darshan ragi?
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    This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever read
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    I dont like him for some reason. seems untustworthy and sly. But then again all politicians are like that.
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    None. There's wisdom in all the traditional ones. So learn from them all and dont be sheep.