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    You know why you struggle with focusing on spirituality, curbing Kaam, etc? Because of nonsense like that in bold. You heap such incredible bhaar on yourself without having the kamaai to shoulder such words and opinions. You don't have to agree or like other faiths and their figureheads - i certainly don't when it comes to a few of them - but where do you get the cojones to speak of such figures in that way?
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    You are a puppet my friend.
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    For me sikhawareness is a great forum, the amount of knowledge on those topics, real discussion and not a debate with limitations of what you can say.
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    People on here saying he's not a Nihang, or he's just a pendu & all the other rubbish.... it's laughable how some people have such a sense of self importance... so much so they comment on things they know absolutely NOTHING about. This whole incident is linked to the leadership of Budha Dal. Those interviews are of the fake jathedhar, government sponsored, SGPC slave Bazighar Balbir. This has nothing to do with anyone on here or the wider 'sikh' panth.... it's amongst the Nihangs & has been going on for years.
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    Nicely put. We do need a place where we can all talk amongst ourselves. It should not be a place where everyone thinks exactly alike. What would be the point of that? One big lesson that you get out of participating on Sikhsangat, is that a person that you may disagree with vehemently on one issue is the same person that you may agree with strongly on another issue. In my opinion, this breeds empathy and brotherly-feelings among us where we can appreciate that a Sikh who disagrees with us on some issues still has Panthic emotion.
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    Obviously I can't begin to imagine what it's like to live your life feeling as though you are trapped in your own skin. I feel so sorry for those who are forced to live this way. But there's no arguing with biology, the fact is there simply are only two genders and they are defined very easily - by our chromosomes. If your chromosomes read as XX, you're a woman. XY, you're a bloke, and nothing anyone says or does, no cosmetic alterations to the surface of their skin, will change the basic configuration of their cells. A case can be made that biological hermaphrodites constitute a third gender, but someone with XY chromosomes who believes they are a woman doesn't in my opinion merit the distinction. We Sikhs keep our kes because we do not believe in interfering with the god-given form, so how could we possibly support gender-reassignment surgery? Believing something about yourself does not make it true. A man can believe he's a dragon, that doesn't make him a dragon. Similarly, just because a man believes he is a woman, doesn't mean he is one.
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    @AjeetSinghPunjabi, this is my last reply to you, so don't reply to me again. Nobody was debating gayness or any morality with gayness, and you've been trolling like the some guy stole your money or hit your car on a road. Just learn to relax and know that not everyone is out to get you. First it's the Anti-Hindu, and now it's Anti-Straight. Nobody cares at all that you like <banned word filter activated> or a <banned word filter activated>, man or woman, and continually mentioning it just proves that you need to really have a more fulfilling life. Again this is my last reply to you on this forum, so don't continue the discussion.
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    Unless anyone has been living in the Gobi desert over the last 20 odd years, it is clearly apparent that jatts are disproportionately represented in either grooming or running away with Muslim men - and this is despite accounting for confounding factors such as "most Sikhs are jatt". The other notable factor which we can't ignore is that the victims are nearly always from the Midlands. Which, for those of you who aren't aware, is notorious for having heavy drinking jatts (compared with London or elsewhere). The jatts openly boast about their drinking exploits, in songs or on social media. Heck, I still remember when they called into a discussion programme on Nihal's show on the BBC Asian Network, who was discussing alcohol abuse in the "panjabi" community: "we jatts have enzymes which metabolise alcohol more efficiently than other Asian races"!!! There are clearly a lack of strong male role models with strong Sikhi-inspired values in jatt families. Hardly any of their menfolk wear a turban. They're now paying a heavy price for substituting Sikhi for Punjabi culture, which, even to this day, they haven't realised. I visit the Midlands often because I have extended family living there. There is literally a pub on every corner, mostly owned and run by Punjabi's and they see it as a "badge of honour" that they spend all their time drinking. This is a hangover from the "black country" industrial age, when drinking was seen as a way of socialising in the early days of immigration (no other past times) and as a way of "rehydrating the body" after working in furnaces. However, that can not explain why 2nd and 3rd or 4th generation Midlands Sikhs drink themselves to cirrhosis and a disproportionate number of Sikh females (who identify themselves as jatt) vulnerable to exploitation.
