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    These jokes are uttered with bad intentions to degrade the Sikh people through hear say and social media in attempt to break down the spirit of the Sikh people. But no one can destroy us or our forefathers legacies. The truth is none of these characters or jokes matter in the real world because in reality the world is told of how the brave souls handed the death of a dog to the darling of Hindustan 'Indra <banned word filter activated> haraamdi Gandhi'!
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    You dont get I'm saying and you never will. If you like Daduwal then go ahead and support him but give him money out of your own pocket. Yes there are some extra judicial murders still going on, some police brutality going on and some beadbi still going on, though not even 20% of what was happening in the 80s. These activities are purely the work of the Indian Government in order to provoke Sikhs into mass rebellion so that they have an excuse to brutally repress us and set us back another 20 years, since we have gained a bit of strength since 84 with the relative peace and had a bit of an opportunity to re-group. People like Daduwal and other radicals are playing right into their hands by reacting to their provocation and trying to mobilise the panth against the government and their activities. If you want the Sikh movement to FAIL and for Sikhs to get set back another 20 years, then go ahead and support these people. Go out there and give your shaheedian, weigh the dushts heads in gold and take on the government with your mass rebellion. You may be surprised at exactly how unprepared you and the rest of the kaum actually are for this kind of activity. Like I said, you dont get what I am saying and you never will. You will continue to rant and rave, raise slogans and pick fights with people who do not subscribe to your point of view. If you said to me, that the focus of your movement was: 1. Increase parchaar and increase the number of amritdharis in Punjab 2. Increase education in Sikhi and Sikh history in Schools and villages in Punjab 3. Use peaceful methods ONLY to campaign for satkaar regardless of the provocation 4. Lobby for greater state autonomy in Punjab 5. Lobby for the punjab police to review its methods of control and restraint and riot control 6. Set up a legal panel to fight Sikh cases relating to discrimnation and wearing of kakkars etc 7. Set up funds to promote schools, sports institutions and other facilities that Sikhs can benefit from If the above were your aims and objectives I would happily agree with you and even join you. However, I will not sit here and let people like yourself lead our kaum into doom... and neither will many others, hence you will find resistance in many sectors of the Sikh community. Many Sikhs, unlike yourself, have learnt the lessons from history and will not make the same kind of mistakes again. Iv probably wasted my breath on you but it was worth a try. Nice one, man
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    He does satkaar work and you just comend him? This is Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.. not someones bibi. To stop the beadbi of Guru Sahib is HUGE, it is no small deed. And he and his Jatha have done it numerous times. An uneducated pindu? A person who spent years at Dam Dami Taksal and later with Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawe wale learning the different dialects, sikh history and the proper meaning of Gurbani is just an uneducated pindu? nice one man. Where is your proof that he is going around and stopping pakhand and beadbi just for publicity and popularity? The Indian Government arrests and releases every Sikh who is working to raise awarness in the panth, its not done to the few. You can look into the last 10 years or the 20 before that. All those people arrested for protesting, what did they do wrong? Nothing, only that they were creating a movement for better rights or liberties. Yet they arrested tens of thousands of people and unlawfuly kept them in jail only to realise them a few days after. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was only ever arrested once, not numerous arrests and releases.. so there is no comparison on that plane. Wait.. Punjab right now is a harmonius and peaceful state?<_< Last time I checked Punjab police are still arresting innocent people, still practicing atrocious torture methods and killing people through extra judicial murders (Shaminder Singh Shera - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=DHztKW1YRpY, Police Torture - ). Last time I checked police brutality is still INSANE in Punjab (Ludhiana 2009 - )Last time I checked the leaders of Punjab visit, pray to and allow addmitence into Punjab of anti-Sikh babas even know the Pujab Government knows that they are pakhandis that have talked ill about Sikhi. And on top of that give them huge amounts of funds. ( Ashutosh, Sirsa, Naamdharis) Last time I checked the killers of Sikhs, those who were resopncible for hundreds of deaths of innocent people walk freely and have the Punjab Government support them legally in the courts. Justice still alludes thousands of Punjabi families for crimes commited by the state in Punjab. (Sumedh Saini then Super Intendent of Punjab Police - http://blogs.law.har...r-sumedh-saini/ , , )All those things above are what makes Punjab are harmonious state right? nice one man. Why would politicians and the pets of politicians whos corruption and immoral rule Sant Baljit Singh Ji Daduwal wale are speaking out against want to support him? Which main Jathebandian don't like him, and what proof do you have to support that claim? So fighting to stop beadbi, spreading the message of Sikhi to get people to cease going to Pakhandi deras, organising the upkeep of a handful of Gurdwaras, providing Gurmat learning for children, and speaking out against injustices make him a dangerous and harmful force for the Sikh kaum? nice one man. Already refuted your militiant support claim in my earlier post.
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    Every problem has a solution...are we just going to keep talking or are we going to do something? Its about time we dealt with the cause and not just focus on the symptoms of this problem. This is what a Singhni said to me "Our sisters are either able to embrace the love of maharaj from the spiritual up-liftment of a Sikh brother who showers her with respect or she can find that love in the arms of a muslim, a gora or any other random guy who will use her, break her faith and make her dependant." Be part of the solution...show the respect our sisters ever so much need. Each camp, whether BOSS/Khalsa Camp or local kids camps should have a portion solely dedicated to role Sikh women have played and continue to paly in the panth - lets uplift our sisters. We can't change the past, but we can ensure we don't lose another generation! Once our sisters have built a true connection and love for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, no man will ever be able to break her faith! Don't force Rehit or maryada on her...just facilitate her in her building that love for Guru Jee...Rehit will automatically follow! Then just watch the chardikala of the panth...the key to the chardikala of the panth lies solely with our sisters. Guys, lets realise that we too have some responsibility! For me, all our issues are a result of one thing...we do not have any connection with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee.
