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    use the shortest wash cycle on your machine temp 30 or less if possible .I've been using persil purple for years in our home with no spoiling of colours , add the vinegar in with the detergent liquid. If you still have problems Mr Muscle SHOUT stain remover is the next step , this is my go to for all kinds of stains as it doesn't damage fabric or colours . I'm guessing your are talking about about salt tide marks on your dastar , my bro used to have the same problem when he was working in a hot environment .
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    I agree that an attack on Syria by the US is generally bad. But you may want to consider some interesting facts: -The US gave notice to Russia before the attack. I can't imagine a situation in which the Russians, having received notice, would not have informed Syria. So, in effect, the US informed Syria before the attack. -Despite having lobbed 59 Tomahawk missiles, the US did not destroy the runway. i would think that if 59 missiles were dispatched randomly, at least 1 would have cratered the runway, but no. So I can't help but to think that the runway was deliberately protected. -Russia has deployed a airdefense system which was well within range of the missiles. Yet the Russians did not activate their defense. -The Tomahawk missiles were slated to be decommissioned anyway. -Finally, the "attack" was so inconsequential that airplanes are already taking off from the runway, a day after the attack. It's hard to come to any other conclusion that the "attack" was no attack at all, but rather an orchestrated drama to fool the warmongers crying for the destruction of Syria. If Trump had done nothing, the din of warmongering would have become deafening. Now, they have been silenced. I think Trump has outsmarted the warmongers.
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    I recently saw a facebook post of a UK singh who had committed suicide and it made me wonder what makes these people take their own lives when they have so much to life for. And this was not the only case in recent years there was a sikh girl recently who took her own life cos of not getting good enough exam grades for the uni course she wanted. There was a case of a young punjabi schoolboy taking his life after being bullied and cruelly taunted about being a pedo. And I remember another case of a singh taking his own life fear years ago because of family problems. I think there is a huge issue in our community where they are being brainwashed by false expectations and aspirations of what success is, false ideologies such as creeping backward hindu punjabi beliefs / superstitions, family pressures/problems, financial/job pressures and taking of drug alcohol intoxicants which is leading to a rise in people falling into depression and taking their own lives especially British punjabi men. The male suicide rate is often much higher than females in most communities. We should try to help more the mentally vulnerable in our community. Though its not usually easy for people to open up about problems when most our pendu people just want to laugh or critise if a guy is feeling emotionally weak due to something but has to maintain a strong face or front.
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    I originally put on the Persil link, but here it is again if it's of any help: https://www.persil.com/uk/laundry/laundry-tips/stains/3-top-tips-on-how-to-remove-sweat-stains-from-clothes.html
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    Promoting positive health and wellbeing in the Sikh community http://www.touchstonesupport.org.uk/2017/02/promoting-positive-health-and-wellbeing-in-the-sikh-community-sikhingpositivity/
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    No problems veer ji another tip if you are washing more than one dastar at a time get some laundry mesh bags to keep them from wrapping and knotting around each other in the machine .
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    who arranged the rista ? can they be reached and help in this situation? Honestly if This someone has brought you here have you got your visa to stay or not ?
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    When i was young and i relied on my mum to do the washing, she use to put some washing powder (non-bio) in a bucket with warm water and soak the pagh for an hour or two and then rinse in cold water and just hand them to dry, i still do this, might seem a little old skool but it does the trick and the material tends to fade less, it also depends on the material you use, i use f-74 mal mal so you have to be a little more careful because it's not has heavy as other materials.
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    Vaheguru! Thank you for this. I use the liquid non-bio Persil. I will try the colour friendly biological one with vinegar as per your suggestion. A quick question though, when adding the white vinegar, do you add it into the actual machine (where the clothes go) or where the liquid goes? Much appreciated.
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    Yes I was thinking too about the non bio fading the colour. And the natural ingredient of vinegar would be better than the strong bleaching agents. I've amended my post and deleted the links as they seem OTT.
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    non-bio usually has extra bleaching agents to tackle stains so will fade a dark dastar My suggestion is liquid colour-friendly biological /delicates detergent and half cup of white vinegar ,wash as per normal , the smells and stain should be released from the material (another plus is the vinegar will help colour retention) . use lukewarm (kosa) water temp. Don't use lemon juice as may bleach when drying if hit by sun .
