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    This is the consequence of white man's long term plan for us. First disarm us and destroy our economic independence , then distort our religion to make it weak (i.e. from Sikhi to 'Sikhism'), promote low IQ culture of drinking and barn-dancing as a norm, and now the last stroke - turn men into he-b1tches.
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    Well stop eating meat.
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    Time and again , I am barking on this forum but no one cared answering : Why can't we sikhs adopt the all-weather successful muslamic way ? outbreed the enemy beyond overwhelm If each rural sikhs started having 5 kids and raising them in taksals or sikhi schools (yes more branches throughout punjab), we could give hindutvas and mussle and crusaders a tough fight. More sikhs can go outside punjab to other states increasing our power in those states too . We may become poor , yes, def we will with more numbers. But I tell you sikhs had more sikhi-sidak back in the 18th century when we had more kids per household and a mughal was waiting in prowl to hunt us behind every bush. I tell you even the SSP told singhni to shut up because only the losers get told to shut up. Can you imagine a muslim in pakistan being told to shut up or a buddhist in bhutan ? nopes. If our numbers increased tremendously , we can make it ! Even the SSP would salute. Trust me, we haven't lost ANYTHING yet :D We just need to seize opportunities in front of us. Open more orphanages and more sikhi schools. Orphans taken in can be given a sikh upbringing. Oh btw if you think I am giving solutions impractical, bear in mind Christians are doing the exact same thing : orphans and schools. Thats all i would say . Waheguru Bhali karega.
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    Dear cyber Sangat ji , I have a question . Why were these christian missionaries not so active in our punjab till 10 -20 yrs back ? Where were they in 80s? they knew that if they dared convert people, let alone slap a singhni in dastaar, they're going to get kicked bad by singhs. In the last 10-20 yrs , Punjab has changed so much, not just by demography (sikhs falling from 61% to 57% of state population) but also because a *lot* of our boys have cut their kes . Hunn teh dastaar wala gabru punjab wich taana taana disda hai ! (Not so common to see young men with dastar nowadays). Xian Missionaries KNOW THIS. They also know that sikhs since a few decades are weak due to aftermath of op bluestar and due to drugs. They know more about us and our conditions than you can imagine. And they're plotting accordingly ! This is biggest sign of our weakness today. that someone can smell us and attack. Hunn teh thapad maarya hai saadi singhni de , kal nu aake goli firing vi karange . Fer assi ki karange ? Sadh sangat ji , hindu dharmic brothers have WOKEN UP to christian missionaries. They didn't hesitate to burn alive Missionaries Grahams. Even supreme court favored the side of hindu extremists on this one. Someone told me a while back. Christian missionaries in punjab would give a plain pill to a diseased , paining person . And say "Say waheguru and take this pill". obviously nothing would work because pill is plain , not medicine. Then they would give him actual medicine pill to relieve his pain and disease and say "now say Jesus father and take this pill". Obviously because its med , it would work. Then the sly crusader would say "See, your waheguru is not even strong enough to cure your pain and disease. Jesus is greater. Accept him and he will save you". Are you aware that psychologically a person is most vulnerable to emotional appeal once out of trouble and he will no doubt accept the bullsh*t claim of this sly pastor. I just wanna see my dharam , my guru-pita's great faith and great land not being trampled upon by people who made up a fake religion in the "council of nineveh" , a religion without any substance, a religion that is little more than business !
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    As paji has mentioned, this is another video I was going to put on. Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh's videos are real jewels.
