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    Why do colours of a Darbar matter, you could design the brightest gurdwara you could think of yet if your soul is still black then it won't have any effect, will it? If you think that colour/decor is distracting, you must have serious problems when it comes to bhagthee. Rule number 1. keep your eyes closed, as 40% of our distractions come through what we see!
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    Brother, each one of us has akhoot pyar for Guru Jee, and wants the best for Sachay Patshah. So brother, that should not bother us, neither distract us. Just look at the pyar behind all that, of our fellow gursikhs. Apart from that, it is important that when we enter or come out of a Gurdwara, we keep a check on us, if we have dyed ourselves with the colors of humility, love, purity and sharda at the Lotus Feet of Akal Purukh. If we go with that attitude, then we shall see Him, or at least feel His presence in everyone and everywhere, then outer aspects do not matter much, because we have lifted our surtee to higher levels of divinity. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Well do you want it to be dull? It doesn't matter, you don't come to a temple to see how it looks do you?
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    attachment, the thing is many people who claim to be fearless and aren't scared of death can't back up their claims because they never been in a life and death situation, so it's very hard to not be scared of death if you're not presented with death itself, or should I say you can't really back up or support a claim that you're not scared of death, but we're talking about why it is hard to accept it, while Attachment and Memories, think about this. You been living here for a long time, you seen things, you interacted with things, you did things, and you accomplished things, but now it will all be gone, everything you remember, everything you did / see, every single thing gone, that is why Death is hard to accept, and when one becomes so enlightened to the state where they can accept death and aren't scared of it, is I guess "lucky" Once you remember to have no attachment to this life, you'd feel as you are free from the burden of the world and the chains / shackles this life has tied you on, death can be a release from those shackles, but at the same time you shouldn't want to die, you should want to say the lords name! teach others about his greatness! make a difference!
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    And what fuels the thinking of amritdharis who fight inside gurdwaras?.... thieving from Gurus golak?..... or is it the false sense of superiority most get just because they have 'taken amrit'. The truth is most amritdharis these days are nothing more then the external form.... spiritually they are completely bankrupt & void of any genuine avastha. They look down on others, do more nindiya then most & use their image to hide all their own shortfalls whilst acting holier then thou. Most are cowards but think they are soorme because they wear blunt curved useless kirpans that can't even cut a banana. See how generalisations can work both ways? I'm sure most moneh are not how you generalised & not all amritdharis are as I described above..... but the illness of false sense of superiority is ripe... explains a lot
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    Giani Thakur Singh Ji gave bachan that Sant Ji are alive and well
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    I have a question for you if you dont mind. Instead of getting Sant Jee's tattoo why don't you act upon what is said in his speeches? If you get a tattoo of Sant Jee what does it prove? Is Sant Jee a fashion accessorie? now? Come man <banned word filter activated> is up with our generation? Everythings about showing off...our future generations will spit on us we aint made $hit in history in our era...get your heads out your asses and live REAL Sikhi - keep Rehat and inspire the future generations...
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    I am 16 and due to my good karams i was born into a good religion and enlightened family. My family is all Amaritdhari and I follow there path but I have been looking online and i find buddhism as my type of way of life. I like the fact the don't worship god because if there is a god why so much hate and pain in the world, why so many kids suffering in Africa Believing in a god creates so many questions for me so it leaves me confused. I don't know which is the way to go. Although i like Buddhism very much i dont want to disappoint my parents who have full faith in sikhi.
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    For those who are interested in video games, This might be a pretty old one, but is one of the only one that involved Sikhs. This is Empire: Total War, a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics PC game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. The fifth game in the Total War series, it was released in 2009. It focuses in the early modern period (1700-1800). Even though the game mainly focuses European history, its map covers most of Asia (Middle East&India), North America and Africa. The main factions on the Indian subcontinent are the Mughals and Marathas. However, as time passes new factions present themselves (Afghanistan, Punjab-Sikh Empire, Britain and France). Sikh units can be recruited by both, as mercenaries. Sikh Musketeers are mainly available to the Marathas, maybe because they both fought Mughals. They are the best soldiers of India in terms of morale and abilities. There are two Sikh units in the basic game: Sikh Musketeers and Sikh Warriors. There are many mods that also add: Sikh Heavy Cavalry, Sikh Sharpshooters and many other units. I suggest this to many teenagers and parents, because it gives you the chance to relive history. It costs just 20$ or Euros or even cheaper during sales at Steam-http://store.steampowered.com/app/10500/, or just 2$ at Amazon-https://www.amazon.com/Empire-Total-War-PC/dp/B0018YXM3Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1483807122&sr=1-1&keywords=empire%2Btotal%2Bwar&th=1 Below are some screenshots: The Sikh Musketeers The Generals Elephant Bodyguard The Sikh Warriors All Punjabi Units Sikh Musketeers assaulting Mughal Artillery and Islamic Swordsmen I had bad FPS in this screenshot All Army in Formation Sikh Army ready to retake Lahore (Campaign Map) This is video of a American guy playing a Multiplayer Battle using Sikh troops. The yank probably has no idea of the Sikh religion and is making up much of the stuff he says
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    Should Sikh places of worship not be simple places with a low amount of colours for a more calming and relaxing place to pray and sit and concentrate? Having been to many Gurdwaras up and down the country in the UK I notice a trend especially up north and the midlands exuberant and overpowering patterns and colours which are distracting. Such as carpets with heavily patterned designs and mis matches of colours patterns ect .. Having all these colours makes it look un sophisticated and less serious place. Why cant places of worship be simple and claming places which is the case in India. This is a typical example of inside of a UK Gurdwara.