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    http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/1452258 Take caution when using any of the methods above.
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    Also the collusion of other sikh kingdom states south of the sutlej with the British imperialists like pataila enabled the downfall of the glories of the Sikhs military and political power. Perhaps had Maharajah Ranjit Singh and his clan were abit more accommodating to other Sikh rulers instead of imposing and threatening his rule over them they would not have sided and sought protection with foreign enemy invaders. As the old punjabi saying goes if Sikhs never killed another Sikh..... Sikhs would never be defeated. Unity is our strength and the enemy knows this so they divide us into sects/jatha/castes and rule over us.
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    No I am not complaining I am the one highlighting and exposing their hypocrisy and zionist bankster rich world take over agenda and your complaining we should all bury our heads in the sand to the affairs of non-sikhs, which I showed how it effects us all especially in issues like what happened in 1947, 1984. And when I talk of and use the term "Zionist banksters" it is not because I have political alignment to Palestinians or israelis. Its just political facts that the western military and political industrial and economic complex is run by zionists. If arab Islamists were funding the western wars in various parts of the world I do and would call them out too. But we know that all or most wars are funded by this rich small zionist oligarch group of people
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    Questioning why a white person would be on a Sikh forum is not being racist I wasn't being racist but questioning the reasoning for you following a Sikh forum and its not that you want to learn about history etc. That's rubbish. You don't fool me. EDL coming to Sikh gatherings, white people on Sikh forums. Were not Neo Gurkhas and I wish Sikhs would stop succumbing to the British. Just financially Sikhs contribute 6 billion pounds to the British economy and what have we ever had in return???? Name me one thing the British Anglo Saxon has ever done for us?????
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    you shut up Eduardo.......white person on a Sikh forum er????
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    Sat Sri Akal Ji, Bhai Sahb Ji, I didn't watch it because I don't want to contribute money to a movie which thanks Shiv Sena before anything else. Their hands are red with shaheedi of a singh, which I atleast haven't forgotten. This is a start. First they butter you, then they butcher you. This has been strategy since old times and I feel anyone with a little understanding of "Chanakya neeti" would understand it. By it I mean to say that using conditional psychology they will go on and on and within a few years we would have a movie in which some actor plays full fledged role of Guru Maharaj. The day is not far, this forum would be here, you can revisit it to quote me. If they would not have shown it that way, sikhs would have been collectively agitated of misappropriation of facts. So they just created a ground work for future manipulations. (They=anti-sikh elements) It is not a paranoia. Do you know everything that happens behind closed doors of indian government? Can you say for certainty that RSS is pro-sikh? If they would not have been there wouldn't have been official statements from stages of Nagpur (RSS headquarters) by RSS chiefs over the years that "Sikhs are hindus". If you still don't feel how big conspiracy is going on against sikhi by reading these statements, I can't say anything more. We shouldn't close our eyes and say sab theek hai, when the trouble maker is there, rat&cat analogy. Rather open the senses and see whats happening around. Indeed it may be splendid, superb, marvellous, but as I said earlier, any movie where anti-sikh elements are involved creates big doubts behind the intentions. Which youth, who is a drug addict, would go in cinema halls and see this movie? Jehra pehlan hi bemukh hai oh eh specially jaake dekhu? I don't think so. Naale je movies hi nasha hataun lag gayian taan its so easy, movies banao, lokan nu dikhao and bas problem solve. Problem edan nu solve hundi veerji. Gyan andron aunda, jo Gurbani leke aundi. Gurbani samjhan di lorh hai drug problem solve hoju. One day someone would say Gurbani is stone-age thinking too, "Bahut old cheez aa ji, time de naal badalna penda". But I am sorry, jo cheez change ho gayi, that can't be true. Sach is something which is eternally true. We are loosing our youth because of our so called panthic leaders. Who do you think allows drugs to be sold so freely? Its the government, which indirectly controls Sikhi too. If sikhi is liberated from them today (as I said in earlier post), its obvious more youth would come into sikhi. The same happened in 1970s and 1980s when we were free from government influence. Aside, veerji do you think