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    Just power the damned phone off at set time every night. Don't turn it on until you are in some other part of the house or room the next day. Say, you could leave it in the kitchen and don't switch it on until you having morning tea or coffee. Phones, gadgets and all the EMF is bad, bad,... bad..Having Wi-Fi and all these radio waves is never going to benefit a Sikh. I have my own theories and evidence of how gadgets, wi-fi and EMF has affected my own abyaas, but I'm not going to get in detail now. When the forum is full of stuff that is not inspiring, then just disappear for a while. Especially, if you feel it's spiritually draining, then it's time to go try raise your consciousness.
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    I know. For me, abyaas is my utmost priority and my day to day is arranged around my abyaas, rather than trying to squeeze some jap in if one has time. It's a shame our people have these attitudes because I spent over 2 years asking and trying to find out what japna really is and how it could carry me. I was disappointed on many occasions when respectable Sikhs just closed the doors and wouldn't/couldn't answer. The Taoist's are one of a few that have same spiritual goals as sikhi..which is to meet "waheguru" in sachkhand. They call it seeing the "tao" when they get darshan of the almighty Ek onkar. .. Respect!
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    Waheguru Life of Sant Baba Maha Harnam Singh Ji. The teacher of Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji Nanaksar Wale. Volume 1 Volume 2 and 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Has the biographies of some of the Mahapurkhs
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    MisterrSingh paji has given some good advise. In your above quoted post, you say that you wouldn't dare take your phone out at the Gurdwara. Why is that? Probably because you see Guruji there, but why don't you apply that to when you wake up at Amrit Vela? Think that Guruji is there when you wake up too. I do understand the phone addiction though, it's difficult to set timings and alarms, but you have to be strict with yourself when it comes to spending less time on the internet, because with the technology nowadays, it's set up that people spend more time, which is profit only for the Internet providers and phone companies. Good luck with the self management.
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    Personal responsibility. You place too much emphasis on external factors you have no control over dictating the day to day events of your life. That's a total cop-out, and rather dangerous attitude to adopt.
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    The sad thing is you will see a lot of Punjabi Hindus(on the internet) claiming that it was 30k to 39k Hindus who were killed by Sikhs since 1984 which is a blatant lie of course because they are just taking the figures of the Punjab Congress of Sikhs killed and saying "look! thats how many Hindus you guys killed". Not surprising since telling the truth is not a virtue they are known for.
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    very good point which is often forgotten in terms of importance
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    Also I would urge people on the forum and online on here not to treat it as a laughing matter or laugh at these antics but rather feel deep anger and outrage about the beadhi that is going on. If we dont take this issue seriously and crack down on these vile animals who cause fights then we will witness a decline in people going gurdwara's as they will be know for fights and rather than a place for good sangat, peace and meditation. It is the enemies of Sikhs that want this to occur. If people have personal beef with each other they should settle it outside the premises of Guru's house not inside it. How dare do these people think they can get away with this?
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    Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh ji From my limited understanding, I think you should add Sri Sukhmani Sahib ji to your nitnem if you haven't already.. It will change your life for the better & you will remember Sri Vaheguru ji with dhyaan. I recited only Sri Sukhmani Sahib ji for about 600+ days before being blessed with amrit, and I regret letting go of Sri Sukhmani Sahib ji because I remember now that all my problems started when I let it go. It was probably the most chardikala point of my life, and I suggest everyone to try adding it to their nitnem, and there is no excuse to not add it since it all comes down to priorities (unless if you don't have internet/sri gutka sahib ji). I listened to it with lyrics for about a week, and then I read it along and thankfully I still remember it regardless of not reciting it for years. Don't feel guilty if you are reciting jaap while multitasking, if anything I'm happy that you are able to chant their name while doing things you like. This is just the start of your life, and you should be easy on yourself, don't make yourself feel so guilty! Afterall, we practice dharma for anand.
