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    Who is the lion and who is coward? Nirbhau, nirvair .. There is no punishment.. Not realising the sweet nectar of truth is no punishment it's a self-inflicted prison called ignorance
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    Isn't southall the uks Surrey? Local singhs musta smash d the <banned word filter activated> afterwards
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    Once Muslims population increases in our Punjab there's gonna be guaranteed more problems like drugs gangs grooming of native Punjabi girls ect this happens anywhere there are is a large population of Muslims in non Muslim area
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    They also made thousands of Sikhs refugees across the tribal regions of Pak/Afg recently. None the less, the ones that are good are irrelevant. The few that are terrorists overshadow them and are too big of a threat for us to sit here saying "b-b-but not a-all are bad :(." We can't dismiss Islamic terrorism because not all Muslims are bad, it's not a difficult concept.
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    Nope only DDT fanbois can see this "imaginary" flow of the picture. It's not a good precedent, if everyone starting doing this and it is deemed acceptable, the doors are wide open to beadvi. Should Donald Trump , put his picture up like that too if he was ever to visit a Gurdwara for example.. and decided to advertise the fact...
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    It's not the same poster on the poster in the Sikh24 link, Sant jis photo is below the picture of the Sahibsades , not at the same level as it is on the banner. We should remain vigilant of such things in Gurughars and challenge and question all potential beadbis.
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    This is just the same poster but removing the frame containing the dates of the program . and seriously I would have a problem with all the pictures not just levels . In Guru ji's hazoori we should be focus on the gurbani not an artist's kalpana
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    That link you posted does not contain the actual banner that was actually displayed in the Gurdwara diwaan hall. I have attached the actual picture of the banner clearly visible as it was displayed in the diwaan hall. You can clearly see the images at the same level. You think there's nothing wrong with that ?
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    Has anyone seen the actual poster/banner advertising the barsi that the speaker in the video is referring to ? I have seen the picture of the banner which was in display in the Gurdwara diwaan hall. From the looks of it , he may have a valid point, you shouldn't have sants pictures on the same level as Sahibsadez and Gurus.
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    The chaps causing a ruckus in the Gurdwara could have just intelligently answered the questions being levelled by the speaker in the Gurdwara instead of forcefully trying to stop him speaking and causing a scuffle. Are people incapable of intelligent discussion ? Are they not articulate enough to engage in dialogue ? These actions of forcefully trying to stop someone talking is what caused the beadbi of the police entering the database sahib with shoes on and heads not covered...
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    Well for someone who recommended to another not to pay me much attention, you flatter me with the attention you yourself have paid me thank you Before I go on may I firstly just bring to your attention.. 21. Kisae dee ninda, chugalee, atae eirkhaa nahee karnee - Do not gossip nor slander, or be spiteful to anyone. The irony... So my post was related to what we know... We know guru sahib made additions to Guru Granth Sahib ji including bani of the ninth master. Pointedly he didn't add any of his own verses. So he clearly saw the ggsj as having supreme authority to which he personally in his humility did not feel the need to add hukumnamas? I find this strange that dashmesh pita in all his wisdom left out something which you believe supercedes it's authority.. Are you genuinely suggesting that ggsj is incomplete? Now may I, in the interest of expanding my own limited knowledge see the sources of your references. I have no personal agenda I just haven't. By which I mean where are the documents of hukumnama with guru sahibs seal.. I personally have seen a hand written hukumnama by guru sahib that is not listed in the 52 you reference. If you can point me in the right direction and show me a picture of said hukumnamas which in this day and age should not be really very difficult.. If you cannot supply evidence then are you not inadvertently saying that guru sahib in all his wisdom and prolific literary output some how forgot to have codified documents that are now being attributed to him? I've digressed the original post asked a simple question.. I provided a opinion, one which is with intelligent, rational, critical arguments I'm open to modifying.. Now just one additional and very interesting observation I made of your statement is that of of you speaking of 'political Sikh ideology'.. I think your language speaks for itself as to who has the agenda? Political being the operative word SSA
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    The Nirmalas were probably the most corrupt order at the time. We all know how Mehtab Singh, and his patrons at Patiala, joined the British in creating a new "loyalist" Sikh identity. His fellows were soundly thrashed at Hazoor Sahib. Unable to fight, they took to publishing literature downplaying the role of other Sikhs and glorifying their own so-called "unsullied" Sikhi. This is where the Sanataan School of Thought really came from.
