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    The Path to a Sikh Renaissance I feel that we are in a dire need of a Sikh Renaissance, where Sikhs will be able to contribute to the world at their zenith. I believe we were heading to that point during Maharaja Ranjit's time but it dwindled from there on. I think that we as a community need a re-emergence, and realizing it and bringing it into reality should be our main and only priority for now. Hearing and seeing the Sikh youth in Punjab being gripped by drugs, and in certain parts of the Western world becoming unmotivated, and failing in life is disheartening to see. I think through the following steps, we can emerge as a powerful force, however it will take extreme strife. Here is what I think is needed: Sikhs need to spiritually reconnect with Sikhi Become entrepreneurial by creating new industries or by taking control of existing ones, as a means of gaining great economic resource which can then be channeled to the Sikh cause, think Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg type of entrepreneurial success and economic gain Put the Khalistan movement on the back burner for now, as it is only damaging and polarizing the community, and instead build ourselves up to a formidable level where we have a respected global image and can command power; and then bring back the movement through calculated ways and not martyrdom Refocus on being a Sikh, and not a Sikh-Hindu, and pledge allegiance to the Sikh cause by being a united community - agreeing on our future goals, this can only be done by having more parchariks like Jugraj Singh, and supporting them through economic resources which in itself can only be provided by entrepreneurial Sikhs mentioned in my second bullet point Having to set milestones and future goals such as Sikhs winning Nobel Prizes, Oscars, Pulitzer Prizes and etc. Encouragement for meaningful learning and education ( this is the need of the moment, why is it that most of the Sikh youth hates pursuing education, especially Sikhs from Punjab?); we need more Sikhs aiming for the Rhodes Scholarship Branch out into more reputable fields/industries - i.e. Science, Engineering, Medicine, Politics, Academia, Arts/Media, Technology, Business (this honestly is the crux of the Renaissance and I can see some of it already taking place in the Western world); I say this because most Sikhs join the Indian Army and most go for soldier as an occupation, but we need to step back and stop putting our lives on the line and instead need to focus on educating and securing our community through personal development Evolve and be more open - accept Sehajdari, Mona Sikhs, 3HO Sikhs, Sikh sects as a part of the community, the more the merrier, however gradually, with love, help them correct their ways Immigrate from Punjab to the Western world (however through legal means and with the intent of gaining meaningful education, i.e. studying at esteemed institutions in America/England/Canada and not some merit-less community colleges, and gaining reputable jobs), as this will allow Sikhs more global exposure and opportunity Increase our numbers through procreating more children or adopting children and raising them into the Sikh faith, and marrying out (i.e. bring spouses from other faiths/ethnicities into the Sikh fold through reason and willingness, not force like love jihad) Be clear in our focus, respect other communities, but do not advocate their causes (such as the Sikh Coalition standing up for Muslims and Hindus, this is not benefiting us) Reap the benefits of the system, and do not fight it or challenge it for the meantime, however retain allegiance to the Sikh cause (make use of the IITs in India, and Medical Colleges, and the student scholarships that send worthy students to Ivy Leagues); I think the Parsis have been most successful in this Become role models,and in turn inspire Sikh youth, and establish an encouraging network (often times the Sikhs that do attain success, are extremely averse against helping other Sikhs - this is wrong, as we need to create a community that encourages and supports individual success such as the Jewish people) Stop riding the coattails of our ancestors, and instead create new sagas of success in the present-day Uphold the warrior spirit, but put on a thinking cap so that communal decisions can turn out to be effective ones, and not ones that are conducted in the heat of the moment, which ultimately lead to little gain and more damage Revise Judeo-Christian influenced English translations of the GGS and translate the GGS into other major languages (Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish) and Indo-Aryan languages (Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Marwari/Rajasthani, Bihari, Nepali) to make Sikhism more accessible and understandable for those interested Removal of caste altogether (it has no place in Sikhism, and any pride on ones caste should be absolutely condemned and derided - more Singh/Kaur surnames, zero gotras, let's get out of this tribal thinking) Although I may have repeated myself a few times, this is what I came up with at the moment. Feel free to criticize, discuss and contribute your thoughts about improving the Sikh community. Apologies in advance, if I've offended anyone.
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    Haha! I laughed when I looked at his comment and the reactions he got.
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    @singhbj singh and many others are correct that Sikhs are the ones to blame for the rise of deras. However, I think the right course of action to tackle deras and now is especially a great time to implement this, as there are tons of dera followers that will now be looking for a spiritual path, is to welcome all members back into Sikhi, by not discriminating them through their castes. We've made this mistake in the past, and still are continuing with it, however let's not drag it in to the future. These Sikhs have done a great job welcoming the ex-sirsa dera followers: Let's hope that other Gurudwaras not only in Punjab and India, but the world as well, follow suit.
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    We Sikhs are #1 enemies of Sikhi today. We do more to harm our own faith than any Hindu or Musalman.
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    Satbachan. Will get rid of the down vote. I also believe that it is autobot thingy for all these gupt likes. Will check on that.
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    When muslims have 50+ countries over 1 .3 billion population and huge rich governments of iran, saudi, turkey, central asian republics, gulf states, etc and muslims and commanded to only give charity to muslim causes via zakat. Why are our very few Sikh charity organisations wasting our very limited financial and manpower resources helping non-sikhs in far off non-sikh lands where the people have no interest in Sikhs or sikhism and would not come to our aid if we ever get in trouble as in 1984 proved. Sikhs 30 million population, no country to our name and struggling religious minority fighting for faith and nation since 1947 due the treacherous dogs of sikh leadership who continually sold the kaum out. christian aid they have 3 billion christian population rich western countries and vatican bank chuch isnt helping rohingya, hindus have 1 billion population they never helped non-hindus charity causes ever. Rohingya will be helped by their muslim breathin eventually there is no doubt about that. Us Sikhs do not need to go off on far off adventures to far off places aimlessly if are not there to help the people embrace sikhi with parchar. Question is why is khalsa aid continuing to pursue non-sikh charity causes when there's plenty of causes within the Sikh community that needs urgent attention and help but no help is given. (ie afghan Sikhs dwindling population due to persecution and discrimination, pakistani sikhs struggling financial hardships, indian sikhs in deep poverty and struggling especially families of Shaheeds killed by govt violence). Whats the agenda? foreign adventures? collecting money? Ravi singh is doing a great job showing he is a humanitarian and at promoting the humanitarian side of Sikhi which is great however, where is his and his orgs priorities? They seem to be lost in my view.
