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    Further proof that the western liberal media are no friends of Sikhs: Cosmo knowingly and deliberately removed reference to the fact that the taxi driver offering free lifts was a Sikh, in order to push their 'Not All Muslims' narrative. The journalist knew the guy was a Sikh. It was there in the original tweet that was edited. These people are not on our side.
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    The reason you feel lukewarm towards your husband is simply that you're comparing the best aspects of someone you just met to the reality and complete personality and history of someone you've been with for maybe a decade. When people are not married, they put their best face forward to people (both to possible romantic interests and to society in general). That's why you get a man (or a woman) saying to their wife (or husband), "Why can't you be more like X? She (or he) is so nice and kind to their spouse. Etc." Well, the reason you think they are nice to their spouse is because that's what you observe in the limited time that you spend with other people. At home, it's usually a different matter. Just answer me this: do you ever fart (pass wind) in front of husband, or he in your presence? I'd bet he does. Now compare that to people in society. They don't pass wind in front of you. Same for this guy that you've met. The point I"m trying to make is that you only see a limited portion of his personality and real life. When you think of this guy, you think of all the nice things he says. When you think of your husband, you think of, say, the one time he didn't get you an anniversary gift because your family was tight on money that year. When you think of your husband, you think of the car that you've been nagging him to get replaced because it breaks down sometimes. You think of times that he didn't bring all the stuff in the groceries that you had requested. You think of that one time he said something negative about your father or your brother. Just try living with your newfound prince for not 10 years, but one year. And tell me if he's a devta (demigod), or just a normal man like the one you're married to right now.
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    Sikh24 reported that Gurdwaras were opening their doors to Manchester jihadi attack victims, and also Sikh cabbies were giving free rides to victims. No biggie, right? Wrong. It seems that at least some Muslims and their sympathizers were upset at highlighting this fact. Check out this tweet by a Sikh about Sikh cabbies giving free rides: https://mobile.twitter.com/SinghLions/status/866930974369632256/photo/1 @dineshjoshi70 applauds @SinghLions and says: Gurudwaras worldwide are messengers of humanity . So are the Sikhs and so do some others. But not Twitter user @ShazU_91. She asks why identify the religion of the good samaritans?: https://mobile.twitter.com/ShazU_91/status/866937798686912512?p=p and: https://mobile.twitter.com/ShazU_91/status/866941338742378496?p=p Actually what really pisses off Miss ShazU_91 is that normal people appreciate Sikhs' warm and giving personalities and the fact that they are not bombing average British people, and people are figuring out the difference between Sikhs and Muslim, even people like Katie Hopkins in her latest article: What Miss ShazU_91 wants is a united colored peoples front where whenever the latest Islamic terror attack occurs, everybody who isn't white (West Indians, Chinese and other orientals, aboriginals from various places, Indians including Sikhs, Pakistanis, middle-easterners, Africans, North Africans, Latinos, etc.) get lumped into a single category, and no further distinctions are made. And I don't think we should give her what she wants.
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    Journalism died a very long time ago. Now it's just sponsored corporate or state propaganda. Yes, without a doubt. I've always believed we, as Sikhs, are in a unfortunately unique position whereby the racist Right are as much a threat to us as the apparently cordial-but-not-really Left. Neither have our interests at heart, yet Sikhs gravitate towards to the harmless liberal side because of the belief that their doctrine aligns with aspects of our forgiving and tolerant teachings, which they do in some ways but not in the ways they'd like to believe.
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    Liked. Amazing how "journalists" feel free to just brazenly lie about people who they don't happen to favor.
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    i think part of the reason is that our very practical religion has turned ritualistic. i see so many people talking about do this path this number of times and it will be beneficial. these practices lead to hollow beliefs. our 'PAATH' is guidelines to live and think. but if you don't know what the gurbani you're reading means then i don't understand how it could be beneficial. people seem to believe that if you do certain paaths that bad things won't happen to you. whereas bad things are the teachers you need to take your conciseness to the next step. sikhi teaches you to be mentally content in good and bad times. if you think nothing bad will happen because you do sukhmani sahib 5 times a day, then its all bad for you from the jump. for example (i know I'm about to get heat for this, o well): i still don't understand akhand paaths. people drinking hella strong cha and doing paath super fast and being up all night is not going to benefit anyone. but if we have sehaj paaths, and discussion of gurbani, now thats real saadh sangat. and doing the supreme beings 'sifat salah' in sadh sangat is what will lead to instilling pyaar of his naam in an individuals heart. and without that support you can't make it across "sansar samundar". i feel like theses ritualistic practices can't build the strength necessary to stick to sikhi. all you need is someone to come along and promise "good luck" and "good fortune" or straight up buying an influential figure of the community out (RSS has become an expert in the buying out of our leaders lol). theres still a lot of true singhs and singhnis out here though. just a thought...hope no one gets mad at me lol
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    We (or Sikhs in India) seem to have developed a misplaced sense of confidence and security, which is remarkable considering the events of the recent past. Keeping your wits about you amongst these junglee people is a must. There's simply no other way to conduct yourself.
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    There you go again the literalist. When will you literalists stop saying Guru Ji was God. Guru Gobind singh ji said those who call him God will be cursed. And Guru Nanak said he praises God (in reference to an external entity) in scriptures.... So if we believe that Guru's Jot (light/soul) traveled from one Guru to the next... then are we now to believe Guru Gobind Singh Ji was God? Is now SGGS Ji God? Wake up! raise your IQ level! Yes I agree don't think we need to debate the literalist belief on this thread I have made my views known above and in previous threads about this issue. Lets concentrate on the thread at hand
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    Most muslims even if they are not pracitising or seem quite liberal and westernised are very defensive of Islam and muslims even if they know their fellow muslims are in the wrong be it muslim pedo grooming gangs or muslim terrorists attacking innocent civilians. Because they have been brought up in a strong muslim culture which they are fond of and brainwashed to believe that the ummah the muslim community is one body and to speak against another muslim in favor of a non-muslim is a huge crime and sin in islam, they are taught to conceal the sin rather than expose it to others and the world. So It's an unspoken taboo and so you see this kinda behaviour from even seemingly secular liberal westernised muslims. If I were you I would call her out on social media tell her that Sikhs are different from muslims we have different beliefs and values we do not share the same ideology. Do not get angry or feel the need to be silent about these islamo-apologists. And do not indulge in name calling or bashing muslims or Islam on social media as the loonie leftists will start bashing you rather than defend your right to speak out against their crimes.
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    The reasons I believe @ShazU_91 is Muslim are that her profile pic shows her to be an "Asian" looking person, Google images shows more such pics, and links from a Google search for ShazU_91 show various pages where the location is indicated as Pakistan, including a Pakistani cars discussion forum. Additionally, there's this tweet: Shaz 🥀 @ShazU_91 8 May 14 Replying to @l3ahpar @l3ahpar as a born muslim, I've stopped caring. Still don't eat pork but not arsed about halal or not. Shaz 🥀 @ShazU_91 9 Mar 15 Replying to @CaliBesteen @HipsterAllah rather be Muslim than a Hindu 👀 Quite interesting how even non-practicing Muslims are so very nationalistic or Islamist.
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    The far right wing white media are not on our side either they are only on our side when it suits their interests and narrative. If you check the Canadian jewish owned "rebel media" on youtube they have created negative stories on Sikhs, hindus and other ethnic minorities and only show positive stories on Sikhs when they want to differentiate Sikhs from muslims. Having said that the british far right white media tends to be very pro-Sikh and I've not seen them put any negative stories on Sikhs out before its only the canadian and american far right white/jewish media that does that. There are some on the liberal left side of politics who are friends of Sikhs and do know the problem is solely down to Islam because islam is a far right fascist ideology. And there are those on the far left liberal spectrum who are covertly racist because they lump all asian/brown people all religious or ethnic minorities in one box thinking we all think the same we all have same ideologies and same values and outlooks in life when we dont. These far left m0rons dont want to acknowledged islam's ideological goal of taking over lands and populations to make everyone submit to its religion. These far left lot actually do more harm than good by defending islam when they should be singling it out and calling it out when atrocities are commits in its name or by its adherents using islamic texts. They are shielding and letting the problem carry on instead of rooting out the extremist narrated ideology and extremists within the muslim community.