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    In short it's still not considered a Kurehit.
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    Yes, that's probably the best way. I think that was how a Singh funded the creation of the Garja Singh statues.
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    I apologise for I digressed in my post and responded to a side issue with my thoughts.. I believe any academic research should be welcome and we need more of it.. For me One of the greatest tragedies to befall the Sikh quam was the loss of the library of Guru gobind Singh Ji in the sirsa after the siege of anandpur.. I believe the academic contribution made by Niddar Singh has great value if we approach it agnostically ie. We as individual researchers judge it upon the merits and veracity of the evidence to substantiate any given proposition.. What I can say is that all research should be encouraged without it being politicised.. I think to create a body of work the Sikh community should set up a bursary fund to finance academics to engage in research where the research is totally independent of any political objectives of the financiers.. Within Sikh community many people are really quick to dismiss and denigrate a piece of work not for any rational reason but rather that the intellectual questions that many works uncover challenge our dogmatic assumptions .. More research from a plurality of opinions is what we need so that we can eliminate with confidence all nonsense
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    There is nothing to indicate that EVERY single decision was made by ISI. Did they have some influence, sure? I agree with a good bit of what MisterSingh says, but a lot of it comes off as typical Indian white washing. They want everyone to believe Khalistan was nothing, just some misguided fools being used by Pakistan. That's it. Final. Which I do not agree with it. Lots of mistakes were bad, but that Shaheeds like Sant Ji, Baba Manochahal, Budhinghwala were just dumbf***s getting used? No. And the 84 Pakistan invasion theory, I have heard this from ONE Sikh who was there present. Mostly comes from Indian puppets though. Although I am not dismissing it entirely as an Indian spread theory.
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    Hysterical women don't make this much fuss. This ignorant person took one fact, Sikhs received weapons from Pakistan sources, to a full blown conspiracy theory. Adding his feminist touch to his conspiracy theory, says....don't talk to me at the end. He has no evidence and has not read Sikh history to see how many times the Sikh Gurus were betrayed by Muslims after Guru sahib enlisted them in the Khalsa Army. But what evidence does this guy have there was a deal between Pakistan source and Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa, who is the chief and commander of the dharm Yudh Morcha. What was the deal, who are your sources? After the attack Sant ji entrusted Jathedars like Baba Gurbachan Singh ji Manochahal to carry on the Khalistan movement. This poster conspiracy theory goes the length to label the the very name khalistan as been created by Muslims. This guy is a true nut job. Next he will say Khalsa is a term forced on Sikhs by the Muslims. Sikhs set up training camps in pakistan. Just watch this hysterical feminist twist this fact to support his monthly ups and downs. When pathans joined Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji army. They probably thought they can break the Sikhs from within. So was Guru sahib naive to allow pathans in his army, who later joined the enemy? If this boy understood political and economics, he would not make hysterical comments. I could just hear him screaming like a woman on her monthly down as he wrote his post. Last point, Sikh women would have been raped at a mass scale if Sikhs did not receive the weapons. Look at the genocide in Delhi and surrounding villages and towns after killing of indra Gandhi. Those Sikhs were unarmed and they were massacred. Yet in Punjab many police officers and black cats and thugs were killed because they attempted to take the izzat of Sikh families. However, you can't save all when such a big force is against you. The same is true when our Gurus fought battles. Civilians were killed raped and burned and tortured. But this never stopped Guru sahib from fighting battles. The Sikhs who think this is wrong are weak hearted. These are the Sikhs who turned on the Shaheeds of 1984. To save their own neck they rather die as cowards. Satguru bless the weak to do more paath thereby increasing their mental strength and fight for Gurmat.