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    Amar singh did the forum upgrade and other technical stuff to improve the forum and been doing for past 16years. He is doing gupt sewa for all this time. We are also also thinking of rebuilding the forum and make it as a more social and spiritual place for everyone. I am tweaking few areas and resetting the fake likes and will look to disable anon likes. One major bug is that auto bots are reporting posts to mods/admins in big numbers.
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    The Bhai Kanhaiya episode cannot be used as an analogy to justify the work of Khalsa Aid. If Bhai Kanhaiya was bypassing wounded Sikhs wanting water and ONLY giving water to wounded Mughals then Khalsa Aid would be fully justified in it's activities. The best analogy for what Khalsa Aid does is for a Sikh whose wife and kids were starving at home in village Sikhpura where all the villagers are Sikhs goes to another village Rasulpur a Muslim village many miles away to donate his last money there because one of the houses in that village has burnt down. It is common sense to expect the other Muslims of Rasulpur to help out their Muslim neighbours but it is the height of idiocy for the Sikh to be neglecting his own family to help others. But KA has taken it's idiocy to new heights, they have over £2.4 million in the bank and yet are appealing for funds for the Rohingyas even from Sikhs in India! Imagine that, expanding our analogy further that would be like the Sikh asking for his starving wife and kids if they could donate their last meal for his relief work trip to the Muslim village! KA has been in existence for over 18 years now. The work they do in Punjab is in the last few years and as I wrote before probably the outcome of Sikhs questioning them about what they are doing about Sikhs in needs. Their is no issue in their helping in areas and communities where there is no other help such as the Yazidis in Iraq but KA is usually one of dozens of charities each vying with each other to get the most publicity. What great effect are the tens of thousands of pounds that KA will spend in Myanmar have against the millions of pounds the larger charities will spend! Consider what that tens of thousands of pounds could do for Sikhs in need. Why does KA have to run off thousands of miles away to find non-Sikhs in need when Ravi Singh just needs to step out of his door to see Sikhs sleeping rough in Slough and West London. But I suppose there is no publicity in helping them, the publicity is in plastering photos on facebook of KA helping Rohingyas thousands of mile away! I remember reading Ravi Singh's blog from the time of the Kashmir earthquake. He said how he was also fasting during Ramadan in the relief camps! What a joke, so he was going against the rehat just to show what a great humanitarian he was! The true fact was that such is the fanaticism among those Kashmiri Muslims even those who had lost all their homes that it was dangerous for him, someone who was saving the lives of these Muslims to even eat in his own tent and if it became known that he was eating during Ramadan it would have led to him being lynched! Karlo Sewa!
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    Jasleen Josan, the first Sikh women in the world to undertake a Mars mission I think this is a great achievement, and is ideally great exposure for our community on the global stage. We need more people like her (not necessarily all going to Mars ), but branching out into other professional fields. Thoughts?
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    The Rohingyas are a part of the demographic jihad, there is no such Sikh demographic jihad in Malaysia so your comparison fails. Also the Sikhs are a asset to any nation they migrate to, the same cannot be said of Muslims. You probably live in a make believe world that Muslims are great citizens and that Islam is some kind of gift that the Arabs gave to the world but whereas I wouldn't want to be so cruel as to burst your bubble but the truth is the opposite to what you believe. Muslims in which ever country they migrate to become a liability and a danger to the safety of other citizens of that country. More and more people are becoming aware of this and that is why Muslims are not wanted in any non-Muslim country. Don't be fooled by leftist fools holding up 'refugees welcome' banners in the west. A few months ago an opinion found that a majority of Europeans want an END to all Muslim migration into Europe. I hate Modi but in this case he is 100% right. The Rohingyas should be deported to Bangladesh without fail as well as the 20 million illegal Bangladeshsi in India. There are already Rohingyas in Pakistan and they are at the bottom rung of Pakistani society. I doubt Pakistan would allow Rohingyas to migrate from Jammu to Pakistan. The Arab countries don't want the Rohingyas. Even though these Rohingyas would be the first to demonstrate against Israel if Israel did anything to the Palestinians. Muslim govts don't want Muslim refugees. Maybe this is because the govts knows what Muslims are like and they can only control a certain number and any more than that it would be chaos. There are still lakhs of Muslim Biharis in Bangladesh who fought on the side of the Pakistan during the Bangladesh war and they haven't been allowed to go to Pakistan in over 40 years and you think Pakistan would allow Rohingyas there!
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    So is Khalsa Aid in Burma to counteract the poisonous propaganda about Sikhs? The Sewapanthis were in Muslim areas of Punjab as well as in Sindh because this is where their leaders originated from and that is where their Tikanas were. As with all Gurdwaras their institution would provide rest and langar for travellers and those in the local sangat. I doubt that they made a conscious decision to locate to these areas in order to help the Muslims at the expense of helping Sikhs in Sikh areas, How does this relate to what Khalsa Aid is doing. Is Ravi Singh from Burma? The Sewapanthi were originally a Sehajdhari order so where is the proof that the Khalsa is supposed to be going around the world spending the sangat's money on non-Sikhs? The Rohingyas are being driven out by the Burmese and it is amazing how much support there is for the Burmese government's actions from the Burmese people of various communities. This Khalsa Aid dalliance in Burma will have unforeseen consequence in that these Rohingya will find out what a soft touch Sikhs are if the Burmese govt does not allow them back into Burma they will want to settle in India and given the opposition to them in the rest of India the place they will go is Punjab, as Punjab doesn't have a Muslim problem already they will add to it. The background to the Rohingya is that most are settlers from Bengal during British times and that is why they are not accepted as Burmese citizens. Although there are indigenous Burmese Muslims in other states of Burma but the Burmese govt has no issue with them. We all know what a demographic Jihad is. Bangladesh has been trying to move it's excess population into areas of the North East like Assam and Burma in order to eventually create a Greater Bangladesh. The anti-foreigners agitation in the early Assam was because of Bangladeshi infiltration into Assam. The Bangladeshi population has exploded over the last 4 decades and there are thought to be over 20 Million illegal Bangladeshis in India. You even see them in Punjab now and they are increasing at an alarming rate. The Rohingyas have settled in Delhi and Jammu and now even the Jammu Hindus are waking up to what dangers they will face from these Rohingyas in future. If the Jammu Hindus attack the Rohingyas their is no doubt the idiotic Sikhs will be the first to welcome the Rohingyas into Punjab and sign the death warrant of the next Sikh generation. Add to this the idiocy of KA showing up what a soft touch Sikhs are then you have the perfect storm of Rohingyas making Punjab their home in future given that the Hindus do not want them in their states. Whatever you think of the Burmese, you have to admire the fact that they have woken up to the dangers the Rohingyas pose to them. A few years ago there were riots after the Rohingyas raped a Burmese girl. The Burmese have wised up to the Bangladeshi/Rohingya demographic jihad and they don't want their country to become an Islamic hellhole. You have to admire that they are ready to stand up to the world community as well as Islamic bullying by the Muslim countries. It would be so easy for the Burmese to sit back and let the Rohingya take over Rakhine state while the Burmese elites enjoy the fruits of economic development bought by globalisation and compliance to the will of the liberal establishments of the west.
