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    Got to say, some of the fighting is a bit limp-wristed. That one Singh in the red pagh practically minces his way to the front when it kicks off. Too effeminate for my liking. If you're going to kick off, then at least be a man about it. Slapping and thrashing isn't a good look. Nice closed fist to the chin does the trick. And what's with the pagh targetting? If we show such little regard for the turban amongst ourselves, we have no right to complain when non-Punjabis use the same tactics. Committees, lol. They attract some downright scummy individuals. Pretend Sikhs.
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    Bhulli Ji means of anything wrong happens in the house, always say it was my fault. Never blame or yell at your spouse. Bhalla Ji means to always do good. Try to do as much seva as possible of the kids n spouse. Dont get mad or fight with ppl abt extra work, do it as seva. Bhana Ji. Accept hukam. Dont try to change ppl to fit your perceptions and dont nag ppl to fulfill your goals. Like some men want their wives to always look pretty so always nagging their wives to do make up, and go blond. And some woman want thier husbands to be richer so they nag their husbands to work longer hours, go into politics and beg for promotions.
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    Also I would urge people on the forum and online on here not to treat it as a laughing matter or laugh at these antics but rather feel deep anger and outrage about the beadhi that is going on. If we dont take this issue seriously and crack down on these vile animals who cause fights then we will witness a decline in people going gurdwara's as they will be know for fights and rather than a place for good sangat, peace and meditation. It is the enemies of Sikhs that want this to occur. If people have personal beef with each other they should settle it outside the premises of Guru's house not inside it. How dare do these people think they can get away with this?
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    I don't know why but red carrots kept coming to mind today and it's been bugging me as to why they are red in India, and if they get orange carrots or not? Lol I know of all the things to think about gajaran/carrots come to mind 🤔. So I did a search on Google,coz it's still bugging me why they don't have orange carrots in India or do they? If anybody's wondering the same, here's what I found: (not that anybody will be 😴, but just in case) https://www.thespruce.com/taste-of-different-color-carrots-2215929 http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk/carrotcolours.html @jkvlondon, @MisterrSingh, @Not2Cool2Argue, @sikhni777, @Jacfsing2, @Preeet, @luckysingh99, @Kira, @harsharan000, @Ranjeet, @dallysingh101, @singh598, @Premi5, @singhbj singh And anybody else that may be know, is this right? Which are better for health, orange or red, or what colour?
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    Have you seen a counsellor? If not, then see one and talk to them. It's not good to keep stress building up inside, it's damaging and can lead to outbursts, like I did today. You've been through a bad time in your married life and you need to get out of that thinking of blaming yourself for it. When you start to let go of those emotions and desires then you will start to heal. You're kids are young and you have a lot of responsibilities, so you need to be strong for the kids and for yourself too. Be confident, and God will help you through this, and listen to some shabads to keep yourself positive. Also try to incorporate Gurbani in your daily life, even if it's a small amount, start off small and build it up gradually. This will divert your mind off your stressful period in your life.
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    I ate some purple carrots once in India. I understand there's black carrots in Afghanistan.
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    I didn't even know red carrots existed?! lol They do say that bright red food can be particularly good for you because the colour comes from some specific nutrient that is meant to be healthy.
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    Colours Of Carrots http://blogs.economictimes.indiatimes.com/onmyplate/colours-of-carrots/ http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/carrot-kanji-gajar-kanji-recipe/
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    Watch a nine year old prodigy showcase his extraordinary skills on the stage of TEDxChandigarh. Sehajdeep Singh Kohli is a nine year old prodigy. He made his first Asian record at the age of 3 years where he recognized the flags of 105 countries in just 52 seconds. He also made a record by recognising the Indian states and their capitals along with the neighbouring countries on the outline of the map in just 33 seconds. The list of accomplishments do not end here. He was ranked first in an International Informatics Olympiad. He has also been internationally recognized by the Worldwide Brain Club for his exceptional memory skills. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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    Bheinji all colours are available in India. Red ones are generally used in sabzi, gajrela, pickles Orange for salad, rice pulao, chinese cuisine Purple for making Kanji
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    Pfft, the imam's probably undercover Mossad. Or he's exhibiting internalised Islamophobia. Everything's fine. Don't worry.
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    from historical references and Gurbani, I am confident that our Guru would not force this mayor to matha tek to Guru Granth Sahib Ji....respect for all but follow your own?
