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    More Jatti Punjabi bimbos doing bestih of Sikhi kaum...just like that other thread on the forum titled "Punjabi girls behaving badly" where the girl in the video was interviewed on a Friday night drunk on broad street talking about how a guy put his tool in the wrong hole... someone said she was a Uppal, the other disgraceful bimbos in the thread showing their general Punjabi bimbo attitudes and scantily clad pic's on Instagram commenting on were Grewal and Sidhu... Uppal, Grewal,Sidhu,Samra, Sanghera all generally Jatt surnames.. Combine this with your typical jatt family.. Not a single dastaar wearing male in sight except maybe a Grandad, most of the guys are heavy drinkers, smokers, they also think recreational drug usage is perfectly acceptable , quite common to hear jatt males boasting about snorting cocaine at weddings...like it's something to be proud of. The women are too busy watching star plus dramas or keeping up aa with the kardashians and getting their hair dyed blonde . Hence there are no strong Sikh male or female role models..Is it any surprise , these kind of families are producing Punjabi bimbos instead of Mai Bhagos ?? In the case of this Samra girl, sadly the Sikh Youth Birmingham page says she had a strong interest in Sikhi and spirituality instead of encouraging her the family dissuaded her . The result was she began to look elsewhere and was radicalised by Islamists. Instead of encouraging their child on the path of Sikhi the family dissuaded her....this is the sort of Punjabi wannabe goray westernised families we have these days...
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    he may have had it from 1984 and it grew slowly just like steve jobs one but what are you trying to imply? You reckon rebutting muslim attacks and christian attacks on sikhi and its message, makes this somehow a punishment for that ? ARE YOU MAD OR JUST A COWARD?
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    You are a puppet my friend.
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    Unless anyone has been living in the Gobi desert over the last 20 odd years, it is clearly apparent that jatts are disproportionately represented in either grooming or running away with Muslim men - and this is despite accounting for confounding factors such as "most Sikhs are jatt". The other notable factor which we can't ignore is that the victims are nearly always from the Midlands. Which, for those of you who aren't aware, is notorious for having heavy drinking jatts (compared with London or elsewhere). The jatts openly boast about their drinking exploits, in songs or on social media. Heck, I still remember when they called into a discussion programme on Nihal's show on the BBC Asian Network, who was discussing alcohol abuse in the "panjabi" community: "we jatts have enzymes which metabolise alcohol more efficiently than other Asian races"!!! There are clearly a lack of strong male role models with strong Sikhi-inspired values in jatt families. Hardly any of their menfolk wear a turban. They're now paying a heavy price for substituting Sikhi for Punjabi culture, which, even to this day, they haven't realised. I visit the Midlands often because I have extended family living there. There is literally a pub on every corner, mostly owned and run by Punjabi's and they see it as a "badge of honour" that they spend all their time drinking. This is a hangover from the "black country" industrial age, when drinking was seen as a way of socialising in the early days of immigration (no other past times) and as a way of "rehydrating the body" after working in furnaces. However, that can not explain why 2nd and 3rd or 4th generation Midlands Sikhs drink themselves to cirrhosis and a disproportionate number of Sikh females (who identify themselves as jatt) vulnerable to exploitation.
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    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool I swear the trolls are getting more and more stupid by the day. Claims to be a Sikh but tells everyone to do Durga Puja. Read the next line Bhaugati means sword there or deepest power (in reference to God and not Durga). You'll now say that every time Raam is used it means Ram Chandar, every time Har is used it means Vishnu and so on. Get a grip. The very verse you keep quoting then goes on to say that God created Durga to destroy the demons, so there goes that theory. ਤੂ ਕਹੀਅਤ ਹੀ ਆਦਿ ਭਵਾਨੀ ॥ ਮੁਕਤਿ ਕੀ ਬਰੀਆ ਕਹਾ ਛਪਾਨੀ ॥੪॥ Gurbani already made it clear that She can't do anything, that verse alone criticises her and shows how helpless she is. No-ones equal to Akaal Purkh he has no consort, so please.
