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  2. Any old port in a storm Mr Singh!
  3. Who would even go to that forum, if they wanted to learn about Gurmat anyway?
  4. It was supposed to have one. But it was decommissioned on the day, the final partition was announced. So there was no-one to appeal to after partition happened. The criminal british did it on purpose. First it was hthe Brahmans, now its the British? The Sikhs of West Panjab did little more than defend their own lives and hope to reach East Pakistan. This was one of his biggest blunders. The Sikhs had to pay a huge price for this. Still I like the way you have said "many Sikhs" when there was around 7000 killed. By being the first person to be jailed in a free India for sedition? You worry me. A lot. Your perception of history is based on some kind of paranoia. You can't blame others for everything all the time. we Sikhs made many mistakes over this period. But to say it was down to some conspiracy by the Brahmans or the criminal british is poor. Read about his life and you will find out.
  5. The British were of the opinion that Panjab should remain undivided and go completely to Pakistan. But <banned word filter activated> was the Congress who using Jinnah's own weapon against him, stating that as the Muslim majority areas cannot be forced to live under India (as part of the two-nation theory) Non-muslim majority areas could not be forced to live under pakistan rule. The British agreed with this and agreed to partition the two states of Panjab and Bengal. So the two main states, Panjab and Bengal were divided in a similair fashion. The Sikhs never launched any agitation that I know of against ML minority govt, as the muslim league were denied the opportunity to form a govt by the Panjab Secretary who invoked Governor's law after the muslim league brought down the Unionist govt. The muslim league only had 80 mps out of 178 so they couldn't form a government in Panjab by themselves. Governor Jenkins many times refused them on this basis. What the Sikhs were doing in east Panjab was trying to kill as many muslims as they could whilst they had the chance to, and the West Panjab Sikhs were trying to escape with their lives. At that time, the East Panjab Sikhs should have focused on the border villages of Lahore/Amritsar/Gurdaspur that held important Sikh shrines such as Kartarpur etc. They should have occupied these villages and refused to let them go to pakistan. We have all seen what a mess the pakistanis have made of Sikh heritage there.
  6. IN an ideal world the Sikh states and the Panjabi Sikhs wold have joined hands. But the Sikh states, esp Patiala, were more pro-Britihs than pro-Sikh. The Maharaja of Patiala and Master Tara Singh never got on. Patiala always supported the British over the SGPC and Akali Dal. Concerning the Kingdoms/princely states, Mountbatten gave them two ultimatums: join India or Pakistan. None were given a third option. If a huge Kingdom such as Hyderabad couldn't hold out against India, despite being 10 times bigger than all the Sikhs states put together, how could the Sikh Kingdoms?
  7. Guru Gobind Singh has not written that anywhere, and there is a chance he may have said it. The quote is also attributed to Sardar Jassa SIngh Alhuwalia, but above all it's a quote from Prachin Panth Parkash. Khushwant Singh is a cretin. His books are trading a fine line between sneering and outright contempt at the Sikh faith, the Sikh people, and Sikh future. As i said before the Sikhs did not resisit partition, they were the ones who called for it in Panjab. I'm on planet earth and i will tell you that it was Chandu Lal Trivedi who called the Sikhs a criminal tribe. Now if you are still claiming it was Nehru, please tell us what planet you are from? Unknown failed teacher? You show your ignorance of his life. Master Tara Singh was not unknown, and not failed either. I don't know what you've read, but the partition had already happened and the PBF was there to ensure the peace. How could a body that was created to help with a smooth partition actually prevent, or accelerate partition? Ok, so now you have moved from 1947 to 1849?
  8. The show was cancelled due to technical difficulties, but they did do a show for the Amritsar Visitor Centre from Birmingham.*s*s
  9. It's not something that you can just take and leave and retake. What are your reasons for wanting to leave?
  10. Don't have cable/sky. Is this available online now?
  11. KTV Launch TIME Sun Jan 22 2017 at 10:00 am VENUE Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick, 128 - 130 High Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom Source -
  12. Women's Self Defence Classes TIME Fri Jan 20 2017 at 07:00 pm VENUE Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick, 128 - 130 High Street, Smethwick, United Kingdom CREATED BY UoB Sikh Society EVENT DETAILS Self defence classes are back on this week! When? Friday @ 7pm (we will be travelling together from the guild at 6:20pm) Where? GNG Smethwick, Hall no.2 How much? Classes are now free! Just bring money for transport, we will be traveling to Smethwick by train. Classes are open to all abilities, come and learn in a safe environment with others from Sikh soc! Source -
  13. Bibia Kirtan TIME Thu Jan 26 2017 at 06:30 pm VENUE Silicon Valley Gurdwara, 2356 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, United States Bibia's Kirtan is performed by various ladies every last Thursday of the Month. Please join! Source - clara/bibia-kirtan/386826424996633
  14. Youth Leadership and Parchaar Training TIME Sat Jan 21 2017 at 11:00 am VENUE Sikh Temple, Lower Hickey Street, Innisfail, Australia A day of youth empowerment. To register interest, please click 'attending' and email your name and age to Akaal Fauj believes in the power of knowledge. Come along and join your fellow youth in discussing how we can take forward our gurus' mission on righteousness, love and equality, and find out how you can get involved. We look forward to seeing you there! Source -
  16. Just like most Sikh organisations they too seem to have a political agenda. "Unite people to get votes, divide when it's time to rule"
  17. The Sikh leadership did eventually accept the partition of punjab after failing to persuade jinnah of a united india with muslim league being in power of punjab or having an azad punjab area. However the vast majority of the Sikh population did not accept partition of punjab under any circumstances, and we all know the sikh leadership was either brought off by the british or inept in political matters. The sikh population mostly who lived in west punjab and whose homes and businesses and land would now come under a proposed pakistan so they violently opposed partition of punjab. The "sikh leadership" could not control the masses whose lives would be uprooted having to move to newly allocated areas in east punjab. I think history has shown he was a traitor, he may have converted to a Sikh but it wasnt in Sikh interests. He drew a Sword and threatened a demonstration for pakistani by PML which turned violent and many Sikhs killed by muslim mobs due to his idiocy. Then he negotiated all of Sikh political interests away to brahmin ruled congress. What part of him made him Sikh? Did he achieve anything for us? He achieved everything for his political masters in delhi. As for punjabi suba, I think his hand was forced to campaign for it as Sikhs were now realising the trap they had fallen into and blamed him for the mess so he had to save his own skin. He even failed to complete a fast unto death for Sikh autonomy he was a total disaster for the Sikh kaum. What would be interesting to know is how he became to represent the Sikhs in the round table talks for independence. What authority or credentials did this failed high school headmaster have to represent the interests and prestige of the once powerful Sikh nation.