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    You see, you are also stating Singhs should be prepared for Jung, however this is not a view echoed by the elders, which is partly why the youth are unhappy, anything resulting in someone having to get off their backside and do some 'hathi sewa' is frowned upon by these elders. Thats why the youth said, if one wishes to do sewa we should at the very least support them and their families afterwards. Whats wrong with that? Daduwal has collected large funds, this is true what he has done with it....who knows. Many are unhappy with him and do not wish to support him therefore a resolution was never going to be passed, Kam Singh should have done his homework but that does not excuse you calling him and the youth 'gang of morons'. Why don't you contact Kam Singh regarding the pledge, I'm sure the youth will be more than happy to do so.
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    The courage showed by Tariq Jahan was amazing. Hours after the news of the death of his son the speech he gave was incredible and an example to all. He could have used the race card and flared up tensions between muslim and black community but instead he called for peace. Even greater then this was he didn't even attack the people that murdered his son. Vaah! To show so much dignity in such a terrible situation was incredible. "In my opinion muslims and sikhs will never live in peace in one community" Those that follow Guru Granth Sahib ji will never have this attitude. We never judge a person based on their relgion, caste...whatever. We don't hate Muslims, Hindu's or Mughal's, even though they fought wars and killed many great Sikhs. We fight against injustice, oppression, racism, these have no reliogion or caste. We fight against panj chor(5 thieves), kaam(lust), krodh(anger), lobh(greed), moh(worldy attachment) and ahankar(ego). Lets look at the example of sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. Even after Emperor Aurangzeb had killed Satguru ji's 4 sons and family members, Satguru ji still wanted to meet Aurangzeb. Zafarnama: "Come to me that we may converse with each other, And I may utter some kind words to thee." Vaah! What to say about Satguru ji. Guru Gobind Singh still wanted to meet the person that had killed his family including his four beloved sons. Not once in his letter(Zafarnama) addressed to Emperor Aurangzeb does Guru ji attack Islam. He instead attacks the character of Aurengzeb. We need to look at a persons character, his karams (actions) to judge that person, not which community or religion he comes from. We will live under peace once we adopt shubh(good) karams(deeds), this includes every religion, caste, race. We can all fall prey to panj chor. Everybody has capacity to perform bad actions, we should follow bachans of Guru Granth Sahib ji so we can fight off panj chor and become good people. As bhai sahib bhai Gurdas ji says: ਪੁਛਨਿ ਫੋਲਿ ਕਿਤਾਬ ਨੋ ਹਿੰਦੂ ਵਡਾ ਕਿ ਮੁਸਲਮਾਨੋਈ? They asked Baba Nanak to open and search in his book whether Hindu is great or the Muslim. Pouchhani Dholi Kitaab No Hindoo Vadaa Ki Mousalamaanoee. ਬਾਬਾ ਆਖੇ ਹਾਜੀਆ ਸੁਭਿ ਅਮਲਾ ਬਾਝਹੁ ਦੋਨੋ ਰੋਈ। Baba replied to the pilgrim hajis, that, without good deeds both will have to weep and wail. Baabaa Aakhay Haajeeaa Soubhi Amalaa Baajhahu Dono Roee. Rabb Rakhe
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    Its on the head of every Singh and Singhnee who is ready to give up that head for the Panth.
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    Two methods should be applied in order to put stop on this new trend by Nastak ppl: 1. Strict Punishment such as life imprisonment. Put them in jail without bail if found guilty. (Indian life term = 13 years or so). I don't want to sound very cruel but harsh recorded punishment should be put up in front so that other possible copycat criminals should learn before taking panga with sikh panth. 2. Prachar Prachar Prachar Prachar Prachar in all thousands of punjab villages. Don't expect that all sikhs in punjab are aware of sikh dharam, history, culture and most important Rehat Maryada. It is because of lack of prachar that we sadly have to hear/see all these recent sad news. Singh jee.. There is no "they".. those ppl are among us and we cant fight and kill each other off. In order to fight we need visible enemy and certainly whoever are behind all of this won't come fwd because they clever than most of us. They know what we are capable of and they learnt that from our history. First we need to clear internal gand before taking care of external gand. Sikhi power inside punjabi ppl is dead.. all of them are hooked up with drugs, bollywood, left their own language/history and other crap.. Those who are aware of sikhi are extremely small minorities in punjab (small bodies of independent taksal, akj) and their voice is often left unheard. When we have majority of punjabi ppl live their life according on sikh principles then such above news won't happen at all.. What we can do? Find a way to revive them up to live a proper Sikh life.
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    all ppl are going to do is talk, well probably see 20 pages on this thread but just of talk, because thats how guru maharaj raised its khalsa, just to talk...talk...and 20 years later, still talk well most defenentily forget in a couple days and then bring it up once or twice while just talking
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    Why these Indians have problem with Anand Marriage Act ? I hope this act doesn't have Khalisthan word in it lol. Jokes Apart , I have heard Indians were planning to approve this Act but note as separate Act but as special act under Hindu Marriage Act . I feel when we go to register our marriage they give us papers called Hindu Marriage Act . How would Hindus feel if they are asked to sign in Sikh Marriage Act ? THATS WHY I AM Khalasthani Enough is enough burn Indian constitution and Indian Flag .