its right for some person to play role of Guru Sahib? Guru Sahib varga kon ho sakda. We don't know what that actor does in this real life (not reel life). And he/she plays role of these pious souls? It doesn't seem nice. Rest you know better than me. I don't mean any offence from my post. Bhul chuk maaf Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    Sat Sri Akal ji, I haven't seen the movie myself. The analysis here is based information obtained from a few acquaintances who saw the movie in Haryana. The first visual in the movie after the initial production slides, is a note of thanks to the Indian PM Modi and Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray. It clearly shows they were in loop in making of this movie. Shiv sena (along with like-minded anti-sikh RSS) is purely against sikhi, and became the reason of shaheedi of a sikh youth in gurdaspur a few years ago. Do I need to say anything more? Would you support a movie backed by someone responsible for shaheedi of our innocent sikh brother? And see how selfless Sikka is portaying himself today after taking back the movie. What was the purpose of releasing it if he had to take it back after 3 days of release. "Oh, I respect the Akal Takhat Sahib". Where was respect a few days ago? This can only be possible if he has some cruel motives/anti-sikh political backing behind him. So the chain of command was: RSS want something to put sikhi down, plans a movie with someone in garb of sikhi-> orders BJP-> orders so called "Panth Ratan" Badal->asks so called "Jathedar" to keep mum-> Hence movie out. Note: I am not against/aligned to any party, for they change after 5 years. I am with the Akal Purakh who is forever in Raj. Synopsis: Whatever thing in which RSS is involved should be gauged with extra caution. RSS is involved in this movie (indirectly), so be vigilant. It is a start of their plan, god knows what else they have in store. Bhul chuk maaf krni, Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
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    I havent seen the film and having seen the inaccuracies in trailers and the depiction of guru ji and family i have no intention to. concerns about the film that ive witnessed or heard in various reviews: historical characters such as bibi nanaki and bhai mardana are not being presented as gursikhs (did bibi nanaki used to pluck her eye-brows?). Aarti scene was wrong in many aspects i.e. whats with bollywood type scene with swaying and dancing,never heard that version before? The arti shabad sung by guru ji wasnt just a continuation of the arti inside the temple but this time under stars and sky. Again whats with the fairy tale like ik onkar appearing in the sky.. made the whole event look fairytale like and not a matter of fact event as described in janamsakhis. naam khumari episode actually happened with babur and not daulat khan... The film was obviously not researched properly, and the producers didn't do himself favours by saying it was okayed by scholars and gursikhs when it obviously wasnt. The "sikh" politicians and industry insiders don't qualify! What really riled me is sikkas arrogance and naivety in calling their 'gursikh' brothers and sisters an extremist minority because they had issue with a issue close to their hearts, this has made me question his motives for repeating the antisikh propaganda of the terrorist indian govt and media. And then to try win cheap points by claiming sikhs are behaving like guru nanaks story is their personal property. The chaar sahibzaade producers reportedly had over 90 meeting's with sgpc or their reccomended gursikhs (im not endorsing chaar sahibzaade), and this guy came back to them with the completed article.. issues due to his lack of consultation and rhetoric since releasing were inevitable. The saakhia must stay original and only the historically accepted narrative can be put out in the public domain... then the issue of depiction must be treaded carefully with advice from the relevant sources not a producers own imagination!
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    Many accept this trend of showing Guru Maharaj in movies thinking it will make Sikhs more devout and even go to the extent of saying far fetched things like this movie will convert all the Hindus to Sikhi. Let us take two examples in front of us. one Christianity and the other Islam. Christians make all sorts of movies about Jesus. Allow Jesus cartoons. They even allow comedians like Sarah Silverman making offensive jokes about Jesus. Now let's look at Muslims, they do not allow movies or cartoons to be made on Prophet Mohammad. When one compares the two religious communities, the Muslims are clearly the more devout people to their religion than the Christians who allow everything to be done with Jesus. Most Christians in reality are agnostics while most Muslims on average are more observant of their religion, Islam. So clearly this argument that displaying Gurus in movies and Drama Serials will make Sikhs more devout and some how even convert millions of Hindus to Sikhi is a baseless one.