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    Much of modern Sikh spirituality, as practiced by most people, is tied up in visual posturing and being seen to do the pious and holy thing. It seems to me that we crave external recognition from others for our spiritual acts, which again feeds into the narcissistic sense of wishing to be admired, or even worshipped for doing good, in the most extreme cases. Rarely are we content with selfless, unnoticeable, and intensely personal devotion on an individual level. How has this come about? Probably through the emphasis in parchaar that becoming an Amritdhari is an overnight method of attaining spiritual perfection. When was the last time we heard anyone say, "The journey does not end with taking Amrit. It is merely the beginning." When there's a seismic shift in parchaar that emphasises that Sikh spirituality begins from within; that without any firm internal foundations, the outer garb is merely window dressing, we will continue to see the degrading of the Sikh identity by people who seem to assume that looking the part outweighs all other requirements. If you require evidence of my opinions on this matter just look around you at the Amritdhari rank and file. How many truly and absolutely embody those ideals we are taught are the hallmarks of a true Sikh? Scratch that, how many are even diligently WORKING towards attaining such things? Gosh, I'm nowhere near where i want to be, but I'm aware of my failings. I haven't deluded myself with the idea that the job is done. As far as I'm concerned it's barely started. That comes with humility and perspective. It doesn't come from being led to believe that you're perfect.
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    agreed EMF is very damaging to sleep and own psychic fields , loads of experiment data out there .
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    That doesn't sound healthy at all. It's too easy to get sucked into a destructive and addictive internet routine. You're trying to convince yourself you're doing Naam Jap whilst your surti is engrossed in the contents of your screen. That's not genuine, man, that's just taking the mick.
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    Put a time limit on your internet router so that you're only able to have access during set hours. Give the password to a parent so you aren't tempted to change the settings when you experience withdrawal symptoms. It'll enforce structure and discipline, allowing you to focus on other things, and not wile away the day on the internet. Also, when you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you do is reach for your phone? Stop that. This site won't make you a better Sikh. That type of growth occurs when you're living a full, productive life. Internet life is not anything of value. Yes, it's a learning tool when used positively, otherwise it's a prime enabler of procrastination.
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    Cut off internet access.
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    At the same time lets not narrow down the 5 Pyares to just racial backgrounds and their origin whether they were from low or high castes. Daas came across a moment reading Gurmukh Parkash by Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale where he mentions that the 5 Pyares were avatars of bhagats. I don't remember exactly who was who but I do remember him mentioning that Bhai Daya Singh Ji was an incarnation of Bhagat Namdev Ji and Bhai Himmat Singh was an incarnation of Bhagat Dhanna Ji. Its Akal Purakh's khel to show us kaljugi jeevs that in reality it is only Him pervading everywhere and the racial/ethnic/cast/nationality labels do not really matter! I wish I could find that little excerpt again and share it with the Sangat but I would have to go through the whole granth!
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    We sikhs need to discuss and explore this topic further, discussion is good, it will break down barriers and generate awareness. It may not be comfortable to discuss, especially if one is punjabi, but the truth is that sikhi is for all of humanity, it is not exclusively owned and controlled by ethnic Punjabis or even south Asians for that matter. Historically, guru sahiban have spread God's message throughout the lands, as far as Mecca and perhaps Rome and Tibet. The fact that 80% of panj piare were non Punjabis underlines this even further. Only in relatively recent times (beginning Ranjit Singh rule and culminating in division of Indian states on language lines) has there been strong association between punjabi ethnicity and sikh identity. To non punjabi sikhs it is embarrassing and slightly ridiculous that we are labelled as punjabi or for some, Asian. The label if one must be applied, should be sikh of guru granth sahib ji, without borders and ethnic or even national identity. Labels are primary a punjabi problem. It seems that there is