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    These fights have always taken place, perhaps due to our lot being uneducated and conflicting views and greed too. However because of our technology we are able to capture these live and broadcast them worldwide. Elders definitely want to control operations however simple they may be. Two examples I can give is me having an experience with a live argument going on between the satsang group - who was being criticised by a lady when they were actually performing satsang and they were being warned to put all the maya they will get into the golak. Another one was a lady who had a go at me because my dad handed me over the cash for the pathis.
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    If you've noticed, these fights, arguments only occur when there is a lot of sangat or on particular days. Makes you wonder why can't they pick them when there's no sangat or outside of the Gurdwara, what are they trying to prove to sangat? All it takes is a simple meeting and sit round a table. It's a big shame those elders are running around fighting in front of Maharaj ji and making a joke of sangat and of Guruji's home. Sangat need to feel safe in the Gurdwara. I can't see the elders doing anything positive, it's the youth that need to put them straight, but they don't like being told do they, because of their egos and think that youth should only respect them. Some of these elders don't want to get out of their stupid fights, but yes this needs to be sorted, as already kids are losing respect of elders, what with the generations changing and it gives the good ones a bad name.
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    Could it be that these fights are mostly started by indian government non-sikh agents? Any Sikh with at least w braincells knows you do not fight or start beef in a gurdwara unless you want to be shamed worldwide via CCTV or beaten up real bad by the sangat. So most of these guys who start fights clearly dont have any respect for Sikhs or Sikhi or Guru's darbar they must be excommunicated as non-sikhs, publicly named shamed and beaten to an inch of their lives. We have witnessed dozens of these incidents in recent years and if the impotent cucked akal takht jathedhar and western gurdwara commitee's wont take armed action against cowardly giddard culprits (who start physically assaulting people in gurdwara) then sangat must take action in my view they are at the same level as pedophiles, and terrorists.
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    I know. For me, abyaas is my utmost priority and my day to day is arranged around my abyaas, rather than trying to squeeze some jap in if one has time. It's a shame our people have these attitudes because I spent over 2 years asking and trying to find out what japna really is and how it could carry me. I was disappointed on many occasions when respectable Sikhs just closed the doors and wouldn't/couldn't answer. The Taoist's are one of a few that have same spiritual goals as sikhi..which is to meet "waheguru" in sachkhand. They call it seeing the "tao" when they get darshan of the almighty Ek onkar. .. Respect!
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    Just power the damned phone off at set time every night. Don't turn it on until you are in some other part of the house or room the next day. Say, you could leave it in the kitchen and don't switch it on until you having morning tea or coffee. Phones, gadgets and all the EMF is bad, bad,... bad..Having Wi-Fi and all these radio waves is never going to benefit a Sikh. I have my own theories and evidence of how gadgets, wi-fi and EMF has affected my own abyaas, but I'm not going to get in detail now. When the forum is full of stuff that is not inspiring, then just disappear for a while. Especially, if you feel it's spiritually draining, then it's time to go try raise your consciousness.
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    MisterrSingh paji has given some good advise. In your above quoted post, you say that you wouldn't dare take your phone out at the Gurdwara. Why is that? Probably because you see Guruji there, but why don't you apply that to when you wake up at Amrit Vela? Think that Guruji is there when you wake up too. I do understand the phone addiction though, it's difficult to set timings and alarms, but you have to be strict with yourself when it comes to spending less time on the internet, because with the technology nowadays, it's set up that people spend more time, which is profit only for the Internet providers and phone companies. Good luck with the self management.
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    Personal responsibility. You place too much emphasis on external factors you have no control over dictating the day to day events of your life. That's a total cop-out, and rather dangerous attitude to adopt.