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    I absolutely 100% agree with you. As I have said I haven't been shown that dashmesh pita unequivocally said the things you are attributing to him.. But I have limited knowledge and welcome any evidence of supporting documents that do support said statements.. I want to agree with you brother just show me the way.. I don't want to believe in hearsay we have as Sikhs been taught to hold the highest standards of truth and rationality.. The primary characteristic of onkaar is truth.. So when it comes to temporal historical assertions the burden of evidence should be quite easy.. Before we even explore the spiritual realm let us unequivocally accept what we know on what basis we have formed our opinions.. It really shouldn't be that hard for those amongst us who have performed khoj satisfied the burden of evidence to be brave enough to assert in Guru sahibs name what he said, what he wrote.. As a Sikh I am scared of attributing something to Guru sahib for which I have no evidence.. It's just hearsay otherwise.. Let's not forget about baba ram rai who changed just one word and was excommunicated.. Nevermind what some people here do on some threads.. E.g. Let's just for one moment accept that the hukumnama referenced above.. No. 38. Sir munae noo kanaiaa nahee daenee. Uos ghar daeve jithae Akal Purukh dee sikhee ha, jo karza-ai naa hovae, bhalae subhaa da hovae, bibaekee atae gyanvaan hovae - Do not given a daughter's hand in marriage to a shaven one. Give her to a household where the Undying divine personification Akal purakh and tenets of Sikhism are respected, to household without debt, of a pleasing nature, which is disciplined and educated This statement attributed to Guru gobind Singh Ji as a hukumnama is sometimes articulated and translated as a Sikh should not give his daughter to a Muslim.. But it doesn't mention Muslim.. It only says one who has uncut hair. Going on it also talks about debt, that is in the same 'hukumnama' so does that mean someone with a mortgage, what about if you have karza on a car loan, or on the flip side earning karza on money in the bank
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    Thanks that was a straighforward answer I was looking for.
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    Looks like you want to turn this debate into a gutter and trash talk like you are use to doing. This must be a sign of your mentality resorting to school yard name calling. I wont bother stooping to your low level. This is a forum with many people of knowledge.
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    Y your gettin sarcastic with me, i have no clue, i just simply answered/corrected the brothers comments above. Secondly, after bluestar happened, we went to war with the indian state in a civil war (1985-93ish), which was the only option, as the ask for khalistan became our only option. Either that, or we just sit there n carry on getting shittar from panjab police/bsf/raw etc. Pakistan hating and wanting to destabilise india works in their favour and ours. Who else did u want to fund sikhs with weapons then, which had to be snuck in via various methods across states/borders? U said "We paid with our blood to further their aims"....their aims? Khalistan and the push for it was NOT "their aims", it became a necessity after bluestar. U kno u need to research this topic properly, rather than post rubbish n embarrass yourself.
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    So they used us in an attempt to destabilise Punjab, thus strengthening the Pakistani position versus India? And that's viewed as a positive by us? We paid with our blood to further their aims, even though it was dressed up as support for our fledgling revolution. They played us, and we're grateful for their 5hitty AK's.
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    No, those weapons used in the battle of amritsar (bluestar) were old crappy ww2 village rifles. Pakistan funded sikhs with weapons AFTER bluestar (1985 onwards).
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    This is the most foollish and consciousless answer, can a expert in nonsense give like this poster, full of arrogance, ego and wickedness. Verily the sign of a totally corrupted conscience. Well what else can be expected from a cheap chap like you? Better, first you go to the Guru or the panj pyare, to give you a cure for this your chronical disease of foolishness.
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    I don't know why you always gotta lie and try to slander the Canadian Sikh community. It's your Muslim brothers that are most hated in Canada not Sikhs lol
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    Seriously? You want to use the Rehit to test MP candidates for suitability? The same Guru that gave us the Rehit is also the one who made an alliance with an emperor (Bahadur Shah) who certainly was not in the Rehit. Meanwhile, I assume you would have not problem with a non-Sikh candidate who would be a million miles away from Rehit.
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    Comrade Jagsaw should be pleased because she is a Labour candidate. Jagsaw is a Labour man through and through. In some Labour seats they have a woman only shortlists. The seat she is contesting is one where the previous Labour MP is standing down. This is the same with the Slough Labour seat where it was supposed to be a woman only shortlist for the Labour candidacy but they have chosen a turbanned Sikh in the name of Tann Dhesi. Both Tann Dhesi and Preet Kaur Gill have cut their teeth in local politics as councillors so it is a great opportunity for them to move onto the next level. If both candidates win their seats we will have the first female Sikh MP and the first turbanned Sikh MP. I have seen Preet Kaur Gill's tweets and I am confident that she will fight for Sikh rights. She has challenged the likes of Sunny Hundal on twitter over some of his articles.
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    I wish her all the best in her endeavours. It's only the constituents of Edgbaston that can vote for her anyway.