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    He's basically saying, that because Bhai Jagraj Singh was doing street parchar and having conversations with Muslims about Sikhi, that was the cause or contribution towards him becoming ill. Very narrow minded and pathetic thinking. Now you know what to expect if you do parchar, this is the bakwas you will have to hear from people who have no consideration for those that have made a difference to the Panth and helped not only youth, but adults also to connect to Sikhi. Who needs enemies when your own are belittling good soul's names. You should be ashamed singhbj. I'm done with u.
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    Like Sikhs would ever do the work biharis do. Get real mate.
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    I agree, a lot of coons like to eye and stare at singhs and try to intimidate them thinking they are easy pickings. I love when they stare at me, I hate jungle bunnies. That is exactly why we should train, in a different post you said we should focus less on training spend more on educating regarding leaflets and stuff. That is all good but when you get 5 jungle bunnies who all are prepared to run into your home woth weapons to find and steal gold what are you going to do? We have to stop this pathetic excuse not to train, a khalsa who does not learn self defence and the way of the sword should not use that title. They are just sheep in a lions outfit.
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    You provide nothing new to the discussion for adding women to punj pyare. All these arguments have been proven wrong. Read the previous threads. Equality has nothing to do with this discussion. Singhs with missing limbs can't be part of punj pyare regardless if they are Brahmgiani or Gurmukh. You or anyone else is not the special chosen one to go against Gurmat of ONLY Singhs in Punj pyare without missing limbs. Japji sahib says sing Gurbani while listening and then accept his hukam. You see past the body but Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji who gave Amrit enforced gender differences by giving men amritdharis the last name Singh and women amritdharis the last name Kaur. You must be holier. Sant Baba Isher Singh ji was asked why can't we eat meat, when meat and vegetarian food are both made of the 5 elements. Sant ji responded by asking the man if he has a sister, wife and mother? He said yes to all. Sant ji says they are made of the same 5 elements each, so why do you have different relationships with each of them? If its about jeevan marry your sister, call your daughter mother and your mother will be your daughter. This is not an attack on you but a general question that brings to light the fallacy that exist in your argument. Again, do some soul searching with Gurbani and your mind will have some peace of mind.
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    Guru Nanak Dev Ji WAS Waheguru as there is no difference between God and his servants. The reason Guru Nanak Dev Ji never said it out loud was because the last time people started down that path it ended with their teachings being distorted and warped. If that doesn't convince you then just read Gurbani ਜੋਤਿ ਰੂਪਿ ਹਰਿ ਆਪਿ ਗੁਰੂ ਨਾਨਕੁ ਕਹਾਯਉ ॥ ਗੁਰੁ ਪਰਮੇਸਰੁ ਏਕੋ ਜਾਣੁ ॥ <- that literally says that the Guru and the Lord are one. Why do you think Gurbani is full of that same message, again and again and again. Fun fact that was written by Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Do you want a translation of it too? Know that the Guru and the Transcendent Lord are One. Sukhamani Sahib has an entire Astpadhi dedicated to brahmgyanis (the beings aware of God and enlightened) and Guru Sahib flat out says they're God. Water has in its 3 forms is given different names but at the end of the day it's always going to be H2O. God has limitless forms, but he exists in Sargun and Nirgun forms as well. Nirgun is the original form but Sargun is also God but God with characteristics and attribution. Humans are unable to comprehend anything unless they see it so God entered the world as Guru Nanak Dev Ji. You're free to quote any Sant or Mahapurkh and they will say that exact thing. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was God. This concept is ingrained within Gurmukhi itself, Feel free to quote any text written from the time of the Gurus to about 100 years after and its all there. You're telling other people to take the SGGSJ as a whole but you're unsure about the highlighted verse. Are you sure you're a Sikh? So are the banis by the other authors less important? Guru Arjun Dev Ji complied the Adi Bir and he included it all within it. Including the verses calling the Gurus God. He put it in there as it's the truth. Will you now say that you suddenly knew better than him? the stale argument that because Guru Sahib never said it outright so it's not true is truly grasping for straws. Bhai Gurdas Ji flat out calls Guru Nanak Dev Ji God, so is he wrong? the "random person's book" you refused to read is a noted brahmgyani, Gurbani as a whole says Guru=God. Ask yourself this, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the most humble being that ever walked the Earth. He wouldn't utter a statement such as that, no humble person would. Makes me think as I was in the same boat as this user about 2ish years ago. Thank god I snapped out of it.