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    Source: http://www.punjabnewsline.com/content/aissf-asks-sikhs-say-no-hindu-marriage-act/33098 AISSF asks Sikhs to say *No to Hindu Marriage Act" Punjab Newsline Network Tuesday, 30 August 2011 CHANDIGARH: All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) accused the Government of India of usurping the identity of Sikhs by denying their demand for Anand Marriage Act. The Government’s action of forcing Sikhs to register their marriages under Hindu Marriage Act is in violation of “equal rights” provided under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India. AISSF announced that it will file a constitutional petition before the Supreme Court of India challenging the Government’s refusal to pass Anand Marriage Act. The petition will request the Supreme Court to order the Government of India to give equal rights to Sikhs under Article 14 & 15 of the Constitution by passing Anand Marriage Act. AISSF announced that it will also launch “Proud to be Sikh Campaign” to build public movement in support of Anand Marriage Act and Sikhs’ Right to Self Determination. Under “Proud to be Sikh” Federation will urge Sikh community to say “No to Hindu Marriage Act” by refusing to register their marriages under Hindu Marriage Act. The Federation announced to collect “one million signatures” in support of Anand Marriage Act. According to Karnail Singh Peermohammad, Federation President, the Government’s decision regarding Anand Marriage Act is discrimination against Sikh community and an open attack on the Sikh identity. This decision to deny Anand Marriage Act is another step to dissolve separate religious identity of Sikh nation. As per Article 14 & 15 of the Constitution, the Government cannot deny Sikhs to have Anand Marriage Act as Muslim, Christians, Parsis and Jews already have their own marriage acts. On August 15, 1947 India gained independence for which thousands of Sikhs laid their lives. However for Sikhs, independence from British Empire resulted only in further usurping of their rights, extermination of separate status of Sikhism and eventually to an open genocide of Sikhs in India, added Peermohammad. According to Davinder Singh Sodhi, Secretary General of AISSF, the campaign “Proud to be Sikh” has been launched because Sikhism is a separate religion but the Government of India is constantly usurping the separate religious identity of Sikhs. Refusal to pass the Anand Marriage Act for Sikhs and forcing them to continue registering their marriages under Hindu Marriage Act shows the intentions of Indian Government towards Sikhs. Since present SGPC, DSGMC and SAD (Badal) have failed to achieve Anand Marriage Act for Sikh community and have betrayed the faith of the community, Federation which is contesting the SGPC elections independently, will take this issue to the Sikh community and will expose the ineffectiveness of present SGPC, DGSMC and SAD (Badal) leadership. Once given an opportunity to represent Sikhs at SGPC, Federation will vehemently take up the issue of Anand Marriage Act and will use all the resources, power and influence of SGPC for passage of Anand Marriage Act. .
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    I don’t want to over exaggerate the problem, more than it really is and give all Sikh women/girls a bad name. As this is never helpful and also gives a false and negative image that is not true. But it doesn’ matter how small or big the problem is even if it is only few girls. That is still too many. I dont want to make out that Muslim and Hindu girls are all angels which they aren’t. Infact Many Muslim youth girls dress quite provocatively and engage in dating themselves but this always mostly with their fellow Muslims. But it has to be said that Muslim girls don’t convert or date non muslims nearly as much as Sikh girls do. Whether this be Muslim, white or black guys. As well. Obviously because of high muslim population this is probably one of the reasons for this. But it doesnt matter about that. What we need are strong Sikh parents. At the moment what we have is very weak and un responsible parents. What kind of parents let their daughter go to a park with boys usually non Sikh. And engage in taking drugs? Who is to blame in that situation? Unfortunately at the moment in a lot of Sikh households the Children have all the power. While the parents just have to grin and bare it. also in may circumstances theres no older brother in the house hold or the girl is the eldest. and in these situations the kids dont really have a strong elder in the house. apart from Malkit singh bhangra type parent who is on the bottle every night. And hasnt got a clue what his kids are up to. in contrast to a typical muslim parent who is deadily serious about bringin his kids up correctly and with good morals. The age when parenting is at its most needed is at the age of 14-19 this is when kids are at the most vulnerable they probably have emotional problems ect. They are still trying to find out who they are. They don’t know much about life and aren’t mentally mature enough to know what’s going on. It’s at this time when they are emotionally weak. That predators will prey on them. It doesn’t matter what area it is. Where there are weak parents you will also find kids who are just living a bad life. To sort this mess out. Parents need to take back control. They need to teach their kids right from wrong. They need to find out what their kids are getting up to. Forget about moddy coddling the kids and treating them with gloved hands in case we upset them. Its about tuff love. In the Muslim household the parents are King. They raise them with very good morals. Most importantly they raise them with the notion not to put a non-Muslim before your own parents and religion . Would a Muslim parent ever allow his daughter to be out with a group of Sikhs drinking alcohol? That would never happen in a million years because they care too much about their children and their safety. Its time for sikh parents to stop drinking alcohol and start raising their kids properly. Alcohol makes a person weak. And lowers the body’s manly testosterone levels. Making his actions, judgments, and behaviour weak. I even think we could do with some parenting classes. we need a whole cultural shift. Waheguru Ji Ka Khasla Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    firstly there are at least 5 other topics on this issue... i think we are bringing it up more times then upinder has said "humanity"! yes our sympathies are with the families of the 3 lads that died. but the above clip posted by pal07 is just a snapshot of the real picture. what annoys me is sangat tv are well aware that muslims were dissin sikhi during the riots yet they are delivering modified and biased material on their youtube channel that suggests otherwise. on live tv muslims were refusing to speak to the old singh presenter on sangat tv. further, when sangat tv was outside the hospital where the 3 murdered were geting medical aid, a muslim youth and his pals were barking that islam is the only true religion and we should all be researching islam and declairing our faith by saying the shahada. at this they all barked agressively the shahada. upinder responded by saying "thank you". this was said at a time when upinder was telling all sikhs "they are our brothers in there (hospital)" "we should all be doing aardas". to all those sangat that think this newly found sikh muslim unity is legit and the best thing since hot pitta - you need to fix up and get your heads checked.
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    Sikh girls just arent attracted to guys with beards and turbans, they only run to sardars when non-sikh boys have finished using them! then they all of a sudden want to marry a sardar to save their reputation. No wonder so many singhs go to india to find a decent wife.
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    muslims are weak right now so they playing the game of deception with the unbelievers.... You can never trust muslims, especially with our history where arungzebs army took oath on the koran that they will not touch sikhs if they came out of a fort (zafarnama) when there numbers are greater than unbelievers this is the result.... Abduction of Hindus, Sikhs have become a business in Pak: PML MP
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    No, this human janam is the only way we are able to get a place in sachkandh/Jivan Mukhti.