some false pride associated with ethnicity (and caste). In comparison Most non Punjabis feel insulted if they are labelled by ethnicity rather than religion (please stop using 'gora' and 'kala'- very offensive). Most Non Punjabis work very hard to learn new language, especially to be able to contemplate on shabad, but what's the harm in using native language as an every day language especially for prayer services? Diversity is creation of god, let us have unity in diversity! Diversity is what will keep sikhi alive. We can see the affects of punjabiasation of sikhi- youth in punjab are losing religion fast but if sikhi was everywhere and for everyone, positive forces of diverse influence may strengthen the kaum as a whole. There are many issues and many consequences to be discussed and contemplated by the sangat. There is fierce resistance in some circles to the non punjabi sikh movement (not referring to 3ho) because they largely do not conform to the prevailing party line (rejecting rituals, desiring strong rehit especially women wanting to wear full bana and be granthis etc, wanting gurdwaras in their country to speak the native language, wanting their gurdwara to focus on worldwide humanitarian issues, wanting outreach /missionary programmes to spread guru jis message everywhere, giving dhan shabad guru ji great reverence, etc, to name a few examples of differences in thinking). To contemplate: Are sikhs ready to declare open shop and quench the thirst for spirituality in the world? Is the sikh kaum ready to label themselves as sikh first and ethnicity/nationality second? Punjabis have a big caste problem. Unless that is solved, how can we expect them to let go of ethnicity or even nationality? Is the Sikh kaum prepared to have large numbers of white black (including south Indians who many Punjabis see as black) and yellow sikhs around the world? Are Punjabis ready to marry and mix interracially based on religious values as the priority? Are Punjabis ready to add new takht outside india to represent interests? Will sgpc and akal takht break its focus with punjab state politics and refocus on religion? Are sikhs ready to serve and protect those suffering outside punjab? Many problems ongoing in the world- from children being raped in Syria, to dying of starvation in madhya pradesh to extermination of gypsies across Europe to threat of world war 3 because of USA/Korea. These are very much issues for akaal purakh ka fauj to solve (peacefully as far as possible). We need to grow up as a religion. Guru sahiban have paved the way. Many issues to be contemplated and discussed. Please forgive me if you feel insulted if i have over generalised about Punjabis, but truth is sometimes harsh.
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    Don't know if this will help to break the cycle in the morning but instead of waking and reaching , wake and do shukrana di ardas after a little nam jap for the new day you've been given. Taking this beautiful boon in mind start with dedicating it to Akal Purakh and starting it the right way by doing darshan of Guru ji first before anything else (reading gurbani) . Good luck with the battle , remember Guru ji is sada ang sang
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    The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights, vis-ร -vis Islam, 1990 was nothing more than a sheer travesty. In the words of Abul A'la Mawdudi, a leading Islamist of the 20th century, "all the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari'ah." Though apologists were out in full force spinning yarns regarding some golden age of Dhimmitude, the more erudite couldn't help but shake their heads; where was the objectivity in this so-called declaration of rights? Sarkar's words, written nearly a century back, lent a grim air to the proceedings in Cairo; non-conformism in a fully fledged Islamic state, which is essentially theocratic and run on the diktats of Shari'ah, is akin to treason and treason-Ipso facto- in the caliphate is punishable by death. Some of the more radiant facets of this declaration are quoted below: 'Call upon the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers to consider the possibility of establishing an independent permanent body to promote human rights in the Member States, in accordance with the provisions of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam and to also call for the elaboration of an OIC Charter for Human Rights. Introduce changes to national laws and regulations in order to guarantee the respect of human rights in Member States...' followed further by the now infamous: 'Mandate the OIC General Secretariat to cooperate with other international and regional organizations to guarantee the rights of Muslim Minorities and Communities in non-OIC Member States, and promote close cooperation with the Governments of the States hosting Muslim communities.' Put simply, the preamble makes clear the OIC's desire to create and direct