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    Why don't you get off your own ar5e and study it yourself? There have been umpteen translations and studies on it. Plus you can use your own brain and read up on it. Do your own homework mate. Don't expect to be spoon-fed like a baby.
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    Okay, this is something that happened a couple of years ago. It was summer and I was just going to a friend's house, to play some Playstation, the best way to pass your 3 Month Summer Holidays. I was passing near this small medieval Byzantine Church AND I noticed some shoes outside, near the door. Well, that actually surprised me, because it was very weird for Greeks to enter barefoot their church. (Even the nearby living Gypsies don't go to churches without their shoes on) So, I decided to open the door and see who was in and what the hell was going on. To my surprise, 3 Indian aunties from Sikh backrounds, who lived just some blocks away, were doing "matha tek" of the murals and images of Jesus and Orthodox Saints, and were singing "κύριε ἐλέησον- kirie eleison" meaning "lord bless us". They saw me and I asked "auntie ji, tusi ithe ki karde a?". They replied "kush nahi put, we were just going to the super market and we decided to stop here". These were the same aunties who performed yajna in the nearby mandir and also perform pilgrimage of Saint John the Russian (this is a crazy thing, every year apnay will ask us whether they could park their cars in our yard in order to walk 20 kms uphill to receive blessings from the mummified body) but would only once in two years spend some petrol to go to Gurdwara. Why so little trust in Guru sahib? I have tried to convince many people, but all end up saying "meri dadi vi shiv de mandir jandi si" or "my bhapa have received murad from the sai".
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    Lol "Yeah I'm ok. Fine. Thank you" can't stop laughing at how she says it 😂 On other note, you have close to 15 threads on the first page alone, most of which no one replies too. Can you stop spamming the page?
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    Clowns. Is this what we've become? Embarrassing.
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    saw picture of the happy couple go figure ... http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/royal-wedding-amarinder-s-grandson-marries-karan-singh-s-granddaughter/story-nIlHOcWrYSDQCIptL6yKFN.html
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    Some Gutka Sahibs and online have it in Gurmukhi, Roman, English and Devanagari. If you can't read Gurmukhi, you can read the Roman instead of the English. But also, try and learn to read Gurmukhi, so you don't have to rely on the Romanized all the time, when you become more fluent in it.
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    Not sure the flippant tone of the topic and certain posts are tasteful. An old man took a hammer to a woman and ended her. Regardless of whether she had it coming or not, i don't see the humour in any of it.
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    I only require your blessings...
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    Thousands of years of layer upon layer of history with overlapping customs that result in a tangled Web of contradictions. Good luck with that.
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    Punjabi culture requires a massive overhaul.
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    I personally believe that Sikh institutions (SGPC, Akali-Dal, Dhumma faction Taksal, Balbir Singh faction Budha-Dal and others) have failed in properly propagating the essence of the Sikh ethos. Our modern day pracharks have become gapis who can only talk of Babas dispatching tsunamis from one corner of the earth to another, or claim that they received oranges from Sachkhand. Such stupidity leaves no room for ithiaasic scrutiny or a proper appreciation/evaluation of Gurbani. That said, Sikh intellectualism has also failed in it's duty. How low have we fallen that even pseudo-scholars like Mcleod, Dahavan and Sian are given more credence than proper heavy weights like Jagjit Singh, Kapur Singh, Daya Singh and so forth.
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    How is this being turned into an amusing article. A woman lost her life over an argument. If this old man felt disrespected, he should have disciplined his son a long time ago. The prisoners will make sure justice is served to him.
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    Oh no not the cappicino and limca! And then they dump all the rubbish suits they been saving for the last 10years and none of the new designs, whilst keeping you there longer like you're at a police station for questioning. And they decide to let you go after 2hours with one suit that you're never going to wear and 3 others that you buy for your family members but they won't like them. And when you get home, you think to yourself 💭"How on earth did I fall for that trick again and the suits are rubbish" 😂🤔
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    Other stores also had male staff and hardly saw any women assistants in the ones I went in. The one that did, she was just told to put the material on her shoulder as a model, buts that's the only thing she did. It was the male staff that dealt with the customers. And they normally exaggerate how their clients from USA have put in a big order and bought like 20 suits, that they think the women will fall for in order to get sales. I just said, storiyan nai sun nia main, main chali bye.
