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    Mahakaal ji, it is a huge blunder on your part to divide our Shaheeds and warriors of the past in something so silly as caste. As a Jat you are claiming Baba Deep Singh Jee Baba Budha Jee and others while Ramgarias are claiming Jassa Singh Ramgaria as their own, Khatris are claiming our Gurus and Hari Singh Nalwa, Rajputs are claiming Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and Brahmins are claiming Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dayal Das as their own not realizing that all the accomplishments they attained and Shaheedis they gave was ONLY for Sikhi and the casteless principles that Sikhi upholds. Our atma has no caste. You could have very well have been born a non Jat in your previous lifetimes and who knows, if you show too much Jaat Abhiman, you might reincarnate into a caste that you deem as low or inferior to your own as God's way of teaching you a lesson. Jaat Paat is only skin deep. Improve your spiritual life, keep as much Rehit as possible while Japping Naam is what really counts in the Dargah of Vaheguru. All these caste issues are useless and are of no benefit to the Panth
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    Please book at the all new Caldmore Gurdwara Hotel & Restaurant. The newest building in town with over £10 million spent on new services. We have a large seated hall for all your birthday celebrations and cake eating. We have some old local ladies who are happy to be part of the fun. Your prayers will be done by our next 6 month visa Granthi who has extensive experience in tailoring to your needs and won't hassle you for a tip. The Ragis shall keep the music loud and distorted to the latest Bollywood tune. Please note tips to the Ragi go into the local sangat regeneration project and building fund for a new Khalsa community centre. The Kathavachak shall be brief and not discuss any social problems such as alcohol or domestic violence. Here at Caldmore Gurdwara Event Hire we do our best to keep the local sangat away so as that your programme doesn't encounter any difficulties. Security is tight. We kick youths, homeless, poor and Amritdhari Sikhs out so that our business and your customer experience is not affected. We are a sole trader, so we don't have any interference from justice groups or those that have concerns for Khalistan. Nobody else is allowed to use our facilities such as the renowned trouble makers The Midlands Langar Seva. So ladies and gentlemen please don't hesitate and book now and do as much beadbi of Guru Sahib, here at Caldmore Gurdwara Hire & Restaurant
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    The only marriage important for a Sikh is the union with Vaheguru. When you are looking to marry someone in this world, you should be finding someone that would be a good friend, not Prince charming. You should know only Vaheguru is perfect. There have been many Gursikhs that have not married. In Sikhi, I believe it's fine. Don't listen to others when they misquote Gurbani. We are all soul brides that need to unite with Vaheguru. No other marriage is as important as that. If you choose to do this on your own then you need to be sure you are fully devoted to Guru Sahib and Vaheguru. You cannot be attached to people as you will be living alone for the rest of your life. Any friends you may have will be involved with their own family. And you should be detached from Kaam. You need to be careful about your decision because if you end up deciding later you want to marry, it might be difficult for you to find someone.
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    castism is such an ugly disease to even entertain the idea that one caste is better than another or castes matter is a disgrace to anyone who calls themselves a sikh. Having said that I've seen how some on here are quick to put forward their own caste praises by racist white orientalists of the past who had jealousy about Sikhs of punjab and wished the sikh empire be destroyed and replaced by british imperialist christidom. The way they would do it is divide and rule by praising one caste of another. The white europeans did the same in africa they elevated one black african tribe over another (ie tutsis against the hutus) and what happened in zaire decades later? well genocide of nearly a million tutsis by the resentful hutu's because of legacy of the white colonialists who had to tutsis in power ruling over the hutus. This policy of divide and rule is also how brahminwad started and how brahmins ruled over the other hindu caste groups so this isnt just a white european disease its a diease of racist human beings of all races who think being born in a specific race or caste makes you superior or inferior. Sikhism is the cure to this disease.
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    re: The Jugraj Singh thread: My two cents worth? A man truly worthy of our upmost respect. A pioneer in that from now, there will be many that will take on the mantle and get out on the streets and tell the world about Sikhi in the language of the street. The epitome of the legendary bravery of Sikhs in that he will take his message of Sikhi right into the lions den (Speakers Corner......Muslims etc) with the confidence that Gurbani and his kirpan gives him. I will NEVER....EVER...say a bad word against him. But...I will say this: Years ago, I wrote a piece for the national news and I not only got published but I instigated a debate. When princess diana died and women and men up and down the land were crying and laying flowers at her home I wrote a piece asking this : I asked why it was that these people were crying, taking time off work and spending hundreds on driving hundreds of miles to buy and lay flowers for a person that they had never even met when these same people had placed their own mothers, grandmothers and fathers in retirement home institutions and never once cried or taken days off for them. When I saw on TV the line of people that had driven down to London for Jugraj Singh's kirtan programme the other day I couldn't help but feel those same thoughts again. I thought how many of those Singhs and Kaurs that had taken time off work and driven hundreds of miles had bajurgs at home for whom they not only ignore and dismiss the pain that comes with old age but would make excuses about work committments when it comes to hospital appointments and would never in a thousand years drive a hundred miles for ? Moral of the story ? There are bajurgs at home....your chache, thaye, massadh, babe and nenneh as well as your grandparents that are in the last days, weeks, months and years of their lives....and are experiencing the bodily pain that comes with it. If you can take a day off, drop everything, give all your attention and resources to a man you've never even met then it surely is time you started thinking about the bajurgs in your own home that worked hard to give you everything you have today ?
