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    WJKK WJKF, because maharaj ji has said that these religions will see a growth which would be very short term when compared to KHALSA RAJ. But nothing bad with preaching sikhi to others, so become a preacher and a preacher shall have the following characteristics: 1. Amritdhari 2. Keeps as much maryada as possible 3. Knowledgeable 4. Does what he preaches 5. Nitnemi/abhyasi
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    Several reasons for this: 1) Lack of control of our own Sikh institutions. The SGPC is either been hijacked or has been purposefully created to ensure we never regained religious political power in punjab/northern india. 2) No chief strategist to foresee political events in present and near future / long term future. Most religions have their centers of power with political power even so called "peaceful" buddhists have buddhist majority countries that kill minorities (rohinga muslims in burma and tamil hindus in sri lanka) to safeguard their interests. The only religion that doesnt is the Sikh religion, and its to the shame and humiliation of our kaum we have not even one nation to stand up for our rights in the world. 3) No Central Sikh Military Intelligence which is key to safeguard interests of the Sikh nation 4) Economics meaning its hard to have a large family and sustain them in a unstable world where long term jobs hard to find and alot of competition. 5) Our females are have been and are being brainwashed with non-sikh ideologies like homosexuality, total equality and feminism we even have far left cuck liberal atheist punjabi's from sikh families who tell Sikhs what our religion should teach people. And thus females think its ok to breed with non-sikhs and create non-sikh offspring or think its beneath them to be house-mothers in pursuit of their careers so tend to have just one or two kids max. 6) Lack of Parchar and spreading Sikhi to non-sikhs in particular to muslims in afghanistan and pakistan has made Sikh demographics vulnerable to extinction there. 7) The lack of focus on attacking abrahamic missionaries like christians who plague the punjab for some reason and have a mission to convert Sikhs to christians by underhand devious methods using Sikhi saroop but preaching crazy abrahmic nonsense to the easily misled people there. 8) Since 1930s the rise of Jattwad the new brahmins who took over brahminwad, promoting their jattism castism over Sikh values and principles. In 1940s Dr ambedkar wanted to convert all the dalits under his leadership to Sikhs. This would have gave the Sikhs enough population to demand a huge Sikhistan/khalistan. Because the argument was that because Sikhs only constituted a small percentage population of punjab they couldnt form their own country. Had hindu dalits been allowed to convert it would have forced the demographic shift balance in favor of Sikhs being a majority in many areas but the SGPC jattward castists were against the idea and forced Ambedkar to opt for buddhism and thus we are in the situation we are in now without a country. If we compare and contrast the days of Sikh raj we can see how Sikhs were confident about going about there business because they had military strength they were afraid to use warfare to get hostile non-sikhs to conform to Sikh to run away to other lands. The hostile powers see Sikhs as weak and non-threatening people and that was the plan all along to convert Sikhs back into pacifists like the times of Guru Nanak Dev Ji but minus the parchar that he gave people and encouraged to give others to. The list can go on and on.... When situations like 1984 anti-sikh genocide came along those Delhi Sikhs whose family members even served in the Indian military and were the middle class of Delhi got taken out quick unless they had good hindu neighbours to save them and/or access to modern weapons. The ones who got targeted and killed the most were the poor defenseless ones who were left to the mercy of the congress hindu/muslim secular indian govt sponsored terrorist mob. As seen in reports of the time the Sikhs who took out their guns and weapons were able to save themselves and their families. A lesson for all Sikhs to note..... especially Sikhs in south asia (India/pakistan/afghanista/kashmir).... always make sure you have access to well hidden modern automatic rifle weapons for defence purposes as there's no justice nor safety for religious minorities when things kick off.
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    Before 1947 Sikhs had a very positive fertility rate. But something seems to have happened after 1947 that Sikh fertility rate dropped drastically. At least during olden times Sikhs were religious and had conservative values but now we have lost our religion and have become westernized/bollywoodized. We have neither the quality nor the quantity left both of which are important during a war like situation. Muslims of South Asia(india, pak, Bangla) now have the demographic power to beat the Hindus if things descend into utter chaos. But are we ready if 1984 like genocidal situation happens again to us? I dont think. This time we will get beaten and humiliated even worse.
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    I think sometimes that they try to change the system from within. They want to join the mainstream but they want it on their own terms. For example, in hospitals and companies they will introduce their own prayer rooms. However, it won't be called muslim prayer rooms they will be called contemplation rooms, or multi faith rooms but all you will see are muslim prayer mats. Then they start to implement halal food in the cafeterias, to the point where all the meat is halal and any pork based products get reduced. My local Morrisons superstore had a lot of pork based products reduced. It was noticed by a lot of the English customers and they put complaints and it was only discovered that some muslims lobbied to get rid of the pork based products. They seem to have a "give an inch take a mile" attitude.
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    I generally agree with the opinions expressed in this thread, but i think there's only so long we can repeat the "quality over quantity" mantra until someone asks where this quality is hiding itself. Such quality would, eventually, manifest itself in some measurable or discernible form beyond the scope of appearances. Yet in my opinion we're actually regressing in many respects.