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    You understand the issue. This movie may not be that bad. But it sets a precedent, and a wrong one at that. As soon as Sikhs start feeling comfortable with the back shoulder shots, then slowly they will think: "maybe there is nothing wrong with front face shot". Once they have the face shot, then they will think "well maybe there is nothing wrong with an actor(maybe Salman Khan) playing the role of Guru Maharaj". It's all about conditioning. Once they feel comfortable with one level, it doesn't take too long before they get comfortable with the next level of Beadbi. It may seem unthinkable now but the more conditioned some of us get to this new trend, Indian film makers might very well will give a bollywood romantic twist in future. Don't be surprised because this is exactly where it is leading. Just look at Hindu religious serials like Devon Ke Dev where they show Shiva getting romantic with Parvati, and Hindus today have been so conditioned to this that they no longer even mind in fact most of them probably even find it 'cute'.
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    Indian media see sikhs as powerless and approval of this movies shows to be shown on screens in india shows that. Ask these movie makers to make movie on islam and show allah as a human actor then they will learn. Sikhs watching this movie despite sikh takht strongly announced objection on movie - they nothing but house niggers. Sorry for strong wording but i dont take lightly on ppl who goes against sikh institutions.
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    No you mean they have yogi life down and not Sikhi Unless you went into their mind and know their full mind state you cannot say, they went into deep deep samadhi. So they sat like yogi stones and pretended to be in Samdhi. Again, stop confusing Sikhi with yogi practice. They have yogi practice down. I see so many 3HO members worshipping in front of stones, killing kids at camps and covering it up, running illegal drugs and guns into foreign countries, defrauding many people out of their money to sell their fake yogi practices, and don't forget about being cowards and intimidating Sikhs trying to expose their true nature. And lets not forget the rapist yogi bhajan rapping his own followers and calling it holy. Yet you have never spoken up against the same punjabi Sikhs you label bad who deal with Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji's beadbi. Punjabi Sikhs are not good enough to deal with 3HO constant beadbi, but they can deal with beadbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. 3HO is some kind of God for you. It's clear where your loyalty lies. 3HO are not balanced. They allow gay marraiges, they allow stone worship, they allow the beadbi of Gurbani and accept it. You want to speak of balance, then find someone better to represent balance.
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    I'm sorry but you do sound a bit condescending about desi sikhs of other jathey ...really you think that there are no Gursikhs with naam, equipoise apart from 3ho? honestly I would take a moment if I were you and think on it , desi sikhs would elect a panj and deal with it that way by warning, explaining and if the thing still persists then saada for pesh e.g. malaysian beadbhi as is the way of the Khalsa.
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    E-mail me.............lol...........secular-quasi religious fanatics are too funny. Beat them with their own stick and they still don't learn. Eagle eye view says to load up the 3HO coward video as you have loaded the other videos with your hate for Punjabi Sikhs foaming out from the corners and down from the front.
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    Now that video should also be included in that channel. This is also Khalibani activity but this time done by prominent member of 3ho
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    I agree, these 3HO freaks have taken over the Gurus uniform, but they don't have an iota in them of the Guru's teachings. They add Khalsa to their name, but they take on the yogi lifestyle, which is rejected by Gurbani. There could not be any worse con-artist than the 3HO cult.
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    In this video the 3HO follower and teacher instruct people how to do simran and why. In the video she instructs how to do it: 1) hold a mudra with your hands (Gurbani outright says mudras hold no value in any type of simran) 2) turn your head side to side as you repeat Vaheguru (Nope, Gurbani doesn't accept this lunatic practice either) 3) Vaheguru meditation can be done from 11 to 31 minutes (Which fool from 3HO made up this rule of Vaheguru simran can be done from 11 to 31 minutes. Not one puratan Rehat says it. Gurbani says do it 24/7 or however long a person can keep themselves absorbed on Vaheguru's name and keep trying till the true Anhad sounds of Vaheguru simran keeps going on 24/7. I mention Anhad sound because this 3HO cult even has a large bell they ring and refer to it as Anhad sound/vibration. 4) Any Kundalini practice starts with bringing hands to the center of the chest and tuning in with yourself (Again focusing on the mudras as her kundalini rapist teacher Yogi Bhajan instructed the 3HO and not on Gurbani. Gurbani says to repeat his name whether standing, sitting or lying down.) bhagouthee mudhraa man mohiaa maaeiaa ||1|| rehaao || The sacred mudras - ritualistic hand gestures - are made, but the mind remains enticed by Maya. ||1||Pause|| ang 1348 Bhai Gurdas ji Vaar's on yoga postures: khaechar bhoochar chaacharee ounaman la(n)gh agochar baanaa|| Getting above of the khechar, bhuchar, chachar, unman and agochar (all Yogic postures) mudras he concentrates upon the One Lord. Gurmukhs and Gurbani says do not waste your time with these useless practices and 3HO are driving people, including a lot of punjabis into what the Gurus pulled us out of in the first place.