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    More Jatti Punjabi bimbos doing bestih of Sikhi kaum...just like that other thread on the forum titled "Punjabi girls behaving badly" where the girl in the video was interviewed on a Friday night drunk on broad street talking about how a guy put his tool in the wrong hole... someone said she was a Uppal, the other disgraceful bimbos in the thread showing their general Punjabi bimbo attitudes and scantily clad pic's on Instagram commenting on were Grewal and Sidhu... Uppal, Grewal,Sidhu,Samra, Sanghera all generally Jatt surnames.. Combine this with your typical jatt family.. Not a single dastaar wearing male in sight except maybe a Grandad, most of the guys are heavy drinkers, smokers, they also think recreational drug usage is perfectly acceptable , quite common to hear jatt males boasting about snorting cocaine at weddings...like it's something to be proud of. The women are too busy watching star plus dramas or keeping up aa with the kardashians and getting their hair dyed blonde . Hence there are no strong Sikh male or female role models..Is it any surprise , these kind of families are producing Punjabi bimbos instead of Mai Bhagos ?? In the case of this Samra girl, sadly the Sikh Youth Birmingham page says she had a strong interest in Sikhi and spirituality instead of encouraging her the family dissuaded her . The result was she began to look elsewhere and was radicalised by Islamists. Instead of encouraging their child on the path of Sikhi the family dissuaded her....this is the sort of Punjabi wannabe goray westernised families we have these days...
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    she only became scum because her folks did not take her need for sikhi and appropriate role models in the faith seriously . 16 years old are still naive kids and easily impressionable , it is our sanjha responsibility to be there for such young seekers
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    My opinion on this forum are as follows. Many of the posters are quite intellegent and knowledgable. However I have also noticed a sizeable number of posters with deep pyschological issues who use this forum to vent their anger and causes unecessary arguements in topics. Its like they have been bullied all their life so they let all their frustrations out on people who make innocent topics. These low lifes need to get a grip. These people know who they are and really need to take long hard look in the mirrow and do some serious soul searching.
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    None taken. I edited it because I realised it might be too long for a 74 old MisterrSingh G to read. My Nanna gets a headache after reading a long piece of writing at 69! We are ALL EQUAL before God, regardless of our sexual orientation, color, creed, caste,whether we have hairy legs, big fat noses, head full of bald patches and only one eye in the middle of our foreheads!!! Don't worry and live a happy life. May Babba G (Wahegurru G) bless you. PS: I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, so keep posting.
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    Brother Guest Singh Jee, you must bear in mind, one became an amritdhari not because of our intercations with the world, whosoever they maybe, but because of our desire to become one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh when leaving this alien land of Maya. And to become one with Him, we became amritdharis, in order to constantly remind ourselves, for that we have to tread the path of love and devotion for His Lotus Feet, at the same time remain in His bhaana, have an attitude of humility and compassion for mankind in general. Our problem is that we limit ourselves within our own created boundaries, when the truth is, Wahiguru is present everywhere and in everyone; He is present even in those who do not believe in Him, or say that, they belong to a different religion than ours. What others say or believe, is their look out, a consequence of them limiting themselves with manmukhta. There is only one God, Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Each and everyone is as per his/her own marked out destiny. Who is then to be blamed? He is the only director, rest are all puppets. The Bani says: to some He brings close to Himself, while to others, He keeps them away. So brother if He chooses by His will to keep some away, in which way are they to be blamed for not being fortunate enough like us, in believing and having faith in Him...naturally no one can go against His hukum, they still have to wander in the wheel of 84, until He Himself decides to finish this play and call back all the remaining jeevas. So you see, you just keep an eye on yourself that you do not get derailed from sikhee, that is important, what so ever others do, that is their problem, they will undoubtedly have to account for their actions. I would recomend you to go throughly the Bani, not like a parrot in a haste, but sipping each Amrit boond contained in it. This will bring you closer and closer to Him, then your mind will stop troubling you, and you shall remain steadfastly focused at His Lotus Feet. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Exactly. A utter discrace to real Sikhs
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    What is maddeningly difficult for me to understand is this: You think that your Sikh father/brother/whatever is too strict and is a "closed-minded backward twat" ... so you then "wanna do a ting with muslim men" ??! Oh, yeah, right, they're not closed-minded backward twats /sarc. You're upset at your father (or mother) for merely using words to tell you off, and so you then fall into the arms of someone whose religion actually encourages them to beat you? (Yeah, I realize some Sikhs beat their wives, I'm talking about the religion itself.) You think Sikhs and Sikhism are too strict, so you rush headlong into the embrace of someone whose religion specifies every little thing you do from waking up to going to sleep, and if you leave the religion, the punishment is death?? Can someone please explain this for me? I think my head is going to explode with the contradictions.
