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    Nothing wrong with putting ak-47 on Khalistan zindabad slogan. Ak-47 in the context of Sikh struggle of Khalistan is symbol of fighting brutal Indian governmental oppression since 1947. The Indian government has unlimited number of weapons, manpower, resources and allies across the world. The Sikh nation in exile is tiny in comparison. What these anti-sikh idiots are trying to do is to demonise the freedom struggle by not letting you even talk about having an armed Khalistan force. Your oppressor the aggressor is allowed to have huge arsenal of real physical weapons but you as a tiny minority community who has been victimised you are not even allowed to display an ak-47 gun with your freedom slogan. Next they will say you are not allowed to carry kirpan and after that they will say you cant display khanda because it contains weapons on it. The Sikh nation only was born out of fighting and out of carrying and using weapons. Because then Sikhs were taken as a joke and killed for free. Sikh blood was cheaper than water. When Sikhs took up arms against the muslim invaders and hindu hill raja's they learnt very quickly Sikhs are not playing the victim no more. The day Sikhs stop displaying ancient and modern weapons is the day Sikhs will stop being Sikhs. The attack on the Khalistan banner by khalid mahmood is a deeper one than just passing comment is what is called oppression of ethnic/religious minority group and discrimination too because arsenal football club has a cannon gun will that be attacked too next? The british army has weapons as its insignia will that be attacked too? What we have here with khalid mahmood is him displaying lack of freedom of expression and demonising the ak-47 and Khalistan freedom movement. He is facing alot of critisim from the muslim community for trying to publically tackle "radicalisation" with muslims in Birmingham. But no such thing exists with Sikhs we do not teach our people to hate the non-sikhs, groom and use non-sikh girls for sexual abuse and demographic shift like pakistani muslim gangs have done, to convert the country to a Sikh nation like the quran and hadiths tell muslims to. To attack UK civilians and cities as muslims have done and are doing. We do not have those desires as muslims do. Islam is the radical faith is the threat to all non-muslim societies and nations and therefore legitimately needs to be tackled. What khalid mahmood is trying to do is trying to widen the problem by trying to mix Sikhs with the mess muslims are in. Sikhs need to be very careful and make sure such anti-sikh anti-khalistan MP's are exposed and never allowe to attend gurdwara's again and voted out in the coming elections. Also taht baroness warsi is another radical muslim MP she took the UK governments side when there was clear and deep collusion between thatchers british government and indira's indian government in war crimes and state terrorism against punjabi Sikhs in india. We should be very careful in our voting strategies never vote for snakes.
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    Thats not in Surrey, bro. This reflects horribly upon on our community, especially when we claim females are equal to men. Why arent women allowed to be panj pyare?
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    Recently we have seen a few Sikh political prisoners that been locked up for nearly 30years for no reason freed slowly. We have also seen blacklisted NRI Sikhs have their names removed so that they can come back to India. So on one hand Modi's Indian BJP government is trying to signal that they want Sikh separatists to come back to India and carry on living their lives as if nothing happened in the last 30 years. Yet its external affair wings ie its intelligence agency the RAW is very actively creating trouble for Western Sikhs by pumping out fake propaganda stories in mainstream media with titles like "isis Sikh canadian woman to attack delhi" and "uk radical Sikhs to target.[fill in name of your choice here]..." This is all an effort to get Sikhs to steer away from human right of legitimate armed resistance / militancy against being killed by the state, stop the supporting of Khalistan and to get Sikhs to carry on being oppressed as a minority treated like 3rd class citizen in hindu dominated brahmin atheist ruled india. Do they really think we can forgive and forget operation blue star? anti-sikh genocide in new delhi? 30 years of injustice and actively trying to make sure Sikhs do not have any political authority over their own affairs and homeland? Even now they have the SGPC ruled by brahmins posing as Sikhs who are further trying to divide Sikhs into amritdhari's and sahejdhari's. Sehejdhari's are being sidelined and hindu groups are eagar to invite them back to hindu fold meaning 80% of Sikh population is at stake. It was in 1947 that the hindu turned Sikh master tara singh sided with india and thus trapped Sikhs in indian union. And it was the SGPC's brahmin mindset like jatt Sikhs that denied dalits to embrace Sikhism which would have given enough numbers to make a viable Khalistan/Sikhistan. It was the SGPC that created the rehat maryada that alienated hindu punjabi'sact into hinduism when they were actually more closer to Sikhism. It was the SGPC that called for agitations in punjab yet sided with Indian govt and army to attack sant bhindranwale and the warriors defending the complex. SGPC hasnt done anything for Afghan Sikhs or Pakistani Sikhs nor create self defense milita's groups for them. If they really had Sikh interests at heart they would defend their fellow Sikh brothers and sisters with all their might. But no they are happy for tiny Sikh community in afghan and pak to eventually disappear. Only a non-sikh organisation would be ok with that. The enemies of Sikhism are deeply embedded in our political affairs namely in most of the large so called panthic parties and organizations like spgc because they work for RAW and IB (intelligence bureau of india).