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    Beadbi by Sikhs from a Punjab background is always discussed on this forum, but never have these secular-quasi religious people come around to say stop barking at the brown side. Look at the beadbi the 3HO are doing of Sikhi. The reverse only happens when forum members want to discuss the beadbi being done by 3HO and it's followers. They purposely drag punjabis mistakes into the discussion to distract the d*mb forum members away from the topic of 3HO committing beadbi. And guess what!!!! It works on the d*mb punjabis all the time. Wake up punjabis,
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    What sides? Do you see a line drawn by Sikhi between the brown and white Sikhs? This illusion has been created by the malicious secular-quasi religious people in Sikhi to divide and conquer. I know you or anyone else won't like what I say next, but it has to be said. Punjabis are very d*mb. I mean they are d*mb with a capital D. You are a Sikh, so why are you defining yourself as a certain race? You don't want to be defined as a daughter killer, caste supremacist, alcoholic, pakandi sant follower. yet you turn around and say The beadbi on our side is just the same, as beadbi is beadbi. By saying our (brown) side is committing beadbi you are saying I am the daughter killer, caste supremacist, alcoholic, pakandi sant follower. Think back to when Hindus and Muslims were joining the Khalsa Panth. Did the Guru give them one side each. One is light brown (Muslims) and other is dark brown (Hindus). :stupidme: :stupidme: :stupidme: :stupidme: :stupidme: :stupidme: Wake up d*mb punjabis, you are being played as fools by the secular-quasi religious people on this forum.
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    The thread is about 3HO beadbi and it is purposely being diverted by this poster. I believe this poster knows exactly how different the practice of dancing and mudras and yogic postures are to repeating Vaheguru's name on every breath. But chooses to dilute the Guru approved method of repeating Vaheguru's name(Bani) on every breath to justify the NOT approved methods by the Guru of mudras, dancing, breath control, and yogic postures. What Bhai Randhir Singh ji is speaking about here is not breathing in and out through different holes of the nose and mouth to control the mind as 3HO instruct and implement. 3HO believe by breath control they can attain mukhti and mind control. Bhai Sahib is saying with a normal breath, with your tongue, mind, and inner conciousness a person can repeat Vaheguru's name. 3HO do not do Saas Sass giraas simran. They stick one finger in one nostril and then release the breath in the other nostril. Then do the other nostril while holding some kind of mudra in the free hand. Saas Sass giraas simran is done where a person can be sitting, standing, walking, running, etc through the normal breath a person is focused on Vaheguru's name. 3HO have competitions who can hold the breath the longest and who can drain the most oxygen out of the body. What do they call it...rapid fire or something more ridiculous. Only a malicious person would equate Bhai Sahib's words to what 3HO are doing and were taught by the rapist Yogi Bhajan. Only a malicious person would deliberately say pranasakhti means breath control. The Sakhti (power) behind the prana (breath) is not the breath. :stupidme: In public these malicious people never speak up when 3HO is discussed.
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    Not knocking the swift action taken, practically unheard of in modern times, don't necessarily believe it will act as a potent enough deterrent.
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    Makes me wonder if the punishments would have been stricter in Puratan times.
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    Straightening damages hair considerably. It's a big, resounding NO.
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    3HO are not following gursikhi ...the gursikhs who had amrit in the seventies eighties from Birmingham of AKJ jatha were sabat soorat and had no special dispensations except being allowed to plait head kesh to make a joora not corn rows by the way
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    We cannot straighten our hair because it is disrespectful to it. We are to treat our hair as a form of the Guru. Straightening is like burning our Guru. Otherwise, washing hair, putting oil on it and combing it are things that are necessary to do. Straightening isn't. If you go to any akj website, you'll find lots of proof for how every Sikh should tie a dastar. Now if we tie a dastar, it doesn't matter how our hair looks. So since straightening hair is disrespectful to it and is not necessary, Sikhs are not allowed to.