international organizations with the aim of preserving Muslim Rights (specifically the practice and promulgation of the Shari'ah as stated further in the charter) in non-Islamic nations even at the expense of the said nations' constitution and constitutional mandate. And: 'Believing that fundamental rights and freedoms according to Islam are an integral part of the Islamic religion and that no one shall have the right as a matter of principle to abolish them either in whole or in part or to violate or ignore them in as much as they are binding divine commands, which are contained in the Revealed Books of Allah and which were sent through the last of His Prophets to complete the preceding divine messages and that safeguarding those fundamental rights and freedoms is an act of worship whereas the neglect or violation thereof is an abominable sin, and that the safeguarding of those fundamental rights and freedom is an individual responsibility of every person and a collective responsibility of the entire Ummah...' It is to be noted here that only Islamic yardsticks are to be utilized to question the faith, any objectivity will not be tolerated on the grounds that it is blasphemy. Put simply apostasy, homosexuality, adultery and criticism of Islam will be severely punished etc etc: '(a) It is the duty of individuals, societies and states to safeguard this right [of life] against any violation, and it is prohibited to take away life except for a shariโ€™ah prescribed reason.' More nefarious are the following: Article 9: '(a) The seeking of knowledge is an obligation and provision of education is the duty of the society and the State. The State shall ensure the availability of ways and means to acquire education and shall guarantee its diversity in the interest of the society so as to enable man to be acquainted with the religion of Islam and uncover the secrets of the Universe for the benefit of mankind.' This point is further clarified in Article 10: 'Islam is the religion of true unspoiled nature. It is prohibited to exercise any form of pressure on man or to exploit his poverty or ignorance in order to force him to change his religion to another religion or to atheism.' It should be remembered that conscious apostasy in Islam (by an adult) is punishable by death. Again, no parameters are ever set to assist in defining "pressure," "exploit," "poverty" and "ignorance." One cannot help but remember the words of Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cordozo here: 'Freedom of thought...is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom...' -Palke vs. Connecticut (1937). Generally Muslims lie to deflect attention from such elements of their faith. The truth, however, stands. It must be remembered that because the 5th Guru had Sikhs who were ex-Muslims among his apostles, he was executed; in the words of the imbecile Adeeba: โ€˜The question that arises is how a community, enjoying sufficient freedom to achieve all that it had, could continue to increase its power establishment, move towards relative self-autonomy whilst impudently converting the Muslims from the truth of al-Islaam to the falsehood and disbelief of Sikhism...?' It becomes transparent to anyone reading this gross perversion of the UN Declaration of Rights that, vis-a-vis ideology, no separation of Church and State exists in the Islamic spectrum. In the words of Burckhardt: 'In Islam, where this fusion (between state and church took place), the whole culture was dominated, shaped and colored by it. Islam has only one form of polity, of necessity despotic, the consummation of power, secular, priestly and theocratic, which was transferred from the Caliphate to all dynasties. Thus all its pasts were mere replicas of the world empire on a small scale, hence Arabized (sic) and despotic...' -Burckhardt (1865-1885), 'Reflections on History,' Liberty Fund, 1979, pg. 141. *OIC- Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The Jihad against non-Muslims has already been declared. Where do you stand?
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    If you've noticed, these fights, arguments only occur when there is a lot of sangat or on particular days. Makes you wonder why can't they pick them when there's no sangat or outside of the Gurdwara, what are they trying to prove to sangat? All it takes is a simple meeting and sit round a table. It's a big shame those elders are running around fighting in front of Maharaj ji and making a joke of sangat and of Guruji's home. Sangat need to feel safe in the Gurdwara. I can't see the elders doing anything positive, it's the youth that need to put them straight, but they don't like being told do they, because of their egos and think that youth should only respect them. Some of these elders don't want to get out of their stupid fights, but yes this needs to be sorted, as already kids are losing respect of elders, what with the generations changing and it gives the good ones a bad name.
