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    All those saying Panthpreet is anti-sikh are SO so so wrong . We're being misled sheeple , wake up . Panthpreet struggles hard to expose the baahmanwaad that is taking sikhi into its grip with every passing day. The only ones branding him a anti-sikh are the ones who're anti-sikh themselves
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    Well I am not willing to join the zombie collective / hivemind jihadis
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    We're all brides in the eyes of the guru aren't we? It's doesn't sit well when you say that women/men can't do things in Sikhi. When people talk of women give birth men don't ...well that's biology isn't it? Does biology affect your ability to join with the guru? This further extends to areas where women can't sit in darbar sahib etc. We point out the hypocracy in other religions when they say that people can't participate in the faith because of gender , class etc but we have some questionable 'practices' ourselves. We have many issues bigger than this in panthe but there are inconsistencies, which we shouldn't overlook. Those who say that 5 men stood up to guru Ji's call also need to think about the historical context of women at the time, as even Mai bhago had to challenge the status quo to fight alongside men, which is why she is so revered as an example to our women. The3ho Sikhs include women in the panj pyaare , but then they also have their inconsistencies. To summarise our form in this life is a shell (like a spacesuit) inside we are either moving towards the guru or not and that's the main thing isn't it? From experience I know of some people who have been one of 'panj pyaare' and they have questionable views / actions which are not consistent with guru's teachings. The outside form is deceptive in this life.
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    Guru Pita ji always emphasised self-rule , self-sufficiency, self-reliance : both dharams hate Guru ji's message as it undermines their central pillars of control , both have given sugand and both have repeatedly broken it why are we so stubborn to learn?? Pakistan wants Khalistan because they think they can invade and grab territory for themselves , nothing more or less .
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    Sikhs with no political inclination are "Sikhs", and Sikhs with a political inclination are also "Sikhs", UNLESS they are gulaams and chamchay of Pakistan's pro-jihad ISI, which conspires to incite non-Muslim to fight each other over territory, caste, etc. Any Sikh who is pro-ISI is like he pro-Aurangzeb. He automatically excommunicates himself from the panth, because the Sikh Panth doesn't want any gadaar Ram Rai's.
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    Quite a bit of ignorance you have there. Truth is usually labelled as dumb by gadaars of dharam such as yourself. Guys with kesh and dastars are not necessarily Gursikhs, just as ISIS members are not necessarily practicing Muslims. ISI's agents come in many forms (e.g. Khalistani, Nagaland separatists, Naxilites, etc). These cheap thugs are tempted by the perks and incentives offered by their puppet masters. Mark Twain once said: "It is easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled." In case you're a jihadist posting as a non-Muslim, Pakistan Murdabad! ISI Murdabad! Jihad Murdabad! Sikhs should support the Balochi Muslim separatists and help them fight the Pakistani army and jihadists.
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Sikhs need to realise that Pakistan's ISI are a bigger threat than the RSS. Watch out for ISI agents in the Sikh community. These agents might appear Sikhs, but they are just atheistic agent provocateurs without a conscience. The ISI only wish to see Sikh 'kafirs' fight Hindu 'kafirs'. That's why they support Khalistan so much. Not to see Sikhs have their own homeland, but to cause bloodshed between Sikhs and Hindus. A true Momin (Muslim believer) will never truly help a kafir (infidel). The torture of Guru Arjan Dev ji, the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, the stabbing of Guru Gobind Singh ji, Ahmad Shah Abdali's attack on the Harmandir sahib, etc. were all committed by Islamists, simply because we are not Muslim. Never Forget 1947 either, where the Islamists committed genocide against Sikhs and Hindus during the Partition. Being anti-non-Muslim is in the Koran and the Hadiths. As Sikhs, we cannot hate Islam or any other religion, but we are taught to realise reality and are permitted to physically fight any Jihadi who provokes a fight. The Sufis Muslims are a peaceful spiritual people who do not care for violent Jihad. For this reason, the radical Islamists consider them heretics. Read the Karni Nama. Sikhs will not just conquer Punjab, but the Khalsa army will invade Lahore, Kabul, Tehran, Mecca, Medina, Rome and the rest of the world. That's why we say "Raj Karega Khalsa!" which is in the Karni Nama. And beware of Islamist propagandists posting comments under Sikh names in forums, etc. Again, their job is to incite Sikh-Hindu hatred. These Islamists will certainly suffer chaurasi lakh joon.
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    Why are you getting joy from this fantasy of yours? Sikhs will suffer as much as the rest of India, you think we will be able to sit back and watch the rest of the nation go to war? I for one hope this day never comes. Go talk to people of Amritsar, Ferozepur, Tarn Taran etc about how "easy" they had it during the wars of 65 and 71. Grow up bro.
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    I won't go into details since some things need to remain gupt, but in coming times there will be war between Hindus and Muslims of South Asia. Hindus in India are getting increasingly chauvinistic and hankari, killing Muslims for cows and what not. Muslims are also getting radicalized. Kashmir is now in open rebellion. Soon Taliban will win in Afghanistan and those tough Pathan fighters will next take the Kashmir Jihad to a whole new level that the Hindu soldiers in Kashmir will not be able to handle it nor stand up against them like their ancestors.
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    Very nicely said, brother.
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    a good example is the bigotry of pakistani muslims towards sikhs in the diaspora especially in the uk. I think both faiths want to deliver us a message: merge with us or die.
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    I agree with jkvlondon Behanji, none of these dharams wants sikhi to exist.
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    To be honest, neither Pakistan nor India want Sikhs gain any power. The reason why Pakistan supported the Sikh War of Independence (1980s-1993), was just to destabilize India. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" heard that? ISI wanted to create a client state of Pakistan, which was not the dream of Sant Bhindrawale and other leaders. What Sikhs have to do is to prepare and wait. Sikhs should not align themselves with any of the two states. Soon, there will be a big war. That would leave a power vaccum. That would be a perfect opportunity for the Khalsa to declare independence. For now, just wait, see and prepare.
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    bhen ji , sorry to hear you are suffering so much, in the end we are 'alone' despite the teeming masses around us. Don't worry about the downs just like the ocean the wave has to come up again even if we cannot imagine it. When I was like that I would just go out for a walk in the park , for a change . for a connection to the peace of nature, to get my heart pumping (gentle exercise helps negate the cortisol and adrenaline) . I just connected waheguru simran to my feet on the path and just lost my chattering negativity to the rhythm of my feet and naam ... If you don't have energy for a walk just chill out in a comfy place and concentrate on your breathing , feel your heartbeat synch your naam simran to that steady thump bump ...you have an inbuilt metronome/reminder naam is meant to sink into that spot and reside ... choose to give that space over to Waheguru ji . He knows your burdens and questions ,when you are ready to talk, ask him to guide you , take a hukamnama the love is real
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    Here you go, Destruction. Found the PDF on Gatka website: http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/bd5529_0ad27fa7939c47ccb5faf521ecfb0ac4.pdf Please kindly share your thoughts after reading it.