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    There was no need for all this to insult Bhai Jagraj Singh ji like this. He's only just passed away, have some compassion at least.
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    Spot on, Khalsa is a warrior. How can these people who don't even know the names of various shastar claim to be Khalsa? Quite a slap in the face of our great ancestors!
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    do you really think veer ji was saying that, just as the deh was not Guru Nanak same way Saroop kagad shiaaee is not ...it is poojnik(matha tekna) because it is the resting place of Guru Sahib's jot/naad like we sing jitte jahe bahe mera Satguru so Thaa suhave Ram Raje ... literally we do put doord of sangat on our matha (leh doord mukh lava doord mukh lave)
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    here is the full show and details. She was a 15yo girl, who was lookin for dharam, her parents told her to go away , couldnt b arsed to teach her. Muslim groomers pounced on this underage girl, radicalised her, n she has tried to go to syria as a result. The parents shud b shot dead,i have no sympathy for them.
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    Way too much Tamo Gun being expressed on this site, no wonder why it only has a handful of hardcore posters now and the MODS are clearly super lax - good or bad depending on the age of visitors coming to learn about a Sikhi. How about STAMPING an 18+ sign or warning before logging in, just so they know what type of language might be used on the site. Possibly requires a separate post
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    Sangat Ji WJKK WJKF I hope it's ok, I just wanted to share a website which I think has a great in depth explanations of Gurbani and deeper spiritual meanings in plethora of articles on all possible subjects. I am in no way connected to the author, I just found his website to be a gem and wanted to share. Reflections On Gurbani http://www.gurbani.org/articlemenu.php
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    While it is good to see sikhs moving to various countries and apparently it leads us to believe sikhism is "spreading". However , back in our homeland of punjab , our numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate. By our numbers , I mean basic "turbaned kesdhari youth who doesn't trim beard". While punjabi sikhs leave for foreign countries, the population void is swiftly replaced by immigrant HINDUS ! Slowly our punjab and its culture is becoming more hindu than sikh. Give a couple of decades on this path and punjab would be hindu dominated and these are going to have serious ramifications for sikhs and panth politics. While youth tread on this path of patit-puna , what is even more shocking is callousness shown by the parents and elders. Apparently , as long as your son is successful , you as a coconut sikh parent couldn't care less about whether he keeps his hair unshorn, trims his beard or wears a turban. And I am sure his prospect wife also doesn't care. Infact he might as well get more rishtey because he doesn't have a "bushy beard" and apparently that translates to "better looking" . We seriously need to consider where we're heading to before we become like the Jains ( they don't have any political power or majority in any state in india) . Fortunately , there's an easy solution to this problem : have more kids per couple. Atleast 3 kids , the very least. Start orphanages and slowly bring orphans to sikhi . And so on Unfortunately , sangat always scoffed at the idea of more kids and we barely run orphanages We need to stop moving out of our homeland for "better" pastures. Cutting off from our root can never make us thrive
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    stop calling this girl dumb. she could be reading this. The fault lies with the fanatics that converted her. Have some shame calling a little girl bad words.
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    remove your vid please
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    Wake up. Israel only come about after WW2. They've been prancing about like nomads for centuries before that. Ultimately we as SIkhs are going to have to go through natural selection. Any physically and mentally weak b1tches in our society (both male and female) won't cut it.