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    Here are some other Twitter responses: @manfaceUK May 23 Replying to @SinghLions I'm from Huddersfield where all my life the Sikh community showed the same supportive community spirit and care, just like today ❤️ Leslie Grantham @LesGranthamReal May 23 Replying to @SinghLions @thelouisemerick Well done sir. #wengerout @simon_gooner May 23 Replying to @SinghLions @Dansullyafc Always found the Sikh community to be top notch! Well played Star4WestBromWest @StarAnderton May 23 Replying to @SinghLions @SteveUnwin01 As ever the generosity of the Sikhs & decent humans beings in Manchester is there for those in need after this cowardly terrorist attack. Here's one negative comment: Nuala Kitty Woulfe @NWoulfeWriter May 23 Replying to @SinghLions @CorkSeashell Seriously, I'd never say a Catholic cab driver or a Protestant.. you don't need to tell me his religion/spiritual beliefs...deceny is human My response: Well, it's like this: you cannot tell a Catholic cabbie from a Protest taxi driver by merely glancing at him. You can with a Sikh in 21st century Britain. Secondly, Sikhs are very often mistaken by some people for Muslims. And that's why we constantly highlight Sikhs doing kind deeds so maybe we can save the life of some random, innocent Sikh. Lastly, I'd like to say all the stuff that Sikhs do, like distributing langar in the community, and just general being-a-good-person, all that stuff does create positive karma which comes back and we get repaid by the Law of Karma.
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    I sincerely hope you are trying pull a prank on us, because are some of the least intelligent, and most ridiculous comments ever on this board lol.
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    Here's a long and interesting article about the Manchester attack, and its perpetrator: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4539462/Jihadi-family-police-warnings-Manchester-bomber.html The main point is that Britain imported an Islamist extremist and al Qaeda sympathizer (the perp's father). Some pertinent extracts: The perp's father and brother were Islamists. He came to Britain as a refugee, but get this: He was not running from Islamic extremists. Rather, he was running because Libya's government was cracking down on Islamic extremists! Shaking my head as to why Britain would want to import the likes of him. So, some members of his own family were warning about him, and the Government still did nothing! SMH. So the guy can travel to whatever war-torn Islamist-controlled territory for training, and upon return to Britain, instead of being arrested, or even questioned, the customs/borders official (standing in place of the Government), says "Welcome Home!" If someone were to write this up as a screenplay, it would be rejected for being wildly impossible for a government to be so incompetent.
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    i also think the explanation of keeping our hair told by the elders should run deeper than 'because we are told so' or because its tradition. its being content with the hukam of nature (or waheguru), which in turn humbles the ego which you need to control to have dar, adab and pyaar of the supreme being anyways. it also controls your lust because you are not trying to look sexy every day to attract the opposite sex. and of course we all know the reason for identity, which makes us stand out therefore making us responsible for our actions. for those who meditate, some cultures also believe that hair is your antenna to connecting to the universe. that is; if you believe in energy, vibrations and frequency that connects us all in this universe. for example native american used to be the best trackers but when they were took to vietnam, their hair was cut to maintain army regulations and they noted that they end up loosing their 'tracking abilities'. just an example. similarly 'rastafarians' also believe that their hair helps them connect to nature and universe, so they keep their locs. thinking out loud here?
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    Because we don't teach our kids about Sikhi. We lack faith in our own religion. And since believe creates reality the result is in front of us ego filled <banned word filter activated> running the Sikhi in gurdwaras and politics.
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    When did satan take amrit and become a singh. A bit sad when singhs crack sick jokes about sikhs on the Internet where youngsters are looking for religious Inspiration!!!!!
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    Do note there is quite a difference between the Right, and the Far Right. The Right is composed of people who want a specific set of policies (mostly involving a smaller government, less welfare benefits, strong military, law and order, more traditional morality, more national sovereignty and also no race-based quotas for hiring or education). This would be the Republican party in the US, and the Tory parties in Canada and UK. This is quite removed from the Far Right, which just wants one thing: White people running anything and everything and benefits for them only. If you were to call a member of the Right a racist, he would recoil and strongly deny that he was a racist. If you were to call a Far Rightist a racist, he would say, "Yes I am". Members of the right are glad to have members of minority groups in their parties. Members of the far right would never in a million years accept a non-white as a member of their party. So, while I think we can interact positively with Right (and also Left) parties, we would only interact with a Far Right party in the way Guru Gobind Singh ji interacted with Shah Bahadur: with extreme caution and eyes wide open. Fortunately, there are no strong Far Right parties in most of the English-speaking countries where most Sikhs live outside of our homeland.