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    I can say that because the tens of thousands of pound of the sangat's money that KA will spend is being dwarfed by the many millions that the international community has given. The UK for instance has given £ 25 million more after their initial £ 11 million in aid. So that's £ 36 million they have given. The EU has given 3 million Euros and Canada has given $ 2.5 million. That is why I can say that KA is WASTING the sangat's money by being in the Rohangya refugee camps because what they will waste there will be a drop in the ocean to what the international community will spend there. What is looks like is that Khalsa Aid are pig headed by going there knowing this fact and is only there for publicity. Also asking for donations for Rohingya from the sangat when they have £ 2.5 million in the bank as well as knowing the international community will spend nearly £ 50 million there also shows their lack of common sense. You really are clutching at straws trying to justify why Khalsa Aid is not so active in Punjab given that Punjabis need aid as well. So Punjab is corrupt but Haiti, Kashmir/Pakistan, Nepal,, Bangladesh are not corrupt! The basic fact is that giving aid to Punjabis is not a right-on issue in charity circles. There is no publicity is helping Punjabi and lots of publicity in helping in Burma and other places.
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    The Singhs who dragged Bhai Kanhaiya before Kalgidhar Patshaah sounded very similar to you. "Why give water to some muslim, an enemy, when you could be giving water to a Sikh instead? Shouldn't the Sikhs be a priority?" I shouldn't have to remind you how this turned out for them. When Dashmesh Pitaa asked Bhai Sahib why he had done this, Kanhaiya replied "I saw no Mughal or Sikh on the field of battle Maharaj, I saw only you". Guru Gobind Singh said that of all those present in the group Kanhaiya alone had understood the real message of Gurbani. Bhai Kanhaiya was right. The Singhs were wrong. I believe you are wrong about this too bhenji. Be careful not to become so obsessed with protecting 'sikhi' that you forget what you're supposed to be protecting in the first place. Helping somebody is never a waste of anything, it is not only one of the best things we can do for others, but one of the best things we can do for our own Sikhi.
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    What I find intriguing is the rapid shift in Da'wah strategy being employed by Muslims. In my experience whereas before they were attempting to exonerate Islam from the accusations being hurled at it, they are now attempting to contend that all faiths have a similar strain of elitism (for a better want want of expression) as is found in Islam. I acquired the following from a social media group where a Muslim attempted to argue that akin to Kafir and Muslim, Sikhs have the Gurmukh-Manmukh disparity. 'Given the "grooming" phenomena which is prevalent in the Pakistani Community (though all communities have their fair share of devils) we are not surprised that in order to exonerate their faith, from the negative attention it continually receives, some Muslims feel justified in disseminating fallacious propaganda regarding other faiths. Below are some new absurdities which a Da'wah group has come up with in order to contend that equal to Islam's "Conformist-Infidel" dichotomy is Sikhi's "Gurmukh-Manmukh" principle. Is this verifiable in light of the "evidence" which they have provided? Or is there more to the latter than meets the eye? Let us scrutinize the matter closely. The central thesis of this absurd, and somewhat humorous, contention is that "Gurmukh" (Guru-oriented) evolved into a more narrow term after the first Nanak rendering non-Sikhs "Manmukhs" Ipso facto. Point 1: Cherry-Picking Shabads to substantiate their fallacies. Bhai Gurdas's Vaar 5, Pauri 7 (of 21) is quoted to the effect: "Without the Guru's Shabad and sadh-sangat even good persons find no liberation." On a Prima facie basis, Bhai Gurdas seems to be implying that a non-Sikh who is righteous is doomed to spiritual damnation because they are not a Sikh. The proselytizer desperately needs to do this in order to exonerate his/her faith and instead direct the stigma towards Sikhi. Let us, however, scrutinize the full vaar and comprehend it in it's proper context: "ਜਤ ਸਤ ਸੰਜਮ ਹੋਮ ਜਗ ਜਪੁ ਤਪੁ ਦਾਨ ਪੁੰਨ ਬਹੁਤੇਰੇ। Hypocrisy by and large enters into the praxis of continence, burnt offerings, feasts, penances and gifts. ਰਿਧਿ ਸਿਧਿ ਨਿਧਿ ਪਾਖੰਡ ਬਹੁ ਤੰਤ੍ਰ ਮੰਤ੍ਰ ਨਾਟਕ ਅਗਲੇਰੇ। Incantations and spells ultimately turn out to be hypocritical plays. ਵੀਰਾਰਾਧਣ ਜੋਗਣੀ ਮੜ੍ਹੀ ਮਸਾਣ ਵਿਡਾਣ ਘਨੇਰੇ। The worship of the fifty-two heroes, of the eight yoginis of cemeteries and of places of cremation leads to whopping dissimulation. ਪੂਰਕ ਕੁੰਭਕ ਰੇਚਕਾ ਨਿਵਲੀ ਕਰਮ ਭੁਇਅੰਗਮ ਘੇਰੇ। People are obsessed with the pranayam exercises of the inhalation, suspension of breath, the exhalation, the niolr feat and straightening of kundalini the serpent power. ਸਿਧਾਸਣ ਪਰਚੇ ਘਣੇ ਹਠ ਨਿਗ੍ਰਹ ਕਉਤਕ ਲਖ ਹੇਰੇ। Many employ themselves in sitting in the siddhasanas and thus we have seen them seeking myriad miracles. ਪਾਰਸ ਮਣੀ ਰਸਾਇਣਾ ਕਰਾਮਾਤ ਕਾਲਖ ਆਨ੍ਹੇਰੇ। The belief in the philospher's stone, the jewel in the serpent's head and the miracle of life immortalising elixir are nothing but the darkness of ignorance. ਪੂਜਾ ਵਰਤ ਉਪਾਰਣੇ ਵਰ ਸਰਾਪ ਸਿਵ ਸਕਤਿ ਲਵੇਰੇ। People are engaged in the worship of idols of gods and goddesses, in fasting, uttering and giving blessings and curses. ਸਾਧਸੰਗਤਿ ਗੁਰ ਸਬਦ ਵਿਣੁ ਥਾਉ ਨ ਪਾਇਨਿ ਭਲੇ ਭਲੇਰੇ। But without the holy congregation of the saints and the recitation of the Guru- sabad even the very good person cannot find acceptance. ਕੂੜ ਇਕ ਗੰਢੀ ਸਉ ਫੇਰੇ ॥