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    Could this not have been done before they set out? In the age of smartphones and immediate video uploads, how does this reflect favourably on us and our claims of parity when it comes to Sikh females? As for the rights and wrongs of having an all-female Panj I genuinely don't know how to approach the situation.
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    Dasam bani nindaks have been around since baba Banda Singh jis time. Basically they are atheists. British bought some them to promote their anti-Dasam agenda so that Sikhs would not get the bir ras and become rebels. Same happened post 84.
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    This is what I call ਹਰਿ ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਬਾਣੀ ਮਨੁ ਮਾਰਿਆ ਅਣੀਆਲੇ ਅਣੀਆ ਰਾਮ ਰਾਜੇ. Keep on in the background whilst working or read along In hindsight this could be added to the favourite kirtan post, so if the MODs would like to move it, please do..
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    It was an ok discussion, khalid mahmood was on the show personally, and tbh, he was complimentary about the sikh struggle and sikh independance/khalistan, and is a supporter. However he opposes the ak-47 symbol, saying it has links to terrorism etc. Nihal was tryin his best be a bandhar, n succeeded. Sikh reps from the sikh fed/sikh PA rung up too, as did bush from SP briefly, however just as normal, u had fuddu panjabi hindus ringing up sticking their noses in, when it has NOTHING to do with them. Dumb analogies like how hezbollah n french muslim militants have used the ak47 for bad reasons, means sikhs shud not use it as it links us them, and how an ak-47 kills! Yet they were all for sikhs to use a kirpan instead! MASSIVE FACEPALM!! Last time i looked, the kirpan/sword can kill people too, like those vids released last yr of ppl representing ISIS beheading kuffars with....a sword/knife. Guns dont kill ppl, ppl kill ppl! Just because some1 has a weapon, doesnt mean it will be used to bully/kill ppl, its ur honour. Look at the dumb apnay/dumb hindus on this page below, such fools, with their coconut opinions. If any1 on here is on facebook, plz reply back to these k@njars. https://www.facebook.com/BBCAsianNetwork/posts/10156915524345381
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    Recently Hindus in India both radicals and secular ones have been up in arms against Muslims for refusing to say Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai. They say if you dont say this you should move to Pakistan. Baba Ramdev the yoga Guru went a step further and has recently said anyone who refuses to say this should be beheaded. Ironically he had a 3ho yogi Sikh sitting right near him when he said these threatening words. Video is on youtube. Times ahead are not going to be good.
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    Punj pyare can only be 5 males leading traditionally. Sisters can be behind the males. The tradition of the punj pyare was that 5 men of different castes and backgrounds stood up to defend Sikhi and fight muslim mughul tyranny. Women could have readily stood up to offer their life for Sikhi but none did at the time so it is womens only weakness that they did not become punj pyare at the time Guru ji would have accepted any woman to become one of the punj I am sure. And still to this day a very very very tiny percent of women would be willing to fight and lay down their life for Sikhi because they are taught a very liberal wishy washy Sikhi. And as a woman we all know women by nature are not warriors they are the physical weaker than men so having them leading at the front would send out the wrong message to enemies of Sikhi that we put our weakest members first to defend Sikhi. So no we should not do that we put our strongest out first. When I was a kid growing up I saw strong singhs as punj pyare and singhs and few singhnia doing gatka martial arts at the front these days I dont see that much gatka from women its mostly men. And further more If we going to select punj pyare they need to be worthy of the title instead of being sons of committee members or some other non-sikh odd reason. They need to have achieved something outstanding and noteworthy for Sikhi or the community that should be the selection process.
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    Waheguru. Panj wish should have been honoured. Bad politics.
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    I'm surprised that you're surprised Singh Ji. The newspapers and media outlets only really cover stories which help to project the private political views of their multi-millionaire owners into British political life, or stories which distract the public from how badly they're being screwed by the upper 1% [stories about celebrities, sports, fashion etc, all a smokescreen] The BBC and their ilk won't touch this though. The difficulties faced by Sikhs are not politically expeditious enough for them or interesting enough to their readers to be worthy of mentioning. Don't be fooled, the British media doesn't exist to keep us informed or represented.
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    WJKK WJKF I can't help in clarifying what's happening here, but what a joke. Feel so sorry for those poor singinia. Shame
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    When election time swings around, I swear, it's like there's collective amnesia in the air. To be fair, these people don't campaign on a Regressive Leftist platform in order to get elected (not at this moment in history; who knows what the future holds). When it's election time it's all about the economy, housing, unemployment, etc. Only when they've been elected do they show their true colours. Even high-profile Sikhs - secularists - (not necessarily politicians) love to stab their own in their backs. I think it's that inherent ghulam mentality that some Indians have rearing its head. Or it could be the classic Asian thing of turning your nose up at the people you've passed on your ascent up the social ladder. That's a pretty common Punjabi trait as well.
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    Baba Avtar Singh ji is in Leeds today. ?? Waheguru
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    YAAAAAAAAWN! Im well aware of who YOU hindus consider as 2nd tier (kshatriyas) in ur beloved caste system, such as rajputs/aroras/bhatias/khatris.....However that doesnt include gujjars. Anyways go back to sleep, and go and join a hindu forum. When sikh issues r on the agenda, u r NOWHERE to be seen, yet any discussion on hindu animal gods and ur beloved caste system, u in there like a shot.
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    BBC has always been anti-sikh when it comes to freedom struggle - mention of any goi 'terrorism' will never be reported by them.
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    A bare gun on it's own got no meaning. A sikh has uchi mat as well. Mughals had large armies well armed with cannns too. Where did their largest cannon zam zam end up in ? In maharaja Ranjit singhs hands. Without brains and only bodies and blunt courage is not sikhi. There are other ways to overcome your enemies. Educating your youngsters on sikh history would be a more courageous action than displaying a gun during peaceful celebrations esp when maharaj dhi swari and most of Sikh sangat are out on the roads unarmed.
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    We also have khalid mamood making a song and dance bout it, probably to take scrutiny of his own community.
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    I think we have to be very careful with the symbols and thoughts which we convey in open public. Khalistan is not every body's ideal. I even wonder if it is a Sikh idea. It is a political fight, best left to be used where people are fighting politically i.e. India. In a foreign country - we belong to a different political climate. I wonder how a gun will help us - who are not even citizens of India - get Khalistan!!!!! We are not terrorists either.
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    main reason is it began to be associated with tawaif nachna in post sikh raj era in Indian minds (bollywood) instead of dhadi vaaran, funny how the harmonium also became foisted on us(from those nefarious uses) by the firangi in place of our own deep expressive instruments . I prefer the sound of the Saranda as it is mellow and rich although the dilruba is beautiful too . It is sad to think that even whilst in the midst of wars the Guru's SIkhs learnt full raag Kirtan on Tanti Saaz and Pakwaj , and we has no such pressures on life and limb and we say it is too hard to take time to learn and play kirtan in Guru ji's intended way . We should promote itihaas learning through dhadi vaaran , by showcasing the style and give the youth an idea how our ancestors preserved history through poetry and music . This will counter the anti -maa boli rhetoric going on I've heard apne saying stupid things like Punjabi is so rough a language , it has no true great literature written in it , only illiterate villagers speak Punjabi. Dhadi Vaaran are like our rapping ...without the foul language and misogynistic angle...we should help our panth understand just how sophisticated our musical heritage level was and is. Perhaps do Local language translations of famous Dhadi vaar performances .