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    You can go even further and remind them of the fact that Guru Gobind Singh ji, when they were a very young Gobind Rai, actually threw their gold bangles into a river explicitly saying they didn't want to be a slave of such things. Or the story of Baba Nanak giving a needle to another money horder asking him to return it to him in his next life - but I'd imagine such people would just go quiet upon hearing these things and carry on the same way.
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    As far as my knowledge of hinduism goes, havan is a way of worship and meditation prescribed by the first and second layer of the vedas, namely the "sanhita" (compilation) and "aranya"(forest). So the ancient indians followed this system while their wisdom about paarbrahm was still developing. However the later layers of vedas, the "brahmanas" and "upanishad" (literally meaning "sitting close to guru humbly") rejects this and outward worship of havan is replaced by inner contemplation and "knowing of self" which is core of every Upanishads. So even later day hinduism reject pretty much everything of what gurmat rejects. So a "sikh" who does havan is like a fool who takes a bullock cart when he has a private jet.
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    What annoys me is the often implicit suggestion that the people on the receiving end of these political games are angelic, unspoiled victims of chicanery being unwittingly duped by the big bad state. Spend five minutes with them, and you tell me if they think they're foolish and gullible. They aren't victims. They just don't care. That's the truth of the matter. Material gain and worthless trinkets are more important to them than integrity and any long-term welfare of their homeland. We talk about them being brainwashed by the Indian state, and therefore they're unable to realise their mental enslavement, but it's funny how once they arrive overseas they immediately start displaying such amazing political awareness. So where was this knowledge and insight just a few weeks or months previously? Jokers to a man.
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    More fool the Indian youth for being so easily bought. They had a choice. They could've said no thanks.
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    Ang 479 Line 7 Raag Asa: Bhagat Kabir ਜੇ ਏਹ ਮੂਰਤਿ ਸਾਚੀ ਹੈ ਤਉ ਗੜ੍ਹਣਹਾਰੇ ਖਾਉ ॥੩॥ Jae Eaeh Moorath Saachee Hai Tho Garrhanehaarae Khaao ||3|| जे एह मूरति साची है तउ गड़्हणहारे खाउ ॥३॥ If this stone god was true, it would devour the sculptor for this! ||3|| Likewise if the depiction of Guru ji was real & intent disrespectful then it would devour the painter for this !
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    Who knows & cares as long as it's not offensive.
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    Yes, that's how it is, the whole cosmos is designed perfectly. Akal Purekh created Brahma & gave him the ability to create within what Akal Purekh had already created (maya) Akal Purekh created Vishnu & gave him the duty to preserve what Brahma creates within that which is already created & preserved by him Akal Purekh created Shiva & gave him the duty to destroy what Brahma created & what Vishnu has been preserving. As you can see they all have different roles, attributes & duties that they have been assigned... but what is the one thing that makes them all equal?... it's the fact that Akal Purekh created them all that makes them equal but not the same. Apply this to the whole of creation...including men & women
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    So ridiculous ! Its unbelievable that some of us can be so stupid ! You should have asked him what stopped him from removing / cutting off that handicap for himself ? Its not like a circumcision is it ?? Its not a one way thing ! His parents chose dastaar for him , now he can cut his hair and say bye to it ? whats the deal ?!! why pretend to be victim of your own faith , when we have such a beautiful faith ? I think most sikhs are spoiled by freebies our guru always gave us (langar and feasts among others) come to my mind . Such people deserved to be hindus or muslims who would stand long queues in line in temple/dargah only to return empty handed/stomached
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    Yet no Sikh male says "I had a chain round my wife as we walked around guru Granth Sahib during the lavan. Yet you..... Sikh women have done that in the past and no doubt will do so in the future. No Sikh male stops their wife from doing these. Another trait of hers. talk abut women in the panj pyare sewa. get nowhere, no it's onto having babies and leadership roles. Don't be fooled by her serpent tongue.
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    Just saw the first half of the vid (Tegh Singh's section). I thought it was quite inspiring myself. It was refreshing to see an American not blindly following some twisted notion of patriotism and actually questioning the morality of the wars Bush and Blair started. It was also very interesting to see mention of the psychological effects of finding out you had been lied to about your mission as a soldier.
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    You do realize that gurbani says nothing about physical sex and spirituality ? except lust. Even in 'laava' verses recited in anand karaj, it talks of union of soul (bride ) and god (groom) . Yes it uses metaphors but those metaphors don't point to humans husband and wife, but rather to soul as bride and god as husband. In whole of laava, not once is there an indication of marriage happening between a man and wife . Also, soul has no gender . So , it beggers again "Why is heterosexual intimacy and more "spiritual" than gay intimacy who truly love each other ?"
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    maybe you should stop talking , your brain is escaping from your mouth , sikhs of Guru ji's time had big families and were vidhvaan of high order as well as warriors Bhai Mati Das's family had so many shaheeds how comes your theory doesn't count them as hooligans too ...