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    Bump ^ Is it just me or does Vaisakhi appear to be viewed as an increasingly irrelevant or inconsequential date to a vast and growing percentage of nominal Sikhs? And where some within our community are aware of the date they seem to merely correlate it with a Mela concept (or Nagar Kirtan) as opposed to the actual revolution that occurred at Vaisakhi 1699. Instead of Sikhs becoming a minority in Punjab either by the 2021 census or the 2031 census at the latest, I feel we need to harness Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtans to actively raise funds to address real life issues hurting our Panth the most such as female infanticide, illiteracy, drugs, alcohol, biraderi,cancer and so on. At the same time it's vital we educate the youth about the background of our Panj Pyare as it seems to me that most Gujarati's, most east Indians and most south Indians have never been told by Sikhs who and from where three of our Panj Pyare were from. Instead of blindly accepting that we will be a minority in Punjab as is projected by either the 2021 census or the 2031 census we need to look to how a majority of Indians (sehajdhari or kesdhari) can become Sikh via education about Sikhi stands for and how a more demographically strong Sikh Panth can do more sewa for uplifting the billions of suffering poor in India and globally.
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    Baba Farid Ji were non-Muslim and a true Gurmukh. Sufi and Muslim are mutually exclusive terms though nowadays the false misnomer term of so-called Sufi Muslims has arisen as a response to Muslim persecution of non-Muslim Sufi's in their societies. Baba Farid Ji were from a Sufi background however it is crucial to realise that they were non-Muslim. As whilst Sufi's believe in one God (who may be called Allah or other True Names like SatNaam) true Sufi's reject the role model of Muhammad on account of the Prophet being an unabashed terrorist, murderer, slaveowner and paedophile as is universally well documented. True Sufi's (ie Gurmukhs) like Baba Farid Ji Maharaj reject terrorism, slavery, paedophilia and the like. True Muslims regrettably have to state in shahada that Prophet Muhammad is the best role for humanity in eternity. Thus I hope you clearly see that Baba Farid Ji Maharaj were not Muslim. And hence JKVLondon was merely saying that ... those who actively feel slavery, terrorism, paedophilia, murder of innocents are acceptable actions as promoted in Islam and the Quran ... are indeed people to be somewhat cautious of.
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    New York Gurdwaras have had famous fights before back in 2011 and 2005. I believe this one in Richmond Hill, has also had them before The other one with trouble was Baba makhan shah where the kirpans were drawn and Singhs were attacking with chimtas and shennas from the stage. Disgusting,... and then we expect NYPD to show respect.
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    bhaji is absolutely right. I never see people talking about naam abhyaas or genuine questions regarding spirituality. for example, when i went to tao forums , just by chance, i found people asking genuine questions regarding their spiritual experiences.
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    I started sehaj path on phone with reading meanings too. I get so engrossed in meanings that I don't need to chat. Former internet addict. For any bad habit set a five or ten minute alarm. Stop when alarm goes and set an hours alarm for your good habit and discipline yourself to follow it.
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    and here you come spouting nonsense ... we are talking about specific anti-social aggressive behaviour from specific contemporary people claiming Muslim faith . Go and amuse yourself elsewhere
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    Done by your masters the Indian government.
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    Missionary is a positive term we should create more missionaries to target non-sikh people and bring them into sikhi. As for Indian Gov and the hindutva powers at play trying to split the Sikhs up over controversial issues have been with us for decades/years possibly centuries. The DG and Anti-DM crowds has been around for years. People are swayed by arguments and evidence not by violence and shutting down free speech and right to bring up controversial subjects. I think there needs to be decorum, where such controversial subjects are brought up they are debated in a respectful manor so that people on the opposition side are not made to feel they or what they hold as bani is disrespected. That's why its always best to organise conferences where things can be discussed and understood between all the scholars, historians, professors so that a consensus can be reached instead of outsider powers dictating to us covertly via their paid agents what we should learn and teach our people.
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    Problem with your argument is that I didn't make the reference to khalsa initiation khande di pahul ceremony for a reason as its not taken from SGGS Ji, it is you making that comparison. I specifically made the argument for charan di pahul ceremony because it was allegedly from SGGS Ji that such idea was dreamed up by people wrong interpretation of gurbani according to my understanding. Many people have questioned if there was such a baptism ceremony of Sikhs prior to Dashmesh pitta's Khande di pahul ceremony. According to what I have read and understood there wasn't the so called charan di pahul. If you have read SGGS Ji you would know yourself vast majority is written in poetry and philosophical sense. When verses are mentioned about drinking guru's feet water it doesnt mean literally drinking it. It is ment to be taken in poetic sense. Literalist's have proved they have low IQ and limited education because they cant understand the concept of metaphors. So they apply everything they read from gurbani as in literal sense like the abrahmic cults do with their quran's and bibles.