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    If you want to start on the sikh pathway, i would recommend listening to pyare jio by bhai veer singh or gurmukh sikhia by bhai vir singh on youtube. I cant explain as well as he but he Basically explains that imagine u were a rock, could u imagine being a plant? Having sensation, feeling wind and the sun. If you were a plant, could u imagine being an animal? Having movement, exploring the world, seeing, hearing, feeling? Then imagine being more alive, having more senses, being able to think, create, manipulate, make sense of things As A Human. Now imagine is there something farther than human? Yes there is. Our innate desire to experience bliss, ecstacy, connected with all,which can happen as being prt of God. So to do this, do simran. Meditate. How? Say waheguru. Think, does he exist, say with conviction Waheguru Hai (he exists). Think wat sort of being is he. Say Waheguru Sukhdata Hai (he is the giver of peace, happiness, he is joy) Think then where is he? Say waheguru saare paase. He is all around, everywhere, within me. Say this with the biggest smile,and imagine peace pervading u, joy in ur heart, happiness all around. If u can actually feel this joy and peace. Then u felt god, u called god to u, and ur meditation was successful. If not keep trying. Listen to bhai vir singh. If u get this peace, ur job is to stay that happy n relaxed the whole day. No matter wat happens. How to do that. Try to remember waheguru, who is peace and joy at all times. Keep track, how many times a day, u re remember. Once u remember waheguru, think of it as a blessing. As waheguru thinking of you! The creator of galaxies, planets, 1.6 billion ppl, thinking of u. Be filled with gratitude and say waheguru tera shukar hai (im grateful, thank you) of helping me remember u. Of blessing me with ur name. Of filling me with peace. Then say waheguru in thanks, then say waheguru to thank for being able to say waheguru in thanks. Then say waheguru again cuz he blessed u to say his name. Only those who he blesses, who HE thinks about, remember him. So say waheguru continuously in thanks. Each time u say it, u should be filled with peace and happiness. Thats how u bring sikhi into every second of ur life. Its hard in the beginning, as u will forget abt waheguru, but keep trying. Also this is all mental. So u should bedoing this in a train, at work during break. Just smiling and thinking waheguru as peace pervades. Being filled with gratitude as thinking waheguru. So practice this mental simran. Of saying waheguru only with ur mind. Also i would add 1 hour of simran outloud, in the morning. Or 30 min in the morning, 30 min at bedtime 1 hour of sehaj paath, if u donthave pothis, sainchis, just go to srigranth.org or google sri granth. If not 1 hour, at least 15 min. If u have more time, i would recommend listening to 1 hour of katha, discourse. Start with bhai vir singh, then bhai sahib singh canada wale, then basicsof sikhi, then bhai sukha singh, then sant singh ji maskeen. Theres loads of kathavachiks, try them all. See which ones elevate ur thinking, bring u peace and consolation. If no time, do this on weekends. Also try to learn keertan, if not possible. Just sing kirtan, without any harmonium. It should be with emotion, so choose shabads that describe ur mental state. Ur position and ur problems. If u cant think of anything, check out rainsbai videos on youtube, also sarab rog ka aukhad naam. Note shabds that u can relate to, and sing those from the heart
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    Says it all....... I remember reading about a European artist getting beaten and nearly killed by nihangs during M. Ranjit Singh's period because they thought he was smoking at Harmandir Sahib (he claimed he wasn't and was just holding a paintbrush in his mouth whilst sketching). And behold today - Maharaja 'put jut da' Badal's legacy. We've become a proper joke.
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    Did I ask you what you will do for Sikhs ? You don't know me, so keep your questions to yourself. I provided you the historical background about the Sikh Raj. Please don't make it personal, that is not how debate should go.
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    Sant Ji's advice hearkens back to the way puraatan Sikhs waged war. Sikhs were outnumbered then, as they were outnumbered in the 80's (and now), and the most effective way for an outnumbered, outgunned group to fight against steep odds is to employ hit and run tactics. This was why virtually every Sikh soldier of the misl era fought in a singular way, mounted on a nimble horse and armed with a matchlock rifle. The motorcycles of today are like the horses of yesteryear, allowing Singhs to pick off their enemies with deadly precision from a distance, and then beat a swift retreat to continue the fight later. Sikhs would never have won in a plain firefight against the GOI, the motorcycle enabled kharkus to eliminate strategically important targets quickly and easily, and then flee, threading through narrow gaps in the streets and gallis in a way that a gaddi just can't. Basically it was the perfect vehicle for guerilla warfare and the assassination of panth dhokiaan.