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    For starters, they prefer to not educate their women. It is always said that to reduce your population, you need to educate women. At least that is the theory. Sikhs have always focused on quality over quantity. It is far preferable for Sikhs to have 2-3 well fed Sikhs with good quality of life than 8-9 under nourished kids. In the animal kingdom, there are r-selected species and k-selected species. I think Sikhs are a k-selected in their mindset and Muslims tend to be the other type. However, I think there are large reductions in the birth rates in muslim countries but not at the levels of non-Muslims. In terms of "progressiveness " we Sikhs are perhaps several decades ahead of Muslims. Muslims are more of a cleric-driven community. They tend to listen to their mullahs whose control would be severely threatened if muslims started to look out for their own welfare. We Sikhs tend to be more independent in that regard. Sikhs have a far more pragmatic approach to life which is due to our work ethic. The Sikh pillars of " Kirat Karna" and "Vand Shakna" means that to have a sustainable, balanced lifestyle you cannot afford to be over-breeding and strip out all your resources like a Locust does. The Muslim does not think that way, they think "Allah will provide". Some of these are generalisations but not all muslims will think in the mullah driven way either.
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    The dudes who started it had the right idea at heart, a very nice functioning society but sadly they underestimated the stupidity of the human race as a whole.
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    Yes and No. A-lot like how our society functions with the heads (the people with jobs which require alot of thought and mental strain), the hands (the military to defend us), the stomach (the traders, shops, economy) and the feet (the manual labour, grunt work classes). Basically that's all the Caste system was, a more elaborate way in how we live our everyday lives except with labels. People could hop around and change their occupation because in the start it wasn't a big deal. But if any faction ceased to function their society would grind to a halt (just like we would). The Problems started when one faction got too vain, they wanted exclusivity and thus as a result the rigid Caste System we see today came into being. Then along came Guru Sahib and just broke the whole thing, he said it was a futile and pointless system. The West doesn't have a caste system, and in terms of productivity its miles ahead of the likes of India due to that. Our Guru Sahibs saw why it was such a flawed system and told us not to associate with it. If you look at things from a genetic level, these labels don't exist. Guru Sahib saw this and explained to us not to associate with it, hence why in terms of Gurbani when they are used, you can understand what the context is. THe true Khatri is a warrior who does righteous deeds, not the caste. A true Brahmin is one who understands God, not the caste and so on.
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    Mister Singh, you are so correct, sir. Where has the dignity gone? Rather than concerning ourselves with the declining number of Sikhs in the world (if in fact the claim is true) we should perhaps be concerning ourselves with the declining number of adherents to Sikhism. How will Sikhs be successful as a people, regardless of numbers and regardless of status, if they loose their cultural dignity?
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    Sikhs have followed the same patterns of other populations, post WW2.
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    Muslims are very adept in playing the system, looking for loop-holes etc. Islamic interpretation and jurisprudence is based on doing this, so it makes sense they will do the same in western societies. Like I said before Islam is a political ideology, they think like lawyers.
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    I see. In that case i suppose things are easier when there's less mouths to feed. It's just that most Muslims in their working class strongholds, even in places like England, don't see it that way. They continue to breed beyond their means. Although the professional middle-class types don't follow that pattern. So i guess it's less about religion and more to do with education.
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    What annoys me is the often implicit suggestion that the people on the receiving end of these political games are angelic, unspoiled victims of chicanery being unwittingly duped by the big bad state. Spend five minutes with them, and you tell me if they think they're foolish and gullible. They aren't victims. They just don't care. That's the truth of the matter. Material gain and worthless trinkets are more important to them than integrity and any long-term welfare of their homeland. We talk about them being brainwashed by the Indian state, and therefore they're unable to realise their mental enslavement, but it's funny how once they arrive overseas they immediately start displaying such amazing political awareness. So where was this knowledge and insight just a few weeks or months previously? Jokers to a man.
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    Singh Hosanna, Singh Hosanna, Singh Hosanna is the king of kings! Tune.
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    panthic weekly is a load of crap they find anybit of news they twist it and doo nindiyaa
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    At first I was so surprised.....after seeing these pictures I didn't know what to believe....so I went asked one of my relatives who are close with DDT....he told me that the reason Giani Thakur Singh went to the program was to get these people who are a part of the RSS "Sikh" wing to come back and embrace Sikhi (trying to break them away from the RSS). He added that boycotting will not solve anything, as the problem will never be directly addressed, only truth, understanding and reason can bring these people back onto the path of Sikhi. He used the example of the Dera Sacha Sauda, where the Akal Takht has called for a boycot but Sikhs are still talking with its members in order to save them from this falsehood and bring them back to Sikhi. I just want to say that the RSS uses lies to spread it ideology. Some examples are the Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa was a Hindu who had a beard, wore a turban but had a shaved head. That Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji was wearing a janeeoo when Guru Ji performed the ultimate Kurbani, that Guru Ji head was cut but the 'sacred' janeeoo was not. That Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji got the hukam and 5 kakars from Hindu gods to establish the Khalsa, including the Kachera from Hanooman (can't remember the other dieties mentioned). Its just lies on top of lies, paap on top of paap and one day its going come crashing down on these people. Sikhi is about the Truth and the Truth will prevail.