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    LOL Your actual country (Punjab) was killed and buried in 1947, and you're here celebrating its murderer.
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    I think in this new documentary she realised the scale of the massacre and horror that her family suffered. You could tell the visible shock on her face that the muslims who lived in the surrounding area's of her ancestral sahiwal village took part in the murders of helplessly outnumbered Sikh civilians especially of the women. She was hoping for some kinda closure but I dont think she got it you could see how upset and angry she was inside of her. When we are told that these poor Sikh / punjabi women who were famed and celebrated for having suicided themselves by "jumping down a well" rather than getting dishonored, molested, converted, raped and murdered at the hands of the muslim mobs. We can almost certainly be sure that most did not "jump down a well" as relatives or Sikh survivors of horrors of partition may have claimed, they knew the truth of what happened to their female relatives and the truth was too painful and horrific to tell to their future generations.
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    My family also originated from Montgomery District, now known as Sahiwal district, so I took a keen interest. However, luckily, no one in our family suffered fatalities (that i am aware of). I felt that one of the young commentators in the "Seven Days in Summer: countdown to Partition" programme on Tuesday was heavily biased against Sikhs, painting us "extremists" yet the Muslims were not described as such....
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    Xmas has pretty much lost its religious connotations even for most Westerners, it's really just about getting together with family and friends, eating too much. I even know Muslims who celebrate it for this reason. Hindu threads on the other hand have inescapable, overtly religious meanings. Moreover these religious meanings are almost always highly negative and anti-Sikh. Rakhi enshrines inequality between genders, janeu inequality between the castes (caste system essentially amounts to slavery, even worse perhaps, a slave could at least escape his bondage), and various others are said to protect against poots and buri nazar and Cthulhu and 4uck only knows what else. Sikhs should not wear things which carry such negativity.
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    I'm sure she must have realised the stories of those who had been abused what they suffered and has adjusted attitude... i noted in the program i watched last night , the tried to frame the whole revenge attack scenario on the sikhs attacking the train containing the families of future pak officials, engineers etc and their families - derailment occured and 4 died.
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    There isn't much social life or community in Canada. Everything is like 2 hours away, which seems crazy in the UK.
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    In the first one (shown a few years ago) she seemed livid at her own people because one of her relatives was killed (by other relatives) rather than captured and sexualy abused.
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    and every year we have to hope that we wont have problems to go and see our gurdwarey , because the two zionist controlled governments had a bust up. Yep Happy Happy Joy Joy SMH
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    With hindsight I think one of the biggest weaknesses of the movement was its economic vision. I think some younger people might forget (or might not know) that the lehar took place on the back of the (now infamous) green revolution. There was way too much dependence on the agricultural industry. Given the water issues even back then, it would've been more prudent to diversify the economy in Panjab at that point. I think even this dependence on agriculture is a legacy of colonialism, with a lot of the alternate industries that existed in M. Ranjit Singh's time (that may have developed into modern economies) being destroyed. I mean, Panjab was a thriving weapons manufacturer previously. The oft-repeated crying that the 'gorment' doesn't invest in Panjab for these things is pathetic in my eyes. We all know that Gurdwara donations alone (which end up largely in SGPC hands) could more than cover this. Who would've thought that a few decades later, India would be at the forefront of space programs and technology, whilst Panjab is wracked with smack and narcotics issues. I think another MASSIVE failure was the misconception (many of us had, including me) that the international community would give a toss about Sikh sovereignty/independence. We now know that the UN doesn't really care and is a toothless beast anyway. Brits did their thing of pretending to be neutral but in reality being far from. We didn't have anything to bargain with like others might (like oil and other natural resources), which might have impelled people to assist us (even if for selfish motives). Our perception of the wider world and international politics was unbelievably naive.
