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    Kam did a 'fantastic' job last night and great to see the Sangat Worldwide get behind a worthwhile cause. ** SIKHS DONATE OVER £100,000 IN THREE HOURS FOR AMRITSAR PROJECT ** A live TV fundraiser for the Amritsar Visitor Centre, a project by Basics of Sikhi, saw a remarkable £110,000 donated in under three hours. Aired on 22nd January 2017 on the Sikh Channel in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, the fundraiser was done in support of Jagraj Singh, the Basics of Sikhi founder and the visionary behind the Amritsar Visitor Centre project, who is currently battling stage four cancer. The aim was to bring in enough money to buy a site in Amritsar next to Harmandir Sahib, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, where visitors can learn about the Sikh faith and the history of the area. Community group Sikh Youth UK helped put the show together, in coordination with the Sikh Channel and Basics of Sikhi, in a show of unity for a project to spread Sikh philosophy and help the people of Punjab. Sandeep Singh, trustee of charity Everythings 13 who power Basics of Sikhi as well as several other projects, said of the fundraiser, “What happened during the fundraiser was remarkable. The generosity of the Sikh community is known throughout the world but I don’t think anyone could have expected such a massive drive within just three hours. “All associated with the charity are extremely humbled by the support shown. We thank the countless organisations, businesses and individuals that have shown their support to this project. Mainly, we thank Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Once again, we see that with our Guru’s support anything can be achieved. We will get things started and share updates as soon as we can.” The show aired live from the UK, West London, from 7pm to just past 10pm, hosted by Kam Singh. A respected Sikh community figure, Kam Singh has supported Basics of Sikhi since the creation of the organisation, even leading another live TV fundraiser raising in excess of £20k in 2013. Kam Singh’s enthusiasm and drive throughout the show has been hailed as key to bringing in donations to reach the target required. Kam Singh said of his involvement, “Jagraj Singh is someone who has done a massive amount of Seva (selfless service) for the Sikh community. I was humbled to be asked to host the show by the Everythings 13 team and there was no way I could say no. “In the last 20 minutes of the fundraiser we were looking for £1000 a minute to reach the target, and we did it! What we did showed what can happen through unity and this is something I hope will continue. Through working together there is nothing the Sikh community cannot achieve.” The Amritsar Visitor Centre project is being managed by the Basics of Sikhi - India team. The three storey site targeted for purchase will be designed to educate people in different languages, whilst also providing a space for talks, meditation and more. The Sikh Channel were instrumental in the fundraising process, dedicating all international channels to the live appeal. Sikh Channel CEO Davinder Singh Bal said of the fundraiser, “Everything that happened was only possible due to a huge team effort, led by Kam Singh. The Sikh Channel team worked tirelessly around the clock to deliver the Amritsar Visitor Centre appeal. Thank you to the thousands across the world who donated generously and showed great love for Bhai Jagraj Singh and his legacy.” For more information on the Amritsar Visitor Centre project, visit www.BasicsOfSikhi.com/amritsarvisitorcentre. #BasicsAmritsarProject #BasicsofSikhi
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    Sri Chand Ji after meeting Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji handed over his sect to Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib appointed his eldest son Baba Gurditta Ji to head this sect after reorganizing it and turning it into a missionary group of Sikhism. Followers of Sri Chand adopted Gurmat and submitted themselves before the supremacy of NAAM. The proof of this is a very famous sakhi of 7th Guru Sahibaan Guru Har Rai Sahib Jee. Below is the sakhi taken from : http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,298 ======================================================================================================================================== Bhagat Bhagwan Gir was an ascetic sadhu, who was the owner of a big dera with 360 branches, with his headquarters at Budh-Gaya. Once he decided to meet Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, he departed from Budh-Gaya, on the journey to Kiratpur he thought if Guru Ji can see his mind desire he would appear in the form of Chatturbhuj. When he reached Kiratpur he went to see Guru Ji, whom he saw in