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    To stop these thoughts and fall in love with waheguru, u need to do more satsangat. Loving waheguru will help u to remember him all th time. When someone has a crush on anothér person, the crush is in our thoughts all the time. So to fall in love with waheguru, do satsangat of sants, ppl already on the gurus path, read sikh literature and history,biography of sants, and watch videos and katha, and most importantly read gurbani. Start a sehaj paath. Reading gurbani is the best, waheguru will automatically be in your thoughts and gurbani will teach you about his attributes, his worth, his personality. Start a sehaj paath, its great, its like guruji is speaking to you personally everyday. Do it on ur phone, if u have no sanchiya. Also read sikh literature on vidhia.com, especially Baba Naudh Singh by Bhai Vir Singh and Rangle Sajjan by bhai randhir singh. Very inspiring. Also read bandginama by bhai raghbir singh bir, explains alot about bhagti. Also watch katha of bhai sahib singh canada wale on youtube or soundcloud. Will calm ur thoughts. There is also gurmat literature section on gurmatbibek.com and basicsofsikhi youtube channel. Most importantly keep doing swaas swaas simran. It might take a while. First ur mind will be cleaned from doubt, anger, greed, then it will become filled with good qualities, naam ras, and the presence of God. There is a sakhi, of a woman, who heard simran is important, so she decided to do it. She told her family, i will not talk but i will do all the work, cooking cleaning, if u need anything write me a note. Then from that day, she started japping naam outloud. The family would hear her all day, saying waheguru waheguru loudly the whole day as she worked. Only at night there would be silence. This went on for a year i think. Everyday the family heard her all day saying waheguru loudly. Then one day there was silence. They were surprised n they asked why have u stopped now? For the past year thats all we heard waheguru. She said i found wat i needed, so i dont need to shout. The one who i was calling, is here, i dont need to call anymore So keep going. You will reach the goal. Just keep inspiring urself with satsangat of gurmukhs, books, and katha, and Bani. PS. I remember you, Welcome back!
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    Why are we so eager to die for our colonial masters? Join the army, get the training, get yourself out.
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    https://instagram.com/p/BLwgToNjRHX/ More info on Bhagat ji http://www.gursevak.com/about-us
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    Veere, saas saas simran krna ta ohna de bachan sunya karo jo eh kamm krde si (i am not referring to present kathavachaks and present giani babas, but the old true saints) ohna mahapursha de bachan sunya karo jinna ne sirf simran kitta, example: sant gurbachan singh nd kartar singh bhindrawale, sant nand singh ji,. Sant rara sahib wale, sant dalel singh shahbad vaale virakat etc. jinna ne pehla parmatma nu milya howe, ohna dia galla sun sun ke rasta milda rehnda @sunn galla akaash ki keeta ayi rees"
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    Some golden words from Raag Gondh, Fifth Patshahee: kar kirpaa jaa ka-o mat day-ay. One whom the Lord blesses with understanding, aath pahar parabh kaa naa-o lay-ay. chants the Name of God, twenty-four hours a day. Dhan Dhan satguru Arjun Dev Maharaj, tells us in the above Sat Bachans, that even to engage ourselves to do His Simran, His Naam japnaa, is not in our hands at all, rather by apaar His kirpa; that we come to understand the suprme importance of His Simran, above any other practices for the purpose of our union with Him. It is only then, that we understand, not otherwise. Then what happens? Once we come to understand this, as said before the supreme importance of His Naam, then we leave aside all other activities, and with full zeal and will power, we do His simran; not at any particular times, numbers or places, but rather all the 24 hours, as now we are in love with Him, then as small babies, we live constantly those 24 hours by the Amrit produced, through that His Simran. Sat Sree Akal.
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    chamar hinduism ...so they like being ostracised and told they are not entitled to go here and there ?...This is mentally backward , why can we not do parchaar so they can be freed to experience life as a full sikh on the path to Akal Purakh... I suspect backwards casteism will be cited as a reason for not going to gurdwara , so we need to show we respect the Sarbat Khalsa decision that Gurdwarey should be actually open to all and welcoming as sangat should be treated as Gurroop always
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    Wow the old ones of Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila are good.
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