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    Yes so because they do it, that means its right. Majority of Sikhs drink so lets all start doing that. Just open up and say it. As long as your dear old Hindu friends do it, you'll be happy to call it Sikhi. But god forbid if a Muslim or a Christian put his traditions forward, you would have a spaz attack and scream at how it's blasphemy. Guru Nanak Dev Ji refused to wear the thread, Any true Gursikh wouldn't wear it. No true Sikh ever did wear it. Bhai Chuapa Singh Ji's rehitnama forbids it, So does Bhai Daya Singh Ji's Rehitnama, Gurbani says again and again about how its futile. If you have any shred of respect for them then you'd hold the same opinion. Also why are you doing Prachar now, you said only Brahmgyanis should be allowed to do it as its too dangerous for the rest of us. Posting stuff here where people can see is Prachar, so I take it you think you're a brahmgyani now? Bro Rakhri is steeped in Hindumat. The whole story and premise rests in Vedic traditions and total blanket sexism, Guru Sahib said woman can protect themselves fine, why would they need a man to promise to do something he would do anyway. To answer your question to the best of my ability, medals aren't really religious in nature. The thread doesn't serve any purpose except to hold something in place. While with all these other kinds its for either A) protection B) some sort of amulet for power C) sexism or D) all of the above. We need to look at the context as well.
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    OK, bro, whatever you say. You may want to look into the requirements of the various provinces, except for the most populous provinces of BC and Ontario. They have much lesser requirements for immigration, because they want to fill up their provinces, where nobody lives. Quebec is a whole nother kettle of fish, which its own immigration requirements different from Anglophone Canada. Not sure how much French you know. Check here and here for province requirements. Each province has its own website which you will have to go through and determine your points. Good luck.
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    If by "you" you mean "one", then one does not need a job offer letter merely to apply for a visa to move to Canada (which is what he said, not a work permit). It's just that having a job letter gets you a hundreds of points in the Express Entry point system. A letter from a province gets you even more points. But to get that letter, you usually have to ... have a job offer. There are other ways, too, but none that may apply to this brother: higher education, having studied in Canada, having $500K ready to invest in Canada. So yeah, for this brother, he would likely only make the points cutoff if he had a job lined up. For other people reading this thread, you could easily qualify without a job.
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    There is only one God all pervading His name is true and he is the creator and doer Fearless and without hatred, he is timeless. He doesn't come into transmigration because he is divine bliss. He is known through the grace of the Gurus Repeat his name. THIS IS THE CORE TEACHING KNOWN AS MOOL MANTRA
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    Not sure what its called but it looks silly In one hand you wear a kara in the same hand you wear a hindu thread. Its a disgrace.
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    Sometimes there are those that you can never forget. Its just a matter of dealing with it... it takes time but eventually you dont feel the same pain when you think of them. Believe me, I know that feeling. I always think about those few but it does not feel the same anymore. You kind of realise that if you really knew each other you would be with each other... If you broke up and you no longer have contact then its probably for the best. I like to think that Mahraj had a plan in place but our limited thinking does not think that way. So just let time take its course and let Waheguru Ji do what He needs to do. MAHRAJ KNOWS BEST WJKK WJKF
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    Tbh, these stories r not any different to stories of muslims and wat their women went thru, particularly in jalandhar/ludhiana and present day haryana districts. Some of our own grandmas/g.grandmas were probably muslim women captured by singhs in village raids. Sad that ppl of panjab did this to each other. Listenin to stories on bbc asian networks from partition survivors just makes u wonder, how quick things escalated into sheer madness. The same ppl who would shudder at rape, were now committing it within months of thinkin in opposite way.
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    yeah its worrying how heavily biased they are however If our pathetic weak cowardly left wing Sikhs of today are not willing to raise a fess like muslims and jews can you blame the bbc for not taking advantage by promoting islam/muslim issues and not other faiths or painting others in negative light? Modern Sikhs of today if they werent so brainwashed to be liberal lefty and more right wing like muslims and jews then we would not see this. We would see Sikhs protesting every act of anti-sikh incident or portrayal in the media.
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    Yeah I assumed that too. Will look into work there a little more. Probably need to make another trip over there this year to find out the ins and outs. Haha...why do you say that? Are Canadians that bad? lol Yeah, a country really only want someone to enter that can benefit the place - I understand that. Thank you ji
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    It's an ongoing thing in England. Appease the threat from muslims by demonising Sikhs.
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    Thank you for your response. To be honest, I like a quite life hence. As long as there is a Gurdvara Sahib close by to were I'd move all is ok.
