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    Do you remember the last time you tried this game and how it ended with you screaming and throwing a fit. Save yourself the embarrassment and stop using Gurbani as a tool to indulge in your heterosexual lustful act. Since you started, I have to deliver you the message, otherwise some may take your seriously and believe what you said. Poster singhbj singh wants to mistranslate Gurbani for his lustful acts, but lets see what role poster singhbj singh will be playing in this act, which singhbj is begging for. Throughout Gurbani, Vaheguru is the man and the person trying to reach him is the bride. Vaheguru ravishes the bride, this concept comes many times in Gurbani. By ravish, it means to take over the mind and instill Gurmat values in the person. Yet poster singhbj singh wants to take the Gurbani line in a different direction. I directly asked him, how he suppresses his heterosexual tendencies and he responds by quoting the above Gurbani line. He wants to say Gurbani is being literal between him and a woman. Poster singhbj singh wants to interpret as he is the ravisher in this case. This can't be further from the truth because the Shabad starts by saying the Guru gave the satisfication to the women(soul). In this shabad, if we were to take singhbj singh mistranslation, The Guru is the man and the woman is him, poster singhbj singh. So how heterosexual do you feel right now there, Mr. singhbj singh??? Is your face getting flush with blood. Feeling a little awkward maybe bent out of shape!!! I will stop here because I don't want to get too graphic. And don't try to back track, I asked you a direct question, What will help you suppress your heterosexual tendencies? This explicitly asked how do you get rid of lust. And you shamlessly provided the above Gurbani line out of context. You may have thought distorting Gurbani was a fun way to have a laugh, but when you leave this earth, the Singhs will make sure to teach you a lesson of who is the man and woman.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the drug racket in punjab is by indian govt itself , instead of smuggling from pakistan as is often said ! They won't win ! Khalsa has seen worse days than these. Just look at our history of 18th century. You will get goosebumps. Just before sikhs got raj , they were tortured and hunted like animals. Forests and deserts and mountain tops were only refuge. At a time, mughals thought they had finished us, but it doesn't work that way lol. They might seem to be winning. However waheguru watches.
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    So many parents left childless by Makkar and his masters. So many weeping families; so what if his son died? Ape beej; ape hi kha. This was bound to happen.
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    but badla in this sense could mean simply chatka of the turk ... as often was the response to beadbhi of many kinds at this time period no mucking about . Guru pita cannot on one hand say pariyaan maat dhi bakhne and then tell go take badla of same nature against innocent women.
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    nothing wrong with pictures of gurus and shaheeds, ppl connect in different ways, would you be happy for all pics of gurus to be taken off the face of the earth?! that will surely help right?! we dont need RSS when we have this type of thinking within us!
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    Call me heretic but i don't believe this text to be written by dashmesh pita. Calling muhammadan faith demonic and specifically excluding muslim women from adultery are the reasons why i believe its not work of guru gobind singh ji. Why would guru ji specifically mention muslim women? So sex with hindu women is ok? Sex outside marriage is immoral be it with hindu, sikh or muslim women. Also the author seems combines sikh and hindu as one I can't believe it. This text doesn't pass universality values of guru gobind singh ji
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    Jagraj bhai ji (of BoS) points out that Anglos played some weird Jedi mind tricks on our lot (like 'Sikhs don't preach and convert!") and we quickly brought into it despite our own Sikh culture and history clearly being the very opposite direction. It's the same with all the 'race' theory crap our people brought into. I mean it so obviously goes against Sikh conceptualisations of Sikh society but many of our lot jumped on it because it made them feel 'special'. It's really cringeworthy to see how our lot are so easy to manipulate like this. And the other side must be in hysterics at our gullibility (I don't know about half devil but 'half child' for real!) We're only seeing people starting to question a lot of obvious bull5hit put in our heads now. When any outsiders (like the English) can come in and in effect set the very fundamentals of our faith, and that too for decades/centuries, we're clearly in deep trouble and missing something VERY important. How many things that we consider as Sikh are actually Anglo additions or influence? Like the whole Charitrio Pakyaan prudery! Given this, are we really surprised that we still have hordes of apnay that think that Sikhi is somehow in complete alignment with western liberal thought. Though I should point out that the other extreme of narrow minded clannishness isn't much better of an option long-term either.