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    it wud be the karam of that dog that he wud lose his life in that way. it is counted as a pun. but this act of pun was written in the life of that dog. the dog wud have been given this sunjog as a result from actions prior to getting the life of a dog. it is only in human life that we can do naam to change our karam if bad, or to make it vadh if its good, with naam. its possible that this cud hapen neare the time that the dog is to get the life of a human. its only in this life that we can get mukti from the chaurasi. the pun that the dog achieved would get counted in the life as a human and we would see it as good furtune. i.e. being saved from death (for example). this is the human reaping the benifits from the goodness sown when s/he was a dog in the past life, saving another's life. this is how it happens normally. but there are exceptions. like the tiger sakhi and that life-form, the horse, that guru gobind singh ji has. ( it is a seva to serve guruji. the horse of guruji has done amazing things to get that seva so..). these are exceptions. gurfateh
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    From the last post of brother Mohinder Pal, is quite evident that, of Kabir Sahib`s bani, that He was a Saint of highest level, as He clearly says that Nam Simran is the way to Him, to control the mind, and that, this Nam Simran is for everyone, irrespective of his religion, like He says whether a hindu or a muslim, as the reality in all living beings( but especially in humans ), is the soul. So naturally, because Wahiguru being the creator and the origin is the same for all, the way going back to Him is also one, and that is Nam Simran, through the Shabad. As it is said earlier also: Anter Jot Niranter Bani, Sachay Sahib siu liv lae. Which means, in this Bani, there is sound and light, and by seeing and listening to it, one merges into the Lord; so in this Nam, which is a superconscioss and all powerfull energy, there is sound in it and light in it as said before, which can be heard and seen by the soul with it`s 2 innate faculties, the faculty to see is callet Nirat and the faculty to listen or hear is Surat... so Guru Sahiban says, by attuning ourselves to this Amrit Bani, this Anhad Shabad or Nam, we wash all our dirt gradually, we drink that Amrit and become immortal by merging ourselves into it, which is the same as Wahiguru. This concept of Wahiguru as Shabad and Nam, is not anything new, it is mentioned in the Jap JI Sahib and Anand Sahib, as well as in almost every page of the Granth Sahib Ji. Nam or Shabad like Wahiguru, is not a word, but relates to the highest and primal energy or being. That is why Guru Nanak in Jap Ji Sahib says: Soi Soi sada SachSahib Sacha Sachi Nau, which means:God, His Name(Nam) and glory are always true. Such is the greatnes of Nam and it`s Simran, that one, hardly needs to do anything more. Why and what is that, which almost everyone looks for? Isn`t is true happiness or bliss, purity, satisfaction, and gyan? So for that Guru Nanak Ji beautifully explains it in Jap Ji Sahib: suni-ai siDh peer sur naath...... by listening to it(Shabad) one becomes a perfect saint, a religious guide, a spiritual leader, and a great yogi suni-ai deep lo-a paataal. ........ by listening to it, the knowledge of the world, continents and nether regions is gained by the mortal. Moreover He says, pointing us towards our freedom from the chaurasee ka chakar: suni-ai pohi na sakai kaal........by listening to it, Kal or death can not touh you. Now, when can that be possible, that death can not touch you? Only then , when one has crossed the region of Braham or triloki creation and one has merged onself in Satnam. Moreover He says, listening to it is the way to realize Him, in His following words: suni-ai jog jugat tan bhayd. ... by listening to it, the method of realizing Him and the secrets(means the road or vehicle to reach Him, which is that Shabad resounding in each one of us for the 24 hours non stop) of the human body, become known. suni-ai sat santokh gi-aan.....truthfulness, contentment and divine knowledge are obtained from this Nam or Name, just by listening to it. So we can see, the greatness, the mehima of Wahiguru and His Nam is infinite...... Wah, wah, wah...... Wahiguru .
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    There is no threat to Sikhism. In vadda ghalughara every day thousands of singhs were being killed yet the Baba Jassa Singh Alluwalia did ardas every day that with your kirpa a wonderfull day passed thank you. Those who say there is a threat to sikhi are forgetting the basics of sikhi. Its the panth of akalpurkh isnt it. Ask A singh how are you he will say chardikalla hows sikhi the reply would be again chardikalla Ask B singh how are you .... dont know I accidentally removed my karra should i Go and pesh .... Hows your sikhi its good just made 4 posts on forum and updated some katha on facebook and abused a jathebandi ... There can be problems which is a normal thing but those who say there are threats they should read Sukhmani sahib again and again and again. Till you realize if you are walking on the path of God there will be no threat and it will be Gods duty to protect you. Khanda Jake Hath Main Kalgi Sohe Sees Jo Hamri Racheya Kare Gur Kalgidhar Jagdish. If we still feel threats we dont have any faith in kalgidhar or his bachans
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    She told her boyfriend that she might be pregnant it was a lie he got worried which makes me believe that she is not a virgin anymore. I'm not summarizing no more waste of time grow up girl!!! Get your head out of the sand! And stop fantasising about Romeo And Juliet lifestyle! There are bigger problems our community are facing like IMPORTANT issues of Beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Wake up!
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    Your Sakhi, which i believe is 100% fake doesn't make sense. All comes for Sri Waheguru ji Maharaj. Inorder for this Kwaja Khijr devta/devi to attain anything he/she first has to ask Sri Waheguru ji Maharaj for it. So a Gursikh asking this lower figure doesn't make sense, since this lower figure will ask Sri Waheguru ji Maharaj for it. Gursikhs are well aware that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj directly connects them to Sri Waheguru ji Maharaj. Also how can you disturb Akal Purakh? What does Akal Purakh need to focus on? YOu just gave Sri Waheguru ji Maharaj a lower status than most humans. Neither does any of your other post make sense. Here listen to this and see what a Gurmukh says.
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    pedrorizzo: The elders you are referring to are not just any old pensioners picked up from the streets across UK, they are the very people who have collected money in the names of Shaheeds and projects to provide assistance for Shaheeds families. Why should they not be held accountable for all the misplaced funds and be asked to do as they promised? Your posts, however critical and in places true regarding the Youths statements, stink of an indivudual deprived of any warrior spirit.
