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    So why are none of their comments about homosexuality? All are about Sikhism. You just want to defend your Hindu brothers. You're the one in denial, and making up random theories.
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    Digital addiction is a real threat, which we in developing countries ignore. Our children, in developed countries are not immune to it either. We have the false mentality that if we expose our children to the computer, ipad and TV, they will end up more intelligent and knowledgeable. However we are totally unaware of the waves which are penetrating into their bodies, brain and other body parts. I see children in the guradwara being handed over their mums mobile phones which they hold to their heads and keep them close to their bodies. In the short run, we are just trying to keep them quiet. In the long run we have robbed them of the opportunity to experience kirtan because their mind is tuned to the device. Any chance then that the child will go on to school with attention problems because we have not given them the opportunity to just sit and listen. The amount of digital usage in schools is appalling too. The children stare onto the white board and read and copy stuff from there. In our days - watching films was a treat. These days it is as essential as food itself. The amount of cartoons and other fast moving images which our children watch affects brain development. We even have to teach them the alphabet using alphablocks. Working with paper and pencil seems boring to some kids. Therefore this digital addiction can just be a silent bomb waiting to explode on us. Speech and behaviour problems are the result of such exposure. This can be the case where the TV and other digital devices are used as baby sitting helpers for long periods of time.
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    According to Gurbani, anybody can attain liberation whether Grehasti or Bairaagi. Being Grehasti obviously means people can, had & are having sex ! Adharam is extra marital sex. If one takes path of a Bairaagi then he should remain detached. Now most wannabes remain engrossed in Moh & Maya, making them Abhaagis or namesake Bairaagis. Ang 550 Line 15 Raag Bihaagrhaa: Guru Amar Das ਦਰਵੇਸੀ ਕੋ ਜਾਣਸੀ ਵਿਰਲਾ ਕੋ ਦਰਵੇਸੁ ॥ Dharavaesee Ko Jaanasee Viralaa Ko Dharavaes || दरवेसी को जाणसी विरला को दरवेसु ॥ How rare is the dervish, the Saintly renunciate, who understands renunciation. ਜੇ ਘਰਿ ਘਰਿ ਹੰਢੈ ਮੰਗਦਾ ਧਿਗੁ ਜੀਵਣੁ ਧਿਗੁ ਵੇਸੁ ॥ Jae Ghar Ghar Handtai Mangadhaa Dhhig Jeevan Dhhig Vaes || जे घरि घरि हंढै मंगदा धिगु जीवणु धिगु वेसु ॥ Cursed is the life, and cursed are the clothes, of one who wanders around, begging from door to door. 15 ਬਿਹਾਗੜੇ ਕੀ ਵਾਰ: (ਮ: ੩) ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ : ਅੰਗ ੫੫੦ ਪੰ. ੧੫ Raag Bihaagrhaa Guru Amar Das There is no shame in accepting Grehasti Jeevan, Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal did it by marrying late.
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    Keeping calm is one thing, answering such morons is another. As another veer has pointed out on this thread, Shivaji was nothing more than a vassal of the Pathan principalities and offered his services as a mercenary to Aurangzeb. Only when the Emperor ignored him, did he set about carving out a pan-Hindu niche but even this fell to elitist Brahmins.
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    Baru Sahib has achieved a great deal with donations in charity since it has a proven record one should donate a little
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    The cockroach fauj has voted for them consistently. he voted for the Dasam Bani nindaks by siding with them when one of them tried to insult Sri CharitroPakhyan on this forum only a few weeks ago. When the cockroach couldn't answer a straighforward question from me, he got the topic closed and removed, to try and hide his true feelings towards Sri Dasme Patshah's granth. Having missionaries in any control of any gurdwara is dangerous for the panth. Look at how the cockroach fauj has put up a video of Baba Harnam Singh and trying to make out that Harnam Singh is saying that Dasme Patshah's Granth is a mere translation of HIndu traditions and stories. Guess who first circulated this video with the same message? Yes cockroach faujs mentors, the missionaries. it was all over facebook a few weeks ago. And he claims to have shown missionaries the door. The door to his bedroom only. Harnam Singh has told the truth in that video. What is the proof? Guru Sahib himself says that certain works are a translation of certain HIndu texts. When Guru Sahib has written it himself what other proof do does anyone need?
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    Wadala says in that video right at the end that Dasam Bani and other contentious issues in the Panth would be banned for the next five years. I myslef have also seen an article that where Wadala is claimed to have said that it was unfortunate that Chandi di waar katha was done from Sri Bangla Sahib last year. I haven't been able to find it on the internet though.