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    With age comes wisdom, as the saying goes, and I've come to realise after having perused the details of other comparable cultures and races around the world throughout history, that fundamentally we need our own country for the long term survival of our people. Yes, the old arguments of, "Can't run a gurughar, how are you going to run an country?" are valid as ever, yet the truth is that we are currently being squeezed out of existence. It's happening so quietly and at such a gentle pace that we can barely detect it, but essentially we will not survive as a people if we remain under Indian rule. I'm not advocating armed resistance from my relatively safe western vantage point, because that would make me a hypocrite, but I am asking for an awareness and acknowledgement that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Currently, we as a people are on a downward curve in every discernible measure. The first step is to get our house in order. Individual responsibility centring around a positive and strong identity. We've been divided to the point of dilution. It's ludicrous how easy we allow ourselves to be divided. Without unity we will fail. There's no avoiding it.
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    Exactly. A utter discrace to real Sikhs
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    probably told by mughal army soldiers to their newly converted brothers ....bit like laila majnu, Sohni Mahiwal etc
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    truth is they knew from their scriptures that Guru Nanak Dev ji is Kalyug da Avtar , that would be the end of their jaat paat, their rozi roti of swindling the superstitious , those who were true brahmin , pundits they joined with Satguru ji's charan rest were all protecting their pakhand . They've had the headsup for three thousand years so we need to really be on our top game to counter their falsities
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    I am descended from jatts but it doesn't make me desperate to disregard my true roots Sikhi just to score stupid points . It seems Jatt Jeora Morh was probably not sikh but a hindu really , so anyone who is so desperate to make up stuff to prove some jatt supremacy argument is going to tell me that the Gurbani I read should be taken as Devi Devta pooja , I refuse to believe Guru ji ever did that since He described Akal Purakh as HIs Guru and Waheguru ji's power as Aad Shakti ... we are told in Gurbani numerous times that we need to worship the Creator not the Created thus not to worship anyone or thing subject to Maya . Explain why Guru Sahiban would worship the Created as all the Demi-Gods are...
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    These people are such a bunch of tossers that theoretically if aliens from Jupiter invaded earth and subjugated it, they'd run around telling everyone they were descendents of the new rulers pointing out (in earnest....) how the 'Jup' in Jupiter sounds a lot like Jut as irrefutable evidence. lol
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    Sikhs today can't even tell you who was the first Jathedar of Akal Takhat since the Khalsa Panth was established in 1699. They can probably tell you who was the first president of the United States, the first Prime Minister of England, the first Prime Minister of India, but they couldn't tell you who was the first Jathedar of Akal Takhat in 1699. It's because this history as well as Pooja of Durga has been suppressed by the 1920's British created SGPC. You are following an altered, dulled down version of Sikhism edited and cut by the British Imperial Crown. Yes Guru Gobind Singh was a kattar (fanatic) poojari of Durga/Kali Ma, and if he were here today he would reinforce this unto you. He himself wrote the Chandi Charitr and Chandi Di Vaar in Dasam Granth. Not only there, but Durga is praised over 700 times in various parts of Dasam Granth. the Ardas begins with Durga, because Shakti is the first thing that Akal created in the Universe, and Durga is Shakti, she is "pritham" the first to be created: "Ekh-oonkaar Vaaheguroo jee kee Fat'eh. Sree Bhagautee jee Sahaa-e. Vaar Sree Bhagautee jee kee Paat'shaahee D'assveen Pritham Bhagat'ee simar kaae Guroo Nanak laeen' D'hiaa-ae." Bhagauti refers to Durga, its one of her many names, she is also called Parvati, Kali Ma, Bhavani, Chandi, etc. The Sword, Khanda is also considered a physical manifestation of Shakti/Durga. "Khanda Pritham Saj kai, jin Sabh Saisaar upaaiaa"- Chandi Di Vaar. Again referencing Durga via the Khanda. Don't blame me for trying to "rewrite Sikhism," it's already been done by foreign Imperial and greedy forces with the help of traitors that look like you and talk like you, so you can believe them more easily. The British stayed in India for about 200 years, do you think they were sipping tea the entire time?
