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    No the highest caste is Khalsa of my Guru Gobind Singh ji ...if you believe in Guru Pita ji stop mentioning Hindu divisions listen to this please Brothers and Sisters
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    The irony of this makes me laugh. Jat is not a high caste they are not even on the caste spectrum as they were seen as outsiders. The Brahmins saw them as 'little higher then the untouchables'. The highest caste is the one who believes in no caste. Overall This has been a great thread thread in terms of dispelling alot of false lies spread by many ignorant people like makhaal of his delued beliefs that he is somehow the special one. He sounds almost like jose mohrinho after he he finds out that he is no longer the special one . Lol This topic is not about bashing a particular group or picking on anyone in particular. But ignnorant people need to be put straight and told how it is not how they dream it is like on of those pathetic bhangra songs.
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    Get real, please. It is very possible for someone dressed as a Sikh to commit evil actions. Even if they recite naam, it is still very possible as it takes a long time for naam to correct their mind. What makes a Khalsa is their inward and outward qualities, not just how they look on the outside. Don't be so foolish.
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    Hear Hear Could not have said it better myself.
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    People like you who love to talk nonsense are regarded as thick headed impostors who cannot break the shackles of castes.
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    it is essential to have vitamin k2 alongside D3 else you could increase risks for stroke/heart attack as the calcium absorbed from diet because of better levels of D3 may settle in arteries etc without . Get a Vitamin K complex to ensure you are also get adequate amounts of both types .
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    They were HuxD3 tablets, they were a pretty high dose (20,000IU, my vitamin d was pretty much non-existent), i'm not sure they do a lower dose but you can get other brands that are vegan at a lower dose, i got mine from the chemist, the doctor wasn't able to prescribe them but told me which ones to get, it's worth having a chat with your GP about it, i'm sure they'll help. These are the ones i took. http://www.huxley-europe.co.uk/huxd3 Holland and Barrett do a pretty good Vegetarian range of vitamins (if you based in the UK).
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    What part of English don't you understand that there are no castes in Sikhi and only backward Hindu mindset so called Sikhs talk about this rotten caste system.
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    your living in a fairy tale lalala land
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    One minute your all against caste and now you are for it. make your mind up pal. Im trying to give sence to people who think they are superior. no one is high or low we are all equal.
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    WJKK WJKF Please do not slander something which you do not understand or have no knowledge on. Dhan Dhan Baba Vadhbagh Singh Ji helped and still helps through his shakti today. No where in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji does Mahraj tell us that sikhi is against an exorcism neither does Mahraj ji say that spirits do not exist. The Bhooth Preth possess a persons consciousness. Not everyone is affected by this. The majority of humanity is possessed by their own 5 vices. However for this percentage which suffers spiritual issues has support base through Gurbani and Dhan Dhan Baba Vadhbagh Singh. Bhooth Pret, Jamm Dhooth and even Dhan Dhan Baba Dharamraj ji have no jurisdiction over a Khalsa sikh....but not everyone in the world is a Khalsa sikh! That's why Baba Vadhbagh Singh assists other people who are lost. The blessed guru himself is a relation to Dhir Mal. So please do not tarnish Baba Vadhbagh Singh Ji with tarnished family members. We all have them right?
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    How old are you?... I'm hoping no older than 13/14. Complete lack of logic.
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    can you stop with the f word ...you do know how to make your point without it I'm sure veer ji
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    castism is such an ugly disease to even entertain the idea that one caste is better than another or castes matter is a disgrace to anyone who calls themselves a sikh. Having said that I've seen how some on here are quick to put forward their own caste praises by racist white orientalists of the past who had jealousy about Sikhs of punjab and wished the sikh empire be destroyed and replaced by british imperialist christidom. The way they would do it is divide and rule by praising one caste of another. The white europeans did the same in africa they elevated one black african tribe over another (ie tutsis against the hutus) and what happened in zaire decades later? well genocide of nearly a million tutsis by the resentful hutu's because of legacy of the white colonialists who had to tutsis in power ruling over the hutus. This policy of divide and rule is also how brahminwad started and how brahmins ruled over the other hindu caste groups so this isnt just a white european disease its a diease of racist human beings of all races who think being born in a specific race or caste makes you superior or inferior. Sikhism is the cure to this disease.
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    Wow, stop calling sants pakhandi when most likely you might be pakhandi too. Pakhand means silly and it is also pakhand to also do paath but to have your dhyan elsewhere whilst praying. This Baba ji is a SantBaba. I don't think anyone calls him a Guru, but he is very true. & simply because you have not had a darshan of his mehima that does not mean he is false. He preaches Sri Gurbani Sahib ji, and has achieved more than any of us probably can ever. So many people have been cured by his help, but like Jagraj Singh said 'If God came down with a golden hand and grabbed the athiest, the athiest still might not believe it', the same thing can be applied to others when they slander people who have only been teaching Sri Gurbani Sahib ji.
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    It is because of people like you today many Sikhs are turned away from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji doesn't approve of shastar need blood. The Bani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji, Shastar Naam Mala also, doesn't endorses the belief shastar need blood. This is all made up by the people you support. You have no source or credible source to back up your fairy tales. Obviously, people will have a strong disliking for what you are saying. You have learned nothing from Shastar Naam Mala. Chandi Di Vaar brings a sense of cooling to the mind. Yet you are on a verbal diarrhea marathon.
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    Shastar need to be maintained so they are always ready whenever they are needed. They are maintained with sharpening them and then using the proper substance to make sure they don't rust. Guns are cleaned with solvent, ie barrel, chamber and then oiled. Applying blood of anything does not do anything for a shastar. A shastar is only a shastar because it is kept for defence. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji taught us feeding and anointing stone idols is an act of foolishness. The Brahmin tricked the hindus in believing the stone idol needs food. Today these people, dressed in religious attire of the Sikhs are tricking the Sikhs into believing shastar need blood. Thank you Vaheguru for making it clear in Gurbani, bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji was saved by his child like innocence and not by worshiping a stone idol.