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    Even though she seems to have "Kaur" in her name, "Archer" doesn't sound like any Subcontinental last name I heard of, nor does "Kim" have any Sikh relation towards it. Maybe it's a troll account.
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    The reason why this forum survived is because it's being driven by sangat itself. We do not align with anyone as we want to stay independent. We never believed in promoting one group nor try to demonize anyone. sikhsangat is sangats forum and will stay up as long as waheguru akal purakh wishes it to stay. special thanks is to amar @Balait_da_Sher for keeping it safe for 15+years.
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    Good and bad in all people. Just gotta becareful in the area's and times you live in and if you do get attacked you either defend yourself or you report the anti-sikh hate crime to Sikh organisations and the authorities so these incidents can be logged and actioned. Sikhs are too passive when it comes to being victimised....either you unite fight back as a community or you get rolled over its as simple as that.
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    Guru Nanak kirpa karin Sikh kaum upar Jio_/\_
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    If Bibi Amro and numerous Sikhni were put in charge of sikh parchaar in NON SIKH areas i.e. making new sikhs and supporting the spread of sikhi , which fool would say what you just said ? Who do you think did kirtan, paat in those days and for all the years when their men were absent on the battlefields /in morchey/ in jail or are you deluded to think they sat in their homes and didn't do Prakash/sukhashan , hukhnameh etc and every aspect of sikh gurdwara sewa . I'm sorry when a female sikh does role sewa and reaches lavan da paat , you reckon she should yield to a man or just skip the ang? ridiculous ...Sikhia traditionally are given by Sikhs of jeevan so that gurmat anusaar grishti jeevan shuroo hogee. When I got married I had sikhiya from sikhs of both genders and both equally relied on gurbani. A sikh is not gender specific term. plenty of Men do langar Sewa do you ever hear Bibian criticising them ? sharam karo never make it a matter of property or haq
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    There was a Sikh man (coconut, basically), who had a son. His (white British) neighbors suggested the name Peter (I think it was), which the Sikh man stupidly accepted. Later, the neighbors had a son, and Peter's grandfather suggested the name Gurpreet (I think). The neighbors reacted badly, saying that that couldn't be the name for a Christian baby. Then the grandpa pounced: He said, "If Gurpreet can't be the name for a Christian baby, how can Peter be the name for a Sikh baby?" Everyone (including Peter's father) was chastised. The Sikh baby's father then took his family to the Gurdwara to choose an appropriate name for his son. Moral of the story: Don't be a coconut.
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    What's being pendu have to do with it? Some of the original Sikhs were what you'd consider "pendus".
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    Most of them are pendus. If you haven't figured them out by now you must be 'slow'.
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    There are also some f*cked-up people on this forum, we had one user who actually considered the cause of Bhai Jugraj Singh's cancer because he stood-up to Sharia fanatics. It's not just young people, but some people will say similar stuff about this guy. Have you even read some of the messed-up things people write on these forums? I'm not even talking about kids, but some grown-up adults.
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    Like Sikhs would ever do the work biharis do. Get real mate.
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    Gurmat is the only truth, that said whatever most people believe privately is up to them; however, among those 3 only Islam in recent times has been forcibly converting people and only Islamic fundamentalists in today's time are actively making lives hell for those who don't follow Islam. Just compare the treatement individuals get from Saudi Arabia compared to America, (the most religious wealthy country), and you can see it's a completely different world. Also what many people seem to be forgetting is that this woman didn't just convert to Islam and run away from home, she went to Syria most likely to support extremists, who would then kill innocent people. That is why I would have to say that people who can cause harm to society regardless what background should be treated as such.