੭॥ The superstitions bind themselves with a hundred knots of falsehood." -(Vaaran Bhai Gurdas, Vaar 5, Pauri 7/21). In light of the above it emerges that the Bhai is not downplaying the concept of righteous non-Sikhs. Rather, he is satirizing society's perception of a "good person." Performing ostentatious acts of worship and charity are futile if one, clandestinely, engages in vice over and over again. If one is impure from within ('Jeoh Maile Baroh Nirmal-' Anand Sahib), outward purity is rendered hollow in the Divine Court. The Bhai's derision of such "good people" is made evident at the end when he declares (all thanks to the Da'wah crew for providing such an acute translation): "Without the Guru's Shabad and sadh-sangat even good persons find no liberation..." Is this in any way different from what Guru Nanak declares in his Bani? "Make compassion thy cotton, contentment thy thread, modesty thy knot and truth the twist. This is the sacred thread of the soul; if one be in your possession then put it around me. It breaketh not, filth soils it not, fire burns it not, it is not misplaced." -(Asa Ki Vaar, SGGS, Ang. 471). By attempting to play on limited knowledge, the proselytizer desires to twist the Guru's word and substitute it with their own falsehoods. Point 2: Distortion of Gurbani and Sikh history. In an attempt to "evidence" that the first Nanak's teachings were different from his successors' the proselytizer asserts that as time progressed, "Gurmukh" became a more narrower term for each successive generation of Sikhs. Let us divide this section into sub-sections for ease of comprehension. A.) It is asserted that Guru Nanak Dev Ji never emphasized upon the need for obtaining a Guru, vis-a-vis liberation, and later Gurus construed this principle in order to establish the equivalent of "Kafir-non Kafir." Unfortunately for the proselytizer: "Without the Guru, how can anyone swim across to obtain peace?" -(Guru Nanak Dev Ji, SGGS, Ang. 20). B.) It is asserted that Guru Amar Dass Ji shut off liberation to non-Sikhs by declaring: "Without the true Guru, there is no Guru at all; one who is Guru-less has a bad reputation." (SGGS, Ang. 435). Who is this true Guru? The aforementioned Guru, himself, informs us: "Seek and find such a true Guru, who shall lead you to the true Lord." -(SGGS, Ang. 30). Furthermore: "Oh Nanak, the one light has dual forms; through the Shabad union is obtained." -(Ibid). The true Guru is Shabad, the ageless spiritual wisdom. One is left wondering as to how these proselytizers function. It should be clear by even a cursory glance at Sikh history that the third Guru played a pivotal role in collating the words of non-Sikhs and preparing the ground for their inclusion in the Sikh canon. If he truly regarded them as "manmukhs," why would he desire to have their words collated in a "Gurmukh," going by the proselytizer's logic, scripture? The theological implication here is clear, conversion is not the sole aim of Sikh liberation. Non-Sikhs can reside in their faiths and if possible locate spiritually enlightened souls who can lead them to the "true Lord." The true Guru is one who manifests the spiritual truths of Bani, which pre-date Sikhi itself, in their life and we acknowledge that non-Sikhs too can do this. The inclusion of Bhagat Bani and Bhatt Bani should be evidence enough of this. C.) Guru Ram Dass Ji continued the tradition of constraining "Gurmukh." The Shabad which apparently substantiates this claim is the following: "Oh Nanak, in the shops of the city of the human body, the Gurmukhs buy the merchandise of the Lord's name." -(SGGS, Ang. 95). How this implies that only Sikhs can be Gurmukhs eludes any sane individual. But maybe the proselytizers possess a different mental build? The concept of "true Guru" and "Sadh-Sangat' are also found in the words of the 15 Bhagats who pre-date Sikhi. We provide an example from the works of Kabir (quoted in the SGGS): "Without the Sadh-Sangat, the company of the Holy, without vibrating and meditating on the Lord God, one does not reside in the truth..." and, "Sayeth Kabir, to cross over the terrifying world ocean, I have taken to the shelter of the true Guru..." -(SGGS, Ang. 336). Guru Nanak Dev Ji was not even born when Kabir wrote these verses so how can Kabir, then, be referring to the "exclusivity" which the proselytizer claims is inherent in Sikhi? The ninth Guru informs us: "Renounce thy hubris and attachment to Maya; focus your consciousness on the Lord's meditation. Sayeth Nanak, this be the path to liberation. Become Gurmukh and attain it." -(SGGS, Ang. 219). There is nothing exclusive to Sikhi in this verse. All spiritual traditions emphasize upon renouncing hubris and false attachment. In light of the latter, then, a question emerges. If "Gurmukh" evolved into a more constrictive term with passage of time, then why did the ninth Nanak possess such an open definition of the term? We advice all Da'wah crews, targeting Sikhs, to try harder next time and maybe they will get somewhere. Fortunately for them, though, as Sikhs we can concur with them on one point: "Truth being made clear from falsehood." By their falsehoods, the truth of Sikhi emerges ever stronger and ever shining.'
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    The five people that have laughed at this post, What's so funny about it? If you've got something to say, write it in a post, instead of making a joke out of people that lose their way from Sikhi. Instead of laughing at why people sway away from Sikhi, maybe you should be laughing at yourselves and see how you can contribute towards helping the panth to stop youth swaying away from Sikhi. 😂 to you too.