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    Yes partially I agree with you. You deffo need to have faith in guru ji but to have faith you must have the right interruption of what guru ji said or did. If you have some wrong so called 'learned people' interrupting things wrongly then people will be misled away from the real message and real spiritual meanings. So for example we have low IQ low educated people taking some verses in SGGS Ji as literal stuff instead of metaphors as its meant to be taken because gurbani is mostly poetry. And these low IQ people have caused so much trouble in the panth by being dogmatic and violent by saying only their way is the right way everyone else's interruption is heresy and wrong. So where people are going wrong is at the interruption level. We see this in other regions and their sects too... our folk haven't learn't to debate it out peaceful rather they resort to slandering and violently attacking each other rather than sitting down and understanding what actually did Guru sahibians said or did through historical evidence and through verbally and written traditions,etc. I am even surprised by some things basics of sikhi has been peddling which I disagree on a fundamental level but i would rather give my own interpretation/understanding of how I see it not by slandering or violently attacking basics of sikhi and its people but just giving my view of what Guru Ji is saying. Eg Guru Nanak is/was not God .... I gave my evidence in other thread..... and Guru ji didn't perform charan di phul with his feet for baptism (which is unhygienic and would put people off). The verses in gurbani are meant to be taken as metaphors not literally.
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    I think there's always been missionaries around giving their own interpretations of gurbani and sikh history. Thing is instead of excommunicating them (as spgc has done to some) or no platforming banning them or physically fighting them at functions and events ......an intelligent approach should be used to counter their arguments and views. People are more easily influenced if they think the person has credible evidence. If they pulling things out of thin air they are less likely to be believed and followed. As for missionaries, we should encourage them to focus their energies to target non-sikhs into bringing others into Sikhi rather than split the panth into different sects of beliefs.
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    Define missionary? are you talking about christian/muslim abrahmic missionaries? or a certain Sikh missionary org? Google defines missionary as "a person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country."
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    Don't think he is genuine, sounds more like a non-sikh troll trying to provoke something Either way I've ignored his pm messages. There's lots of strange non-sikhs on this forum with different agenda's we should out and identify them if they don't do so themselves on the forum.
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    That's just politically naive. The criminal does not simply incriminate himself.
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    I have both gutkas and perfer the tarna dal one. There are less mistakes in the tarna dal one and more banis including one from Sri sarbloh Granth.
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    Bhai Daya Singh Ji - Luv (Son of Bhagwan Ramchandar Ji Maharaj) Bhai Dharam Singh Ji - Bhagat Dhanna Ji Bhai Himmat Singh Ji - Phandak (The hunter ("Biyaad") who captured "Chattarbhuj Panchhi Bhagwan") Bhai Mohkam Singh Ji - Bhagat Namdev Ji Bhai Sahib Singh Ji - Bhagat Sain Ji Was this supposed to be sarcastic? Are you doubting the avasthaa of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindraan Wale?
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    waheguru ji ..... ermm mto paul singh okay that realy did happen then!!! ... cus iots so rare wen ppl dream of thier gurus and sikhi etc! if guru gobind singh ji came into ure dream ... that happened!!!! thas blessed and as someone said.. thas guru ji telling you something!! ... dnt wast the oppurtunity ... ure so blessed to have darshan bhull chukk maaf
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    The worse bit is, after trying to get blessings, he takes his glasses off and think he goes for the wrong, and then goes for the other one next to him ๐Ÿ˜. Oh no wrong number, "tanu nai marna c, sorry". What a flippin joke.
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    "Aayushmaan, putra, aayushmaan!" One of these days, these guys in the U.S. are going to start spraying bullets over a committee fight. We have our nonsensical fights over the same issues here, but our American cousins are going to take it to the next level.