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    Lets treat you as if you are the 1st type of questioner tjat Bhforce describes. You genuinely want to know why. And not the 2nd type of questioner who wants to cast aspersions. So heres why: Guru Ji had 3 wives because he had three rishtas. Guruji did not go looking for wives. In fact he did not even choose one. As you must know, panjabis have arranged marriages. So gurujis marriage was arranged 3 times. Why? People thought it was the highest honor if their daughter was married to the Guru. And as it was permissible in Indian, especially Kshatri traditions for men to have many wives, ppl thought it was ok and kept offering their daughters even tho guruji was married.You could say Guruji could refuse. But if he did, the girls married life was forfeit. A girl who was offered yet refused would not be asked to marry. So Guruji could change the system. He did. His first marriage was arranged by his father. Then Mata Sundris parents were admant that guruji accept their daughter. Guruji said I am already married. They said u r king of kings n kings have many wives. Also our daughter has been offered, if u refuse, her life will be ruined. She will be a burden to us. Noone will marry her and after we die, there is nobody to care for her. Please remember that back then women had no means of earning income. The fathers land and job belonged to son by law and there was no means for women to earn a living. So an unmarried women will have to depend on brothers charity or societys charity or starve. She will become a begger, destitute, a charity case. So guruji said Ok i will accept her, but no more. But some dared to go against gurus hukam and offer their daughter. Guruji reprimanded them and they said it was out of love and sharda. And that the daughter was offered already and if u reject her, she will be destitute. So guruji changed the system. He said I will not marry her. But she will not be destitute. I will clothe, feed and give her a home. Also I will give her the protection of my name. So in the future, no one can say guruji had 2 wives and a concubine. I hate to use this word. But stupid ppl who will cast aspersions must be answered. So guruji did marry her to give her legitamacy. But as Guruji announced, there will be no marital relations. Yes announced. That is why we know today why mata ji had no children. Otherwise doubters would.be saying it was infertility. Why did guruji announce it? To change the system. To indian minds that was a horrible fate. Like a sham marriage and it ensured the woman would be childless. And it was effective. No other rishta was ever offered again. Nobody wanted their daughter to suffer that. And it was a trial to mataji too, as we know because she asked guruji for a child. And the wonderous Guruji fulfilled her wish while keeping to his word by gifting the Khalsa as her child. If you are a genuine questioner, you now know why guruji had 3 wives. If you are an aspersion caster/ doubter, u still will be unsatisfied. I think guruji did the kindest and wisest thing.in all marriages. He didnt want to offer a childless sham marriage to mata sundri, as it was not her fault. But he had to for mata sahib deva to change the system and stop more rishte. He also tried to change woman roles and one.of his hukams is that of a woman earns or has an independent income, nobody has the right to take it from her. He also encouraged them to get skills. Like battle, scholarship, and learn self defense. He hired Mata Bhago Ji as his bodyguard. He supported Bibi Deep Kaur when she was shunned by her family for wrestling/fighting off muslims in hand to hand combat. Her family said she was soiled, unpure. Guruji said she is my daughter and Im proud of her. As for Guru HarRai Ji, history isnt clear on the 8 wives. But the why is similar. They were sisters in need of protection. Most ppl in the olden days married widows of their brothers or young girls living with them to give protection of their name.
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    Friend, with respect, this is not true (that Mata Sundri and Jito ji are the same person). This untruth was made up by Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh of Washington, DC, USA, who wrote a book of Sikh questions and answers for kids which has some merit. He writes: He then goes on to claim the fact of Mata ji's existence was written by writers not familiar with Punjabi customs like marriage, muklava, and so forth. This boggles the mind because I'm wondering which writers he's referring to that don't know Punjabi culture, like Kavi Santokh Singh? Or any other Sikh writer? ??? They were ignorant of Punjabi culture? The fact is that Mata Jito Ji and Sundri ji have different genealogies, different birthplaces, and also different dates of demise, and landmarks commemorating their demise (in Anandpur and Delhi). The truth is the only ones who are unfamiliar with Punjabi culture is ABCDs (American born confused desis) who can't understand anything outside of the modern Western framework. No problem, though, since none of us is born with knowledge of anything.
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    Delusional at best. Who are you questioning? Who are you daring to point a finger at? Madness. Guru sahib is the all knowing all seeing perfect immaculate lord God. There is no difference between God and Guru. Know that as fact if you consider yourself a Sikh. Guru sahib is not a mere mortal. Not an enlightened person. Not someone who had waheguru inside them. They are waheguru themself. Only waheguru knows his own game. What he does, he knows. Us mere mortals can not possibly comprehend them. Whether they had 1 wife or a million. It's completely irrelevant. Do as the perfect SatGuru says, not as he does. You're not to follow in his footsteps. You can't possibly do what they did. But we can do what they asked us to do. We are capable of that. Don't question Guru sahib. And if you must, show a little damn respect. Know who you're speaking about.
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    Good question When missionaries try to use this point I say to them then you must use the same logic for Guru Tegh Bahadur jee's bani because Guru Tegh Bahadur jee also did not include His Bani in Guru Granth Sahib ji. It was Guru Gobind Singh ji who added the Bani of Guru Tegh Bahadur jee many years later at Sri Damdama Sahib. Real reason why Guru Gobind Singh ji did not include His Bani in Guru Granth Sahib ji is known only to Him. It is Guru Sahib's leela. We can only guess.