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    It is not the fault of Master Tara Singh that subsequent Sikh leaders pre-1984 chose to sell out to the Indian govt instead of using the golden opportunity of a Sikh majority state to take power through democratic means and then get the maximum autonomy for Punjab. The constant refrain from the British, Muslim and Hindu leaderships in 1947 was for the Sikhs to show them an area where they were a majority so that the Sikhs too could have freedom. Do not belittle the fact that a Sikh majority state was created after countless sacrifices both during partition and in the Punjabi Suba movement. You need to understand the situation at the time that this incident took place. Someone had to make a stand against the Muslims who were agitating for a Muslim league government to be put in place. If that had happened then you can make sure that the whole of Punjab would have gone to Pakistan. The Muslim league would have argued that as they had gained the number of seats needed to set up a government in Punjab then this was the will of the people of Punjab and hence no need for Punjab to be partitioned. The only reason that the British govt did not allow the Muslim league to take power in Punjab was the intense opposition from the non-Muslims led by the Sikhs. Had this opposition not taken place then the British would have taken this silence as acceptance of Muslim rule by the non-Muslims. Even if the non-Muslims had managed to convince the British to partition the Punjab even with the Muslim league ministry in power, there is no doubt that the Muslim league using the resources of the state would have armed the Muslims to such an extent than there would have been a genocide of non-Muslims not only in West Punjab but also in East Punjab. We need to understand the Muslim mentality, they take anyone who seeks to achieve compromise or promote peace as a coward and weak. Had the Sikhs not adopted a belligerent attitude to Muslim rule then Pakistan's border would have been on the outskirts of Delhi and we Sikhs would be refugees like the Sindhis without any land to call our own.
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    I agree, however by exploration what I meant was to seek knowledge about possible life systems in other worlds. Gurbani, I think and I may be wrong, is for self-exploration, understanding how to live life and gaining spiritual knowledge. But Gurbani also encourages the pursuit of all knowledge, for we are Sikhs/students, and therefore space exploration is a great method to gain worldly knowledge. Although, worldly knowledge is second to spiritual knowledge, it is still required that we learn both. Therefore, I think both the recital of Gurbani and search of worldly knowledge (including in the form of space exploration) is important to us humans.
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    The law says murder is imprisonment for 25 years But the judge decides to give early parole. Now that's judges grace Similarly as you please God he destroys karma and opens bajar kapat within
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    Ravi Singh, of Khalsa Aid, is someone who I immensely look up to, and I'm sure many others do as well. He is the embodiment of a true Gurmukh who does not preach Sikhi, but practices it. He is a human being that sees no religion/caste/creed and through Khalsa Aid has done great humanitarian work. My question to our community on here is this, how can Ravi Singh be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? I know this man deserves it, but how can we as a community get him that nomination? Any ideas, any suggestions? Jason Kenney, Canada's previous Minister of National Defence, a position currently occupied by Harjit Sajjan, has voiced similar sentiment as well:
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    If Rohingya become Sikh or Hindu or even Jehovah's witnesses then they obviously stop being a part of the Islamic demographic jihad and stop being a threat to other Burmese communities and would not be kicked out of Burma. In a Jihad there are obviously two sides and you can't expect Sikhs to support the side that is engaged in trying to amalgamate the area of another country into a Muslim state.
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    By the same contention the Burmese and Bangladeshi govts should be looking after the Rohingyas. Why is Khalsa Aid there? How do you define immediate danger, is a Punjabi farmer who is under debt due to economic policies of the govt which makes his hard work unviable not in immediate danger because of the stress and mental agony might lead him to commit suicide? If Khalsa Aid forgoes helping in Burma and concentrates the money it will spend in Burma to Punjab instead then it will save lives in Punjab. No one is going to die in Burma because Khalsa Aid doesn't go to the camps to help out. Millions have been and millions more will be pumped into Burma by the international community. Khalsa Aid's work is a drop in an ocean of international relief work. Soon charities will be stepping on each other toes to help the Rohingyas. No one is asking KA to turn Punjab into a paradise. Just to save a few Sikh lives instead of replicating the work of the bigger charities in Burma.
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    Just because our moorakhs waste their time and effort and the Panth's money in running off to Myanmar to help Muslims it frees the Muslims to target our people for conversion. Don't expect Muslims to ease off just because our moorakhs are helping Muslims in Myanmar.
  24. 6 points
    Unfortunately this is a mentality that we have in the Panth of people who would much rather help non-Sikhs than Sikhs. Khalsa Aid has always been about publicity and there was no publicity to be gained in helping Sikhs. It would go to places like Kosovo where the western nations had donated tens of millions of pounds in aid and it basically replicated the work of larger charities. The same is the case in Haiti, Nepal etc. It's just there for publicity as there are other charities that do exactly the same work as KA. It is only in the last few years that they have been helping in Punjab but initially it was always about helping non-Sikhs at the expense of Sikhs. The project in Punjab are probably the outcome no doubt of Sikhs questioning the charity on why is was not helping Sikhs and only helping non-Sikhs. According to the charity's accounts it has over £2.4 million in the bank no doubt the vast amount donated by Sikhs.That's a hefty amount and one if used correctly could help tens of thousands of Sikhs in Punjab but KA probably thinks that would be waste and the money would be best spent on non-Sikhs. The biggest irony that you have outlined is that no non-Sikh charity has ever thought to help Sikhs anywhere in the world. But we have a Sikh charity that goes out of it's way to go to Burma to help Muslims when the Muslims have over 50 odd countries which should be helping them. All Khalsa Aid is doing is ensuring that the rich Arab countries do not need to stump up cash for their fellow Muslims in Burma because KA has the bright idea of spending the Panth's money there! Personally I would say that we need to help charities like Sikh Relief who have now not only just help Sikh prisoners and their families who have been forgotten by the Panth but also dastar camps and other parchar activities in Punjab.
  25. 6 points
    What are you talking about? Of course we do. Our lack of publicity is the number one reason so many Sikhs are targeted in the West by confused bigots, why every rally we ever hold in support of our self-determination is routinely ignored by Western media, and why Guru Nanak's message is barely spreading outside the Punjabi demographic. Publicity is exactly what we need.