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    Lessons to be learn't let me see hmmm 1) Our brothers should prepare for the worst case scenario so they should arm themselves with heavy weapons to protest the Sikh faith, fellow sikhs and innocent civilians from harm. 2) Infiltrate the enemy before they infiltrate you. We only now realise the amount of infiltration that went on to derail the punjabi sabha movement all the way to the present khalistan movement. 3) The Sikh misls and Sikh raj of the past happened because India was not a miltiary and politically united country it was various different hindu and muslim kingdoms/ empires who plotted and schemed against each other causing power vaccums for Sikhs to gain strength and take over. In 1980s the Indian army, police and paramilitaries were huge in number over 1 million men. In 1980s to 90s Sikhs with at max about 5,000 armed fighters throughout india? impossible odds to win against. Sikhs only 2% of population.... lesson here is increase population by conversion drives and birth rate. Also Sikh pride and Sikh nationalism should come first and override any sense of indian nationalism, pakistani nationalism, american, canada, british nationalism. 4) Always have a well connected world power as a major ally. At the moment the best hope is China as usa is sucking up to india to encircle china. And pakistan will never help the Sikhs because its an islamo-facsist regime that wants indians Sikhs to be killed by their fellow Indians for their own political mileage. So only China if courted correctly can be mutually beneficial to help Sikhs gain freedom from India when the time comes again probably if India tries to do a war with china.
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    You do realize that the other state industries get subsidized by the govt (eg, Himachal), so even if Punjab has the best industry it cannot compete with products from states which are subsidized. All I am saying is that everything is not equal in Hindu India
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    Why should Sikhs be happy for Hindu Independence? Sikhs are still getting killed by Indian govt !!
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    Why wait for independence? Why can't they start doing it now? Why didn't Panjabi SIkhs start this years ago? There is a backwards conservatism when it comes to innovation out there, not to mention widespread petty jealousy.
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    When my Guru ji is attacked continuously, my bretheren are suffering from cancer crisis brought on by uranium pollution of water,punjab turning into a dustbowl because of stealing of river water where 99% is sent to Hindu states and people getting attacked for being sabat soorat gursikhs I don't call that independence
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    He supported khalistan. He also just said that in general, he meant it all for all Sikhs who were out and about protesting and doing naaray baazi. He wasn't saying kharkus aren't khalsay. Not too mention he said that in 85, when there was little kharku action and killings. There wasn't even anyone for him to have been lecturing! Khalsa has been killing since day 1, what do you mean they don't kill?
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    Can mods make themselves visibly known and sort out the abusive language, I dont know even one mod on here. Does anyone else?
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    ? How many times have I told you to forget that <banned word filter activated> in your past and start appreciating what you do have now, before you lose that too? You must be one of the biggest a^ r^ s^ e^ h^ o^ l^ e^ s imaginable ^-^ You really need to grow up and I am telling you there is no point in barking up the wrong tree anymore. You can fool fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the tipeople me, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. That <banned word filter activated> wasn't more special than our Guru so start listening to the Gurbaaney as well as be grateful to all the help you are getting to get on with your life.
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    Someone made my day by posting this today... New York is 3 hours ahead of California, but it does not make California slow. Someone graduated at the age of 22, but waited 5 years before securing a good job! Someone became a CEO at 25, and died at 50. While another became a CEO at 50, and lived to 90 years. Someone is still single, while someone else got married. Obama retires at 55, but Trump starts at 70. Absolutely everyone in this world works based on their Time Zone. People around you might seem to go ahead of you, some might seem to be behind you. But everyone is running their own RACE, in their own TIME. Don’t envy them or mock them. They are in their TIME ZONE, and you are in yours! Life is about waiting for the right moment to act. So, RELAX. You’re not LATE. You’re not EARLY. You are very much ON TIME, and in your TIME ZONE Destiny set up for you. In conclusion don't rush to get, and don't be sad . Make today your day!!
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    None, everyday is a blessing for a Sikh. Routing our lives around the comings and goings of the moon is akin to idol worship, Bhaman ritualism or iSlamic disconformity. The punjabi culture is too submerged in the duality of worship.