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    Shivaji was nothing more than a vassal of the Mughals: "In an ironic twist of faith the Marathas and the Rajputs, who are lauded as the cream of the sub-continent’s military crop by Hindu nationalists, were more or less in cohorts with the Mughals. ‘Only very rarely do we hear of Hindu chieftains seeking to protect Hindus… Rajput chieftains offered no opposition even to temple demolitions by the Mughals…’ (14) The Rajputs were handicapped by three main factors viz. a lack of natural resources (they were mostly desert dwellers) (15), a parochial tendency to concentrate solely upon feudal and dynastic interests (16) and finally their own pecking order. (17) In the aftermath of the Mughal conquest of the sub-continent, the Rajputs were the first to fragment socio-political taboos by offering their females in marriage to Muslim males. (18) At a time when most Hindus despised even the notion of Muslims touching their food, the Rajputs expected their daughters to warm the beds of their Mughal overlords. The main pillars of Mughal administration and security, it is somewhat telling that out Akbar’s 416 military commanders 47 of the most prominent were Rajputs. (19) Whilst Maharana Pratap’s revolt was ongoing, the Rajputs of Marwar, Ambar, Bikaner and Bundi marched against him and played a decisive role in crushing his forces. (20) Their own obdurate interests often collided with any national sentiments they might have possessed and overruled the latter. It is no wonder then that the Rajputs, as a whole, failed to initiate and lead any long-lasting revolution to oust or even break the Mughal grip upon the sub-continent. The Marathas, though distinctive in their political acts, were more or less similar to the Rajputs in that that prior to Shivaji they were proud sub-ordinates of the Muslim oppressors. Shivaji’s own father had allied himself with the Southern Pathans during the Karnataka expedition, ‘in which the Hindu religion was ruthlessly put down, lands devastated, shrines desecrated, idols broken, women’s honor violated, and all the accumulated wealth of centuries drained away…’ (21) Though great credit goes to Shivaji for arousing his fellows’ sentiments to counter the pernicious foreigners and their faith, his movement when compared with Banda Singh’s movement falls short in three respects. 1.) The Sikhs rejected Caste and proposed the creation of an egalitarian society. This was an aspect of Banda’s multi-faceted revolution in the Punjab and one which admirably succeeded. In the words of Irvine,‘a low scavenger or leather dresser, the lowest of the low in Indian estimation, had only to leave home and join the Guru (referring to Banda; interjection ours), when in a short time he would return to his birthplace as its ruler with his order of appointment in his hand. As soon as he set foot with the boundaries, the well-born and wealthy went out to greet him and escort him home. Arrived there, they stood with joined palms, awaiting his orders… Not a soul dared to disobey an order, and men who had often risked themselves in battlefields became so cowed down that they were afraid even to remonstrate. Hindus who had not joined the sect were not exempt from this.’ (22) Compare this with Shivaji who according to Basham was, ‘more a restorer of old than… a builder of the new… The Marathas did not encourage reforms in Hindu society, and the India of the 18th century was if anything more conservative than it had been in the days of the first Muslim invasion.’ (23) Basham’s view is borne out by Shivaji’s own personal correspondence. Whereas Akali Guru Gobind Singh Ji enjoined his Sikhs- among them Banda- to annihilate the very edifices of Caste (24) Shivaji issued a circular edict enjoining, ‘all members of society not to create innovation in Caste practices but follow the traditional path prescribed by the Shastras.’ (25) Furthermore he being a Bhonsle (a tiller of land), Shivaji had to beg ratification from the Brahmins before he could officially declare himself as sovereign. Several Brahmins refused to accede to what they considered as being his ludicrous request before he finally found one willing to enthrone him for a large sum of money. (26) 2.) Shivaji’s revolt against the Mughals arose more by chance than by design. Whereas the Sikh movement (including Banda’s) was construed to acquire an autonomous Sikh led state, Shivaji initially wanted to be a vassal of the Mughal emperor. His (Shivaji’s father) had been a mercenary in the pay of the triumvirate Pathan principalities of Southern India. (27) Enamoured of his valor, the rulers of these principalities had bequeathed him with several estates. Upon his father’s demise Shivaji succeeded him as the administrator of the aforementioned estates and commenced entertaining notions of his own state. To this end he set out for Delhi and submitted a proposal stating that he, Shivaji, would be more than honored to become a vassal of the Mughals if they recognized his autonomy. (28) Even after his treacherous confinement he would pen a lengthy letter to Raja Jay Singh pledging his life to the Mughals and also swearing an oath to assist them in the conquest of Bijapur. (29) After his escape he would dispatch another lengthy letter to Jay Singh complaining that, ‘the Emperor has cast me off; otherwise I intended to have begged him to allow me to recover Kandhar for him with my own unaided resources.’ (30) " -https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/the-stalwarts-revolution/ http://tisarpanth.blogspot.gr/2013/06/the-sikh-influence-on-shivaji-maratha.html
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    Over the years, i have learned few things and for the past 2 years, i am not donating to any charity blindly. The bigger and well known charity is, the better is to avoid them. I give sewa when i am directly helping someone. I totally support you that we all have luxuries in our life and we really should donate our time, effort/energy for the good cause. Our kids see us donating and helping and that alone shapes the future of our generations.