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    muslim parent beat and scare the girls to within an inch of their lives for minor stuff so they are quite convinced they will die. Apnian are liberal and too easy-going now so there is no talk of lok lajja , ghar di izzat or anything , Mum describes it as sharam laa ke tangia koonti te (much like the kirpans of hypocrite sharabi babey)
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    I wish we could have such pro-Panthic feeling amongst all of Sikhs, even the ones less strong in Rehit. What some Sikhs say when the question of girls falling for Muslims comes up is that we Sikhs yell at our daughters too much and don't put them at an equal level with boys, restrict our girls, and let boys do anything. Uhmm, just one question: Don't Muslims do the same exact thing? So how can you say our girls are weak because we restrict them too much?!
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    I've been following in recent months various legal cases in the UK, and something that's piqued my attention is how many figures in the legislative and judiciary bodies are individuals with Islamic names. Most of them are prosecutors working on behalf of the state, therefore dependent on career choices, could conceivably have the power in the future to shape UK laws and practices. That's something that should send alarm bells ringing. If we ever arrive at a situation where the Muslim population hits 30 or 40% you can bet your bottom dollar they'll be in a perfect position to push for legislation that benefits Muslims at the expense of other groups. They'll have been deeply embedded in the system for decades by then, so they'll know their way around the place. Many will say it's misplaced paranoia, but those same people exist to silence such concerns by singing songs, reciting poems, and holding placards in response to a threat about which they are in complete denial. Something to think about.
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    Yes its disgusting, disgraceful and disrespectful against working class communities who have to live with these problems and suffer the consequences of wrong polices. Similarly we have cucked leftist liberal Sikh and atheist punjabi's living in the non-working class suburbs who advocate for muslim rape grooming gangs, who advocate a sarbat da bhalla type approach then wonder why their daughters and sisters are being groomed by non-sikhs and converted. They do not live in the real world they live in towns/cities away from huge muslim populations flooded by mass muslim immigration. Those working class Sikhs and punjabi's who have to live with muslim communities know what the real situation is. These liberals need to ask afghan sikhs, kashmiri sikhs, pakistani sikhs, utter pardesh sikhs what its like to live in a muslim majority area. These kinda politicians and liberal celebrates who call for mass immigration and in particular muslim immigration need to be forced to live within the communities that they make others suffer to live in. The rich celebrities or "elitist" people remind me of what happened before the french revolution when the king of france was living in luxury while the poor working peasant class population were suffering hardship. The queen of france is to have remarked "if they are hungry let them eat cake" this slogan was used by the anti-monarchy propagandists and it led to the blood filled french revolution which tore down the monarchy and had the privileged royal family and other elitist executed by the revolutionaries. I think the conditions for a violent revolution in western countries are being created for such an event that will maybe overthrow the corruption of the system. If these politicians do not read the warning signs and discontentment of the working class masses then the price we all will have to pay could be very high.
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    There was a story on a drunk Sikh driver who used an excuse about this turban in court and the jewish owned rebel media really attacked him in a way that gave me the impression they attacking the Sikh identity and Canadian Sikhs as a whole. https://www.therebel.media/sikh_drunk_driver_let_off_because_his_feelings_were_hurt But yes the indian government arranged and conducted 1985 air india tragedy plays a huge part in the anti-sikh narrative in Canada its still paying dividends 30+years on even thought both the complicit deep state canadian/indian governments know they helped do it. Alot of evil indian nationalist right wing hindus comment in the youtube link about defaming Sikhs, killing Sikhs and saying deport Sikhs,etc. When rebel media created negative stories about Hindus the hindu commentor's didnt like it and started to bash the canadians.
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    Do you have any Youtube links for this? Or keywords or journalist names? I think it's quite tough getting Canadian media personalities on our side just because of the whole Air India tragedy. Of course, it's difficult to know the truth because the CSIS destroyed the evidence. Very convenient. Not all Rebel Media personalities are anti-Sikh. For example, here's Gavin McInnes being interviewed by talkshow host Alex Jones: Gavin McInnes says Sikhs are people who fought against Islam. Against oppression. Their raison d'etre is helping the oppressed. Totally compatible with the West. Host Alex Jones then agrees and says yes, we don't care if you have brown skin.
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    Btw, Miss ShazU_91 is upset that Katie Hopkins' kids don't want to die in a bomb blast: Shaz 🥀‏ @ShazU_91 May 23 Shaz 🥀Retweeted Katie Hopkins Maybe you need to let your kids be kids then. Horse face c*nt Shaz 🥀added, Katie HopkinsVerified account @KTHopkins My children say they would rather be shot than die slowly by nail bomb. This is the UK today. #ManchesterArena 0 replies1 retweet4 likes May I point out that most people would prefer a quick death to bleeding out slowly and painfully? ShazU is upset that somebody wouldn't want to be the recipient of one of her radical Islamist brothers' nail bombs. Amazing how hard-core non-practicing Muslims can be. It seems to me that most of our non-practicing Sikh girls would never stand up for Sikh issues like Miss ShazU_91. Can anyone explain this?
