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    Huge numbers of muslim immigrants from utter pardesh, bihar and other states that came in indian sikh punjab for decades are going to change the demographics that will endanger the Sikh majority state of punjab. When hindu extremists of shiv sena caused problems for muslims some foolish sikhs of phagwara sided with muslims and rioted against shiv sena. And in a few years time when muslims have enough numbers through migrant influx and dawah conversions there will be hardly any Sikhs to say we dont like whats going on as these muslims will elect the party that put their interests first. Meanwhile in pakistan and afghanistan your sikh brothers and sisters are persecuted to a tiny minority status have no rights and often discriminated, harassed and killed for being non-muslims. They have no one standing up for them or speaking up for them. Sadly it seems Guru's Sikhs of today are have no wisdom of foresight, sleeping, don't care or impotent.
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    Think you guys need to get your priorities in order. The Bahmans are a far greater threat to the survival of Sikhi in modern times than Muslims. With Muslims we've always known where they stood - directly across from us, waving swords in our faces. But the Hindu has always lurked somewhere behind our back brandishing a dagger, waiting for us to dispatch his enemies before he finally stabs us too. He had his opportunity, and availed himself of it, in 1947 and once again in 1984. And yet in spite of these repeated betrayals you actually get young ***** Sikh youth claiming they are proud Indians. They spout vitriol against Muslims because of the events of partition seventy years ago, but conveniently forget the rape of Sri Harmandir Sahib and our qaum's izzat only thirty years ago in the 80s. Where's the logic in that? That's cos these Hindus have really done a number on our minds. Say what you will against Muslims, they NEVER turned Sikhs against their own people, something which these Brahmins have had monumental success in doing - most of those doing the Hindu Raj's dirty work after chaurasi were our own, and look at all the dhilla liberal Sikhs willing to just forget the outrage of 1984 and go on waving the Indian tricolour. Whos gonna deny that this is the handiwork of the Hindu? At least when it was us vs the musalman we were strong and united. These Hindus have made us weak and divided. Islamic violence will never kill Sikhi, didn't in the past and won't in the future, but Brahmin trickery and brainwashing of Sikhs might just lead to Sikhi's suicide.
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    Game of Thrones are like amateurs compared to our people.
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    Was it Jagsaw that observed the quite insidious connection between the Muslim ownership of the major Punjabi music labels (in the UK) holding sway over our youth, whilst the Muslims themselves adhere to a strict culture that supposedly views such music and associated lifestyles as godless and haram? So they're basically corrupting our people (apologies for the oversimplification) whilst they shield their own from its affects? It seems they've learned something of the old western divide and conquer tactics. We sit here and bicker amongst ourselves, trying to pin the blame on one caste or another whilst the orchestrators of the divisions get rich. Wow.
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    The horrors of 1984 pales into insignificance compared to 1947! Do Sikhs realize the Moslems laid claim to Amritsar, imagine this Harmandir Sahib located in an Islamic Country!!! http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/The_Battle_for_Amritsar,_1947
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    I agree with that. Problem is punjabi's back home either don't watch the newspapers with these incidents or that the news they do actually watch is mostly on social media where they mostly see happy smiling pics of their better of relatives and friends in the west and luxury goods. So these pendus back home think other punjabis aboard are living in the best life in the west. What they dont see is the real dark side behind those smiles and expensive goods people post on facebook and other social networks is the high taxes, bills and rents/mortgages, the endless paper work, the countless pro-female anti-male pro-gay oppressive laws new governments pass, high crime rate, divorce rates, high house prices, etc,etc. The lack of full time secure jobs these days, the long working hours people have to put in order just to survive in the current political and economic climate of tech automation, increasing bigotry and recessions. The pendu punjabi's think life would be better in the west but once they get to a western country they are treated like slaves if they are undocumented and manage to come illegal or claim asylum then they are given just enough food to survive same thing happens to punjabi's and other south asians in middle east the arab pay and gang masters own these human beings as slave labour and treat them with contempt. Many of these lot even die making treacherous journeys from borders of russia to iran to eastern europe or other routes from via middle east to libya and then trapped there waiting to migrate northwards in to europe. I read one story where 3 punjabis were murdered by the police in Slovenia in 2003 and it was all covered up, another story of 3 punjabis arriving at the only gurdwara in tehran iran having crossed huge snow covered mountain range so they got frost bite and had to have limbs amputated, another story of punjabis trying to cross across russia and other south Caucasus nations and being gun down by border patrols for fun. And a story a decade or more ago of a boat tragedy of all punjabis on aboard drowning after the Libyan human trafficker cut the engine and let everyone drown in sea than get caught by sea border patrols. I do feel sorry for the most needy of economic punjabi migrant who has no hope or future in punjab as low skilled laboring jobs are taken by the hindu/muslim low skilled gujjars and dalit's who are cheaper than your average sikh punjabi worker and the punjabi employer is not willing to pay a decent wage for punjabi's to survive and thrive in his own homeland so hence they try to migrate to other lands and the influx and demographical change of more muslims (who breed like rats and try to convert non-muslims) living and working in punjab. The same issues we see in the west where english white people are complaining that the polish and other eastern europeans are taking their labouring jobs (carpentry, plumbing and building work) putting out the english white indigenous workers on the breadline who in turn run to far right parties like UKIP or BNP hence brexit happened.