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    I think she would be an asset for British Sikhs, I have seen some of her work helping in Sikh causes in the UK and internationally. She should get the Sikh votes
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    Do both. There was always trouble with the fobs and thugs standing in and outside Glassy Junction and this sometimes led to fisticuffs, which is why it was a relief for all when the use changed to a restaurant. There's a thread elsewhere on here about a white redneck who entered a Gurdwara pissed from a pub nearby and proceed to take it upon himself to try to rape one of the sangat. A Gurdwara's surroundings ultimately affect the sangat. Young Singhs might be able to handle it but we have a responsibility too to protect those that can't.
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    Raping little girls in gangs is almost exclusively a Muslim thing these 2 apnea are like a spec of sand on a beach compared to Muslims. Hopefully we get rid of these stone aged peados from our modern countries as the all belong in the desert and should be nuked
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    I have already addressed kosher: "A kosher outlet should get the same reception as halal because the meat is still prepared in the sacrificial fashion, exactly the same as the islamic one." Some people might not be aware of this fact. But that ignorance would quickly disappear if they witnessed a chained animal being slowly and sacrificially murdered in the abrahamic fashion. I'm not preoccupied with being accused of anti semitism just for calling out kosher meat, and rightly so. That would be simply ludicrous as it simply doesn't apply here.
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    With respect, if these Sikh business owners in West Midlands are anything like the ones in West and East London, £150,000 is the sort of sum one would cough out if one sneezed too hard. That the Gurdwara even needed to put out a public appeal speaks volumes about us as a community in the UK. We struggle to achieve Khalistan, and rightly so. We aspire to halemi Khalsa Raj, and rightly so. We demand the return of our sovereignty over our stolen land, and rightly so. But when the time comes to it, we as a 600,000+ strong community in this country are so disorganised we can't even nip something like this in the bud without it going public??? The whole situation is quite frankly a downright embarrassment. The property purchase should have been dealt with discreetly between the Gurdwara committee and a few prominent Singhs alone. It will be a sad indictment of Gurdwara committees in Birmingham in particular and the UK in general if they can't come together to solve this problem and help this particular Gurdwara out in this case. Sadly, knowing what the committees are like, I am afraid that is a distinct possibility.
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    The Gurdwara committee doesn't even need to come up with £150,000, nor do they need to buy it outright. If they can raise even a quarter of that sum, they can easily obtain a commercial mortgage for the rest. The rent from the flat and shop should cover the interest portion of repayments at least. Mortgage rates are at historical rock bottom. They won't be rising sharply anytime soon either, particularly with Brexit and its bloody aftermath up in the air.
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    The fact this is even being proposed illustrates perfectly the problem with Gurdwara committees.
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    This is what baffles me. I tried to find Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Somerset Road on the charity commission website to check its last filed accounts. But in all its years of being open, it appears it has never been charity registered. Why is that? That is shocking if it is the case. The Facebook statement that "the Gurdwara are not currently in a position to undertake either of the above options" makes no sense at all. The property is, subject to due diligence, potentially an investment. It already has rent from the flat above, together with the potential of income from leasing out the shop below, which could alternatively be put to community use. I would like to know the achievable total rent for the property to work out expected yield. At least 10% should be demanded, as I understand this place is on the outskirts of Birmingham rather than the city. However, if that appears viable, it should be bought. I may of course be misreading the entire situation as I do not have local knowledge. If the area is non-commercial, that would have a significant bearing on demand from occupiers and therefore rents. Even if it doesn't make commercial sense, the asking price could always be negotiated, but I see no reason why a potential purchase should be turned down flat. We all know the reserves the bigger Gurdwaras are sitting on. Surely the Council of Gurdwaras in Birmingham should be taking notice?
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    Cash rich gurdwarae if they had any brains would buy up this shop. That would prevent any meat shop opening there, job done. Slough Singh Sabha owns a row of houses which they use to house Granthi, can't say why this gurdwara cannot do the same.