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    Remember to go to websites dedicated to this! NeverForget84 is a good one.
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    Someone can decorate their house how they wish. Not everybody has the same taste in colours and decor, or simplicity, ornaments, wallpaper, shades of colours, furniture. The list goes on. It's individual preference, that's why there's so much choice in Homebase, B and Q, and what not stores. You've written two different things here, "clean and pure sangat" does not relate to colours or lights. How do you know what Guruji prefers in regards to which colours? That's very silly to write that. Are you also complaining about the rumaals on Guruji, because of their colours and embroidered work? There's nothing wrong with them. Also to add, the only thing that needs changing in the picture is to take away the decorations and have less flower arrangements if they are not fresh. It's a simple procedure that can be easily changed. Everything else seems fine, until the sangat want to change the carpet and work together with the committee to use the sangat's funds to do that. It's all about communicating and compromising together. But the carpet isn't visible much, when the chadaran are laid over it.
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    No, it's up to the local sangat of the Gurdwara of whichever city/towns they live in to approach the committee and work together if they want any change in the Gurdwara. Our Gurdwara sangat doesn't have a problem with the decor in the Gurdwaras I attend, so it doesn't mean every Gurdwara's interior is like the one in the picture you have put up. If you want change in your Gurdwara, then it's up to you to do it, not expect others to do it for you. If you and whoever else from the sangat a Gurdwara have an issue of the way the Gurdwara is run or decorated or whatever the problem maybe, then you have to approach them in a civilised and polite manner with some ideas and book a meeting with them. That's what you need to do, and not make a song and dance about it, going in all anger and frustrated. You never know, they may listen to new ideas. You won't know until the sangat try's and they may not be aware of your concerns.
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    @Big_Tera paji, if it's bothering you that much that you feel it's affecting your spiritual development or you can't focus on Gurbani, then why don't you approach the committee and politely offer some suggestions? Instead of taking pics of Darbar Sahib of Gurdwaras, make some suggestions to the Gurdwara you visited, because whoever would have decorated/dressed Maharaj ji, we cannot judge the respect and love they would have for them.
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    Update: messages received from 3members. Thank you ji to them, just waiting for the others, to confirm that it's working properly.
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh Just came across this story and it made me sick to my stomach. I don't even know what to say, this is what alcohol does to people. Instead of finding Waheguru they find alcohol and "punjabi-ism". They were beating people laying on the ground defenceless because they were drunk and angry. Those that are getting arrested have Singh in their name, bringing bad perceptions onto our community. Something really needs to be done. See this article and then theres a link in there to more information where it says updates http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/09/police-banquet-hall-brawl-in-fremont-involved-35-50-people-several-injured/
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    This quote of Harsharan paji's reminded of the shabad, where Guruji tells us of the colour of the Lord's love that we should be asking/wishing for: Btw Harsharan paji are you getting my message in inbox?
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    Mainly because we are still weak and have not understood the objective of Gurbani, thus above all, our sharda and pyar for Wahguru, weigh lesser, than our attraction and pull for the fanee kaynaat. It is only by Gurbani throughly, we can reverse this our dreadful condition, not otherwise. There is darkness in the whole creation, and we all fear darkness, so if we do not lit the Light of Gurbani within us, of course, we shall remain in the state of fear. Satgur bina hor kachee hae Bani Bani taan kachee, Satgur bajohn hor kachee bani. Sat Sree Akal.
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    I like this, it's nice. Different colours have different effects to the soul, that contribute to the spiritual development and they have different meanings also. E.g. Blue, Bana of Gursikhs, Orange, etc. Neutral plain colours, do give peace of mind though, and have more of a calming effect.
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    Some interesting Relationship Tips Does chemistry outweigh compatibility—or vice versa? Would You Choose Sparks Over a Stable Relationship? In life, we have to decide what’s most important to us. The Key Is Finding a Balance There’s a leap of faith that you have to make in any relationship. You make this leap of faith based on trust and character, not based on attraction or wealth. You make this leap of faith when you’ve found your best friend, someone who makes you laugh, who has your back, who values the same things in life, and, yes, who is on the same page sexually. But most importantly, you make this leap of faith when you find the person who allows you to be yourself, to let down your guard, to feel safe.