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    I was listening to a Punjabi radio discussion on this subject a few years back. In short you had the UK born Sikh going up against the recent arrival from the Punjab, and the Punjabi guy was lording it over the "foreigners" about how they've lost touch with their roots, etc., what with putting their elders into homes, and how that never happens back home. He seemed to be giving off quite a resentful tone in general towards NRIs. The UK born Sikh killed the debate with one stroke by saying that Punjab resident individuals were obsessed with land ownership, and if they weren't in line to inherit acres of zameen from their elders, they'd slit the oldies' throats at the first sign of trouble and dump their bodies in the nearest khoo, lol. The "roti pani" given to Punjab resident elders by their sons wasn't an inherent act of selfless kindness because it was the right and just thing to do for one's parents. Hardly a peep from the other guy after that.
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    All true, brother. My particular issue is with good, decent parents who've been neglected, and those who seek to enable and explain away such behaviour as a symptom of living in a developed country, which only further proves my theory that no matter how successful our people become we are still inherently unable to shake off the slave mentality, I.e. "whites leave their elders to fend for themselves, so must we."
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    Bhangra gives nothing to youth. I will disagree with a lot of points you have made. Bhangra hardly attracts a larger demographic. 1980s bhangra is more bhangra than the rubbish that comes out these days. For starters at least in the 1980s they played instruments, unlike the synthesised computer programmed rubbish they call music these days. There is no more damage to Punjabi youth than the youth in any other community. You seem to be living in your Canadian bubble. Punjabi culture is more than a genre of music. Youth may identify with the cultural heritage of traditional folk bhangra but let's be honest here, there were old school bhangra that were filthy with their lyrics so it's nothing new. Punjabi women acting slutty is nothing new, Punjabi men acting like idiots is nothing new. We were never some idealised community that people imagine that we had. It never existed.
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    And to top that off you had this evil dog called mohammad alam who was in the indian punjab police force killing punjabi sikh youths in 90s in fake encounters was found out recently to be trying to force Sikh youths to convert to Islam . Even sellouts like badal and dhumma shared platform with him in order to try get him elected in politics. You cant make this kinda stuff up even bollywood/hollywood would find it outlandish. http://sikhsiyasat.net/2013/07/19/izhar-alam-who-killed-sikhs-in-1990s-indulges-in-forced-conversions-of-poor-sikhs-to-islam/
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    Punjabi youth born in the West understand bhangra music. Whether they need bhangra music is not the issue. In there cars, house parties, school dances, reception, etc Punjabi youth go extra crazy when a bhangra song comes on. The effect of bhangra music is similar if not more on Punjabi youth. Since they are Punjabi, they hold bhangra as their culture and have a special for it in their ways. Countless times have Punjabi youth got upset because a white guy is making fun of bhangra. They take it personally, yet the same is not true for rap, hip hop, rnb. Punjabi youth make fun of it themselves and could care less if some white guy is making fun of "black" music.
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    Until Panjab itself sorts out its economy so that all and sundry are not trying to run off, these kinds of things are inevitable in my opinion.
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    Bhangra has (in my opinion) opened up roads into our community which are very negative. And I'm not talking from a conservative position, but experience. The problem is the generally braindead nature of the music. Sure some odd exceptions might exist but generally it is an unsophisticated medium which frequently encourages undercover romantics, casteism and drinking. It's the Panjabi equivalent of a barn dance culture - but even worse than the western counterparts. It was the bhangra industry in the 80s that opened up apneean to predators and gave apnay a reputation as hedonistic, dancing drunk imbeciles. When you meet your typical casteist fudhu, 9 times out of 10, they are primed and brainwashed by songs from this medium. It's a shame that our people can't create more sophisticated music that might well influence apnay and apneean for the better. Music has potential in keeping language alive, and as a medium to discuss social issues, like rap (at its best does) but sadly our lot seem lost in other more mundane chakars.
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    Who says God did not create one religion? Religions are created by men, or ruling powers of lower levels of consciousness, just as gods, devtays But the Bani clearly says: Ekas bin sabh dandh hae. And that one, ekas, is Satnam, just as in the begining of Jap Ji Sahib, Dhan Dhan Satguru Nanak Dev Maharaj says: Ik Oankar Satnam. Satnam is the only permanent and eternal Truth since the very begining. Now the question arises, if He is the only Truth, how can He be realized and we become one with that our Origin? To that question also, the Bani beautifully and in simple words tells us: Jin Har japeeeya, se Har hoeeya. Gurmat is the supreme expression of Truth at our level by Guru Sahiban and Bhagat Jan, and following the essence in it implicitly, is our choice, if only, we want to become one with Him. That is true religion, because the purpose of religion is to detach us from maya and become gurskhs in order to achieve our goal of God realization, and not to enter in disputes, hatred, and wars, which is the result of agyanee and manmukhee religions... Sat Sree Akal.
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    You have forgotten that you have to accept God's hukam. He is not your servant that you demand things of him and they will just come. Real sukh comes from naam jap. Asking for worldly things is a folly. You have to earn everything with good karam. The rules of the universe dtate you reap what you sow. You want a good mother in law you be one first. It is a sin to call someone bad. Hum nahi changhe burha nahi koi. As the Christians too say... seeki first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. Seek to learn about how God works first before placing demands. You have to look at your blessings too and notjust losses. D Don't bblame God for not giving you yhings. You simply don't have the karams which earn these blessings. Stay united with him because all blessings come from him. He created us and he is more concerned about us because he is responsible for feeding us and looking after us. Das bhastu le pache paave. Ik bast karan bhikhot gavave. Ek bhi na dheh das bhi hir lae to murakh ko kaha kare. He gives us ten things and we loose one snd get sad over it. What if he took all ten and never gave us even one.. what would we do ? We have to look at our blessings and still thank him for what we have. We are not able to see what he has given us unless he himself shows it to us. Daily food, jobs, children good health, good parents and a home to stay in are all blessings from him. Have you ever taken the time to thank him for all those?