the form of Chatturbhuj, seeing this he became unconscious and fell to the ground. When he revived consciousness he saw Guru Ji in his real form and said “My lord, do a favour to me and make me your disciple”. Guru Ji said “Bhagat Bhagwan, for the purpose you have visited this place has been fulfilled. Now you should go and meet Baba Mehar Chand the disciple of Baba Sri Chand.”Bhagat Bhagwan obeyed the advice of Guru Ji and met Baba Mehar Chand, and told him the whole story. He also said he had a big dera with thousands of ascetic sadhu being his disciples. When Baba Mehar Chand heard his story he laughed and said “Bhagat Bhagwan you have not left your ego yet. You have been leading a sadhu jatha but you are still entrapped in ego, greed and allurement. If you want to get rid of these you should go to Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji. I have no treatment for this decease; you should get Naam from Guru Ji.”Bhagat Bhagwan reached Kiratpur to meet Guru Ji, he now wanted to become a true Sikh, informing his disciples he said “Now I have decided to become a true Sikh of the Guru, I will put off the dress of an ascetic. Those who want to become Sikhs should come with me and those not interested in becoming Sikhs can go wherever they want.”When he meet Guru Ji he feel at his feet, Guru caught his hand and stood up from his seat, Guru Ji embraced him with great love, Guru Ji gave him Charan Amrit and Naam. Bhagat Bhagwan got true bliss and his ego, greed and allurement vanished.He became a devout Gursikh and always served Guru Ji with humility. Guru Ji was pleased to see his Seva, one day Guru Ji called him and said “Bhagat Bhagwan, we are pleased at your service (Seva), we appoint you as a preacher (Masand).” Bhagat Bhagwan went to his homeland and established 360 preaching centres in UP and Bihar, his headquarters was at village Nanapur near Patna Sahib (Bihar). ================================================================================================================================== The above Sakhi clearly demonstrates that Baba Mehar Chand who was a disciple of Sri Chand had adopted Gurmat and submitted before the supremacy of NAAM.
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    http://www.tribuneindia.com/2011/20110508/punjab.htm Nanak Kuan gets a gurdwara* Denizens of Maghar town near Gorakhpur in UP believe that Guru Nanak Dev and saint Kabir met at Maghar.* When Guru Nanak visited the place, it was reeling under a drought. So he got a well constructed which is known as Nanak Kuan.* Even though there are no Sikhs in Maghar, a large number of persons have faith in Guru Nanak and are known as Nanak Panthis.* Earlier, the Nanak Kuan Gurdwara had 2.5 acres in its name, but there was no building.* Gurdwara building to be ready in a few months. Text: Perneet Singh
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    http://akalinihang.blogspot.in/search/label/Baba Sri Chand Baba Sri Chand Ji believed that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the Divine light of the Almighty and in Praise of the Eternal Glory of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib he uttered this AArta These beautiful words of praise for Guru Nanak are the words of Baba Siri Chand ji written in praise of his father, Guru Nanak and sung by him and the entire sangat as they welcomed the great Guru home from his third Udasi (world pilgrimage) with flowers and candlelight Aarta Keejai Nanak Shah Patshah Ka Har Har Deen Dunia Ke Shehan Shah Ka Aarta Keejai ... Char Kunt Jaki Dharamshala Sangat Gawey Shabad Rasala Aarta Keejai ... Kot Devi Jaki Jot Jagaway Kot Tetees Jaki Ustat Gawey Aarta Keejai ... Chhinwey Kror Jakey Charan Pakhaley Chand Surai Jaki Jot Ujaley Bhaar Athharah Jaki Pohap Ki Mala Param Jot Satgur Deen Dyala Aarta Keejai ... Pawan Rai Jako Chawar Jhulawey Rikhi Muni Jako Dhian Legawey Aarta Keejai ... Panj Parwan Hai Satgur pura Bajey Shabad Anahad Toora Aarta Keejai ... Ghanta Bajey Dhun Onkara Adhar Akhand Jako Jhilmil Tara Aarta Keejai ... Srichand Bakhaney Satgur Nanak Poota Agam, Agad, Adol, Awdhuta Aarta Keejai ... Jo Jan Nanak Shah Ka Aarta Gawey Basey Baikunth Param Gat Pawey Aarta Keejai ... Saran Parey Ki Rakh Dyala Nanak Tumrey Bal Gopala Aarta Keejai ... "Let us sing the praises of Nanak, King of kings of both worlds . The whole world is His temple, congregations sing sweet songs in His praise Millions of goddesses kindle holy lights in His honor All the gods sing psalms of His praises All wash His lotus feet The Sun and moon illuminate Him with their radiance He is garlanded with mountains of flowers The True Master, the fountain of Light is merciful to the poor The king of the winds fans Him while saints and sages meditate on His holiness The whole universe vibrates with His celestial song The bells ring out - Onkar Continuously illuminating the heavens He is one with God whose name is Truth In Nanak saints find their support Siri Chand, Nanak's son, declares Nanak is unattainable, unfathomable, unshakeable and pure Whoever sings Emperor Nanak's praises resides in heaven and achieves complete salvation Oh kind master: give protection to those who seek your shelter. Oh Nanak: You are the savior we are just your children"