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    Exactly, this new pseudo-feminist movement that is discouraging men from being men is infiltrating psyche of even keshdhari Sikhs into feeling guilty for this bakhshish of Guru Sahib. Problem with hyper-masculine identity is when we are uneducated in worldly and spiritual. Honestly don't mind seeing even a bit of unchecked hypermasculination of our generation - we definitely need it.
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    Let's be real too. Dasmesh pita made a hyper-masculine identity with the Khalsa. One that led blokes to smack jihadis into oblivion despite being heavily outnumbered and outresourced.
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    Exactly, and people are too scared or lazy, and even attack those who try and highlight things and combat issues, probably because it makes them feel inferior through dissonance. These things are more important than personal ego issues though. We should know by now, if we don't actively address things, they get a thousand times worse and infinitely more difficult to deal with down the line. But going back to the earlier vid. Not withstanding how SIkh girls can be jumped up and obnoxious, if what that girl is saying in the video is true (that her father sexually abused her for years), then it's no shock she did what she did. Plus she might just like BBCs - a lot of girls do apparently. Lesson to learn. If you have a daughter, don't go too heavy with her, and try and build a relationship based on love rather than fear. That being said: there is no guarantee that a girl will grow up to be an angel - no matter what you do. It's human nature to equate ideas, religions, politics with the people who express identification with the said ideals. So parents should be extra careful not to make kids think that their heritage is some form of cruel oppression. Because, as soon as child grows up, they will attack and reject that thing with vigor. That looks like what we are seeing here?
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    @AjeetSinghPunjabi You think I should have some sort of allegiance to homosexuality? Are you sure those Hindus you hate aren't ripping into you because you are acting effeminate? And don't try and deny that you do. You admitted as much when you first come on the forum, then lately you're claiming otherwise. But then maybe many gay people aren't actually aware of when they are acting 'camp' or don't have much of an idea of how it looks to non gay men? Just for literary and historical interest (for those into these things): the term g@ndu (which has offended Ajeet) is actually used a few times in Rattan Bhangu's Panth Prakash. Just a interesting little tidbit there.
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    It's okay for you to go off on monay and Hindus though. Get a taste of your own medicine boy.
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    I tell you a big problem for people (especially youngsters) is the way non-halal diets can effect social life in a sullah area. When 95% of the restaurants/food outlets around are jalal (even the ones not run by muslims), I think a lot of youngsters and families feel seriously limited. But if we are having issues in an area with a 50% Sikh student population in schools - we're in trouble. I think one of the reasons is confusion. It's only recently that people seemed to have figured out that eating kutha meat is prohibited with old precedents. Pushing/promoting vegetarianism made people think that : "If I eat meat, I might as well eat any." which we know is not how it went down historically.
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    Yes, I do agree with you. I do think that most Sikhs should refrain from meat, but for those who don't, they should absolutely never eat halal. If you can't ascertain for certain whether a given piece of meat is halal or not, you should not eat it. The very best thing is to simply not eat out, just eat at your house, your friends/families houses, or the Gurdwara. Failing that, only eat at vegetarian restaurants. What stupid Sikhs and Christians don't realize is that halal is the thin end of the wedge that Muslims use to Islamize a country, as they did in India. Agreed. If Sikhs would just follow their Guru and either not eat meat, or not eat halal, there wouldn't be a problem. This is a useful site for these issues: https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/
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    So Jagsaw, cannabis is bad, but morphine is OK? What did the Singhs use when there was no morphine for pain killers? I'll give you a clue : it starts with c and ends with annabis.
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    Jagsaw dont be a d*ck and bring somebody's personal life into it. You are stooping to a low level.