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    Having Guroo sahib place their hand on your head doesn't make you perfect that's why jee. Everyone in any jathebandee is capable of committing a kurehat and we all fall. Some fall harder than others. Yeah naam can be revealed to you by Guroo sahib but it's only a very lucky few who can keep aath pehar simran going on in their hearts from that moment onward; it takes some of us lifetimes to work up to that level hunna. I also know of many youth today that claim to be akali nihangs and vidvaans of taksaal, I could probably name up to 30, who are twice as young as the guy you're on about and are doing gandhi kam twice as bad as that; sort them out aswell if you're going to take on that role of exposing these people, so don't be a hypocrite just because you hate one jatha; and don't harbour hate for such people whether they're bujjar kurehati or not. Gurmukhs get to a stage in their jeevan where upon having someone's darshan, they can read all of their karams and all of their thoughts, past present and future; yet the thing that makes them Gurmukh is that even by knowing the deepest darkest parts of ones soul, the Gurmukh will still never hesitate to show hat person pyaar and do their seva!
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    Baba Deep Singh gurdwara 22nd July during Raensabhai keertan - hey it might not be a Taksaali one, but what's the difference when 5 Gurmukhs who's faces glow with naam make the Amrith 😊
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    No one said the first panj pyare to take khande da Pahul... But the fact one wasn't doesn't mean they can't... The first khande da Pahul amrit sanchar involved a woman.. So there was female participation..
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    How ridiculous a analysis.. Do you know who was the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th person to take khande da Pahul?
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    Dear Guest Gurmehar, The following are the 5 Shabads/Keertan, which I would suggest for your query for children in addition to the Mool Mantra Too mayraa pitaa toohai mayraa maataa. Too thaakur tum peh ardaas Tumh karahu da-i-aa mayray saa-ee. Parabh keejai kirpaa niDhaan ham har gun gaavhagay Raam japa-o jee-a aisay aisay The important points in them is that He and His wadeeayee is important, not we(our haume, ego); and above all His Grace, and His Saacha Naao. Sat Sree Akal
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    BigTera is right. The darbar of the Guru should look kingly. Full of elegance. Not mismatched colors. Gurudwaras should maybe hire interior designers. Its much worse some places. In our gurudwara the walls are not even left white they are painted crazy designs. Some painter guy came from india and hes been doing all the designs for the gurudware, so we have blue patterend walls with gold borders. Our langar hall is dark burgandy stripes. Its a mess. I like how the bulandhpuri gurudwara and 3HO are going all white. I think only blue and white should be allowed for the sant sipahi aspects. Also we need to tone it down with the gold. Someone said a hindu temple looks like a firework of color went off and thats how our gurudware are starttin to become. Looking more like hindu temples esp with all the red n yellow. And those marigold haar everywhere. We have gurujis saroop at home and we use simple comfortable cotton for the rumalle with a beautiful border looks much more regal.
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    VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH Vaisakhi 1978 - of the 13 shaheeds, 2 were from Damdami Taksal and the other 11 were from AKJ background.
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    Parchaarik means missionary there's no difference really ones in punjabi other in english. The uneducated low IQ indians and illiterate Sikhs in punjab are going around defaming the term missionary in an attempt to be politically correct and not to show intolerance to christians and muslim missionaries so they generalise their attack on the word "missionary" rather than attacking the individual anti-sikh abrahmic and personality cult missionaries We need proudly say we are Sikh missionaries. I have personally made it my mission to convert non-sikhs from their backward and filth ideologies. I have made social media posts, help share inspirational sikh convert videos and many other forms of propaganda to help people embrace Sikhi from islam and Christianity mostly. I'm going to be focusing hindu extremists next I want to target the hindu extremists hard where it hurts and convert their ignorant monkey and cow worshipping people from their filthy evil anti-sikh and anti-khalistan ideologies.