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    This is what our brother Bhai Jagraj Singh was in the video link, full of love and nimrata, that people from faiths/religions gave him respect. He didn't hurt people's sentiments as some people try to make out, but as meaningful conversations and did not belittle anybody's faith/religion in the process of giving awareness of Sikhi. There's some members on this forum, that think they are know it alls and start judging people's past or that they are lower than others, when in fact it's them that have issues and can't appreciate a person for what they are. That's because they don't bother to look at their own avgun. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1603903546311136&id=100000745199122&ref=content_filter
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    Damn! thats messed up.Why would he say this?!? Oh well, I guess he doesnt know much about life then...
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    No argument on my part But because One gentleman believes that somehow if a parchaarik says the truth i.e. gurmat and someone finds it objectionable that somehow the parchaarik has sinned and needs punishment - he pointed out Bhai Jagraj Singh as an example because he developed inoperable cancer. Now that is simply not true and is frankly cowardly and insulting- it's like saying no sikh should speak up for themselves in front of dawah guys or christian missionaries
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    Don't be under any illusion that deeply rooted white systematic racism doesn't expand towards individual communities in different ways. If blacks complain about what you have pointed out above, it isn't false just because another race/community (i.e. 'Indians') doesn't experience racism in that form. Goray deploy that old Panjabi adage that is roughly translated: The nature of the face determines that nature of the slap it receives. For all their dumbness, blacks have the ability to force the establishment to watch their steps through rioting etc. Whites fear blacks on an individual, physical basis (they know they are likely to get beat up by them if things get dicey), they don't fear brown people in this physical way (at least not Sikhs), rather they fear the ability of our cultures and religions to unify and offer alternative lifestyles/economies to theirs. Or be used to unify us in a military sense. Goray knew this about us from day one, that's why they went overboard to corrupt the amrit sanchar ceremony after annexation thwarting it to be loyal to their royalty. They weren't blind to the fact that it was this ceremony that preceded the vicious wars to take on Moghul imperialism before their arrival. @Destruction Geezer don't use all that language man. It just makes you sound like a gaanwur. As for kalayaan testing Singhs. That ain't a problem, the problem (as you full well know) is that hordes of apnay have totally jettisoned their masculinity (usually due to familial pressure) and have given us a reputation as complete pajamay - for people who keep harping on about their warrior nature - that's a stupid move. I know what kalay are like, once they get it back hard, they back off. Until then they keep trying it on.
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    Successful Asians in education and business undermine the 'victim of unspoken discrimination at the hands of the racist white system' narrative blacks cling to that justifies their general underachievement as a collective. As I mentioned in another thread a week ago, they genuinely don't like Asians because as a subgroup of the population the statistics say that we are one of the most highest achieving groups across education and mobility categories (and they stupidly believe all Asians are living the life), hence the hostility. Recent social hostilities stemming from terrorism and related political and social issues are a convenient cover to release these pent up frustrations and channel them towards easy targets. Yet, I'm expected to believe these people are our allies? Rubbish.
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    Paji, I know it's about the OP as you've said. So, there wasn't really any reason to bring Bhai Jagraj Singh's name into it. Nobody is perfect, are you really that insensitive? Come on, it's only been what a few days, it's a hurtful comment, understand that bit. That's quite immature to pick out mistakes, so soon after his death. And also, I don't think he made any. He did the best he could, and hell of a lot more than people sitting here on a forum moaning and complaining about him. Sometimes in situations as this, it's best not to say anything. I hope you learn from it.