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    here is the full show and details. She was a 15yo girl, who was lookin for dharam, her parents told her to go away , couldnt b arsed to teach her. Muslim groomers pounced on this underage girl, radicalised her, n she has tried to go to syria as a result. The parents shud b shot dead,i have no sympathy for them.
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    Thanks for highlighting this. You people know what to do ... Log out of Sikhsangat.com, close the laptop, and get to making some babies!! Just do it.
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    If anyone is still interested about the site we have upgraded the forum software and server software. Hopefully things will be a bit more stable.
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    The church-going, God-fearing Blacks in England are fine; nice people, even temperaments, and generally decent, hard-working people. It's the others who live on estates and in high-rise flats that you need to be careful of. As someone mentioned earlier, they can sniff weakness out very easily. Show them you mean business and, by and large, you'll be left alone. Behave timidly or show fear, and they'll take you for a ride. I had some trouble with a coarse black family a while back; they assumed I was one of those pappu Indians because I live simply, keep quiet, etc. They have a word for us... "Coolies". Anyway, that family thought they could take liberties. There were a spate of burglaries and violent attacks on my street a while ago, and one night someone had their car windows smashed. I came out with a talwar, middle of the night, breathing heavily, and I prowled and paced up and down the area infront of my home, lol, and the aforementioned family saw me from their window. Ever since then it's been, "Good morning", "Happy Easter", "Merry Christmas" etc, lol. Trust me, it's not something I make a habit of doing, but sometimes a message needs to be sent... even if one does feel like a complete 1diot doing it.
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    Well, I'm 15 and an Amritdhari since I was 10. Since two years a beard started growing on my face and I didn't bother much about it, until now. Teachers tell me that I need to shave, while my peers stay away from me cuz "i look like a terrorist" lol. At first I didn't think it much but continuous pressure by pretty much everyone has made me feel quite depressed. I thought it would be great to tie it, but my parents don't want it cuz they say this is papey-tarkhana da kam lol. my father is an ex amritdhari mona and my mother also removes her facial hair. to be honest, my father had warned me not to take amrit cuz he said there will be a time when i would want to cut kes, eat meat etc. it was difficult to find some money to buy some hair gel as my father doesn't give me any pocket money and when i ask for some he either swears or says he doesn't have anything. truth is that much of his income goes to extra-school activities like taekwondo, football, 4-5 tuitions which cost almost 600 euros. all that just because he wants me to "become something" by simply cutting me off from society. i don't own a phone while pretty much everybody does and even the pc i'm using now is a gift from a friend of my father. he somehow expects me to be the best kid in school and become a doctor, while most of the time i'm exiled either to football, taekwondo or any freaking tuition. when i complain he starts beating he hell out of me. all that has made me think that it would be better to leave amrit. panj pyare had told that when taking amrit my caste was eradicated. but everytime i go to gurudwara i see amritdharis asking my caste. i also see amritdharis hating each other while we were supposed to be a family.
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    Yes, rab da nau lekhe te sauja😴 Say Waheguru and go to sleep. Wake up tomorrow and do same thing. Keep doing it and don't write on here.
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    Satbachan Bhen ji but youngsters come on here may be swayed by his weird mindset , not gurmat at all
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    It's quite sad that you want to leave Amrit, I will try explaining why it's not the best choice from my view, in the most loving way I can. Addressing your problems of social isolation from both Amritdhari Gursikhs, school peers, and family, it definitely isn't easy with everything you are going through, but that can make you stronger than before. Also if you follow what you believe with a pure heart, it can separate the casual relationships, (peers), from the actual relationships, (meaningful friends). About your dad beating you, that's your call on whether you want the authorities involved if it's that serious. About the caste issue, for the most part it's not even a meaningful thing, and doesn't affect Amrit much, but just say Gursikhs don't believe in caste.
