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  2. nothing wrong with singnian reading Lavan, doing kirtan or giving sikhia ....so what's your point?
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/KaurLifeOnline/status/889943164869541888/photo/1
  4. Today
  5. really if RSS believe in Gurus why did they specially commission history books vis SGPC which called Guru Arjun Dev ji a criminal and Guru Teg Bahadur ji a jewel thief amongst many other slurs, they have attacked gurdwarey structures : Gyan Godri and others
  6. some <banned word filter activated> will believe there is some cachet in buying such an overpriced tourist gift and the muslim will be laughing all the way to the bank, yet again. be prepared for the news of some low brow buying it
  7. true , because if kaum want to remove sgpc model of gurdwara management given how open it leaves golak for lutmaar by punjabi govt controlled by Babus and printing houses for distortion of our major literature and reinstall the Budha dal as Jathedar of Akal Takht : This would make it dangerous and impossible
  8. toronto area
  9. how many fronts on which do you think they can control? manipuris , kashmiris, PUnjabis, Sindhis , Tamil Nadu has created its own flag and seems to be moving for independence, Mouthing off to Pakistan and China means it is likely to kick off on multilple borders
  10. You can read what he said a thousand times, and not once did he mention the positives of the Non-Jaats, only the negatives.
  11. This replica is being sold for 13 Million Rupees. This post might confuse many of us. Have we ever http://kaurageous44.blogspot.in/2017/07/24-k-darbar-sahib-replica-created-in.html
  12. For a Punjabi woman, driving for a taxi company isn’t an obvious career choice. Punjab roads aren’t particularly safe, especially during the night, and dealing with chauvinistic male passengers can be painful. But a 52-year-old grandmother from Mohali has become Uber’s First Female Bike driver in Punjab part of the Punjab government’s ‘Apni Gaddi, Apna Rozgar’ programme. Paramjeet Kaur, who rides a scooter, is all smiles as she tells you about the rousing response she is getting from her clients. Full article available at http://singhstation.net/2017/07/apni-gaddi-apna-rozgar-meet-ubers-first-female-bike-driver-punjab/
  13. Not forgetting slow poisoning if baba Santa Singh Ji. Balbir is a rapist who rapes boys and gandu, don't quote me , I'm quoting various nihangs who has said this. What at about joginder? He has aligned himself with bazighar, and is subordinate to him. he doesn't have a backbone either just another opium addict dressed up in bana.
  14. Its like his entire point just completely went over your head. Bro, sometimes maybe read a post 2-3 times before replying and rambling on.
  15. Sant Kartar Singh Bhindranwale openly challenged the Arya Samaj.
  16. I don't hate myself at all, or think myself inferior to other people. You don't need to blindly love every aspect of your culture. People have forgotten traditional Punjabi names and unfortunately turn to names like Natasha. JKV has named her daughter Isher, I think that's a great name.
  17. Due to “great viewing figures and a demand in the area”, KTV on Sky channel 8, has opened a studio in Argyle Road, Ilford. The TV station airs community programmes of a cultural and religious nature, and told the Recorder they will be covering live events in the area. “In the last six months I have seen the growth of the channel,” said Kulwant Singh, head of production at KTV. “Out first studio launched in Birmingham but there was a big need to cater for people within the M25. Full article available at http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/lights-camera-action-new-tv-station-opens-in-ilford-1-5122653
  18. This is so friggin disturbing
  19. Please tell me if the full bidiya is written down in there? If it isn't why are you spreading lies? The book you are referring to many people have contributed to it pyaara Singh for example. Have you even read that book? With Nidar singhs knowledge of indo Persian weapons, history, gurbani, akali nihangs he just got it from one single book? Your argument needs to be stronger. Those who have seen it know the power, those like you who spread lies and hearsay..carry on, we shall see were gatka gets you sir. Gurfateh
  20. Well said
  21. christian names are not all meaningless e.g Michael ('Who is like God?'), Daniel ('God is my judge'.), have meaning in hebrew Ruth means Goodness so maybe they pick name with good qualities , a lot of African christians still do this like Charity, Faith, Mercy , used to be popular in Victorian times too
  22. I think people really need to know that Balbiroo is just like Dhumma. Both kiss the feet of the Badals while claiming to be the rightful owners of their titles. Balbiroo has really destroyed the sovereignty of the Buddha-Dal by aligning himself with already defunct and utterly corrupt organisations like SAD and SGPC.
  23. So what would you suggest we do for those Sikhs of non-Subcontinental heritage? Most people still want their own cultures in names, whether they are Orientals, Hispanics, or whatnot, (Goras don't care much since they just give their kids names that have nothing to do with their cultures all the time).
  24. I think it can set up certain mentalities ...like coconut-ness or openness to hinduvta mentality I mean Sonali Kiran Kaur (Indian coz)spends all her time in Hindu company and constantly Jai Hind's
  25. no real hindu or even muslim organisation is sympathetic to Sikhs, to say the least, mate. Arya Samajis have their own mandirs etc and they consider the gurus as false prophets while, RSS does "recognise" the Gurus while considering Sikhi as an wave of the Hindu (Sanatan) ocean.
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