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    Can anybody call these type of dances and whistling a part of sikhism?????? These worst situations & beadbi of gurbani have been created by yogi bhajan' s +3ho foundation & sikhnet 's preaching of twisted type of sikhism in whole europe Dancing on jaap sahib bani!!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1024677524216199&set=vb.1021718351178783&type=2&theater
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    another beadbi they start early for disrespecting gurubani https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1023697064314245&set=vb.1021718351178783&type=2&theater
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    the foremost part for which we uphold our rehat they do not !! they have shameless solistice's i heard from someone, its so embarrassing i cant describe it !! it happens in uk thats one reason why they dont allow native sikh from india to enter their temples and see their programs ? when you dance on gurubani and make a mujra out of it, no good points are left !! thats the ultimate disrespect !! what will oher people think? we boast so much that singhs saved hindus women !! what are they doing now? what if some one see's this? can you uphold your head again high? this little ripple is going to create sunami of bad talk we going to get from others , trust me !! you are not thinking of it now? but what will happen and what has happened is seriously bad !! now masa rangars spirit comes what will he say? you killed me because i had a mujra in golden temple? but you guys are doing it openly , why did you kill me? do you have any answer?
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    Yogi Bhajan is a no no so are his followers in the West. They will be dealt with in the future.
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    they have created more bheki sikhs than any other faction of the panth , I mean they are in white head to toe , eat maas, do gidda bhangra as part of sikh culture , do yoga and bhut parasti as 'part of sikhi' sorry 'an improvement on what Khalsa is told to do(thus the famed superiority complex') , they teach these weird kundalini asans to do paat , tell them that they have to practice tantric techniques to improve their connection to their life partner, to call themselves khalsa whether or not they have had amrit...to do havans and hom arti of harbhajan yogi's picture everyday. This is what frustrates me about the plaudits given to that organisation , they are promoting a corruption of true sikhi in the western world and very few people will realise that . they are manipulating our image to make money for themselves which is not ploughed back into sikhi but siphoned off into a few individuals pockets while those who are at the lower levels of those organisations giving their all and then daswand to 3HO are getting disillusioned with what they perceived to be sikhi , and leave then start badmouthing sikhs in general.
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    Isnt it abt time gursikhs from ALL backgrounds united to raise this issue with Sri Akal Takht Sahib to forbid these 3HO antics? If Gursikhs advice them, they will ignore it. As they are very much disconnected from the mainstream Panth.
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    mods please close stupid topics that serve no purpose
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    simple answer - no. you're amritdhari, she's not. Therefore by kissing her you will have done a sucham galti, regardless of her being your wife. I'm surprised the panj gave you amrit without asking your wife to be present unless you were amritdhari before and married her after, in which case you were wrong to marry a non-amritdhari. too many liberal people who post on this forum that tell you there's nothing wrong with this kind of stuff. anand kaaraj is only for amritdharis, that should set a few people off.
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    I wasn't attracted by any mere 'marketing' campaign but that of God's blessings, will and witnessing the love and humility of his sikhs. Sikhism isn't about size, i'd rather see a handful of true sikhs than a globe of so called followers. For the jewel of sikhi and that of the naam is so precious and so rare - how can it be tarnished? We have witnessed the effects of global religions e.g. Christianity etc. with the essence of truth being distorted, hence the need for sikhi. I would rather die than for this beautiful path to have so many 'followers' it becomes corrupt. Let God stage his player of believers and non-believers - it is amazing! Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!
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    cutting our hair is the stupidest idea ever. it wouldnt spread the message of sikhism, it would just show others how we contradict our faith so easily, just like people of other religions do. if we want to spread the message of sikhi, lets start translating the message of the gurus so that everyone can share in it. before anyone accuses me of convert hunting, let me remind you of what our third guru did, and how he helped many of our ancestors into sikhism.
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    Firstly we don't need to attract people this isnt a business that we need to attract customers. Secondly am insulted by your article, we are proud of our identity just because you dont want to look like a sikh doesn't mean others don't. Just shows your a very narrow minded person. With no respect for other and what they believe in. if your looking to become a Sikh it is fundamental to keep your hair uncut, there is no middle ground or any valid justification otherwise. Your argument to attract others to Sikhism we need to modernize. Sikhism views and values are said to be well a head of its time. example equality among men and women. So you could say we set trends not follow them.
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    where the hell is this artical from ?? what a load of rubbish!!! and there are more than 20mil sikhs worldwide!