  18. marriage

    You could either speak with your family and say what you think. If they agrer its great, you might have to wait as some ppl like to get the elder boys married first? It might be awkward for ur parents so dnt expect help. Secondly ur young and having a crush is different to wanting to marry and spend a life with someone. Your feelings will be same when other rishtas come dnt fixate or get too involved. Trust me i been there and i learnt the hard way. If they are not going to support this then perhaps you should not get married into that family at all. As u dnt want to marry the cousin if the guy u like lol.U can tell that to ur mum and im sure shel get it. Be honest and clear.. Pray to Guruji that whoever it is that u will have someone who can bring you closer to God and you can lead a spiritual life
  19. That's also why they purposefully turned a blind eye to all the Pak paedoing of Sikh (as well as poor white) girls. They filtered down the message to their police and social services to make it a non-issue and criminalised and vilified Sikh brothers who tried to deal with it through the media and 'justice' system. Nice people..... And to think, our lot were running around fighting wars for these people.
  20. The major mistake the Sikhs made was to allow the 'other factors' in the terms of reference to be vague and open to interpretation. The Sikhs should have held back on accepting the decision in advance unless the other factors were properly defined and equal weightage given to them with population. If equal weightage had been given then given that the Hindus and Sikhs virtually owned the whole of the city of Lahore and had a majority of the businesses, factories, schools, colleges etc and that the Sikhs owned about 58% of the land in Lahore district then it should have gone to East Punjab in 1947. As far as I know the boundary commission never had an appeals process. Because they representatives of all the communities could not agree to anything then Radcliffe was given the final decision and you are right he made a right hash of the partition line. The British chose someone who had never been to India and did not know the ground realities present in Punjab.
  21. A lot of the establishment are paedophile as well and some sections of the media are trying to make that acceptable. That would be the next priority. At the moment they are trying to make trans-genderism acceptable.
  22. The Sikhs were the ones which had fought for the partition of Punjab. The British were quite happy to leave the Punjab as a whole to Pakistan but it was the agitation by the Sikhs that forced them to deny Jinnah the whole of the Punjab. The Sikh agitation especially to stop the Muslim League minority government from taking power in Punjab was what convinced the British that the Sikhs would never accept Muslim rule in Punjab. The Sikhs especially after the March massacres in Rawalpindi knew that if the whole of the Punjab went to Pakistan then the Muslims would make life hell for the Sikhs. What the Sikhs were violently resisting was a partition line which was splitting the Sikh population in half and placing millions of Sikhs and the Sikh shrines in Pakistan/ That quote is attributed to Trivedi as South Indian who Nehru appointed as governor of East Punjab in 1947. Master Tara Singh was not a traitor. He became a Sikh out of choice and had he been a traitor as you allege then after 1947 and having in your view betrayed Sikh interests why did he fight for Punjabi Suba? Surely Nehru would have awarded his treachery and Master Tara Singh could have had an easy life. If anything his life was a life of struggle to get the Sikhs their due rights in India.
  23. If the population factor was detrimental to the Sikh cause then the Sikh leadership needed to think outside the box. There were the Sikh states which had a population of 3.5 million of which Sikhs were 39%, Hindus 34% and Muslims 24%. So they would have been the nucleus of a Sikh state. With the Muslims gone from these states the Sikhs would have been a majority. These states had treaties with the British and once the British announced they were leaving then these Sikhs should have reverted to the independent status they had before the British came.
  24. I am a girl I took amrit in the age of 16 but now I want to leave amrit for some time because of some problems but after my marriage I will again take amrit but m so worried about it plzz tel me what should I do?
  25. There is Maryada for reading from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, pothi, gutka. This maryada must be kept for proper respect of Gurbani. Why not cap? When was the last time a person washed it? NEVER because washing a cap ruins it majority of the time. So many people don't wash their caps. if they do it's after weeks of wearing it. Same cap is used for many other activities and is constantly touched, dropped, full of sweat, etc. It's similar for serving langar in the Gurdwara or anywhere else where the Guru's langar is being provided to the sangat. As a person is fulfilling a duty given to them by the Guru. There is a requirement to follow about dress because this is not your place. It is the place of the Guru. Bowing the head is not enough. Bow with the mind and cover the head with the provided head covers when doing langar di seva.
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