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    Well would you want missionaries controlling your gurdwara instead? The people who insult dasam pitas bani? So yes I did a joyful war scream because I know my guru's bani will not be insulted. But if you like the missionaries in instead then go vote for them.
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    Right at the end. about 20 seconds before video ends.
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    Delhi gurdwaras under the control of Sarna, went to town on missionary ideology. Dhunda, baljit, jachak etc were all given so much time on the stage to spread their venom. IN the last previous term to this, Akali Dal (Badal) won, and Baba Harnam Singh of Damdami Taksal engineered a revival of samprdaic katha at Delhi Gurdwaras. Harnam Singh himself did katha there, as well as Bhai Gurpreet Singh California, Gyani Banta Singh etc. The true message of Dasam Granth was strongly preached from Delhi Gurdwara stages. Now the Akali Dal won again by a landslide, which means it's very good news, as the samprdais can do further parchar of Dasam Granth, and also because it keeps the missionaries out. Vadala gave a statement in which he said that doing katha of Chandi di war at Sri Bangla Sahib was not in accordance with Gurmat. I was really surprised at this myself. Since Taksal did a gath-jorr with Akali Dal, the preaching of gurmat has started to be done in accordance to the seena-baseena gurbani arth tradition more and more. SGPC are not against Dasam Granth in terms of preaching. They just don't want to do prakash alongside Guru Granth Sahib of it. Sri Akal Takht Sahib have also told worldwide Sikh sangat in 2008 sandesh, that anti-Dasam granth people must be given befitting replies to their false agenda. I don't know about the others, but I know about Parmjit Singh Rana through a close friend. Rana is not one of these guys who would steal or misuse sangats money.
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    These are committe elections not state elections. This just decides who will get control of the Delhi gurdwaras
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    It's good because the SAD is pro dasam Granth. That's why there has been so much dasam Granth katha at Bangla Sahib for the last few years. The missionaries lost big time. A lot of people are saying vadala is an anti dasam granth person.
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    I know. It's brilliant news. Paramjit Singh Rana won as well. Added to that, ghagga got a few slaps in malaysia. Am a little disturbed to see hear that Vadala is anti Dasam granth and disapproved of katha of Chandi di vaar at Dehli gurdwaras.
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    Shromani Akali dal won!! Gurbar Akaal!!!
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    Same story here bro ! I won't say I wake up at exactly 4 am as thats the standard time assumed of amrit vela lol. But if I wake up at say exactly 5 am, then till 5.45 I am not done with my bath, and then making tea for myself . So 1 hour goes wasted in all that ! secondly I have noticed my mind is quieter if I am doing paath early during amrit vela like 4-5 am, as compared to 6 or 7 am lol which btw is not amritvela Tea is the answer to your drowsiness. After your bath, head to kitchen and prepare some tea , dash in some elaichi for taste if u want. Make it a bit stronger. Drink it , and then after like 1 minute, rinse your mouth and wash your hands. You don't want sticky lips with tea during paath lol My mind also wavers , sometimes it even goes to x-rated thoughts ! (waheguru forgive us ). The key is persistence . please refer this link https://www.sikhnet.com/news/how-to-meditate some excerpts from above link :
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    Also last time i looked, duleep singh, didnt kill lakhs of sikhs to stop an uprising, steal from harmandar sahib golaks and pump drugs/alcohol onto his own people. Some ppl round here r so thick its insane. As if a young 10yr old, givin up his empire/dharam/kohinoor/wealth for sum crappy posh houses in england was his actual choice?! Do me a favour. Everyfink u sed is the truth genie!
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    How you come to that conclusion that he was a ghadar? He was kidnapped, forced to convert to Christianity, his riches, his kingdom/empire stolen and he was brainwashed to live a life of a english christian country gentleman in the UK under the guardianship of queen victoria. He joined freemasons as was the custom of subjugadted kings and princes of india and under the freemasonary cult his power and riches were slowly being drained from him. He did not realise until much later on in his life his real roots and so re-embraced Sikhi again and tried to fight the british occupation on punjab by asking for help from the russian tsar and trying to raise a rebellion. But he was unsuccessful in his quests, I wouldnt say he was a ghadar he was a victim of circumstances and actually tried his best with little ability he had left to regain Sikh sovereignty against overwhelming odds against might of the british empire. Badal family can rightly be called gadar's and should be done for treason by the Sikh kaum.