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    My brother I took my time to reply to you because your comments hurt me and I was contemplating whether I should reply or not. But I came the conclusion that if I don't reply then I defeat the purpose of my visit here. Yes, I have a very smart 6 year old who has been evaluated as gifted and doing year 7 mathematics in year 1. Thankyou that you somehow acknowledge that I'm bringing up my child the right way when you say "good for you". Now when I wrote that half of the congregation were hindus with their head covered and bowed, you answered that maybe they should pick up some books and educate themselves. So if they are educated about the issues and have comtempt for Sikhs, Sikhism, Gurus and their teachings, what do you suppose they are doing there in the gurudwara? When I wrote History is documented, I meant that if any child goes on the internet and search for 1984 riots, he/she will come across lot of conflicting information. Same goes with the books. For the sake of this argument, let's take sides. Being a hindu I can quote you books written by hindus, civilians, military personnel n analysts & Caucasians, information on websites and blogs that document The atrocities hindus endured at the hands of Sikhs. Being a Sikh, I'm sure you can bombard me with links and information depicting the atrocities inflicted by hindus on Sikhs. That's why I wrote history is documented and suffers the bane of opinions & biases. Now if you yourself witnessed the horrors of 1984, who in their sanity can question the authenticity of the experience and its aftermath.Now our kids access these conflicting sources of information and approach their parents. How you handle that query and how you answer that inquisitiveness dictates whether your kid would hate mine just because they are of different beliefs. And this is why I'm here. I don't want that ti happen. Then you wrote "No it's the other way around" to the the question whether Sikhs hate hindus. And then you ask me to spare you my BS, tell me I'm lying and call me the worst of venemous snake hiding behind kind words. You chose to ignore the kind words, my approach, my demeanour and relied on your presumption to call me names and then went on to write "no it's other way around". Brother, Gurudwara - door/pathway to Guru. I was there. And you chose to ignore that. Hope you don't anymore feel that I'm someone using spurious IP addresses & trolling the public forums on Sikhism to spew venom and then come to party to have a heartwarming discussion. Your brother Siddharth
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    Ajeet...what do you think I'm doing here in this forum my brother? Seeking apology? For what? And you say it takes two to tango and in same breath you say don't go to gurudwara, no one is forcing you. Brother...ek haath se taali nahi bajti...I'm requesting you to not hurt...and you are telling me to introspect...what do you think I have done that I'm here? Who is blaming sikhs? Did I even mention it? How did you deduce it? Mere bhai...taali meri gaal pe baja ke kuch shanti milti ho to aisa hi sahi... I can't stop words coming from your mouth just like you couldn't in case of your hindu friend. But I also would have not let go the opportunity to put him on his behind if he had committed such disrespect. I can't stop what MY RSS is doing and you can't rein in the conduct of various factions in SGPC. Circle of concern and circle of influence. We have our concerns Ajeet about which we can't do anything but what are we doing with issues that we have influence on? This is why Im here. We should be doing our bit to reduce this hatred by inviting eachother my brother. Not push away by saying no one is forcing you to go to gurudwara. It takes two to tango. I am here my brother with open mind and open heart.
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    I never said that dogma gives way to freedom, instead I believe dogma and more importantly religion require restraint. Seva is also every Sikh's duty, therefore a principle and dogma of Sikhi. But the Guru's have told us the answers, the truths in a way. They have enabled us to do certain things, and restricted other things through their bani. So I fail to see how is Sikhi not dogmatic. Casteism, idolatry and such are things that have been accepted as false in our religion, and we do not accept as truths. Bani states there is a creator, Waheguru and therefore it is an accepted truth in Sikhi. We as human beings can challenge the existence of a creator, but as Sikhs we cannot, because it has already been accepted by our religion. Also, how does accepting certain truths inhibit us from learning further, learning is not only gaining new knowledge of whether something is a truth or not, but also applying that knowledge in our day-to-day lives. I would say that Sikhi is perhaps the closest to the Abrahamic religions out of the Dharmic religion group, as we have a fixed set of principles that are incontrovertible truths, just like Abrahamic religions.
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    because it is politically incorrect to say anything which is remotely anti Hindu.It always amazes when i see some people here who remember mughal atrocities (which should be remembered as mughals committed horrible atrocities on sikhs,no denying that) while ignoring the role of some hindu who betrayed sikh gurus i.e Lahore's finance minister chandoo shah who very pissed when Guru Arjan Devji refused to wed his son to his daughter.And from that moment he made his mission to take revenge of this humiliation from Guru.I don't advocate that all hindus should be held accountable for this.But I do say that we should not cherry pick history.Speak truth always
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    End of the day it was the British who were responsible for this carnage. They had the resources like the Army etc to facilitate a peaceful transition of power but they chose not to. Dividing Punjab in a matter of weeks by a drunkard showed their real intentions.
  31. 6 points
    Are some people over complicating the Sikh faith. We have people over analyzing the faith to follow exact rules and regulations. People who do this are just confusing themselves through going into minute details. Then they start critising others for not following their 'ideals' of the faith. Sikhism is a beautiful religion that is simple to follow. Theres no thousands of customs, rituals and traditions that we are meant to follow. We belive in key concepts. Such as believing in one God. Living a good honest decent life. Helping others and fighting for the equal rights of all. Trying to follow minute details will not make you a better Sikh. All you need to do is follow the key beliefs and everything will fall into place. Yet many try to hard and forget the basics. Is this an becoming an increasing issue in todays society of perfectionist Sikhs who are trying to hard.
  32. 6 points
    Agree with this. People are giving downvotes for good sensible replies too. It needs to be rid of. Paji, I see you've received 7 downvotes within 4hours already. But not only you, so have a few others, which come on everybody knows is out of immaturity and jealousy and should be classed as personal attacks. Gosh there's some nasty, senseless people on this forum. 😏, to add spiteful also, if that's how they get cheap thrills in giving a positive post a downvote. Vehlean nu kam v hor ki a! PS: By the way, I gave you the one and only like if you're wondering who did lol. I bet everyone's trying to slip in a few own post likes while they can 😂
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    Interesting, why is that? I am personally in favor of venturing out into the galaxies unknown. It's not only a testament to the progress of human technology, but also reflects the inquisitive nature of human. It is even mentioned in the GGS on multiple occasions that there are an endless number of worlds, so why not explore them and study all of creation. Of course, if you have the perspective that there are far more pressing issues to tackle on Earth, I can agree with that.
  34. 6 points
    This is why the downlike emoticon should be got rid of. It's going to be unfair to members and if there's somebody a member doesn't like, then they will dislike all their posts, just because of immaturity.
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    Words of Sant Baba Atter Singh Ji Special thanks to Paapiman for uploading.