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    If you ever go to a suit place in India you will always notice that these places are mostly run by men. Even the suits are mostly embroidered and stitched by men. It is quite interesting to watch women customers going into these shops and haggle with these men. If there any group of men that understand female psychology it's these lot. I think the reason why women are far bigger consumers is because women are largely hard wired to gather from thousands of year of living in hunter gathering societies. If a man wants a pair of jeans from a shopping mall, he can pick out a pair of jeans and be in and out within 10 minutes. Just like a hunter will behave. If you ask a woman to buy a pair of jeans, she will go to every shop and buy so many other things as well as a pair of jeans. Corporates understand very well men are by nature minimalists which is why it is far harder to get them to consume at a level that they can get a woman to. If you ever go to a store to buy some clothing and there is a woman customer as well as a male customer, the shopping assistant will always go to the male customer. They are trained to go for the male customer because they know he has gone with the intention to buy something whereas they know a lot of women will go for window shopping. Consumer behaviour is very interesting.
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    Talking about makeup, also the extra costs of getting professional makeup and hair done, even the older ones. No wonder there's nothing left for a gift or sagan for the couple. Yes it's official, women do go ott at weddings and party functions. I don't see men going to all that trouble for one day. Out of interest what do men think when they see this? Do they think the women have lost the plot or what? And the contribution to this increased spending are the dvd and photographs of the wedding, oh and Facebook. Because somebody is going see them and compare and analyse outfits, as if they're on the red carpet for the movies awards in Hollywood.
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    I wonder whose idea this was, "same suit nai pauna reception te". " oh okay ji, fikar not, we'll just spend double more than the one in the morning for the afternoon reception too, even thou it's not our wedding, chal ho" 😏😒 like who on earth invented this idea? What's wrong with wearing the suit to both? Guess it won't create the disco dance effect. 😏
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    Who knows what happened, moral is Bibi's should never talk back to elders n men folk. If they do then better hide all the bats Groups opposing Interfaith marriages can publicise this incident
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    iblwvlu mhlw 4(799-18) bilaaval mehlaa 4 Bilaaval, Fourth Mehl Awvhu sMq imlhu myry BweI imil hir hir kQw krhu ] aavhu sant milhu mayray bhaa-ee mil har har kathaa karahu. Come, O Saints, and join together, O my Siblings of Destiny; let us tell the Stories of the Lord, Har, Har. hir hir nwmu boihQu hY kljuig Kyvtu gur sbid qrhu ]1] har har naam bohith hai kaljug khayvat gur sabad tarahu. ||1|| The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the boat in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga; the Word of the Guru's Shabad is the boatman to ferry us across. ||1|| myry mn hir gux hir aucrhu ] mayray man har gun har uchrahu. O my mind, chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord. msqik ilKq ilKy gun gwey imil sMgiq pwir prhu ]1] rhwau ] mastak likhat likhay gun gaa-ay mil sangat paar parahu. ||1|| rahaa-o. According to the pre-ordained destiny inscribed upon your forehead, sing the Praises of the Lord; join the Holy Congregation, and cross over the world-ocean. ||1||Pause|| kwieAw ngr mih rwm rsu aUqmu ikau pweIAY aupdysu jn krhu ] kaa-i-aa nagar meh raam ras ootam ki-o paa-ee-ai updays jan karahu. Within the body-village is the Lord's supreme, sublime essence. How can I obtain it? Teach me, O humble Saints. siqguru syiv sPl hir drsnu imil AMimRqu hir rsu pIAhu ]2] satgur sayv safal har darsan mil amrit har ras pee-ahu. ||2|| Serving the True Guru, you shall obtain the Fruitful Vision of the Lord's Darshan; meeting Him, drink in the ambrosial essence of the Lord's Nectar. ||2|| hir hir nwmu AMimRqu hir mITw hir sMqhu cwiK idKhu ] har har naam amrit har meethaa har santahu chaakh dikhahu. The Ambrosial Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is so sweet; O Saints of the Lord, taste it, and see. gurmiq hir rsu mITw lwgw iqn ibsry siB ibK rshu ]3] gurmat har ras meethaa laagaa tin bisray sabh bikh rasahu. ||3|| Under Guru's Instruction, the Lord's essence seems so sweet; through it, all corrupt sensual pleasures are forgotten. ||3|| rwm nwmu rsu rwm rswiexu hir syvhu sMq jnhu ] raam naam ras raam rasaa-in har sayvhu sant janhu. The Name of the Lord is the medicine to cure all diseases; so serve the Lord, O humble Saints. cwir pdwrQ cwry pwey gurmiq nwnk hir Bjhu ]4]4] chaar padaarath chaaray paa-ay gurmat naanak har bhajahu. ||4||4|| The four great blessings are obtained, O Nanak, by vibrating upon the Lord, under Guru's Instruction. ||4||4||
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    If you're Sikh, we don't just pick one aspect of the faith like this, because we've been informed of the unity of our Gurus (one jyot through all of them), so factoring in the whole picture means we have to synthesise dasmesh pita's actions of structuring the panth into our understanding. They have clearly and purposefully structured Sikh society (and as a consequence a Sikh themselves) as a distinct entity from other panths and their followers. Our secularism comes from benevolence and allowing other people to practice their faiths when they don't attack us. Not disavowing our own identity and society. And I use the word 'disavowing' precisely here.