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    Yes, the extreme Wahabbi and Salafi strands of Islam consider music, dancing, etc., to be haram. But I personally think the venue chosen for the attack was less to do with any objections to music - even if that's the reason being given - but for more practical reasons, i.e. the young white girls were considered to be easy pickings, plus the subsequent outrage at choosing such "soft" targets, etc., would upset the public, and heighten the fears of the population. Ultimately it's just depraved blood lust on the part of the terrorists; the glee at causing the deaths of people is all the reason they need to do what they do.
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    just reading this hurts me, i feel sad for the husband. Please curb these thoughts right away, nip them in the bud, if you dwell on them they will take a larger form and then things will g out of hand. listen to jac singh , he is on point with this one. and cut all contact with him, even if you try to be just friends , it still wont be same. your mind is playing tricks, beware! you have made a vow ! dont break it please. i hope you are just a troll and not actually a real person.
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    big difference in wondering and or reading/inquiring about something and actually studying and following a guru. hope this point is easy to understand and don't confuse you as much as the previous ones. i like how you addressed and replied with the depth of information to the points i stated though.....
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    First of all, hats off for the reply given to you by brotherJacfsing2 above, a good one from all angles. Having said that, be careful Lostwarrior1234 jee, there are no perfect relations in this world, it is only when one goes through them, one sees things from a different perspective which were not forseen before. Look at Ravan, how he lost evrything for going after another woman. Other man or woman, apart from one´s spouse, is like setting fire on dry grass, everything gets destroyed, it is a devastation of highest foolish order.... So beware. On one side you have your home, with lovely children and a good husband, and other side you have kaam, paap, on your head, for which you will surely have to pay... You do not know what you are saying, when you say, you will gladly go to the chaurasee, with the hope of continuing gather in the next life. Just tell me how, of what good or helpfull is, two sticks burning in the fire? This is the consequence of such a dark sin. Who says, you will get another human form for sure, when even in this one, one behaves with impurity and unfaitfulness. Sin is darkness, and darkness leads to a fatality. Above all, you took an oath before Guru Gee of remaining faithful the rest of your life to your spouse. Who says, tomorrow you will not have feelings for a third man, and so on ... you see, if we keep changing our values each time when one finds a beautful lady in case of men, or a handsome man in case of women, then we are no better then beasts. You are still on time, do not do any such thing, that you can not look face to face to Guru Jee. Make your mind understand, that stop launching kaami temptations on you, and also pray Wahiguru with sincereity, to give you strength to overcome gracefully this your period of weakness so to say. God bless you, Sat Sree Akal.
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    It's ok bro. You're gay. Thats the life lesson given to you to help over come issues that prevent you from being in touch with your consciousness. It's a lesson if you take it as a lesson, or life will repeat a lesson till you learn it. There is no previous 'joon' you go through life and death cycles everyday if you're not connected to the supreme being in THIS LIFE. Your karm matter from this birth. Thats it. Praying doesn't stop bad times it just teaches you to deal with them to where they don't affect you. As far as your relationship with your mom, is also a lesson in itself, hopefully the evident consequence of life (being death) doesn't break you down and rather it teaches you....theres only one way to overcome these issues. Read guru Granth sahib ji with meanings, with meanings being the major key. 2 pages a day takes about 30 mins with meanings. It'll take years to finish at that pace but it will change your life. Sorry if this is repetitive, I didn't read all the replies.
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    I'm not been a fan of or ever agreed with the views of shockjock katie hopkins but her recent articles about muslim grooming gangs and islamic terrorism/ mass immigration has really summed up the mood of the UK fed up with state of things. The same upper calss elites and politicians that are now being protected have for decades allowed mass muslim immigration into the country and created the conditions for these kinda incidents to occur have left the rest of the population to suffer the consequences. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4539242/KATIE-HOPKINS-ll-protect-kids-terror.html
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    so sister, Waheguru ji blessed you with so much and still it is not enough? you say things like a love-sick school girl have you even an iota of the length of time you could be travelling before even getting to a human birth and then again you'd probaly be born a vaishva accordinrg to your mental state and Gurbanis faisla on you. If you call yourself a good mother you will not destroy your childrens' lives for your stupid fantasy...pull your head out of cloud cuckoo land and re-engage with your own family and husband , tell this other guy to gets his kicks elsewhere
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    You know Its wrong but you still want to do It. However think about how you will handle your children and husband after you have gotten what you want. It will be a little too late and you will realise that you slipped and will regret. Its up to you to choose to pass your test. Look at all the positive things In your present relationship and all negatives that could happen If you were In another one.