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    This is why Sikhs will get trampled over and vanish in pages of history if we have that mindset. The abrahmic cults (christianity, islamic) have been forcing Sikhs not to become missionaries because they know how powerful Sikhi is to liberate people from their brainwashed condition. Our Guru's spread sikhi to far off nations inspiring non-sikhs to embrace the Guru shabad and Sikhi. Nowadays we have brainwashed cucked leftist marxist liberal sikhs telling us don't convert non-sikhs to Sikhi because essentially we need to be enslaved and dominated by other communities as our Sikh religion is not worth converting to. This is what message they are sending out naively. Each individual Sikh must become missionary (Not missionary for nonsense of Christianity but missionary for Sikhi) because Guru's taught as to practice and spread the religion to others which is what basically missionary means at its most fundamental level.
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    Missionary is a positive term we should create more missionaries to target non-sikh people and bring them into sikhi. As for Indian Gov and the hindutva powers at play trying to split the Sikhs up over controversial issues have been with us for decades/years possibly centuries. The DG and Anti-DM crowds has been around for years. People are swayed by arguments and evidence not by violence and shutting down free speech and right to bring up controversial subjects. I think there needs to be decorum, where such controversial subjects are brought up they are debated in a respectful manor so that people on the opposition side are not made to feel they or what they hold as bani is disrespected. That's why its always best to organise conferences where things can be discussed and understood between all the scholars, historians, professors so that a consensus can be reached instead of outsider powers dictating to us covertly via their paid agents what we should learn and teach our people.
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    Problem with your argument is that I didn't make the reference to khalsa initiation khande di pahul ceremony for a reason as its not taken from SGGS Ji, it is you making that comparison. I specifically made the argument for charan di pahul ceremony because it was allegedly from SGGS Ji that such idea was dreamed up by people wrong interpretation of gurbani according to my understanding. Many people have questioned if there was such a baptism ceremony of Sikhs prior to Dashmesh pitta's Khande di pahul ceremony. According to what I have read and understood there wasn't the so called charan di pahul. If you have read SGGS Ji you would know yourself vast majority is written in poetry and philosophical sense. When verses are mentioned about drinking guru's feet water it doesnt mean literally drinking it. It is ment to be taken in poetic sense. Literalist's have proved they have low IQ and limited education because they cant understand the concept of metaphors. So they apply everything they read from gurbani as in literal sense like the abrahmic cults do with their quran's and bibles.
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    Yes partially I agree with you. You deffo need to have faith in guru ji but to have faith you must have the right interruption of what guru ji said or did. If you have some wrong so called 'learned people' interrupting things wrongly then people will be misled away from the real message and real spiritual meanings. So for example we have low IQ low educated people taking some verses in SGGS Ji as literal stuff instead of metaphors as its meant to be taken because gurbani is mostly poetry. And these low IQ people have caused so much trouble in the panth by being dogmatic and violent by saying only their way is the right way everyone else's interruption is heresy and wrong. So where people are going wrong is at the interruption level. We see this in other regions and their sects too... our folk haven't learn't to debate it out peaceful rather they resort to slandering and violently attacking each other rather than sitting down and understanding what actually did Guru sahibians said or did through historical evidence and through verbally and written traditions,etc. I am even surprised by some things basics of sikhi has been peddling which I disagree on a fundamental level but i would rather give my own interpretation/understanding of how I see it not by slandering or violently attacking basics of sikhi and its people but just giving my view of what Guru Ji is saying. Eg Guru Nanak is/was not God .... I gave my evidence in other thread..... and Guru ji didn't perform charan di phul with his feet for baptism (which is unhygienic and would put people off). The verses in gurbani are meant to be taken as metaphors not literally.
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    I think there's always been missionaries around giving their own interpretations of gurbani and sikh history. Thing is instead of excommunicating them (as spgc has done to some) or no platforming banning them or physically fighting them at functions and events ......an intelligent approach should be used to counter their arguments and views. People are more easily influenced if they think the person has credible evidence. If they pulling things out of thin air they are less likely to be believed and followed. As for missionaries, we should encourage them to focus their energies to target non-sikhs into bringing others into Sikhi rather than split the panth into different sects of beliefs.
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    Define missionary? are you talking about christian/muslim abrahmic missionaries? or a certain Sikh missionary org? Google defines missionary as "a person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country."