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    Blunt or sharp doesn't make it acceptable to use Kirpaan to attempt to kill a woman. Mr Sihota was 22 year old MMA learnt Singh who is stocky and 5ft 10. I agree a Parker Pen is extremely dangerous, but my point is that he has bought the article of faith into disrepute. UK law is you are not allowed in public with weapons except Sikhs. Politics is changing and if there is a public outcry because there are regular incidences of Gurdwara riots,brawls and fights using ceremonial kirpaans and the personal kirpaan then you will be the laughing stock of the world when statutory restrictions will be imposed. Just like Rastafarian cannot consume Marijuana. Going around with 4 Ks, Sikh without Kirpaan is a sheep. Sikh should never lose his cool otherwise don't wear Kirpaan
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    Politically correctness and liberalism is a disease that Sikhs and Sikhi can not afford to indulge in any more. All that I wrote I wrote because of truth and ground realities as I and many Sikhs see it. Everything we do must be looked at with Sikh historical context, we cant just start neglecting and killing off indirectly our own community to save others, I'm not going to support the liberal narrative of Sikhi any more that kinda approach has seen things like our guru's beadhi go on with mixed religion anand karaj for past few years resulting in negative sikh growth and demographics. That kinda nonsense and all the idiotic decisions our community has take to help non-sikhs and getting slapped in the face for it has to come to a stop asap. In regards to Ravi Singh and khalsa Aid, I admire him and his work. I think what he is doing is wonderful as a humanitarian but as a Sikh he and his org is not doing much in what is required of him for his religions prosperity. He should be in afghan, paki, kashmir and punjab helping our oppressed and depressed Sikhs. Why arent you and fellow liberal Sikhs helping them rather than non-sikhs? Whats wrong with us that we do not see the crying and pain of our brothers and sisters in faith but we are ready to help Abrahamic communities that hate us and dont want to convert to sikhi but rather they want our people to convert to their backward medieval cults. The only non-sikhs that deserve sikhs help are those who genuinely have no1 standing up for them like the yazadi's (as ravi singh is doing which is good). They are probably the only group I would say Sikhs should help they are like us a people whose women were kidnapped and raped and their people beheaded and genocided against by salafi sunni muslims and no one in the world helped them apart from the other oppressed group the kurds.
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    why you bringing up old news that was posted back in july? you waited 4 months or so to respond to him? whats wrong with you Anyways in regards to the kirpan being used well as we all know by now the kirpans in most countries are as blunt as a butter knife these days. The jailed guy could have used a sharpened pencil which would have been a more effective and more injurious weapon than the kirpan of today. In terms of what he did we dont know what exactly lead to him using it but from some articles I read at the time the white woman was racist against his family and had attacked them on many occasions and things came to a head where there was a physical fight going on and he lost his cool and used it. I think most of us if we were wearing a kirpan could have done the same if it was the nearest tool we had to defend our mother and ourselves if we were attacked by some vile mad racist white girl.
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    This guy has done biggest bezti of Sikh religion and brought the sacred Kakkars into disrepute. it is never justified for a man to attack a woman with physical violence jacfsingh comments r shocking when it becomes common knowledge that Sikhs are fighting in Gurdwaras and using Kirpaan for personal disputes and not self defence then politicians will act to ban the Kirpaan Preachers are to blame for giving naive kids Amrit Sanchaar Uk Sikh groups have done or achieved NIL besides from nice photos with MPS and pardaans
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    Im sorry OP to say there is nothing much you can do. BUT some things can help. I cant find any gurbani tuk, but u can use this nongurbani tuk, but most ppl think its bani, so it might fool ur parents. POOTH HOVAI TA BHAGAT DAANI JA SOOR, NAHI TA NARI BAANJH RAHE, KAHE GAVAVEY NOOR, something like that, I've butchered it but u can google it, its by bhagat soordas. Secondly, u can convince ur parents to wait until ur done with paraii/ studies, then take forever and keep studying for a very educated job like phd professor,doctotr etc then be like im too old, no ones gonna marry me. Thirdly, u can trust God. Do ardaas that the husband u get is prince charming or atleast perfect for u, and then get arranged marriage. Some ppl even if they choose themselves, end up in divorce or abusive marriage. Seriously there r statistics n proof for this. 50% of american marriages end in divorce and there was a blog on sikhnet about a sikh girl who chose her husband and then he turned abusive. I mean how much can u find out by dating? The first date is like arranged marriage, u dont know anything about that person anyway. So ya there was a camp counselor and he said he has 3 daughters, and only one of them prayed for a good husband, and he said she has the best husband. He said the other daughters husbands r good, but not as good as the one who prayed. Sorry i know not much help, but i will say most ppl who say they dont want to get married, change their mind. Everyone wants a home and family at the end and ur parents aint gonna be alive forever, so dont be so hasty to say NO to marriage. Certainly put it off as something not to be done now, but dont completely write it off. And everythings in hukam, so relax n see where life takes u.