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    It is totally true what Dust of the Saints Feet, has said. One thing we must bear in mind, no matter whatsoever someone may say, but the teachings of our Gurus are eternal truths. We must have heard the saying: Jaisa dhiayie... taisa hoiye. Which means as you think or dwell upon so you become. Wahiguru is the only one beyond the triloki creation (which is transient and perishable and thus is subject to parlay and mahaparlay), beyond Braham....that is why He is known as Paarbraham or Akal Purukh...means beyond the reach of Kal, the administrator, that is why He is Akal. Meanwhile all these gods and devtas are under the domain of Kal Purukh. So obviously, if we want to merge in Satnam, if we want to get freed forever from this creation, from the wheel of eighty four, we sholud do bhakti and give totally our love and devotion to Wahiguru. He is the only one as said before, beyond Kal... so naturally only by contemplating on Him can we secure our real freedom from maya, Kal and mind...there is no other way. Sorry if somebody is going to be hurt, but the fact is all these triloki gods and devis or devtas, are creations of Kal, he has done it so, that his creation may go on, and the souls may never ever know or even think of Wahiguru. He did bhakti for millions of years,and cunningly asked for souls from Satpurush, to populate his creation and give some sort of life to it.... that is why he has created so many religions, pilgrimages, fasts, rituals....etc...just to keep the souls entangled here, for the sake of his creation to go on, plus the souls are trapped by the mind, the 3 bodies, karmas, sanskaras, kam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar.... the list of the elements in which the souls are trapped is endless, the jeeva by itself is powerless and uncapable to free itself by any means, and so the soul has become prisoner in this alien land, because it ´s real home is Sach Khand. That is why Wahiguru came to our human level to show us how to overpower all these powerfull enemies, and defeat them with the weapon of Nam or Shabad, which is nothing more than the active power of Akal Purukh, it is this same Shabad, with which we can end our miseries and wash our sins or karmas, that is why Guru Nanak in Jap Ji Sahib referring to this Shabad has said: Suniye, dukh paap sabh naas. Means by listening to this Shabad only, can one get real freedom and thus merge in Wahiguru. Guru Amar Das also referring to this Shabad in Anand Sahib says: Nam jinke man vaseh...vajeh Shabad ganere. Which means, in that house(body) where Nam Simran is the foundation for ruhaniyat, that Shabad is heard, which is like celestial melodies. Further on He says: Saacha Nam mera adharo, Vajeh Panch Shabad titu ghar sabaghi: means, The true Nam is my support( here and hereafter) and in that happy and fortunate house(in the heart where God resides through Nam Simran), the five forms of heavenly melodies are played..... Kahai Nanak tah sukh hoa titu ghar Anhad vajeh, which means : Nanak says that, they have obtained Divine Bliss(once the soul merges in Satnam), and the Unbeaten or Nonstop Music goes on playing in their hearts. Now the question arises, who can do so, like Nam Simran or listen to this Shabad or Nam. Again Guru Amar Das, answers : Dhur(i) karam(i) paaia tudh jin kau, se Nam Har ke laage, which means :Those who are predestined,will have their minds absorbed in Nam Simran, so obviously they will listen that Anhad Shabad, those will also follow these teachings with a realtive ease, the rest will engage themselves with all other things or activities. Dear brothers and sisters, our Gurbani has countless and priceless jewels contained in it, let us read and understand it carefully, so that we can then apply it in our lives. So much beauty in it... so much truth in it... it contains the highest gyan, and precise directions, so that we can lit the flame of love and devotion for Wahiguru... that much... that we are burnt in the separation from Him, and then He has no other way, but to come to our rescue and give us His Darshan, and shower us with His Daya and Meher, to merge us with Himself, and so thus we can fulfill our goal of human life. May Wahiguru bless all of us.
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    Baba Baljeet Singh ji is the closest person we got to a Panthic leader at the moment. Why do elders get a hard time? Remember ludhiana kaand? what was promised what was passed? people are sick and tired of our institutions doing nothing at grass roots level. Why is it handful of Singhs like Khalsa aid, SOPW have to plead every time?? its pathetic. Everything Kam singh said was bang on. Too many phonies in the Panth.. will deliver great messages on TV.. when real beadbi is happening in the UK, (forget india) they will turn a blind eye, or wait for someone else to take the action, then do great commentary afterwards. We all know who they are... Again.. lets see what's delivered, more likely another emergency meeting next time something tragic happens... save your jakaarey
  26. 1 point
    They actually didn't say that. Kam Singh said to provide money for imprisoned Sikhs that were trying to get beadbi to stop, not to give assistence for those who "murder the perpetrators" as you so put it. Daduwal and his cheley waving sticks at Sacha Sauda meetings? Who are you? LOL Sant Baljit Singh Ji have gone to numerous pinds and taken dozens of Saroops of Guru Sahib from places where beadbi was taking place.. like people putting the Saroop on shleves or in trunks and calling it a Gurdwara. Kam Singh didn't say "YOU GUYS HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS".. he was asking them to show wether they agreed with the motion to provide funds for the Singhs in India who are fighting beadbi as a collective sangat. Are you a Dera panthi by any chance? You're not very up to date on the beadbi issue.
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    i've heard it does happen, a bhramgiyani at our gurdwara once told a story in katha, that there were to guru de sikh who were in a jungle and it was raining, and needed a place to rest and shelter, under they found a area where a tiger used to stay (unknowingly that it was a tigers home and rest area) when the tiger came back he saw that both men were at his home and were there because of rain, he then stayed outside his home all night in the rain, throughout the night in the cold, and eventually died... when the 2 sikhs saw that they had a tiger stay outside and he let them stay in their home.... they felt sad and prayed that he be given mukhti, such than when a person was taken with guru tegh bahadur to sachkhand to see this sakhi by the tiger the tiger ( i think in a diff roop now, perhaps as man, not sure) told him this and now was sitting on a throne and having chattars sway over him in sachkhand... the man guru tegh bahadur took,was a fakhir that had questioned guru tegh bahadurs building of the city of anadpur and homes there for ppl to live in thus guru tegh bahadur took the fakhir to sachkhand and he heard the tigers acount ive also heard when nihangs do chatka and say the last lines of Chandi di vaar "Durga phaat baneya sabbay pordia, fir naa jooni aiya jin eh gaiya" (forgive me for possible inncorections of writing gurus baani) the goat it self bows its head infront of the singh, and is given mukhti because it was a blood sacrifice for gurus sikhs and back in the day when singhs were in jungles it would bow its head because it was feeding guru de Singhs
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    No even the demi gods pray to become human for the chance to become jivan mukht and one with the Lord. When one prays to a devi devta, our amrit goes to them, we make them more powerful, we basically give them our bhagti which belongs to Us and God. We are to worship none but Akal Purak Ji- The demi gods are never regarded as no different to the lord himself, but the Brahmgyani is. We are All here to become Brahmgyani, whether we choose to grab this oppertunity or not is a different story. The man who prayed to the demi god was a fool (I am also).
