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    Sikhi consists of history, traditions and our granths. Sikhi is not just one Granth. People need to read Sikh rehat maryada before writing nonsense. We have guru Granth and guru panth.there is no guru panth without Dasam Granth. Dasam Granth has always been a bedrock of sikhi along with Guru granth. Those anti Sikh agents who name call it or cause doubt in minds of innocent Sikhs against it are not well wishers of sikhi.they need to read these good articles which are slap on face of anti Sikh forces http://sikhsangat.org/2016/lies-of-gurdarshan-dhillon-rebutted-about-sikh-scripture-sri-dasam-Granth/ http://sikhsangat.org/2016/rebuttal-of-gurdarshan-dhillons-comment-about-sikh-scripture-sri-dasam-granth/ http://sikhsangat.org/2016/rebuttal-of-gurdarshan-dhillons-comment-about-sikh-scripture-sri-dasam-granth/
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    or just too scared of reality to face it ...Guru Mehar karan
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    Get a grip, just because they have Punjabi surnames does not make them Sikh.
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    Just finished watching this. Bhai Sahib is an inspiration, his account is special considering how from the age of 6 onwards he had the taang to learn about different faiths, and here he talks about his upbringing, the initial challenges he faced from as he puts it 'staunch' Catholic mother and school, lack of support from committee Sikhs in Jakarta and the affection from Gursikhs in Singapore, to finally having the chance of taking Amrit.
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    Just finished watching this. I thought Jugraj was brilliant. More so given that he had to contend with a potentially undermining crusty olde fart, whose out-of-date, deferential, subservient act was cringeworthy to behold. Can you imagine if that uncle was the only one representing Sikhs...... Great to see Sikhs in mainstream media not acting like straight chumchay for a change.
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    Dasam Granth's Bani has inspired me to do things I usually wouldn't. I've found myself reading them more and more, honestly unless the person has read them, they forfeit the right to comment on anything related to them.
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    It is one of the many inconsistancies of Islam
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    People who do Ninda of Dasam pita bani do not love Guru Gobind Singh ji. Dare I say that they all are atheists to the core.
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    Bhai Vadbhag Singh ji needs to move around the globe and do Prachaar. Khalsa & Singh Camps should invite him over. Nobody can do better Prachaar than a Sikh By Choice !
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    I have heard that like the Gur Kian Sakhian of Bhatt Vahis this Granth is also a recently discovered Granth. What is interesting is that both this Granth and Gur Kian Sakhia confirm that Jaap Sahib, Savaiya and Chaupi Sahib was read in 1699. This completely blows off the lid of the lies being spread by the heretics missionaries who say there is no historic contemporary proof these Dasam Bani were read in 1699.
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    Well said brother. I was once a rat in the rat race, not anymore. I don't care anymore. Life's short, you never know when you're going to kick the bucket. It's this Punjabi mind set of constantly competing with each other and parents trying to live out the life they didn't have via their children. It's so sickening. People are so materialistic these days. Parents program the kids from a young age to compete with the 'Joneses' or in our case the Dhaliwals and the Gills, so much so by the time the kid is an adult, he/she is now fully programmed. I remember how unhappy I was for the past 20 years. I was never satisfied. I know something was wrong with me but I couldn't 'deprogram' myself. It was only after I had wholeheartedly submitted at the feet of Guruji Maharaj that I finally had some peace of mind. These days I take life easy. My dream is to be a truck driver in N. America. That way I can earn a living and yet see the whole country. I agree with the gist of your post however I would like to add. Most people who are in the rat race are programmed that way. It's not that they disagree with you, it's just that their minds are programmed that way. No amount of words of wisdom can deprogram the mind. From my experience, it's only through our religion one can deprogram their minds. Once you fall at the feet at the feet of our Guru, the mind has only 2 options, either accepts Guruji's teachings or keep chasing that shadow.
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    In Sooraj Parkash Granth by Mahakavi Santokh Singh wrote that Guru Sahib did jhatka of goats during the formation of Punj Pyaras on Vaisakhi 1699. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee never believed it and he was RIGHT. Now we have an eye witness account of 1699 Vaisakhi by a Muslim spy who was so awe-stuck by the events of Vaisakhi 1699, he became a Sikh that day only. (Taken from Facebook Page--Sri Sarbloh Granth Ji) Eye witness account of Vaisakhi - 1699 The following account will dismiss the theorists who offer alternative explanations as to how the initial Khalsa initiation ceremony took place in 1699. Contrary to some interpretations that assert the Great Guru, Gobind Singh Ji, carried out "jhatka" upon goats as opposed to the "Panj Piyare", this eye witness account of those events in 1699 will clarify the actual version of events. It must be stressed that this personal account is not of one of the Gurus Sikhs or of any other such individual with a loyalty to the Guru. It is however, the account of a Muslim spy employed by the Emperor Aurangzeb. This account will leave the reader in awe and wonderment. Wah Guru ji ! This account is at The Aligarg Muslim University in India and is written by one of the spies of emperor Aurangzeb. This spy was called Abu -ul-Traifi. He is mentioned by the eminent scholar Bhai Vir Singh in his writings. Being a spy Abu-ul-Traifi kept a daily journal of the events that took place in Anandpur Sahib for the emperor, here is his eye witness account of that day.Extracted from the unpublished text of "History of Ramgarhias". THE ACCOUNT: "On the day Guru Gobind Singh Ji prepared Amrit in Anandpur, the attendance in the Diwan was about 50 to 70 thousands. The Mughals had four thrones (seats of Imperial Power), Delhi, Agra, Lahore and Kalanur, but the grandeur of Guru Ji's throne was in a class by itself. The grandeur of this throne was out of this world. Guru Ji came to the Diwan and, unsheathing his sword, spoke in his thundering voice that he needed a head. No questions or hesitation at all, Bhai Dya Ram came forward to Guru Ji. Guru Ji right in front of all, cut off his head from the body in one stroke. Every body present was stunned. Then Guru Ji again thundered and demanded one more head. Right on Guru's call, Dharam Chand got up, came to Guru Ji, bowed his head and said here is my offering of my head. Guru Ji, again, in one stroke cut off Dharam Chand's head from his body. Now there was a big commotion in the Diwan. But Guru Ji in his thundering voice went on demanding heads, one after the other. Himmat Rai, Mohkam Chand and Sahib Ram got up and offered their heads. Guru Ji cut off the heads of these three also. Many from the congregation went to Guru Ji's mother, and narrated the whole happenings in the Diwan to Mata Ji. Guru Ji cleaned up the blood from the five bodies and heads, and even washed the floor, Then the Guru of these infidels, stitched one head with other body, one by one. This process took about three hours. Then he covered these dead bodies with white sheets. The Guru of the infidels then took a cauldron made of stone and put an iron wok without handles on top of it. Poured water into the wok and started preparing the "Amrit" (Aab-e-hyat - Elixir of life). The infidel Guru kept churning the water with his sword and kept on reciting his Kalma (Gurbani). This process went on for 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, a lady from Guru's house came and put something in that water. Now the Amrit "Elixir" was ready. From the corpses, he took the covering sheets off. First he sat on the head side of Dya Ram, and poured AMRIT "Elixir" in his mouth, then poured some on his head and sprinkled some on his body, and then he asked the dead body to say "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh." As if on his Guru's Command, Dya Ram got up and repeated in his bold voice,"Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh." It appeared that in the entire congregation every body was so stunned and as if stopped breathing. There was pin-drop silence. All those present were mesmerized with their Guru's miracle. In the same manner, one after the other, Guru made the other four alive too. Then, he took all five of them inside a tent. After a while Guru Ji along with the five came out. The Five were now wearing new attire. Those five risen from the dead were standing in a line. Then Guru came in front of them and took the "Bir Asan" (Posture of the brave - kneeling on one knee) and asked for the Amrit "Elixir." At this point, these five asked, what are you offering to get this Amrit "Elixir." Then Guru said that I would sacrifice my parents and my sons for your sake. Then these five gave Amrit "Elixir" to Guru Ji, and his name was changed to "Gobind Singh." The word "Singh" was attached with other five's too - Dya Singh, Dharam Singh, Himmat Singh, Mohkam Singh and Sahib Singh. I was very remorseful and cried like a baby. After that, thousands took the AMRIT "Elixir". Even, I was attracted by a magnetic force and with utmost regret fell on Guru's feet. I requested Guru to give me Amrit (Aaab-e-hyat) too. Guru Ji already knew about my role as a spy and a traitor, put his hand on my back, gave me Amrit and changed my name to Ajmer Singh. Just with this act, my sins of numerous lives got washed away. I participated in many wars. On that day, I sent my last report to Emperor Aurang Zeb. In this report I wrote my eyewitness account in details. I also warned Aurang Zeb in the strongest possible words not to dare challenge the incarnation of God, and desist from cruel policies and that if he did not listen to and act on my advise, then God forbid, he would lose all - his throne and family." (Extracted from the unpublished text of "History of Ramgarhias"). Akaal Sahai jio.
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    Dally, did u notice the arab wannabe sullahh behind jagraj, who nodded his head to everyfink jagraj sed the whole show. Then, as soon as jagraj mentioned how sikhs battled vs the brits AND the muslim invaders, sullahh started shakin his head in disgust. Oh and then parts with a anti sikh comment, of how 2 sikhs were arguing typically. That old fart dr.lalvani was an absolute joke. Nutin worse than uncle tom's reminiscing of how foreigners raped r culture and we shud b grateful. I cudnt believe how he said that british were the 1s who removed/banned sati/caste system. Obv never heard of the sikh gurus then?! That old gorah closet/fascist sittin next to him, was equally pathetic in trying to link maharaja ranjit singhs wives doin sati, in with sikh philosophy and thinking. He seemed to harbour some anti-sikh desires underneathe his fascist tendencies. That n.irishman, who try to insinuate we shud all b grateful for colonisation, coz they gave us all the english language.........unbelievable arrogance its unreal! The irony is, his own land of n.ireland belongs to eire, and I wonder if he can talk in gaeilc/irish language?....answer is most likely NO, coz of.....the colonising english! The nigerian femi and the other black man in the audience were excellent in their rebuttals to those old fuddhus too.
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    Mate, I'm a worm compared to GurSikhs like this guy, but unlike you who struts around like you are the embodiment of perfection (e.g always mentions how you do this, you do that, you find doing Paath fun but somehow you'd rather come on here and argue with myself etc,proclaiming you'd take a dip in the sewage infested ganges (look it up, not even doing Nindya when there is actual Sewage in there lmao) and acting like you are better than anyone else here). I don't even need to go on considering you already admitted your opinions changed meaning you were wrong but you didn't want to admit it so started a lecture about everyone being Sikhs. I have my faults, but unlike you I accept them and unlike you I don't act self-righteous and haughty. There's a reason why almost everyone on this forum think you are a m0ron , your post count says that much, nearly 1.1K posts and not even 300 likes, re-evaluate your life darling before coming at me. Have you even passed GCSE English? It's like you are some freshie Pendu (no disrespect to them, I'm sure even they are far more versed in English than you). Lets analyse what you said. The use of the word even there adds an example, that being Indian is synonymous with being Sikh. Once again please read properly. I suggest maybe getting off this forum and spending more time learning English, I never said there I didn't care what you thought. I said I didn't see why I was bothering to correct you but I gave it an attempt in the hopes that it would maybe help you grasp it but clearly I overestimated your mental capacity to process things. Yes because you probably either hacked her webcam or have magical visions to see what all of us look like. I mean, a sikh that isn't from India??????? that must really surprise you.
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    Always like Ramta's voice
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    I must admit to grinning like anybody's business when I posted too ... it has now changed to giggling ....
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    depends if the kalma was read over the bullet and whether the bullet was large enough to cleanly decapitate the creature after reading Chandi Dhi Vaar...sorry ignore me gotta laugh.
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    Could not agree more. He is clearly well spoken and his energetic words will move those who are unsure about trying the Sikhi path and keeping kesh.. Shared with BoS hopefully they will upload onto their channel.
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    True believers need no accounts of the ability of the Guru Sahibs who were the formless God in each of the ten lives they came in. Satguru Nanak Nirankaar can make the Kaaba move, they can and DID bring the dead back to life.
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    This thread might be an help (see-attachment there glimpse of translations by sant sunder singh ji bhindranwale) http://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/17085-raagmalla-is-not-bani/
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    He is such a sacha sucha atma ....it goes to show how important the jeevan jach of our gianis and granthis is and the important role sharing the love and welcoming new faces into the gurdwara and on the street is .
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    lol. Only you would say utter nonsense like that and consider it alright. I might as well try and correct you but I know you have your head stuck so far up your own ego you'll most likely ignore anything that's sad but oh well. Actually there is offence there, you implied that Sikhs looking "Indian" is an important aspect of their physical appearance, the use of the word "even" pretty much asserts that. Let me also educate you that once someone takes Amrit . They abandon all Earthly affiliations to ANY country, region or family. Their nation becomes that of Wherever there Guru Resides, Their father Guru Gobind Singh ji, their birthplace AnandPur Sahib. Obviously any true Sikh would accept that but physical appearances and looking Indian are of vital importance to our caste-loving resistant all-knowing Preeto I suppose You see "Indian" I see GurSikh. This man is a far better Sikh than I am, I pray Akaal Purkh will bless me with even an iota of his humility and dedication to the formless lord. I pray he remains firmly attached to the helm of the lord for all time.
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    At the end of the day Guru Sahib did not need to prove anything in many of the accounts where miracles were performed. I wholeheartedly believe Guru Sahib performed a chamtkaar on that day and the sees was separated from the sareers. Whether anyone else chooses to believe that or not is entirely their wish. We have already have ample examples of extraordinary feats by Gursikhs, let alone Guru Sahib.
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    Guru Sahib needn't prove anything to us, least of all that. If he wanted to demonstrate anything at that gathering I believe it was the strength and resourcefulness of ordinary folk, which would help to remold his feeble Sikhs into Singhs and Singhniaan. I think he knew that an exhibition of his power would have undermined this goal. Where do you believe the blood on the tulwaar came from Singhji? I can't be certain that there were goats there either, but it must have come from somewhere and a bakraa seems very reasonable to me. That lids been off since Baba Banda Bahadur's day. Still, it can never hurt to have more information with which to humiliate those naastiks and put them in their place.
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    One fo the reasons IMHO why the Sikhs entered the service of the British was that they had become too accustomed to the fine living a military career provided. Good money, good food, and (regrettably by most accounts) good wine and a good standard of living, and some of the army elite having large estates as well. In the previous century the Dal Khalsa were living in jungles for the large part of a century, but after 50 years of living as rulers, I don't think the Lahore Army had the mental or physical endurance to contemplate being rebels in jungle hideouts. The soldiers of the Lahore Army in 1849 would never have experienced the "jungle rebel life" unless they were pushing on 80 or 90 years old. Add these two together and it seems that the Lahore Army soldiers were not able to envisage themselves on a war footing as the Dal Khalsa did. So they went for self-preservation, trying to rescue as much of their previous standards of living as they could under Panjab's new rulers. When the Sikh army surrendered, they still had the forces and military strength to fight the British invaders/criminal army, but some reason they lost heart and gave up. They had the numbers and weapons but must have felt the fight was futile. These soldiers still had A desire to fight as they enlisted where and whenever they could under the British, just not with the British. Maybe it was a case of being with the winning side?
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    Guru Ji is certainly capable of miraculous feats, but is also wise enough to use such powers sparingly. Guru Sahib's task in 1699 was to turn a community of sparrows into hawks, so I'm not surprised that he moderated his use of miracles and relied on his human abilities in order to show the new Khalsa Sikhs that even mortal bodies were capable of great things. Guru Sahib could have called forth divine powers to destroy the enemies assaulting him and his Sikhs, but he did not, because what example would this set to his people? Guru Ji was a role model to his Sikhs, they aspired to imitate his behavior in all things. They could hardly emulate him if he attempted this. How could they become the lions they needed to be if his divine protection was always a given? No, I think he realized that the Vaisakhi of 1699 had to be an example of human potential, not a demonstration of non-human powers, if it was to achieve the goal of transforming sparrows into hawks, and that he would have to embody it. I don't imagine many of the Sikhs at the gathering were battle-hardened veterans. The end of Guru Hargobind Sahib's reign, and the entirety of the seventh and eighth patshaah's reigns had been largely peaceful. The only Sikh soldiers before this time would have been the men of the Akaal Sena, by no means a very large force, and certainly not constituting the majority of Sikhs. Little wonder then that so many fled in terror. That's fine, and I would never try to take that faith from you. But it happens that I have a slightly different view of the events of 1699 than you do, and accusing me of defaming my Guru as a liar because of this difference of opinion is a bit below the belt, as well as a distortion of what I said.
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    I suppose common sense dictates that bhai mati das did not complete his paat of Japji Sahib because the brain was cut in half and his rasna, that the eyewitnesses there lied too when they heard the bani continue ... What about Baba Deep Singh ji ...or Baba Gurbachan Singh ji who emulated him ? There is human strength and then there is the power of Akal Purakh
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    why have doubts on Guru ji ? mere Satguru maar jivaala ... so you guys are arguing for the idea that My Satguru is a liar and trickster by supporting the chatka of bakri story ? what my Guru ji said , he did ...he took those sees given willingly ...
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    The Big Questions - Series 9: Episode 16 Nicky Campbell presents the moral, ethical and religious discussion series live from Oasis Academy, Salford. In this episode Nicky asks: Should we be proud of the British Empire? http://bbc.in/1OiM2Ag