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    I hear you. The Jews are an interesting case in point. They have mostly avoided conflict with muslims in the UK up to now simply by residing beyond their reach. In the case of Sikhs, on the other hand, pakistani muslims in particular follow us around like a bloody tramp. I witnessed first hand how Ilford South transformed from a genuinely decent place to grow up, into a filthy muslim ghetto over the last 15 years, with all the antisocial problems that a large and concentrated population of muslims living alongside doe eyed kaffirs naturally brings. Rising property prices in the east end, however, have put paid to erstwhile Jewish complacency. Now previously in poverty muslims can simply sell their right-to-buy council flats to eager hipsters and buy a nice big 5 bedder out in Redbridge. You should just see how this is playing itself out in formerly Jewish majority areas like Gants Hill, Clayhall and Barkingside.
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    This is clearly enough of an issue that the Gurdwara has issued a public appeal over it. As I said, I am outside of this specific area, but from your handle I guess you might know better. You could perhaps kindly enlighten us on what the situation is there between muslims and kaffirs these days. From what I have learnt from elders there that fought muslim paedophiles going back decades, there are rife problems with islamics in Birmingham. Let's be quite frank about this. For a halal meat shop that wants to open right next to a Gurdwara, it's never merely about business.
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    *URGENT* Property Sale or Rent: URGENT REQUEST TO ALL There is potential of a halal meat shop opening in close proximity of Singh Sabha Gurdwara Sahib Somerset Road Handsworth Wood. The landlord has been made aware of the offence meat sale at the premises will cause to the Sikh Community which indeed will result in an outright objection by Sikhs across UK who fundamentally condemn this. While he understands this as an issue, he as a businessman has indicated the loss he is making with a vacant property. It is a MIXED USE commercial property with self-contained accommodation above. The property already has a constant rental income for the accommodation. There are 2 urgent options proposed to the Sikh Community: Purchase of the property (Currently on market for £149,995, offers are invited) Letting the property on a long-term lease As the Gurdwara are not currently in a position to undertake either of the above options, *we* *are calling upon anyone that may be interested in pursuing the request* Specifications of the property with both options can be made available upon request. The property is located on Somerset Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, B20 2JG. For further information or to express an interest please contact Mandeep Singh, Committee Member of Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Handsworth Wood on 07584374686 or email any inquiries to singhsabhagurdw ara@live.com. We urge all members of the sangat to spread this advertisement as much as possible. Thank you- Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Somerset Road.
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    I don't want either to win. I've seen enough of pr1cks (like badal and amarinder) that couldn't care less. Opinion polls vary, depending on who you listen to any of the three frontrunners could obtain a majority. Given the lack of clarity I would expect a hung parliament. It will then be up to the party that can rope in the highest number of opportunistic grasshoppers to seek to form a majority. Panjab politics is notoriously fickle. Congress is the party that executed the Sikh Genocide. Badal Dal is the party that tacitly supported it. BJP is the one that demanded it. These three parties have raped Panjab for long enough.
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    how mny of these muslim immigrants are in punjab? Since when did they come and how r they able to pull stuff like this they should be scared and not even think twice of doing this kinda thing in punjab imagine if a sikh did this in pakistan what would happen
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    its war time with these half cut goat beardos
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    Back to the topic at hand. I think you should baisicaly just point out sikhis stance on tolerance of other religions, women's rights
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    I don't see any reason for them to ban Turban. or hijab however burqas on the other hand are quite intimidating and show self segregation.
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    This man better prey to his disney chracter gods that he doesn't get exposed cos I'm sure a lot of ppl would be willing to take justice into their own hands
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    They should just come to canada. We already have better health care,established sikh communities so they don't have to worry about communication ect, and lax immigration rules.
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    I would also believe that while I have not gone through the list above, it is highly unlikely that you will find the names of any Sikh victims on it. The Sikh community, in my opinion, needs to think long and hard about why this is, because this flies in the face of ground reality: From my own experience, whilst I do not even hail from a majority Sikh area (the majority of my neighbours are Pakistani Muslims). At least 50% of the victims of these gangs are Sikh Females of widely differing ages and I can draw a list of around 20 cases that I know of myself. Sikhs really need to take a long hard look in the mirror and think why they are the victims and they don't seek justice.
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    This is an excellent initiative and I commend it highly. If it could be formalised (i.e. a website or at the very least a blogspot), I believe such a list could be turned into a powerful database to document evidence of horrific unashamed sexual abuse committed scarily exclusively by members of one community in particular. This would help journalists, lawmakers, law enforcers and groups working for victims better understand why there is a problem with this type of behaviour in a section of the Pakistani Muslim community, and therefore come to a conclusion and develop solutions for what to do about it.