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    vadda ghalughara, yeah 90,000 dead in the space of a week ... don't doubt the SInghs married out by bringing in hindu girls into the fold but they would have made sure they were initiated first ... and our ancestry lies in other quarters but we all know that to take on sikhi in full means breaking ties to those dharams and cultures . Unlike RSS I do not see my roots as a problem just a fact of history and it doesn't mean I agree with them that we were a reform movement which provided fighters. what happened to the Khastriyas aren't they supposed to do that for the hindus, I mean all I hear is rajput this marata that but ultimately there were more of them than sikhs so what is the excuse ?
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    The problem is with mostly city sikhs, its usually to do with money and lifestyle aspirations. Instead of matching someone that is of the same faith but of lower income or living standards they let their brainwashed bollywood cucked daughters to go off with non-sikhs. The pend village/town sikhs tend to be quite traditional conservative and forth right in only marrying their daughters of to other sikhs just the way it should be.
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    No, it doesn't happen in our villages. I hesitate to talk about caste, but there are some castes in which there are both Hindus and Sikhs living in close proximity, and in those cases sometimes they give or take daughters. The reason it doesn't happen in villages is because it's been 3/4 of a century or so since those castes lived in the villages; they've almost all moved on to the cities.
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    Most Hindus are pretty pro-sikh that's until Sikhs want their own sovereignty and a say on important political matters and thats when they turn against Sikhs or don't have much respect for us. As long as our people are pro-india and say "hindustan zindabad" or "bharat mata ke jai" or "jai hind" they are happy with us as soon as we say "khalistan zindabad" for our own Sikh national interests they turn hostile. Same like pakistani muslims as long as you are pro-pakistan and praise pakistan they love Sikhs but as soon as you say you want Sikh rule over pakistan or lahore to be capital of Khalistan the pak muslims go quite or turn hostile. Most punjabi/haryana/himachel basically the northern Indian subcontinent hindus have some sort of Sikh ancestry or family ties and lineage as back in the days Sikhs came into being from majority hindu converts. Also during the islamic invasions and rulers the northern subcon hindu's were instrumental in keeping Sikhi alive and helping shelter them during extreme persecutions because it was a mutually beneficial relationship as Sikh warrior would go into banditry ambush raids and pitched violent bloody battles with jihadi muslim armies and take back the war booty stolen from hindu kingdoms. The martha Hindu empire joined forces with Sikh clans of punjab in various military campaigns against the muslim invaders until the martha's started to have designs on punjab and wanted to occupy it for their own empire and thats where there was clashes. So for example in the final battle of panipat the Sikhs stayed out rather than help their once hindu allies and because of that the hindu martha armies suffered a heavy defeat and a genocide after under the hands of the afghan muslims. So Sikhs and Hindus have alot of shared history.
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    Gurbani Bhajans are fine. There's a difference though. We can't call any of them Gurbani unless its from SGGSJ or DG or rarely from SG. There's a misconception amongst Punjabis where (you'll see this on youtbe videos) where they label Dharmic songs are being Bani. Like you said Bani Guru, Guru Hai Bani. on topic here: one of the most amazing verses from Gurbani that completely changed my outlook was Shabad Guru Surat Dhun Chela. This touched me as a kid. I heard it on the radio while I was falling asleep, spent years trying to find the person who sung it till I finally found it a couple of years back The Praises of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
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    Young Singh - One peice of advice for you and it will take your staright to the truth. Read about the lives of the leaders of both faiths and which ever side you feel is "better" follow that. Subtle hint for you - i have yet to come across anyone in this world who has given their head for another persons beleif even though they 100% do not agree with it, Dhan Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib! We have all forgotton the value of Gurshabad as we dont realise it's worth! We have diamonds and rubies sitting in the palm of our hands but the biggest problem is we have forgotton it's worth. Gurbani takes one to where it orginated i.e Sachkhand.
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    "Walking one step towards the Guru's feet, the True Guru walks millions of steps to welcome you." Bhai Gurdas Ji Read Gurbani, research history and you will realize what you need to do.