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    What would be the best solution to stop morons like this take the stage and prevent them causing fights in gurdwara? There must be a procedures or protocols or ways drawn up to remove disruptive people without undesirably calling in police or non-sikh security guards. I hear some jews have create a brilliant system of electing their committees and entrance to their synagogues by a way of a swipe card. Only those who attend service regularly can vote in commitee elections and only those with swipe cards are allowed in this prevents undesirables coming into their places of worship and causing fights.
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    Sorry, belated thanks for letting me know! Great news about the centre in Amritsar!
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    This is the same guy who stated that 10th Guru never wrote Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth. Professor Anurag Singh did a presentation on Bal's lies, and called for him to have a debate with him. Bal refused obviously, and you can see why, the guy can't even put a sentence of Panjabi together.
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    What is it with this type of inflammatory nonsense? A while ago a similar accusation was hurled at one of the old-school Nanaksar saints (the old-school universally respected ones, not the modern crew) on a live radio broadcast by one of those former Communist types who have weaselled their way onto gurdwara committees, and a few days later a handful of Singhs did the needful whilst he was out and about, lol.
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    http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,15776 Some useful info on Baba Sri Chand by Bijla Singh Baba Sri Chand came back in the fold of Sikhi later on. He met Guru Ramdas Ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji with utmost respect and admitted that Guru Nanak Sahib had chosen the right successor. After meeting Guru Hargobind Ji, he handed over his sect to Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib appointed his eldest son Baba Gurditta Ji to head this sect after reorganizing it and turning it into a missionary group of Sikhism. Guru Sahib divided this group into five branches and each was headed by a Sikh. Job of udasis was to establish and manage Dharamshaals throughout India and write Gurbani pothis and Birs. They carried this task very well but slowly they drifted away from Gurmat. Now they are closer to Hinduism than to Gurmat. Eighth generation of Guru Nanak Sahib (from Lakhmi Daas) took Amrit from Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Rakha
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    The real beadbi was done by that speaker
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    He purposely started to slander Sant baba Thakur Singh Ji. He knows what baba Ji has done for the Khalsa Panth. Good on the Singhs for stopping this guy. The way he was staring Sangat down while under police escort, shows he was purposely looking for a fight. Good thing Singh's didn't punish him right then and there.
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    I was part of the SA forum. The free exchange of ideas and collective literary spiritual knowledge on that site was simply amazing and second to none. Really hope it comes back. ....
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    Woah ! Why too much misunderstanding and lack of knowledge being displayed by nearly everyone on this thread. The first thing to remember is that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is not a book but our living Guru. When people ask why we take so much love and care for a "book" we tell them it isn't a "book" but our living Guru. Gita, Ramayan, Vedas, the Bible, the Koran etc are NOT living Gurus. They are mere books. Even the people of those books acknowledge that fact by placing them anywhere one would ordinarily find books such as a library or even where one wouldn't ordinarily expect to find books, such as hotel room drawers next to the yellow pages. The moment you start confusing our living Guru ji with mere 'books' is the day we lose the argument with people that say we worship a book. So, in answer to the OP: Put the Gita, Ramayan and Vedas anywhere you would ordinarily place any book in your house. They are just books.