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    halle school putt jah reha ? There are plenty of Dharmic Singhnian around the globe who not only do Guru ji sewa but martial arts, calligraphy, kirtan on Tanti saaz not just gora di harmonium, do parchaar, homeless sewa, don't watch bollywood and stupid punjabi bhangra films , they also want decent Singhs who are educated , dharmic, non-ahankari , actually respects women . But sorry putt you fail drastically on the sikhi side BTW watching girls doing bhangra ? what kind of sikhi you got Besharam
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    Maybe he thought that no singhni would give him an answer because they're too busy in the rasoi..fitte muh
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    @parmjit10 what makes you think you're a Sikh. Your post is the most stupidest I've read on this forum in a long time. Are you even for real or doing tic tic tic on the keyboard, without thinking or reading what you're writing ? Actually no point asking you, because it's obvious you are. Where did you learn all these narrow minded over desi views from? There maybe some things that women don't do that are assigned men roles. But the things you are stating aren't. You think women are only good for the kitchen? You sound like you're from Mushu bushu pind. Yeah you know the one where they think like you. Oh I got it, you're from mushu bushu pind on shishu mishu planet. Welcome to the forum on Earth. 😂 You're not sexist? Na, you've only lost the plot! 😂 Gappa na maar.
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    funny funny ...maybe you are not able to keep a woman because have a foul outlook and that's the real mirrcha
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    who are you to judge anyone's inner life ? There are many many daler, changian bibian through out the world who put up with ahankari moorakhs without a single sigh ...go learn from them because you aren't even close to being a sikh
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    I think people really need to know that Balbiroo is just like Dhumma. Both kiss the feet of the Badals while claiming to be the rightful owners of their titles. Balbiroo has really destroyed the sovereignty of the Buddha-Dal by aligning himself with already defunct and utterly corrupt organisations like SAD and SGPC.
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    I'm referring to the incident in Satyug. Durga fought Daints and lost, She fled to the mountains and found Rishi Ji there (Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji in his previous form) and begged him to protect her. She hid in his sanctuary till the Daints came and Guru Sahib summoned Dusht Daman to fight them, he also empowered Durga as she was drained and completely weak so she could fight as well. As for those parts its referring to what the Trinity Devs started doing. Vishnu told people he was the Supreme Lord God (hence the Vaishnaiv sect formed) and Brahma started calling himself Parbharam (all knowing omniscient), Guru Sahib expands on how they fell to Maya and also failed in their tasks.
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    You are the most backward person in the punjabi community. Moni ji, wants to talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Moni cuts his hair and has been on sikh forums for 20 odd years. Moni distorts Sikh history to bad mouth gursikh. Moni is a coward. Too big of a coward to keep hair uncut. Hides in the crowd of sheep.
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    Honestly I reckon we should do a head to head comparison of sikhi thought on women with gurbani tuks to support versus Muslim thoughts and treatment with suras and aayats to support , Christian thought with refs , hindu mat with refs and make a booklet to print and distribute to ladies , girls and lads in sangat so that they can understand JUST EXACTLY HOW ENLIGHTENED SIKHI IS
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    That's not your decision to make. Forced? So Guru Gobind Singh Ji was wrong to take back the Sikh who had been forced to convert to islam? Agree. One of the things that are forgotten when people say, "oh, it's not a big deal, let them become Muslims" is that there were mounds, nay, mountains of skulls and dead bodies that needed to be sacrificed to break the back of jihadi rule in Punjab. Only with great sacrifice did we carve out an area that was safe from Sharia law and forced conversions. And to just throw that away is, in my view, a stunning level of ungratefulness towards our ancestors who battled and died to allow us to be free from the clutches of the jihadis.