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    Yeah as if he's getting ashirwaad before going to battle ๐Ÿ˜ค What about the elderly one without his turban but still holding his coat, does a full circle and runs through the sangat to go to the front again like a kid. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค”. It's not funny what's happened, but that one's like he doing ringa roses ๐Ÿ˜. What's wrong with these elders, they seem to be the ones that started it, and the younger ones are confused to how to stop it, like whose who?
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    Indeed, that's the whole idea of a debate, we can't always agree.
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    I guess we can agree to disagree then.
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    I didnt think Amere was his name, I dont know any punjabis with first name of Amere.
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    I think they have the perfect excuse not to curb the oncoming migrant wave that's headed for Europe. In a way it's quite heartening to see someone like Erdogan thumbing his nose at these weak and cowardly European leaders, but as you say, the Kurds are in for a torrid time. I do think he'll eventually go too far towards an Islamic autocracy over the next decade or so, and when that happens things will be a mess for the whole country. In the meantime, it'll be curious to see who he reaches out to in a diplomatic sense.
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    And his love for his jaat-paat, which would put a Bahman in the shade. If he hasn't figured out that Sikhi is a bit more than some sort of peasant movement, and that being loyal lapdogs for Anglos during colonialism wasn't the 'greatest thing that happened to us' - even if his grandpa got some 5hite job in a factory out of it afterwards - he's better off staying away and concentrating on developing his intellect and self-esteem a bit more.
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    Yes!!! Saala mera pichha nai chad dha, i blocked the kanjarrs msgs.
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    Bro they openly preach a milgoba of philosophies preached to them from Yogi Bhajan and attribute it to sikhi . Remember That Yogi ji openly declared that Guru Gobind SIngh ji was wrong and mistaken to give sikhi to Punjabis , that white people are more pure . although counts soul body twice ...I did listen to the whole thing . they go on to teach this : so Bhai Bachittar SIngh ji who they obliquely refer to gained his strength not through Gurbani or Guru ji di mehr but yoga poses . at 50:00 he starts explaining a mantra taken from Jaap Sahib he claims Yogi ji taught them , then explains that the gurbani will only take you so far (arrow thrown by hand) but with the MUDRA then it will reach further (arrow with a bow). I don't know about you that sounds like saying Gurbani is incomplete to save people i.e. beadbhi
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    You expect the government that ordered implemented and executed the Sikh Genocide to obtain a census of it? The same government that urges us to forget about it and move on? lol. Who are you kidding?
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    If Punjabis are so bad, it doesnt stop those of us in the West, thousands of miles away, from doing something else. Unfortunately even if Punjab disappeared into a blackhole our problems here in the West would still exist along with our impotence and apathy. But I guess it's fun to act like one of the big religions and blame others.
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    things that happen in dreams is considered to be just as real life as in ... if you had a dream about cuttin kesh or somethin in ya dream thas almost as if it really happened!!! ... as ive heard 4rm amazing gursikhs so guru gobind singh ji has given u his darshan.. TRUST ME THATS NXT LEVEL!!...guru jis trying to tell u something, but none of us can tell u the anwser of what hes trying to tell you , only guru ji knows and you know! ... but one thing which can be said guru jis is telling you to get on the path ... we dont know what the future brings or if there will be a future to come on guru ji knows that and thats so blesseddd!!! that guru granth sahib ji maahraj is within ure home!! ... dont fall asleep after this message guru ji is trying to tell you ... make sure you act upon it! start by doing paat? ... stopping meat or alcohol ... if you take one step towards maharaj guru ji will take milliuons of steps toward you. and hey ? ... looks like guru ji has alredy taken one of the stops towards you, so you must be doing something right!! do ardas to guru ji he will give you the anwsers all i can say dont let this sliop by... guru ji did give you his darshan and only his pyaarehhhhhh pyaaareehh children get his darshan!!! hope i could help bhull chukk maaf karni!! waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh