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    Hello twelve year old Amritdari sikh. Did the 'babbas' not teach you the correct term for someone who has taken the Amrit? It is not known as 'amritshakt' but it is known as 'Amritdhari!' So, don't forget it! Are you sure you are telling us the truth about why you did what you did? You say you 'wanted to' but your parents said 'no' because you were not ready? Why did they allow themselves to be influenced by their friends? Are they easily influenced? Did you throw a tantrum because you 'wanted to' and then your parents gave in? Twelve year olds are known for throwing temper tantrums. You don't seem to make much sense. You wanted to take the amrit, your parents said you were not ready but then they qucikly changed their minds when their friends told them that it is 'bad to say no to your kids!' Very interesting!! Why don't you admit as a good, honest twelve year old amritdari sikh, that it was your decision to take the amrit even though your parents were against it. I know for sure, no gursikh parents will let their twelve year old take the amrit unless they are ready for it, friends or no friends!! You went ahead, and took the amrit, without finding out if it would prove too challenging for you or not. Well, I am afraid, you cannot go back on it now. This is your life now, son! Once you become an amritdari, you remain an amritdari till the last day of your existence on this planet!! The best you can do is start taking it seriously and do your five banis daily and beg for forgivness for having such cowardly thoughts in your mind about shaving your beard. Stop worrying about your 'pretty big moustache' too. Your facial hair is part and parcel of being a male. If waheyguru ji wanted you to be a female, you would have been a girl, but you are not. So, accept it. You are a boy and boy you shall remain all your life. Besides, anyway, our parents always want boys, don't they? They are lucky, they have a son! Your saroop is a gift given to you by waheguru ji. God made males and females. For males he wanted them to look sabat soorat. The beard, the chin hair, the moustache and the sideburns is what gives you a very unique appearance which is so masculine, attractive and appealing. So, don't worry too much about it, it is a gift from waheguru ji, be proud and grateful for what you have. Besides, you don't want to have a smooth looking face like girls, do you? No, so, don't shave. Be natural. It is a law of nature/God for men to have hair on their faces. To shave it off is in breach of this Nature/God's law. Why would men like to imitate women and have smooth facial appearance? Why would they prefer to look feminine instead of masculine? After all, we never ever hear women expressing a desire to grow a beard or a moustache, do we? Do men think they are women? Is that why they shave their faces to look like them?
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    This young man's beard is besides the point. There is a certain bullying atmosphere prevailing at these 'Sikhi camps' where, for a week or so, kids are left for hours at a time with sanctimonious sevadars who guilt trick them into making ill-informed decisions they will regret when they leave on Sunday. I mean come on, the OP has been an Amritdhari for three years and he still doesn't seem to have ever heard the word amritdhari (amritshakt is not a noun) - the sevadars and the boy's parents clearly didn't do their job properly. We need to confront the reality that these camps are not producing very many well-informed and well-adjusted young Gursikhs, mostly clueless young kids pressured into conformity and lifelong commitments that they will inevitably come to regret. Guilt is not a good foundation for faith, and Guru's Amrit has to be taken into one's heart willingly. You were never willing veerji, just malleable. If you believe that you can live with becoming a Patit (dare I say, Google it?) remove your kes brother. But I would advise you to read about Sikhi. Start attempting to understand the Bani rather than just muttering it, read about the history of your people, which no other nation of this earth comes close to matching in point of valor and sacrifice. After that, you may find that taking Amrit was the best decision you ever made.
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    Not saying we should be sad. But this time of the year we need to meditate on the events of what happened to the family of Guru Gobind Singh Jee. Parvaar Vichhoda, Mata Gujri jee became Shaheed, 4 sons became Shaheed. And what sons they were! They were unmatched and perfect in every way. Just imagine, the whole family of Guru Sahib became Shaheed in this month. Yet we are putting up lights outside our houses? Sikhs during puratan times never forgot this. This is why the city of Sirhind was destroyed by Singhs more than once. Even today when one goes to the place where the chhote Sahibzaade became Shaheed it is difficult to hold back your tears. But now we are happily celebrating aanmat holydays like Christmas. Its one thing if you don't know and make a mistake but knowingly making the same mistake over and over again is in my opinion disrespectful to the family of Guru Sahib.
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    There is a word for shaven men. It's called women.
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    I am so amazed at what you have stated in the bold above, because this is exactly what I pray for everyday, ever since I became a sikh. I have never ever looked back on my birth religion. Sikhism has given me so much that I can never repay the Guru ever. I have truly tasted the nectar, the Gubani, in my own special way! I am so lucky.
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    This is what the babas were suppose to tell him at the camp!! How can they be so irresponsible and not educate the kids before they they take Khandey Battey di Pahul?
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    We need to understand the agenda of the establishment which despite all it's claims of supporting multiculturalism still wants all minorities to assimilate into something called Britishness- whatever that means. Assimilation means accepting the British lifestyle of divorce, alcohol use, clubbing and sexual promiscuity. Although this is not how assimilation is sold to the minorities but this is what the establishment want. I have lost count of the number of times I have read or heard some gora describe how the Sikhs are a successful community and giving as an example how his friend 'Ranj is a Sikh and he goes to the pub and loves his drink' This is the only type of acceptance that is offered in this country. As a community we need to seriously consider where the future is for the Sikh community. If we take the example of West London then up until the early 2000s we had a majority Sikh populated area of Southall with some enclaves such as Heston and Hayes which also had a good population of Sikhs. But since then we have had Sikhs move out of Southall to places like Iver, Richings Park, Osterley etc. We have been lucky that we still have a good population of Sikhs in Southall but a majority may now be of recent Sikh arrivals such as the Afghani Sikhs and Sikhs from India. The original Sikhs have moved out and in doing so have brought houses outside Southall and then rented out their old houses to new arrivals such as Pakistanis, Somalis and Afghani Muslims. The Afghani Sikhs have been in Southall now since the mid 1990s and have not reached a stage where they are moving out of the area like the original Sikhs. The Indian Sikhs either tend to students or people on work visas although a fair number now consist of Sikhs who have got citizenship in countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy and so under EU rules have the right of settlement here. Had there been no such Sikh migration into Southall then Southall would have ceased to be a Sikh area long ago, The Sikh community is now at a crossroads, do we want be a community that is forever moving further and further away from areas where we originally settled and where will this end. As we mover further west from West London, what will we do when we end up in Bristol or in Cornwall? With each and every move west the community will get more and more assimilated and more and more of our religion will be lost in these migrants west. Southall and West London still contains the maximum number of Gurdwaras. In Southall alone there are 9 Gurdwaras and countless other religious cum community assets which will then be unviable if the migration continues. With the immigration debate the likelihood of Sikhs from abroad being able to come and live in Southall seems to set to close. So the community needs to consider what the Gurdwaras and Sikh organisations can do to keep the Sikh community in Southall and surrounding areas from moving further out.
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    Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur ji de Shaheedi Dihare te asi una nu kot kot pranam karde a ?? Dhan Dhan Guru Tegh Bahadur ji - Hind Di Chadar Aj Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji Bhai Mati Das ji Bhai Sati Das ji( bhai Mati Das Ji de bhra) Bhai Dyaala ji da shaheedi dihara hai ji
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    despite all they have experienced there are such things as Black people being racists , I have noticed West Africans really are not friendly to Indians in general and some are very nasty to sikhs as well bu it is a recent phenomena because we have family friends from way back who even took me to hospital A and E when I had an accident and they still show the love now we are all grown up with kids of our own. When I was a kid it was really a case of the black kids joined in picking on me to deflect off them from the whiteys. Now it's pure ignorance that is the reason ...
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    It is our faith in the Waheyguru that takes us in the presence of the panj piarreys. We can never say we went there of our own volition. It is the Blessed Guru that leads us there to have the Amrit, it is done through the Guru's blessings and mysterious Power!!! When we become an Amritdari Sikh, we say "thank you" to the Guru for showing us the right path everyday and sincerely pray for His guidance and help so we can live our lives according to His reyat. It is a game of Love and Sacrifice and we can only play it with his Blessings!
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    how about saying I'm a human so is everyone else , get a life
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    If you play your cards right, one lifetime as a Sikh should be enough. If, however, this is your second, third, etc, then you're obviously doing something wrong. Who knows how many times you've been born in a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist... household, and you've extolled the virtues of those faiths and paths with the same passion and veracity you're promoting Sikhi on this particular occasion.
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    Navjeet Kaur ji, ideally try to do it in one sitting. The time it will take to complete depends on ones speed. But if you cannot manage in one sitting, then try to do in within a day, recite up to as much as you can and complete within a day. If you still cannot manage that, then spread out over a few days. The main thing is you should do with devotion and not skip through it fast just for the sake of completing. Also try to understand the Gurbani of Sukhmani Sahib ji, (Sukhaan di mani ). These links have already been put on by previous posters: http://www.sikhworld.co.uk/page16.html http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,16425 40 days chaleesa: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/61089-history-of-doing-a-chaleesa/
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    This is absolutely true in my case as a westerner. When I was blessed with the amrit the Panj Pyiarra told me the same. They said, if I am not sure about this then I must leave and not take the amrit. I was totally determined and never had any doubts. Coming from Christian family background, I found this to be the most exalting experience of my life. I was lot more older than 12. They said, if I ever decided to 'go back on it' it will be considered a quratt. They also explained what this word meant, but it is difficult for me to explain. But I know exactly what they meant in my heart of hearts. So, what you have said is completely true, judging from your popularity rating, I am no surprised! In my view, his parents should have tried to delay it, considering he is only 12.
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    The point is when men's fashion bibles likes GQ and other style experts / writers decree in 2019/20 (for argument's sake) that beards are no longer en vogue for males, the Sikh kid - who's gained confidence and belief from these western celebrities who've been sporting facial hair in magazines, on blogs, and on TV - will be alarmed when he notices these same figures have shaved their beards and cut their hair, and that particular Sikh kid who's been lead to believe that keeping a beard is cool, because famous westerners are doing so, is up the creek without a paddle. By then one would hope he's progressed in his Sikhi to the extent that he doesn't need to rely on non-Sikhs with beards to give him confidence in his choices, but that's not a guarantee. White westerners with beards - and let's make no bones about it, it's a particularly small minority of middle class white westerners working in the media / fashion industries, as well those with counter-culture bohemian tendencies - are following a fad that's surviving on borrowed time. A Sikh does not have the choice to lop off his kesh when the fashion and style magazines decree the time period for a particular trend has reached its end, because for the Sikh his saroop isn't transitory unlike modern fashion trends. Also, on the whole, those fashion rules seldom apply to the dark-skinned, slightly shy, podgy, working class Sikh kid with poor bone structure, attending a comprehensive in Bristol or Bradford. Yes, for the moment, beards are "in", but for how long?
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    Bull$hit, wat kind of rubbish example is that? Irish are/were a small population, and were colonised by their nxt door neighbours, whom have harboured hatred with each other, solely bcoz of catholic/protestant rivalry. Give us examples of when white ppl were GENUINELY bullied/enslaved in mass numbers and genocided by non-whites in recent time! Spain under muslim rule was a brief period of white ppl ruled by arabs, but they never experienced anything wat white powers have dished out to blacks, asians, native americans etc.Your statement of "Whites went through it once, as did blacks and now the browns are in for it. This is Kalyug" sounds like such a pappu political correctness answer. Almost tryna justify the hatred brown ppl presently are experiencing, coz supposedly white ppl have been thru it.
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    I recently went to a party and all I saw were Sikhs wearing tupac beanies with a shaved face. These people are an embarrassment. It would be better for these people to be mona then disrespect the the symbols of our faith
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    Great stuff! Our lot have a lot of this going on and as usual we turn a blind eye towards it. I think the increasing openness towards issues we've kept taboo for a long while is a good thing.
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    Friday 11th December 2015 6.30pm Hall number 3, Baba Sang Gurdwara 7-9 St. Paul's Road, Smethwick B66 1EE Please share this.....you could SAVE a life! A Sikh Youth Birmingham forum not to be missed. Alcohol and drug awareness seminar dedicated to create awareness on the dangers of drugs and alcohol addiction.... AND what support is available to help those that may be suffering from this addiction. If you or someone you know needs support to help combat this problem please attend this seminar or contact Sikh Youth Birmingham sevadars for assistance.
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    A beard on a man is a babe magnet by friend. Keep it. U can comb it etc, make it neat. Beards are in fashion bro. You see all these goray with manbuns and biker beards. They all be singhs really... ;) cheer up kid. Ur only 12. If you shave, ul soon regret it. Been there done that
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    This exclusive programme was made by the Sangat TV team and shows the newly constructed Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji Memorial built by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC). The site pays homage to the ultimate sacrifice of the ninth Guru Ji of the Sikhs -- Dhan Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji, who was publicly beheaded at Chandni Chownk, Delhi in 1675 to save the Hindu faith and allow freedom of religious practise. The memorial was inaugurated in 2009 and is spread out on more than 10 acres on the GT road of the Delhi-Haryana border. Some of the distinct features of this memorial are: The Central Khanda which is 24 metres high weighing 16.5 metric tonnes. The base comprises of a Lotus flower with 8 petals made of hand beaten stainless steel, signifying selflessness, a sense of being able to give away without any expectations. Guru Ji's three disciples are represented by the three stainless steel semi-arches which are over 15m high and placed in a semicircular plan. There are ten monoliths with dry granite cladding represent the ten Sikh gurus with their respective teachings engraved on them in Punjabi, Hindu, Urdu and English so that people of different cultures can visit and learn about the message of the Sikh Gurus.
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    My point to him.....and its a point that obviously went over your empty little head......is that he should not feel ashamed or 'uncool' about having a beard. My point is that if a Sikh feels ashamed to have a beard at a time when long bushy beards are the height of 'cool' and fashion then there really isn't much hope for him when they go out of fashion. Hence, thats why I said "my.......what a strange time to feel ashamed of having a beard".
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    Women have facial hair too, not just men. I think it depends on the individual and how God has made them, in regards to how much facial hair one has. As Jkvlondon penji says, some are due to hormonal imbalances, but there are many women without these and still have facial hair. Every human has facial hair, on some it is lighter on others it's darker. No skin is without hair.
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    POint IS REALLY: accept yourself ...all of you ...good and bad ... until you recognise yourself fully you cannot start working on your weaknesses and maintain your strengths. If you deny something about yourself you are wilfully trying suppress/ignore that aspect of you , if it doesn't exist to you then how you going to improve it ? Guru ji teaches you to accept your reality , from inside through to the outside world , the good, the bad , the indifferent everything in its true light .
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    For a SIkh everyday is holy , because every day we do darshan of Guru ji through bani , Every day is a Gurpurab because Guru ji is 'sadd jivte, nahin marrtha' 'sadda ang sange' . So by that no day is especially holy ...and this holiday is no different ... when the SInghs and Kaurs went through the hardships after Guru Gobind Singh ji do you really think they did pattake at Bandi Chorr diwas, or do you think as was observed by mughals that the Sikhs marked the event with paat, kirtan and Karah ? The mughals said of us when someone is born , paat and karah , when someone has a success paat and karah, when someone marries , paat and Karah, when someone dies Paat and karah ...there is no OTT exuberence, sorrow or fanfare , just simran and shukrana. We are dhiley because we have picked up the ways of the world instead of paying attention to the idea of Santokh , Sabar .
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    It's cool as long as you're white... and the hair on the head is styled and coiffed to within an inch of its life. Otherwise - particularly if you're of the brown persuasion and the head is covered by a turban - it's business as usual. There's the odd exception (before anyone posts a picture of the Singh who has models hanging off his arms), but that's fantasy and not applicable to 99.9% of Sikhs on the ground. No, I'm afraid if one wishes to keep an uncut beard as part of their Sikhi, you do it because you'd like to make a commitment to Guru Sahib. Fashions come and go with the seasons; the things that truly matter don't. In this particular instance, the youngster wasn't mentally and emotionally developed enough to be trusted to make the decision to take Amrit. He was strong armed into by over-zealous camp organisers. I'm not sure how to react to that tbh: one side of me thinks its damaging to one's spiritual development, and it will most likely lead to the individual resenting his Gursikhi as a curse or a burden that he can't escape. But then the other side of me considers how certain other faiths employ similar tactics to increase their numbers, and at this moment in time we do require an increase in numbers. It's a conundrum, that's for sure.
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    Dancing is not some vehicle of divine expression , Bhagti is ... We are not some form of Devdasi movement who have to dance to appease some god or goddess. Gurbani is to be respected and absorbed into the mind instead being treated as a backing track to someone's manmat , how are you going to do that if you are busy jumping up and down , turning , making poses, like some Mad mujra ? Sehaj , equipose is what you need and to concentrate on the naam and the message of Gurbani.
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    it's called hormonal imbalance ...in the younger ladies can be because of insulin resistance and early polycystic ovary syndrome, in the older ladies it is because too many androgens on board. Diet is out of whack these days and people have WAY too much refined carbs in their diets ...suicide for peeps from India .
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    Baba Nanak ( Asa Ki // ) "dancing and joyfulness is a desire of the mind, but those who have fear of God ,within them is the love for God "
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    Have you ever asked why you can't go to a courtroom and try dancing in the name of justice and on legislation? Why haven't you asked that? When you sit still and absorb gurbani and move to serve in accordance with gurbani only then is one capable of experiencing dance. Please do not pollute sikhi and yourself with casual caste id's such as ramgharia or jatt.
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    WJKK WJKF I Apreciate all the replies I have gotten,weather they were calling me out or explaining that these camps are messed up. Basically when I went to camp they didn't say anything at all about knowing path before becoming a amritdari,they said you just need the 5 K's and love towards sikhi they said learn gurbani after that's it
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I have the same problem of keep repeating bani, as I worry to much about the pronunciation as well. Before it was really bad but Guru Ji's kirpa it got much better. I still do it know because it is a habit but hopefully that will stop as well. I know how it feel, sometimes your mind feels fried and I've asked the same question on here before, check the link below the advice I got really helped me. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/77745-pronunciation-of-gurbani-help/#entry641012 The best thing is to do, is break the cycle as soon as you can. Do ardaas and ask for Guru Ji's support, also before you start your path ask forgiveness if you pronounce anything wrong and ask Guru Ji to help you throughout your path. What I do know is I get my headphones and recite along with the bani. The link above has many links to read along bania. We need to stop worrying about pronunciation and start doing bania with love, then everything will become better. Please forgive me if i said anything wrong Sat Sri Akaal
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    Ex Drug Addict speaks about his experiences of his past... It takes a lot of courage to stand up and tell of one's own past. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1181212728573555&id=914482778579886
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    These types of 'publicity stunts' are for the dim-witted and sycophantic amongst the peasants. Everyone else can see them for the bull5hit they are. What kind of d1ckhead celebrates their own people's conquest and subjugation... <phew>
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    I don't want to run around saying 'I'm not Muslim! Please, I'm not Muslim!' because I'm scared of what some goray might think. This isn't because I particularly care about Muslims but mainly because I don't want any white pr**ks dictating my life to the extent that they have me acting like a scared b1tch like that. Plus I don't see whitey like you do (you must be a peasant), these mofos will stab us in our back as soon as it suits their purpose. I have thought about being in the middle of some white ranting on public transport (it happened to my nephew once but he handled it nicely), and at that point I'd tell them I don't want to hear their ish because I'm Sikh. The problem is with those people who are just hating for irrational reasons - I don't want to be running around after them. Screw them, let them hate us. The big question is why are you so petrified? Are you scared of having to fight goray?
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    LOL @ at everyone struggling to understand him.Im guessing this guys a fellow usa/canada singh. (At least I hope so.) Although I agree with what you have to say, its impossible to make them understand because theyre gonna come at back at you and say you hate women and stuff. I'd rather just tell them to post something meaningful also,something gurmat related or show support for cause of sikh political prisoners. Some will understand , some will continue. And remember we can't force everyone to be the perfect Gursikh but we can try our best and help them out.
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    nah ...the challenges of living on the estate kept us away from the bad influences and dodgy dawah folks...sikhs do better where they are challenged to stand their ground , where you have too much soft life , people start to get dhilley and not pay attention to what is happening in school/college cos it is a good area innit . That's where it goes wrong .
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    Do you know the first part of your username is a Punjabi dirty word too ? Don't worry I have some sideburns too ? but I'm a female. It's called growing up and you are a male that's why you have more hair. Why are you so stressed about your hair? It's normally the girls that are stressed about it.
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    The types of Jews you mention in Stamford Hill are a particular type of Jew, the Ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jew. There are different levels of Jews and from conversations from some observant jews (though not ultra orthodox) say that these types of Jews do not like to mix with other types of Jews let alone with the Goyim. They do not take up normal jobs which would mean they would mix with others. However, it would interesting to study Jewish migration patterns. A lot of Jews moved from areas of East London to North London to areas such as Golders Green, Finchley and Edgware/Hendon. Now they seem to moving towards Hertfordshire to places like Borehamwood. One of the ways Jews keep their areas Jewish is when a Jew moves out of an area, the other Jews chip in and buys their house and then ensures that they sell the house to another Jew. Do you honestly think any Sikh would do that? There is an issue with the folks moving into areas like Hoxton, Brixton where areas are becoming gentrified which means that normal working class people who have lived in the area for years are being priced out. Then you have the issue (particularly in London) where these trendy flats get bought up by foreign investors and then they are left empty. To keep a Sikh stronghold like you mentioned, how would you structure the neighbourhood? I think having a Gurdwara would be central, what other factors would you need to consider?
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    I suppose we all have to take steps to observe this historical event full of spiritual importance. I stopped celebrating when I became a Sikh. My Sikh identity is due to these great many sacrifices made by the Gurus and, I am forever grateful to them.
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    No Sikh that claims love for Sikhism and the Dasam Pitta will as much as think of celebrating festivals that belong to other religions, especially in the month of December!!! Our Pitta Ji sacrificed everything for us starting with the Pancham Patshah, Ninth Patshah and then his own immediate family! We can never repay them for the sacrifices they have made for us, the least we can do is, become amritdary and lead our lives according to their Principles instead of arguing whether we should or should not celebrate Christmas which has no connection to Sikhism anyways!! I told my colleagues too, so I don't give or receive any Xmas cards!! It is best to be truthful! We are suppose to feel grateful and not UNGRATEFUL.
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    Christmas has no sikh significance. Sikhs don't have to jump on the bandwagon and behave like all and sundry, like brainless dummies. Do they ever use the thinking faculty god has provided them with? I wonder. Reesan karan wich bahot hoshiyaar ne.
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    The answer would be, no, as sikhs we don't celebrate Christmas. Do Christians celebrate any of the Sikh festivals? No. Do Muslims celebrate any Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist or Christian festivals? No.