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    remove your vid please
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    unlike you believe my Guru is Shabad Guru not the Deh because that is Mittanhaar. I bow to lower my own buddhi and give my head and heart to naam/truth, nothing more or less. Taking everything to shallow literal level and NOT crossreferencing to actual gurmat thought shows a level of arrogance it's laughable. I am not about to change history, names, gurbani or anything I'll leave that to hindu losers who know the gig is up. Guru Nanak Dev ji is not the author as he has told us himself 'Dhur ki Bani aaee, tin sagali chint mitaee' You are proving yourself to be a fraud sikh the more you talk , Ram is not Ram Chandar , Hari is not vishnu, Gopal is not Krishna keep plugging away no one is listening to your distortion
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    I respect baba thakir singh ji immensely however their bachan cannot be abive guru granth sahib. Agreed? Maharaj says dont lie and dont support liers. Maharaj says stand by the truth and maharaj will support you hence why Dhadrianwale are always in chardikala no matter what. "Sache da sacha dhoa". Bhindranwale will always be respected they have given their blood for us. Dhumma is using their blood to gain respect. Baba thakur singh could be wrong. They said many things. Of course i am not challenging them as they could be saying these bachans on another level or metaphorically. Taksal has lost respect because dhumma has forced himself to be jathedar. He isnt like sant kartar singh or jarnail singh. They were a different soul. Yes dhaddianwale have security BECAUSE dhumma paid for the whole situation to happen. He didnt for a split second think of what would happen if dhadrianwale came out alive. He didnt even think that could happen. Dhadrianwales life is in danger because of dhummas stupidity and jealousy. I am saying this from knowing him quite personally. Dhumma swears on a daily basis and so do his shoe lickers jasowal and jeeva etc. The outside peherava makes them likeable by us people. To the OP. Was you the bahiya? Dhadrianwale did not even change clothes and the clothes only had blood on. So get your facts right. LMAO. Harnam singhs anver can be smelt from miles. His arrogant nature and rude words prove that. Dhadrianwale speak with love. Dhadrianwale do not have blood on their hands whereas dhumma does. He also has badals feet on his head. He also has badals jhoothe ladoo in his throat. Dhumma was selected by a secret agency to own mehta. The place has no value without maharaj. As to the bachan.... if mehta gets relocated does that mean the bachan follows? Do not make such mockery of baba thakur singh. We all know that baba thakur singh have passed away therefor panth nindaks can use this as an easy escape route... just say 'baba thakur singh ji said so....". Time has changed and people will no longer take that as an answer. Baba thakur singh also said bhindranwale are in chardikala. People who use their heads will know this can be interpreted in numerous ways! In 50 years what wjll you say? That bhindranwale done yoga to make the life span long and will come back to make khalistan? Please respect the shaheedi. If bhindranwale were alive they would not go killing chardikala panthic parcharaks. They would support them. Dhumma sleeps and eats all day he begs people to attend his samagams he has his own picture and name and gutke published. He places "sant" infront of his name and sant kartar singh would never have agreed to that. He has named a vidialla and again his name is printed abive it... sant giani... blah blah. When sangat call dhadrianwale sant it is by sangat choice. Also the security is because of the demand if the sangat. Dhadrianwale would prefer to be a brother to the veer singhs but what can they do? Walk freely and have themself shot? Of course that would make taksal die hard fans very happy because they can go and own parmeshardwar.... from their track record this is the only thing they know how to do.. Dhadrianwale jatha singhs are very humble and hard working. Dhummas jatha are killers and murderers. It is not a safe place to visit. Dhumma begged sangat to vote badal...... HAHAHA. Now that is hilarious. I dont even know where to start with that one. Dhumma admits to his doings and that proves he is a criminal. Just because killing innicents isnt a bajjar kurehat it doesnt mean dhumma is a good lad. Dhumma has no inner peace and dhadrianwale are very calm and content and inspirational...... no proof needed just watch a divan..... ANY diwan has more sangat interested and singing gurbani than dhumma has seen on his 6june samagam. Dhummas losing his voice too and his probably going to die of jealousy very soon anyway. From the perspective of someone who has spoken to dhumma..... it is sad to see taksal spiral downwards. Stop using previous jathedars to backup dhummas antics. Follow the truth and only thr truth. No apologies for telling the truth. Gurkirpa.
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    Sikh ch shouldnt have allowed ppl to call through - fuelled the rumoursand niave ppl fall for it.
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    WJKK WJKF This has prob been answered to death previously but i couldnt find anything using the search.. My kesh have pretty much fallen out and left me bald and im only in my 20's!!! For the remaining of my hair lol - after wearing a dastaar all day and getting home can i leave my hair in a jhoora at home or should it still be covered? Bhul chuk maaf
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    Ek Onkar Satnam Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh These folk stories having nothing to do with sikhi or the khalsa. So i recommend posting this query on a punjabi forum. Gurfateh Ji "I have no name"