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    The Macedonians aren't the only ones that the Jatts had defeated in ancient history, The lands of Jutland, Geatland (pronounced Yeatland), and Gotland were all established by the Jatt race in Northern Europe. Jatt is pronounced Jut as well as Yut, Jaat, or Yaat. Sometimes in North Indian language the "J" is pronounced as a "Y." That is why there is a Jutland and Geatland, which is Jutland pronounced with a "Y" instead, both land masses are Original Jatt Territories. Gotland is a more Swedish origin pronunciation of Jatt, but was established by the Geats, aka Jatts. Odin was a Surya Vanshi Jatt of the Asir clan who had defeated Ysgramor of North Europe. He established Asgard in North Europe, "As" refers to Asir Clan, "Gard" is a native North Indian Jatt word, also spelled "Garh" which means Fort, or Kila. the "rh" is pronounced as a "D" so it can also be spelled as "Gard." Asgard therefore means Fort of the Asir, aka Odin. Odin was the one that gave Scandinavia its name, he named the land mass after Skanda, Shiva's eldest son, and according to the Puranas the first Overall General of the Jatt Race in the Sat Yug in Northern India was Skanda. Skandinavia, therefore likely means Realm of Skanda. Shiva is also accredited according to the Vedas of forming the first Jatt being, aka Veera Bhadra, a powerful warrior created from the Hair of Shiva. Jatt in sanskrit means Hair. Shiva created the first Jatt in order to establish revenge for Sati (an avtar of Durga Devi) by killing her Father Daksha, on whose account Sati immolated herself in fire, taking her life. Veera Bhadra fought all Devas in order to finally kill Daksha by beheading him. Jatts get their name from their origin from the Jatta of Shiva. Other Dev also created Jatts, like Agni Dev, Chandra Dev, Naga Dev, and Surya Dev, that is why you have 4 major Kshatriya dynasties: Surya, Chandra, Naga, and Agni. but Shiva had created the first one it seems, Jatts are therefore the founders and cornerstone of the Kshatriya Varna, and all other jatees in this Varna originate from the Jatt, whether its Rajput, Khatri, Marhatta, or Gujjar. These were later further defined based on geographical location and occupation, ie Rajasthan Jatts were known as Rajput, Jatts doing vaisya caste (bania caste) work in the cities were known as Khatris, cow herding Jatts as Gujjars, etc. those that stayed on their ancestral land inheritances likely retained the title of Jatt. Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Mother's name is Mata Gujari, likely a nod to the Gujjar division of Jatts, whose language is specifically also called Gujari. like how Jaats in Haryana speak the language called Haryanvi. Odin also likely founded Asirya, as it being named right after his Asir Jatt clan, just like Asgard in North Europe, as well as Iran, which refers to Aryan, and according to the Vedas only the High caste Brahmin and Kshatriya Varnas are Aryan races, aka noble races within the 4 caste Varna system defined in the Manu Simriti. here's a neat video regarding the Jatt Race's first manifestation: Naina Devi Mandir, where Jeona Maur would go, was where the eyes of Sati fell, also stated toward the end of the video; Sati is an avtar of Durga Devi, hence the place's name of Naina Devi, or the Eyes of Durga, in turn who is the Mother of the Universe and Akal Purakh's manifestation of pure Shakti. Whom Guru Gobind Singh Ji refers to as "Jagat Mata" ie Mother of Universe.
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    What is maddeningly difficult for me to understand is this: You think that your Sikh father/brother/whatever is too strict and is a "closed-minded backward twat" ... so you then "wanna do a ting with muslim men" ??! Oh, yeah, right, they're not closed-minded backward twats /sarc. You're upset at your father (or mother) for merely using words to tell you off, and so you then fall into the arms of someone whose religion actually encourages them to beat you? (Yeah, I realize some Sikhs beat their wives, I'm talking about the religion itself.) You think Sikhs and Sikhism are too strict, so you rush headlong into the embrace of someone whose religion specifies every little thing you do from waking up to going to sleep, and if you leave the religion, the punishment is death?? Can someone please explain this for me? I think my head is going to explode with the contradictions.