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    Imagine, using a dating site to get to know a potential partner, instead of sleeping with them. Imagine a world where people aren't so judgemental like you. And yes I have an account on a matrimonial site, and no I don't date. But glad to know what kind of Sikh "boy" I should avoid.
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    Oh really? You're saying most fights in Gurdwaray are to prevent beadbi etc? Quit the act, you must really think we're a stupid bunch to believe that. Its almost two sides of middle aged men, many if whom are sardar/amritdhari, fighting over control, so they can line their pockets. Now a days neither monay or sardars are better than the others. Assuming you're a nihang, your faction of Sikhs are some of the worst lol
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    As opposed to 'amritdharis' who fight & swear in Gurdwaras. Attacking eachother with their blunt useless kirpans whilst using the most dispicable language imaginable & removing each others dastars..... whilst in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib!
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    If Sikhs are looking for serious Sikh partners (with view to marriage), it's great idea for those struggling to do this through their own physical contacts. If it's just for a bunk up, it's crap. But also, I've heard from umpteen apneean who've tried to find a Sikh guy for a husband through such sites, that it is not uncommon for them to get bombarded with messages from prospective sullay from all over the globe, even when they've explicitly stated that they are looking for Sikh guys. Some low IQ people (especially certain females) need to be careful of the sites and not forget people can (and do!) pretend they are SIkh when they are not, for various (usually dark) motives.
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    only naam is the true taste , all else is false i.e. takes you away from your bhagti and mission...
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    I would say it's both, or a balance between both. For example, the only reason you're able to buy a kirpan is that we have sufficient numbers of people such that we are able to support a kirpan-production industry. The current trend towards people having 2-bedroom houses, with one for the man and wife, and the other for their one son is demographically dangerous, and basically suicide.
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    Since she has marriage on the mind. Maybe she is not young at all. Many punjabi youth go in the wrong direction because their parents did not get them married in their early 20s. Many girls end up dating very young these days. They ruin their lives by dating because they get introduced to alcohol and drugs. In this girls case, she should tell her parents to get her married or tell the parents she is looking for a rishta and would like to have some input.
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    WJKK WJKF bhenji, as long as you are in chardikala now, everything should be. Though I am not sure how much of your past should you relieve to the individual?
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    Young Singh - One peice of advice for you and it will take your staright to the truth. Read about the lives of the leaders of both faiths and which ever side you feel is "better" follow that. Subtle hint for you - i have yet to come across anyone in this world who has given their head for another persons beleif even though they 100% do not agree with it, Dhan Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib! We have all forgotton the value of Gurshabad as we dont realise it's worth! We have diamonds and rubies sitting in the palm of our hands but the biggest problem is we have forgotton it's worth. Gurbani takes one to where it orginated i.e Sachkhand.
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    Show no fear...feel no fear.. Raise your avastha and you can witness this yourself.
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    Buddhism and sikhi are similar? Guru Gobind ji says that Buddha was an avtar of Vishnu. However, Sikhi is the most recent set of teachings of Sat and other teachings of dharma have been corrupted over time, unless u use your intuition and listen to your inner Guru properly, many people have fallen for the untruthful clearly seen in teachings of Islam eg. The core of Sikh and Buddhism isn't dissimilar. Sat is Sat.
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    Not everyone will understand about Babaji. I know what you mean and I cannot wait to go this year! I feel so at peace.
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    I always had few questions in mind regarding using gurbani jaap against ghosts. From what i have heard from mahapursh sangat there are more number of ghosts living on this earth then people ... What is visible to a human eye is 1/3 of things around us. Ghost is a juni like humans animals stones etc ... So why are they seen as bad things ? Ghost is already living in the house and you are moving in there why not God back him up as he is already living there ? How is Ghost hurting people with door banging etc ... its our fear which is hurting us so why blame the ghost ? I have yet to see a physically hurt person by a ghost such as ghost giving him punches or cuts or trying to eat him up ... if anyone has such experience or story then please share ? These are my few questions which came in my mind any time i see ghost stories on tv or anywhere ... Gurbani is not to harm others and it will never do that for you. Instead it is for sarbat da bhalla ... Instead do path for the mukti of the ghost. Never do ardas save me from this ghost but do ardas to guru ji to help this ghost getting human life and he will be your friend. Your path will make u spiritually strong and fearless you will start understanding things with the logic of god and not human mind. Dont think it will create any sort of invisible fire around you that no ghost can come near you. And the most important thing Dont do anything which could make you a ghost for the ghost.