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    I feel sorry for the closed-mindness - living in a bubble sikhs. This mural painting was given as a gift to the gurdwara. Maybe we should tare down harmindar sahib since the foundation stone was not a Sikh. gifts that were given to the Sikhs during the gurus time that are in safe keeping should also be ridiculed and questioned. The day we stop questioning and accepting..i think will be the day when we can finally enjoy life enjoy our gurus teachings with everyone. sikhs of today well on this forum = complaining, crying, complaining. relax and enjoy life.
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    I am not saying that we 'allow' anti sikh activities. However, we have to be very careful how we tackle issues of beadbi and other anti Sikh activities, especially in this day and age. For example, the consequence of the Singhs shooting the ravidassia guru in Vienna because of his beadbi, led to the ravidassia community making a martyr out of him and taking to the streets. Also it further alienated the chamars from mainstream Sikhi and they tried to project it into a caste issue. Then they went around Hyde Park London with banners saying ban kirpans as they are the lethal weapon of Sikh extremists. They went as far trying to encourage chamars to say that they are ravidassia rather than Sikh on their census forms. The adverts for this are on You tube. This was bad for the sikh kaum. When referendums, votes, or any other administrative work happens in Punjab, this particular group will now not recognise themselves as Sikhs. This weakens the kaum further. Whilst Singhs like Daduwal and others like him are very brave and honourable, they have a tendency to walk into situations head first without giving thought to the knock on butterfly effect that takes place. My point is that I dont have a problem with people tackling beadbi and/or anti-Sikh activities. However you have to give due respect to the reasons why the anti-Sikh activity and beadbi is taking place. If it is taking place to provoke the kaum into rising up and then brutally repressing it, and creating divisions in the panth and weakening the panth, then you have to be very careful how you react to incidents. Alot of thought and care is needed. Also when we take to the streets with alot of emotion and draw naked kirpans, often we actually get a bit of a beating from the dera followers, who are government sponsored, well organised and have their own trained paramilitary groups. Dera sacha sauda for example is well armed and has its own paramilitary wing and are no slouches when it comes fighting in the streets. Also, we have the police to deal with as well who come down hard on us, like in the ludhiana kand in 2009. When we face the police and dera followers and get our butts kicked it actually does our own behzti and the police and dera followers end up having less fear and even less respect for us than they had before. If we are going to get heavy handed, we really only should do it when we have thought it through and we know that we can win, rather than just setting ourselves up to fail, like we do on many occassions.
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    Showing how useless the government was in dealing with the england riots, following this on a normal sunday a special community cohesion event was thought out. Displaying how we all love each other. Well this was just another complete shambles by the corrupt politicians in charge of this country. what a load of bollo**s !!! I wish to ask the sangat what are your opinions of this video and How many of you have fallen for this (see link below) In my opinion muslims and sikhs will never live in peace in one community, theres no point making fancy programmes and fake huggs and kisses. I HOPE MY PEOPLE ARE AWAKE TO THE THREAT OF ISLAMIFICATION OF THE UK (minutes 4:30)
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    I don't think they are named after Shaheed Satwant Singh and Beant Singh Jee. My view is that Sants and Banta rhyme with one another so it is easier for those fools to make a joke about Sikhs. Personally I think a Sikh should be so ferocious and dangerous that the other person should think twice before making a Sikh joke in front of you. I have yet to see a Hindu and Muslim making a joke to me face to face. First you should stay strong inside and it will show strength outside. The way to get strong inside is to build your faith through Paath, Simran and keeping rehet.
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    I agreee with the OP. Calm heads in the Muslim community are only an hour display. As soon as they believe they are being threatened, insulted, or they will lose something they think is valuable. Then it's the Muslim community against everyone else. NOT the whole Muslim community thinks like this, but it only takes a handful to destroy the so called lasting peace. Let's face it. When Muslims want to harm another community they go to the extreme right away. They don't hestitate to give the other side a chance for anything.
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    Wow, that was amazing and blew me away. Here people are trying to create social harmony and find good out of a tragic situation. Yet people are still ready to bring them down. I find it amazing that anybody could say anything bad about that video above. It was nothing but peace and love between not just the sikh and muslim communities, but every community. Please, stop holding so much hatred in your heart and learn from Bhai Khaneya jee. We are all the same under God's eyes, he makes no distinctions between his children. So why should you?
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    Look at the good. Tariq said positive things, and he even greeted WJK WJF near the end of the video at 11-ish minutes. I can't even tell what was the bad thing you were hinting at in the video?
  36. 0 points
    Let me summarise it... She is in a relationship, with her boyfriend. She refers to him as her 'baby' She has said or done something to upset him and now he won't talk to her. She went to her sister for help on this issues and this 'baby' didn't like that. She said it was just everyday talk nothing to do with the guy in question. He felt neglected lol when she spoke to her sister. He doesn't like her sister what a superise. They met in March happiest day of her life apparently. she gave her mobile to him the next day, he is possesive he wants to control her (urm why she going out with him?) Turn away everyone the 'baby' got angry because her brother in law called on her mobile and he was drunk and shouted why are they always talkingto you? You not talking to me? :o her sisters husband loves her I believe this girl is an illegal immigrant or her sister is.