  36. 6 points
    No MarsONE is independent from Elon Musk, although they are planning to use his SpaceX space shuttles to get to Mars. I don't think they'll reach the 2020 goal tbh, so I'm assuming the 2030 Mars NASA mission might be the first human expedition to Mars, and having a Sikh female onboard makes me even more excited for the prospect of having a Sikh be one of the first individuals to land on Mars.
  37. 6 points
    The Mars 2020 Mission is by MarsONE, and not by NASA. It's definitely a great achievement for not only her, but one for our community as well.
  38. 6 points
    No, the suicide mission is the Mars 2020 Mission. This is the two-way Mission, Mars 2030 Mission.
  39. 6 points
    All faiths cannot lead to the same path only up to the point their for want of a better word Guru's reached. I've said this before and we need to stick to what Gurbani teaches, not based on what we think is right. I've never heard that Mardana Jee remained a Sikh and Muslim, where is this written, you can't be both. It many verses Gurbani explains that in the age of Kalyug only through Satguru Nanak can one cross the ocean. We do not need to entertain Muslims who use clever language, chatarpuna and use philosophical approaches/quotes to try and entrap followers of other faiths. If they have seen the light through whatever means then good on them, we have no need to be convinced that Islam is a superior dharam to all others for us Sikhi is khoobsoorat.
  40. 6 points
    I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with you here. Firstly, using the world evangelism for what I stated is clearly wrong. I'm not saying send people to war-torn Syria and capitalize on their situation by handing them the GGS and telling them to accept Sikhi, or go door-to-door telling people to convert because Guru Nanak was the son of God. What I'm saying is that most people that currently identify as Sikhs, or those as Sikh-Hindu, don't follow what's written in the GGS due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, that's why you have people doing Sikh prayer and then taking part in Brahmanical practices such as discrimination of certain castes. I'm saying that a capable parcharik who is well versed and who understands the basics of GGS be sent to villages/cities to clear misconceptions, not coax non-Sikhs into Sikhism. I'm thinking more in line with religious educator rather than evangelist. Secondly, I think Jugraj Singh was an exceptional parcharik who cleared out many doubts regarding Sikhi not only for myself but many others. He was far better than your average parcharik who teaches Sikhi laced with Hindu superstitions.
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    Perhaps I am being idealistic, however what I'm trying to get at is that if we become educated, it'll allow for a far more percentage of successful, perhaps even powerful Sikhs. Those Sikhs, especially the ones in the West, can then lobby together and provide sufficient funds for "proper parcharik" - like Jugraj Singh, and can catalyze the true understanding of Sikhi within our community, removing Brahmanical/Hindu influence or as you called it 'brainwash', thus severing the superficial Sikh-Hindu relationship that many Sikhs immensely believe in. I could be wrong, and this could backfire, but its better than nothing, right? Imagine sending a Jugraj Singh to every village/city in Punjab, surely through strife, people will eventually get the message. I also think we don't need nuclear powers to gain a homeland, although protecting it is of course a different story. I think if we can amass a significant group of affluent, educated Sikhs working for the Panth, that can exert power, it will go a long way in ensuring that our needs are heard and that our demands are met. Anyways, like I said earlier, our focus should not be on securing a homeland right now. It should be on returning our people back on to the path of Sikhi, spreading Sikhism to those interested, increasing our numbers through all means justifiable, and producing capable Sikh youth that will contribute positively and significantly to the world - this will eventually (perhaps a 100 years from now) lead to a homeland, but it will also cement Sikhs as a force of power.
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    There are three ways to ensure that Punjab remains a Sikh majority. 1. Birthrate increase Increase the Sikh birth rate. If every Sikh couple that marries from today makes sure that they have 4 kids in their lives than the Sikh majority in Punjab will be guarantee even if the emigration of Sikhs and immigration of Non-Sikhs continues as it has done in the last decade. This is the easiest and most cost effective means to maintain the Sikh majority. Why this fails and may continue to fail is that when the Akal Takht jathedar asked Sikhs to do this a few years you have the usual moorakhs out on social media criticising the Akal Takht and asking questions like 'will you raise our kids' etc and what I am particularly surprised at even those so-called Panthic minded people like Karnail Singh Peermohammed and Dal Khalsa came up with the usual quality not quantity bukwas which has held back the Sikhs from increasing in numbers. 2. Parchar among non-Sikh Dalits and Bhayyas in Punjab. About 40% of Punjab's dalits population is non-Sikh. In recent years these Dalits have been moving towards deras along with the Sikh dalits. Deras like Radhaswami, Sachkhand Ballan, Jhoota sadh etc. If parchar is started some dent came be made into the deras and the Sikh population increased. Many Bhayyas have become Sikhs mainly due to having lived in the Sikh rural environment and taking part in sewa as Gurdwaras. Although this is a small minority parchar specifically aimed at them could yield results. 3. Resettlement of Sikh tribes like Sikligars, Banjaras and others in Punjab. Punjab's agriculture is labour intensive and it needs labour in huge number during the sowing and harvesting season. No great progress has been made in mechanisation so non-Sikh labour from outside of Punjab comes in and gradually settles and this decreases the Sikh percentage. If this labour is to stop then it has to replaced with Sikh labour and these can be the Sikh tribes like Sikligars, Banjaras and others. This would be a huge project but the only real cost is in transporting these Sikhs into the Punjab and ensuring that they have employment as farm labour and in the factories.
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    Funny thing is Gurmeet Ram Rahim is Jat, of the Sidhu sub-caste & Dalits revere him.
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    I think the greatest lessons to be learnt from the Khalistan movement are that we are firstly an extremely divided community, secondly an incompetent one, and finally that the movement is worthless in the present-day. Expanding on my first point, Sikhs don't know who they are! Sikhs face the biggest identity crisis in the subcontinent, even more so than Indian/Pakistani converted Muslims. How so? Well although Indian/Pakistani Muslims may claim they are descended from Arabs/Persians/Afghans, they are firm and sure on one thing, and that is that they're Muslim. Sikhs don't know what they are. Heck, my own extended family doesn't know what we are. They wear turbans, but celebrate Karva Chauth. They acknowledge the teachings of Guru Nanak, but accept that they are a branch of Hinduism. Until Sikhs don't align themselves with each other, no Sikh sovereignty related movement will flourish or go through. KPS Gill, Kuldip S Brar are examples of the confused Sikhs. My second point is one of extreme relevance. I think post 1947, Sikhs have become extremely incompetent. This is quite evident in the Khalistan movement. The martyrs were extremely motivated individuals, but lacked any communal support. There were no wealthy and powerful Sikhs to fund them, or any famous Sikh media personalities to rationalize and voice the Khalistani cause. This could be partly due to that fact that Sikhs are divided amongst each other, but I think its more likely that we didn't have any notable members in our community at that time, apart a from the odd one out, and still don't. We have no Sikh in academia, the arts and sciences, business, medicine. My last point follows my second point, the Khalistani seperatist movement, considering the current incompetent state our community is in, is worthless and should not be followed, promoted, or continued on with for the meantime. The problem with us, or perhaps its a quality of ours, is that we have always fought against the system, be it the Mughals, British and now the Indian gov't. Our community needs a breather. We need to rejuvenate, and come back stronger. I see so many of our youth waste their energy on the Khalistan movement, that I wonder had they done so much for their own personal development, perhaps they could have progressed further. We as a community are in desperate need of redirection, and I think that the direction has already been laid down for us, and that is the Jewish people. If you look at the Jewish diaspora, although it is half of our population, they command exceptionally far more power than our community, far more than the stalwart Christians, Hindus, and Muslims. They are in positions, and in roles in the US that not have only secured the socioeconomic status of American Jews, but has allowed them to make their voice heard. We need to emulate the accomplishments of the Jewish people, in fact apart from religious doctrine, we are not too different from them, we have been similarly persecuted as they are, and we've survived and that's what makes me hopeful that we can ultimately secure victory. We need to bring our arms down, and reconnect with Sikhi. Very few people are following the Sikhi enclosed within the Adi Granth. I saw Jugraj Singh as someone who was helping people to reconnect to Sikhi and its spiritual side, its unfortunate he left us so early. Getting back to my point though, is that we need more educated Sikhs, more Sikhs in power, not only in India (which I doubt ever happens, expect for puppets like Manmohan), but around the world that will allow our voices to be heard on the global stage. I see many Punjabi Sikh students immigrating to Canada, but most of them enroll into community colleges that give out degress that hold no merit. I honestly think Sikhs need to aggressively expand out of India, and settle in Western society where they can flourish akin to the Jews, however coming to community colleges won't help. I rarely see these students attend a top Canadian/American uni, very rare if none at all. Even Canadian/American born Hindus are far more educated than their Sikh counterparts, and this is worrisome for our community. We need Sikhs to branch out and attain power, and unfortunately I'm not wise enough to know how this will happen, but I do know this needs to happen. Sikh entrepreneurs, professors, inventors, celebrities, artists, physicians, lawyers, engineers will allow for more global exposure. Also, we need to be flexible. I often see us condemn 3HO Sikhs, or Nanakpanthis, however we shouldn't be doing that. We need to greet them with respect and love in order for their ways to be "corrected", and not just simply write them off. We also need to have more children, and I know many Sikhs are against this, but c'mon people, our numbers are dwindling. And for those that say the world population is already too much, well adopt children and raise them as Sikh. We need to increase our numbers by having more children, marrying out and bringing spouses into the Sikh fold through reason, and raising adopted Sikh children. Numbers go a long way in helping a movement be established. I hope I have not offended anyone with my perspective on this.
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    There is nothing that deteriorates more than an area that becomes a muslim dominated one. It sucks out the vibrancy out of an area. For starters, the diversity of shops gets sucked out of the area. You are stuck with halal fried chicken shop , halal butchers, Islamic book shop and a hijab fabric shop. You lose all the other type of facilities. This puts off people coming into thsee areas (even muslims ). At least in Sikh/Hindu areas you get a much more variety of shopping and it actually attracts goreh to come. Southall even though traditionally Sikh area is quite international because you get overseas visitors buying clothing or visiting jewelry shops, dining in the restaurants, visiting Havelock gurdwara. The fried chicken shops are open late at night and they tend to attract all sorts of weirdos. It creates more hygiene problems because the increase in these fast food joints (muslims seem to be very keen on this type of business) means more litter and rubbish which means rat infestation. Muslim owned restaurants seem to have the most Health and Safety issues in terms of hygiene. How many times can one hear of cockroach infestations or rat droppings in these places. These areas tend to attract a lot of drug dealers and brings all sorts of other stuff such as pimping/prostitution, particular since the mini cabbing brigade has a big part to play in this. The parking gets far worse in these areas (even compared to hindu/sikh areas) because muslims have a bigger chip on their shoulders and think they can get away with more. This happens particularly when there is a mosque close by. The area becomes overcrowded and more slum like. One of the things muslims tend to do when venturing into new territories is to open up a halal based establishment in a non muslim area. This is done deliberately to try to attract muslims into an area. It's like planting a flag. Property prices drop very quickly and more move in very quickly.
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    We need to get rid of the bleeding heart liberals from their positions of power. If the Gurdwara committee is full of these fools then get like minded youth together and take over that Gurdwara through the electoral process. A start has to be made and just as we fight the enemies without we have to also fight the enemies within.
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    Guru Nanak Dev ji spoke against Caste system which is through manipulation has become a slave system where people are trapped by accident of birth into remaining at the bottom of the pile - no life, no chance of salvation, no solace of faith as hearing prayers could mean punishment such as hot lead being poured into the ears, or eyes blinded, or even death. Guru ji Not only refuses the janeu as it differentiates between one man and another , and man from women in terms of rights. He actively went to 'lowly' peoples homes and ate and kept their company. Bhai Mardana was a mirasi and that was considered almost like a beggar status , he was a muslim and yet Guru ji embraced him as his brother. Guru ji destroyed the concept of slavery by preaching against the concept both in India and abroad in all the religious centres .In fact the documented visit to the vatican explains that Guru ji told the Pope in no uncertain terms that man has no rights to enslave others as all are one family under Akal Purakh
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    Exactly what I'm saying. Religion, at the end of the day, is dogma, and it needs to be followed, in order to live the life the religion has entailed. If one doesn't like it, then change your religion, simple. I think there are people who don't want to follow religion, and think that reaching God can be done without a set of dogmas, and that is absolutely fine imo, and I am not saying they are worse or better than anyone, but what I'm saying is that if you identify as Sikh, then you will have to follow the dogma. Otherwise, don't identify as Sikh. It's not like the Sanatan Dharma where can you practice anything and everything which sometimes is contradictory in nature and still be considered a part of the community. We have room for interpretation and openness to a certain extent, but we also have certain outlined rules to follow.