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    Yes guru is not limited to the physical body but lets not get confused that its a Guru and its not God. Guru is a Guru ie a teacher and in context of Sikhi Guru he is our spiritual teacher on earth. Waheguru = Is the almighty God. The Guru's in SGGS Ji not once said they are God. The bhagats, sants, pirs and Guru's may have refereed to other Guru's having God like qualities in metaphoric terms but they didn't directly say explicitly (to their followers) that they are God that must be worshiped. In fact Guru nanak says he can not even be a sacrifice to God cos God is like the vast ocean and human beings as mere drops of water there is no comparison. I think in gurbani Guru nanak says a Guru is like a boat (a spiritual messanger) that ferries souls across the ocean (physical world) to the other side (afterlife to God). If Sikhs on this forum dont even know the difference that the Guru and God are not one and the same then no wonder the youth are confused and abrahmics are quick to pounce and lure them into their cults.
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    We cannot blame the parents fully. I know many parents who dot care about sikhi at all but their kids are amritdhari and who read gurbani. Other side of the coin you get conservative amritdharis who put controls on their kids and wen these kids get freedom ie university away from parents thy become tarts. Many girls from west London be they amritdhari or their parents are like this. And it is disgusting! No shame even though they might give the appearance to everyone that they are gursikh or a innocent girl, performing at silly gatka demos around west London for the past few years with a certain gatka group from Southall but in reality they've had more sausage at university then most Italian men in their lifetimes.
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    shabad Guru Surat Dhun Chela ... shabad is the jot, jot is parmeshvar don't forget Guru ji is app Parmeshvar
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    you know what you sound like the scum that used to refuse to take their daughters back after they were kidnapped by mughals and brought home by Khalsa - Grow some spine, forget your nose and act like a sikh, we all make mistakes , forgive and help a fellow family member like Guru ji taught us
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    she only became scum because her folks did not take her need for sikhi and appropriate role models in the faith seriously . 16 years old are still naive kids and easily impressionable , it is our sanjha responsibility to be there for such young seekers
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    Not angry. That's just another white people thing. Anyone who brings attention to what they like to hide is 'angry' or 'has a chip on their shoulder'. Give it a rest. white brits aren't homogenous, they are split along class lines and have difference experiences accordingly. It's the ruling classes that determine life here - changes seems more dramatic for those at the lower ends (working class) than those higher up. Where are you based?
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    Watch videos by Nanak Naam on youtube. Learn why we do simran, its to realize who we really are. We are not the body nor the senses and neither our thoughts? So who are we really? When our body dies, do we die? If not, then what are we? Congratulations, you are very close to finding out. Also read gurbani and take a hukamnama so Guru Sahib can guide you on the spiritual path and it wont be so scary.
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    losing sense of surroundings and detaching from senses' input is a good sign that you going deep into the naam, don't get scared keep going
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    I have no problem in judging amrit dharis who don't bother with doing shastar abiyaas on purpose.
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    How you come to that conclusion that he was a ghadar? He was kidnapped, forced to convert to Christianity, his riches, his kingdom/empire stolen and he was brainwashed to live a life of a english christian country gentleman in the UK under the guardianship of queen victoria. He joined freemasons as was the custom of subjugadted kings and princes of india and under the freemasonary cult his power and riches were slowly being drained from him. He did not realise until much later on in his life his real roots and so re-embraced Sikhi again and tried to fight the british occupation on punjab by asking for help from the russian tsar and trying to raise a rebellion. But he was unsuccessful in his quests, I wouldnt say he was a ghadar he was a victim of circumstances and actually tried his best with little ability he had left to regain Sikh sovereignty against overwhelming odds against might of the british empire. Badal family can rightly be called gadar's and should be done for treason by the Sikh kaum.