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    PunjabKing your obviously not a sikh you must be one of these RSS (A Hindu pretending to be a Sikh) who are trying to destroy sikhism. Just because some of them don't have the same nishan sahib does not mean they do not follow sikhism. Talking about sikh names, well if you look back when all sikhs were hindu's they all had hindu names, when they became sikhs they just added singh to it. So called low castes have been part of sikhism from the very start but when they were they were going to become amritdhari they were asked to keep there names so other sikhs knew they belong to low castes. This proves that sikhs till know we sikhs do not follow the Guru Granth Sahib, we follow the caste system more than hindus. What about these days sikhs who have english names, most don't like to have the name singh in their name, does that mean they are not sikh. You have sikhs from all backgrounds who follow sikhism in different ways, or have translated to the way that it suits them, punjabiking who gives you RSS girls the right to judge anyone. You have sikh temples were they sacrifice bukrah, you have sikh temples were alcohol is served as langar & you have sikh temples which serve meat etc, this is all against the khalsa panth or rehat maryada, they all call themselves sikhs. I know baptised sikhs who attend mandirs and believe in all suspicious things in life & idol worship, what do you have to say about them. You jump to the chance to deny sikhs from low castes any position within sikh society, yet you don't have the balls follow sikhism yourself, Typical of you hindu RSS. Only thing you have not disagreed with me is with the chamar sikhs who have contributed to sikhism. Chamar sikh temples are not all called Guru Ravidas Temples. You have chamar sikhs who have named there temples after the ten gurus, you have chamar sikh temples named after shahedd like bhai sangat singh, bhai madan singh & bhai jivan singh. Sikhs from all communities go there. Your mind obviously is not that broad, you only look far as your nose, you look at a few Guru Ravidas temples and you judge the rest of them in the world. RSS followers like you have always tried to split the sikh community and finance is always on your mind, just the way you have proved in your reply. Guru Ravidas/ Bhagat Ravidas whats the big deal, is that gonna stop you being who you are or stop you being a wannabe sikh. You don't have the right to judge anyone
  38. -1 points
    PunjabiKing if you ever go to a Gurdwara you bow to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Within our holy book a place is given to all sikhs from all backgrounds from Balmiki, Chamar, Nai, Julaha, etc this means you bow to them and give the same respect regardless of them being a bhagat or guru. The Guru Granth Sahib does not contain bani from all 10 sikh gurus, does that mean you don't believe in the gurus who don't have their bani in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The worst thing your probably not a sikh, you sound like a RSS or a hindu. Yes i am a chamar sikh and proud, i have many family members who are amritdhari. If you don't know what your talking about then your better of converting to next religion
  39. -1 points
    I totally agree with you, if only people go and visit and see for themselves, they will see no difference to any other gurdwara. We go to respect the holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Gurdwara does not belong to a particular caste, we think it does by the name of the gurdwara but it is open to all sikhs. Ive visited handsworth Gurdwara and there is no difference. We need to stop getting into a hindu tradition of caste, We as sikhs now follow this tradition more than hindus and we say we are proud sikhs. We criticise sikhs from different backgrounds because we say they do things differently. If you go back home to punjab, india depending on which part of punjab you goto there is a slight difference in traditions, rituals or even the language punjabi. We should just respect everyone and stop getting into silly debates. Chamar from punjab are mainly all Sikhs, like many other sikh castes. I know sikhs in this country who have converted to christianity, islam and sikhs who have families who still today follow many hindu traditions. They also don't call themselves sikhs yet they were born in sikh families. Isn't the idea to become a better sikh yourself than worrying about the next person.
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    PunjabiKing you call yourself a sikh, you say that you follow the rehat maryada then why do you follow the hindu tradition of castes, Why you believe their is a hierarchy, who are you to determine who is high or low, who are you to say who is a sikh and who is not. Our sikh Gurus / Bhagats came to teach us that everyone is equal but we judge people on their traditions and way of life and why they do things different, we categorise people into groups and then try to segregate them instead of trying to unite them. Instead of judging other sikhs, why not be a better sikh yourself. Having the title of Bhagat or Guru is not a big issue, it will not make you a better sikh or not knowing the answer, these are immaterial, by wasting time trying to distinguish which carries more weight is disgusting. Wasting your life trying to figure out why people differ to your opinion is sad. At least these Sikh Bhagats and Gurus are in the Guru Granth Sahib and we should respect that. One more thing Chamar Sikhs also have their Gurdwara named after all sikh gurus and shaheeds and important figures in sikhism. In the time of Guru Ram Das he allowed chamar and other so called low castes in to the fold of sikhism. The four entrances in Golden Temple are for all people of all walks of life. We have white sikhs converts, its like saying they are not really sikhs when they are. Why judge people. If you look up Chamar Sikhs from sikh history, then you will come up with Bhai Sangat singh whose appearance was that of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Having this quality he helped with Guru Gobind Singh's Escape from Chamkaur. Read Up. You Have 40 Singhs of Chamkaur i.e Bhai Madan Singh & Bhai Jivan Singh who were also chamar sikhs. They also had their brothers and sons who became shaheed for sikhism. You had Shaheed Beant Singh Kalsa who took revenge for the attack on Harmandir Sahib in 1984. His wife till today and family play a big role in Sikhism. The list can carry on but why we need to prove to you when you already have judges the Chamar Sikh Community. Finally I don't know much on dogs and horses............. Obviously you must belong to the better out of the two..............we sikhs are SHER. When you go to Harmandir Sahib Ji there is a sign outside before you enter for you "NO DOGS ALLOWED" you must of seen it
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    that forum is disgusting...its full of arya samajis, nangs, narakdharis(nirankaris), dera sacha sauda followers, ashutosh followers and radha swamis....just read throught the first few topics and you will see the insutls they are throwing at our guru sahibs and chardi kala gursikhs from our history....one radha swami fool went as far as saying radha swamis will raaj punjab...MESSAGE TO ADMINS ...IF YOU DELETE THIS...THEN I WILL PUT YOU ON MY HITLIST LOLLL ...Lets discuss this!!
  42. -1 points
    Why is it that every post that suggests Baba Jarnail Singh is shaheedi has been given 3 or 4 negative reputations? It's not a crime for someone to hold an opinion. If you disagree why dont you try and REASON with the person rather then call them a moorakh ( cough cough ladli fauj) To start with, I want to say I have ONLY RESPECT for Baba Ji, he was braver then I will ever be and I hope to have even a fraction of his gian and jeevan. However, I believe he would have emerged by now if he was alive. Sant Ji was not one to hide when there were injustices, which is obviously clear from the events of 1984, and for that reason I don't, and can't believe he is alive. Yes it would be great if he was, but I think we need to face reality. Anyway, time will tell....
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    without any solid proof Sikhs should not jump the gun.
