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    I have noticed this too. I can tell their style of writing is similar. At first I thought, it's nothing, but now I am starting to think the same. There are many people here with multiple ids. Though, I won't mention them, I can tell. Unless they are all living in the same building and sharing the same Internet, eg, halls of residence, hotel, or rented accomodation. To be honest, it does not distract me at all. Each one to themselves.
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    Bheinji normally Bibi's are busy chatting with their sisters, mom, cousins, aunts, friends, neighbors etc They don't have time to think about this sort of stuff. Problem in marrying abroad is you don't get this support group which is available at home. Don't know how things work in your community but most Bibi's call their parents so that they can help during pregnancy & delivery. In older times Bibi's were send to PEKE so that they are comfortable and taken care of at the time of delivery. This might give you and your husband a Break !
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    probably ...seeing how much posts disappeared with those multiple ids
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    wat i wanna know is, where did the 5 "likes" of his post come from all of a sudden? Ive noticed this quite frequently this week alone...is their multiple ID's here or sumink?
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    Amazing, if I saw your husband bhenjee, I'd touch his feet!!! Dhan GurSikh! You are so lucky to have sangat of such a person.
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    mate calm down. you asked , I answered ...no bragging I've already lost one Mama to cancer and the other is also going through treatment now I wouldn't wish it on my enemy . We need to support Ecosikh and other greening/organic projects in Punjab.
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    mukhti is what you get to go to heaven in their ideology ...i.e. they were selling tickets to swarag
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    obviously the church and pope knew about her truth so they are just corrupt to put her forward like this to continue the money flow to her missions from the poor to the poor mainly. You honestly think they will change anything? They sold mukhti as 'indulgences' to the gullible and this was smiled on by the pope
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    macedonian? albanian ...judging people ? try truthful living and daya and eliminating injustice Both Jesus and Guru Nanak judged Jesus the moneychangers Guru ji Babur and other sinners ...try really listening to what they actually said and think about what they did. Jesus was a revolutionary not a silent nonjudgemental person ...  “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I have not come to bring peace, but the sword.” what sword ? the same sword that Guru Sahiban wielded Gian Kharrag.
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    Consider yourself extremely lucky to be married to him. I'll tell u what a "normal" married life is like. Husband is busy chatting up girls on the net, doesn't tell u where he is, is busy with "friends", busy drinking, busy eating loads of steaks that stink up the whole house, busy complaining about you to his parents, extremely emotional, has anger management issues, spending time at the club, is a workaholic that has no time for you or kids, constantly complaining about money and I could go on and on. You did something good in your past life to be married to a guy like him...just don't screw it up.
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    The aim of this life is to get mukti so you are very lucky that you have someone who can guide you and is kind to you. What else would you ever have asked for ? It is natural to feel that you are not getting enough attention. This is because men and women communicate differently. There is no guarantee that if he was different, you would feel you have a normal life. It is your mindset which you have to change and accept and adjust accordingly. Be thankful for the kind of person you have got. Many suffer much worse things in married life with no one to even ask them how they feel especially when they are ill. You are very lucky, so be thankful for all you have. There is no sukh in worldly things.
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    Yea heard this, the behsharam will not stop till animals will be allowed to anand karajs! This video by jagraj, as a reply to his dumb brother is brilliant. 1 of the best jagrajs has ever done.
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    Bhain ji , as I read your complaints (?) it makes me smile because the rest of the world complains that their husbands are too involved in fashion, social life, drinking , arguing etc . the grass is definitely not greener on the other side , you are lucky that your husband is hard working, dayavaan and caring . No one lives a bollywood romantic fantasy marriage ... there are ups and downs it's normal . Maybe you can get closer to him if you do your nitnem together or listening to akal ustat together for your baby's benefit ... I am sure he will be caring towards both of you ... Please do not think he is uncaring it is just his expression is different from most .Stay in Chardikala
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    This is real bhakti. By Wahiguru´s grace, we are being witness, that real bhagats do exist even now. It is His apaar kirpa. He is a real gem, take care of him Pen Jee. We all have devotion more or less "kachee", but the fact is, when one loves so much Wahiguru, all else becomes secondary to His lovers. Pray Wahiguru to keep you in his company as much as possible, as being in the company of such elevated gurmukhs, even stones(we the rest of the world) can get ferried away. The difference between these bhagats and the rest of us, is something to do with awareness. While they understand the value of life and thus dedictae as much as possible to Him, we, are much under the pressure of maya, thus our awareness is dull. Of course we can reverse this lack of awareness, but for that we have to pay a price, which is: oothaat baheethat sowat jaagat, ehey man Naam simray... Frankly speaking, I am so happy to read what you have written, as it is an inspiration to do more and more bhakti , and trust Him in the true sense. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Guru ji hukam that a Singh should never eat from the earnings of his sister or daughter
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    Who are these murakhs taking about the devil ? For your information there is no devil. This is purely a Christian concept, no devil in Sikhi. Yet we have people who cannot string two words together without adding the word devil? I saw the video posted. So what? He is teaching yoga, what of it? Yet your so called native "brothers" get totally bladdered on sharaab and meat, but that is okay, they are native Sikh brothers , shaaah baaash !. They have bana but drink , yet that is okay. But here we have a Sikh who is teaching yoga and he is the devil. How murakh are we? If yoga concentrates the mind, if yoga helps you in your naam simran then good for you I say.