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    I guess that's where dictionaries come in and our vocabulary increases.
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    Hello, I'm a 17 yr old and I speak great Punjabi due to my Punjabi grandparents raising me, but I can't read Punjabi because I never learned to read it, I live in Canada , is it ok if I read sukhmani sahib in English , does it still have same power.
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    I didn't provide evidence because everyone is well aware of sant ji katha is on gurmatveechar.com. go to the recording of Ang 285. You keep respecting gappi as you will keep respecting Sri chand. I can present sant ji katha on bhai Gurdas ji vaar saying he agrees with the final assessment of bhai Gurdas ji about Sri chand. But you will never change your views. So why even get into it with you. As I said in my first post your opinion is against Gurbani. I have heard all the lame and unsubstantiated argument your side put a to favor Sri chant as a saint.
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    Rape as revenge is implied here rather than just killing. Revenge is almost always universally proportionate, eye for an eye,, tooth for a tooth..life for a life. Singhs would have been killing the Muslims anyway in battle for killing them in revenge for rape would not make sense unless of course these Muslims were common Muslims rather than Muslims in the armies of the Mughals. The Guru implicitly forbids rape as revenge because the Panth is founded on higher principles rather than the Islam of Mohammed. The idea that carnal relations with a Muslim women is what makes a Singh into a Muslim is an interesting concept and tied into the idea that no one could be forced to become a Muslim unless they let their base instincts and lust get the better of them. Lust and rape is hence tied to Islam. A follower of the Guru was not to lust after or rape women. For the Singhs in the Gurus army there would only be two ways of them coming into a situation where they could have carnal relations with a Muslim women. 1. Having captured a Muslim woman and raping her. Here it is clearly shown that the Guru was against the rape of captured women even though Mohammed and Ali both did this with captured Arab women and hence this behaviour is central to Islam and has been done by Muslims throughout the last 1400 years the latest example being the way ISIS have raped Yazidi women in Iraq. So if a Singh in the Gurus army rapes a captured Muslim woman then he transgresses the Guru's instruction (Gur Shashtar) as well as following the example of Mohammed which incidentally Muslims believe is the ideal behaviour for a Muslim to emulate! 2. Carnal relations with a Muslim woman outside of warfare. Here it could be through either the Singh being captured and being offered his life for converting to Islam along with this in order to cement his conversion it was usual for him to be offered a Muslim woman as a wife. By accepting this the Singh has naturally become a Muslim. Also the rule in the Islamic state is that no Muslim woman can marry a non-Muslim. So if the Singh had a romantic attachment to a Muslim woman then for him to have carnal relations with her would mean his conversion.
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    Hi would just to add a comment that God is forgiving and he understands humans difficulties. If you are disabled and cannot take a shower before your carer comes in to help you then I think you should at least try your best to wash your face and brush your teeth and then do paath.At the end of the day its important to read paath with a clean heart and try your very best to concentrate and not let your mind wonder. After the paath just ask for forgiveness if you feel that you have done anything wrong.