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    They even threw eggs at him. God how short his memory is!
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    Agree with almost all of what you said, except for this, because the traditional Sikh belief (echoed in Gurbani and other canonical Sikh sources) is that, indeed, Guru Nanak Dev ji (Satguru) is God. However ... let's not debate that question in this thread, which is meant to talk about the phenomenon of "moderate"/"liberal" Muslims being so strongly pro-Muslim and possibly allergic to non-Muslims (like whenever Sikhs are praised for something).
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    The evidence is clear. This should be presented to the necessary authorities. These Hindu cockroaches only attack in mobs. One on one, they are cowards. They can't fight for a start. Is there any background to why this occurred aside from the obvious? Are they businessman, traders, or just average guys seized upon by a mob?
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    Me: I'm going to tell my daddy. God: Who is he? Me: Satan Singh. Apparently he's mentioned in Gurbani according to jacfsingh. Lmao, I'm joking! 😂
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    Ah, yes, indeed the elites who have imported these jihadis do not live in Manchester or Birmingham or Tower Hamlets. They live in the tony areas of London and a few other places. Angela Merkel will not have to put up with the problems caused by importing a million "refugees" (only a few are actually from Syria) per year. President Obama just bought a residence in a very exclusive California community. Katy Perry, a singer, said she believes open borders: “Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other,” Perry said, adding, “No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.” But ... she has a 10-foot wall around her house! Here's a pic: Walls for me, but not for thee.
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    sis why are you abandoning your own rich culture to saddle your beautiful girl with a non-unique non-sikh name , if it's just to avoid mistaken pronounciation , there is no way you can avoid people being nasty on purpose just by picking a european name ;they will mangle it anyway. Sikh names are deep and have meaning , do some research BTW it's keertan not keerat My daughter has a Sikh first name then a western second name (her father is western descent) and she prefers her Sikh name ...
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    This guy should be kept a close eye on by his family, he is prime grooming material for islamic extremists. Maybe Sikh org's can reach out to him to help him back into Sikhi and on the right path.
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    Nah bro, if it works like that then people with fetishes and preferences are also because of sexual misconduct in past life
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    Don't listen the missionary lies. What really happened in Germany, watch this:
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    Nothing wrong with listening jeeo; however make sure your surthee is focused on the nitnem and not something else Bhai sahib. If it becomes background noise then maybe you should re-evaluate the reasons why you're doing nitnem 🙏🏽
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    It could be possible that badal's hindustani agents ordered the hit on Bhai ranjit because of his comments against badal or dhumma's own people took matters into their own hands without the expressed wishes of dhumma himself due to them being more loyal to their cult mentally than the wider khalsa panth itself. Either way any Sikh worth his salt knows you do not go around attacking a fellow sikh because of disagreements over religious affairs especially a sant with millions of followers cos that would unlease a storm and civil war on them and their leader they wish they had never started. So we can conclude those who attacked bhai ranjits convey were non-sikh thugs pretending to be Sikh... we see the same sort of people in gurdwara's too they in full bana yet will not listen to anyone having a different point of view or expressing their different understandings of rehit and gurbani or political leanings. These thugs need to be kicked out of sikhism by being publically named and shamed, the days of using muscle over brain are long gone. People want to hear arguments of both sides before making their own minds up if morons go around attacking those who they disagree with then they are defaming Sikhi and defaming our guru's who were the first ones who disagreed with the established religions of the time and had discussions and discourses with people so they could make their own minds up.
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    Oh the irony! You're saying it is not right to call Dhumma a Hindu and then go on to state that he got the Bikrami calendar restored. The Bikrami Calendar aligns with Hinduism. The Bikrami calendar is based on Astrology and has bastardized the historical dates of significance in Sikhism. Your grandchildren will be commemorating the Birth of the Khalsa in July thanks to Dhumma. The Nanakshahi Calendar aligns with our Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib as it begins with the month of Chet.