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    How old are you? You don't have to make any hasty decision which you may regret later on.
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    Really? If u could provide proof that would be great.i mean my dad who is very casteist, would be so shocked Also, the debate has finally calmed down, so i dont want to flare it up, but....And i must say it was resolved very nicely and humbly, so it seems we r making progress! But KPS Gill and Brar were also jatts, and they were evil. I read Julio Rubeiro's autobiography (he was the head of police in panjab during kharkoo lehar for some time) and he says KPS Gill would order more torture n more atrocities saying these ppl are jatts n u dont know how to deal with them, so let me handle them the hard way..(of course Julio could be trying to put all the blame on KPS to make himself look good, but again this is a published book, so kps could see his lies). And Brar in his autobiography even says that his family always served the government of india loyally, even during the british raaj, and he says he saw kartar singh sarabha and bhagat singh and udham singh as terrorists too. So if we jatts have hardcore traits, they can be used for utmost good n utmost evil. Cynthia Mehmoud said that while sikhs can be commended for fighting for justice, human rights, and being altruistic and there were amazing examples of bravery from sikhs in 1984. She continues but sikhs were also responsible for the most depravity, most of the panjab police were also sikhs, and they invented new tortures that became famous world wide for being the most atrocious. When we said they were not true sikhs. She said they say they are sikhs. So labels like sikh, jatt, brahmin are nothing, its our actions that matter. Labels wont give us the strength to automatically do good. we have to choose to do so.
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    You failed to answer the question. Where are articles of Hindu and Muslim Jatts? Dont dishounour the Sikh faith by attributing any 'greateness' to being jatt then comming from Sikhi. The Turban-Kesh. Beard - Dhari ect instill the warriorness in us and the people we are and were. Its also a numbers game. The British saw the Jats were in the majority at the time. Why not praise these people and concentrate on them as they will be the most valuable assets to exploit and use. Most of Jatt praise comes from actual jatts themselves. Be it in bhangra songs or movies. Dont blow your own trumphet pal. Have some common sence and manners and decency. Also many Jatts are stealing the limelight away from other communities who did great things at the early stages of Sikhism. There were no racist colonials to note this down as they had not reached India at that early time. Remember these people who helped establish Sikhism or you would probably be a muslim or hindu today had it not been for their great sacrifices.
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    I do not think so. In my selfish manmukhful ways, I could not do what our Guruji did. Like the posters have said before, Guru ji sees the bigger picture, one that I myself am very shortsighted on. Maybe this is something I need to reflect on. If you see how Maharaj's hukam and universal law of karma at work, you could say that with Guru Teg Bahadur's Shaheedi and the example he set has set a precedence. He did it for the sake of dharma. He gave the opportunity to Kashmiri Pandits to improve their situation, to fight back, to join with the Sikhs which they did not. Did they do this, no they didn't. They carried on doing what these people keep on doing which act cowardly, make themselves victims , betray people who help them when they get a bit of power and then lose everything and become refugees. There's a lesson in there for us. The Pandits probably deserve everything they get because they brought it on themselves.They have reaped what they have sown. I think this making me evaluate the concept of Shaheedi , in what context it needs to be used and for what purpose and for what you are trying to achieve. I think also from Guru Teg Bahadhur, we can learn that if you sacrifice your life to help with the bigger picture, do not expect that it would be appreciated. It needs a lot more reflecting from me.
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    thanks too all of u pyareo daas will take ur advice nd maharaaj bless u all vjkkvjkf
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    hi plz google SARAB ROG KA AUKHAD NAAM MISSION , AND listen to there shabads (healing by GURBANI SHABADS)
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    If he is at fault, this should be a message to all Sikhs to never use Kakaar in a personal dispute and if he is indeed at fault he deserves the sentence 100%. The Kirpan is a gift from Guru Sahib to use to do jhatka of dushts - protect others and yourself from harm as a last resort after all diplomatic means failed and your life or other individual's lives are in danger. Sikh council in UK should look into this issue and take control of narrative early on.