  44. -1 points
    r u out of ur mind? may be u need to get admit in a mental hospital asap. <banned word filter activated> bander
  45. -1 points
    This international Sikh Conference was nothing more than a rant and rave by highly emotional youth who were howling for blood. Their disruptive and boisterous behavour and lack of respect towards the elders was disgusting. Not only that, when a single Sikh woman got on stage to speak, she was completely ignored and the rude and disrespectful youth just continued to talk over her. The youth made ridiculous demands from the elders such as saying that the UK jathebandian should publically encourage young Singhs to go out and murder people who do beadbi and that if they bring that persons head back then it should be weighted in gold. They also demanded that UK jathebandian publically pledge to give money to the families of Singhs killed or imprisoned after they murder the perpetrators of beadbi. Effectively, they were asking respectable and mainstream UK jathebandian to incite violence on TV, and it was highly unsurprising that the elders walked off in disgust and that the Sikh channel programme had to be called off air. The youth used bully boy tactics and tried to force the members of this event to pass another empty resolution, as if panthic resolutions can just be passed in this kind of way. Also demanding that the elders put their hands into their pockets and fund the baba in India, Baljeet Singh Daduwal, so that he and his chelay can go around throwing brings and waving sticks at Sacha Sauda meetings. However, the same youth, who earn big money in professional jobs would never put their hands into their own pockets and give daswand, instead they ask old men and pensioners to do it. Youth displayed lack of intellect, lack of diplomacy and pure bully boy tactics. Shame on you.
  46. -1 points
    OMG! I FOUND THIS REALLY HARD TO UNDERSTAND Not another Romeo and Juliet I had enough of this in English lessons. I'm sorry you should have just pointed key points out on the problems your facing. Read Gurbani do naam simran help to clean your soul. Love is just an illusion!!
  47. -1 points
    Singhballer, it doesnt matter who I am, this conversation isnt about me. And I dont even know what a dera panthi is, but I'm supposing that its a bad thing as you have directed that accusation towards me. Daduwal has done satkaar work in Punjab and I commend him for that. But I also think that he is a trouble maker and an uneducated pindu who thinks that starting fights with Sacha Sauda followers is some kind of great panthic work. And its not as if him and his chelay can even do that properly, given that the best they have ever been able to achieve is give as good as they get on a couple of occassions when both sides have waved sticks and thrown bricks at each other for a few hours. If that is your idea of great panthic work, then fair play to you. Daduwal is doing this for popularity and publicity. He wants to be the new Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and the Indian Government want him to be too. Hence why they arrested him and then quickly released him, as he suits their purposes, as a radical Sikh, disrupting harmony in Punjab, and destabilising the Sikh Kaum further. It is no surprise that noone wants to support him. The jathedars dont like him, the politicans dont like him and the heads of all the main jathebandian dont like him. He is a liability and a dangerous and harmful force for the Sikh kaum. There is no way in hell that I would pay money to him and his chelay so that they can supposedly spend it on bringing 'dushts' to justice. No Sikh with a brain would do it either, hence why the heads of jathebandian told Kam Singh and his gang of morons to get lost. If they want to give money to Daduwal, then these youth should get together and reach into their own pockets and give daswand that way. However, these cry baby youth wont get off their own backsides and do it, and think its fair game to ask other people to do it for them. And then on National television, they are suggesting that Sikh jathebandian should basically openly support militant activity, when these same jathebandian are trying to convince the rest of the world that we are not terrorists and that we are peaceful people and that our kids will not stab other kids at school with their kirpans. If you guys want to bring Dushts to justice and weigh their heads in gold, you do not need any pledges from uk jathebandian, nor do you need their permission. You are not babies. Take responsiblity for your actions and dont expect the rest of the kaum to pick up the pieces and support your families when you go to jail, because you wanted to have your little bit of fun, feel like a mahaan soorma of the panth, and completely go against what the elders are saying. Good luck and get lost
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    lol, english lessons! umm, whatever your problem is Simrankaur5, do 13 mool mantar paht and go do a humble prayer to guuru ji at gurdwara. Clearly no one is able to assist you here, as we're all confused in what you want. So go and ask the one person in the whole world who understands you better then your self which is guruji. Get guidance there. hopefully whatever the situation is, you'll move forward.
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    Thanks! No problem, although I lost my way through understanding it so I thought forget this can't read anymore my head hurts LOL.
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    I think without doubt the biggest threat and problem facing Sikhism are Sikh women/girls. They are really bringing Sikhism into shame with their promiscuous nature and doubt right un moral, un loyal behavior and disgracing all Sikhs with their treacherous actions. Many of These so called Sikh girls/women are hitting new lows every day and new levels of depravity. These girls have no limits at how low they can go and disgrace our religion. From selling drugs for their Muslim Bfs, to helping Muslim gangs with their criminal activities. To marrying Muslims terrorists in the UK.. Running away from home and converting to Islam and giving Extremist Muslims more ammunition to use in their conversion missions AGAINST Sikhs. Its well reported that one of the London bomb plotters was married to a Sikh girl. They are well and truly the true enemy within Sikhism. And have potential to cause Sikhism more damage from the inside. I wouldnt be surprised if Bin laden had a few Sikh wifes, thats how unbelievable and shocking these girls/women have become. It doesnt matter how many Sikhs are out their. 1 Sikh is worth a million. They have given Sikhism such a bad name and made a Sikhs a laughing stock of the Asian community. The problem might exist in other faiths but none can ever match the lowly lows and utter down right dishonorable, shameless behavior of a large number of Sikh females. While Muslim and Hindu girls always love their religion, family and community first and put them first before everything. On the other hand you have Sikh females who do the exact opposite. They put Muslims before their own family, parents, religion and dont give it a seconds thought. And then when the Muslim dude has his fun and leaves the Sikh girl on her own. They come running back. I dont want to offend anyone in this post and dont want to tarnish all the good Sikh women/girls out there . And I respect the majority of the Sikh women. But just stating the facts. In any religion its the women who play one of the most important roles. Read this and remembervit, Dont bring anymore shame on our beautiful religion. Dont dishouor your families, your religion and your community. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh