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  2. There's just something... I get suspicious when we're used, however innocuous it may be, to help someone's argument against Muslims. It makes me feel as if we're being flattered for cynical ends. As a community, and more so on an individual basis, we are incredibly susceptible to flattery and praise, which occasionally leads us to undertaking ill advised action, or at least adopting certain unhelpful attitudes. Yet I do think it's important the stark distinction between Sikh and Muslim must be made to the wider public, especially to the average person who assumes a beard and a covered head denote the same ideology. Islamic apologists amongst Sikhs, and some Muslims, will always cite the "divide and conquer" mantra, which is laughable in itself due to the mistaken belief that we as two distinct faith groups were ever unified, but to my mind that's another symptom of an interesting issue that's been brought into sharp focus since the Manchester attack whereby it's clear that Muslims (and some traitorous Sikhs) cannot bear to see Sikhs illuminated in a positive light in mainstream society, especially if it serves to highlight the contrast between our two religions and their respective people. Be very, very wary of those who are quick to decry Sikhs for daring to differentiate themselves from Islam and Muslims. More often than not such behaviour is rooted in a devious enviousness and downright maliciousness. The unspoken subtext on the part of Muslims for not wanting us to be viewed positively is, "If we're being made to look bad, why are Sikhs being singled out for praise? They should be made to suffer for Muslim devilry." That's the mindset we're dealing with here; a vindictive, warped, and malicious desire to see Sikhs tarred with the same brush as them. Don't fall for their games.
  3. KPS and the ones who did the brutal acts in 84 deserves a agonizing death. 55, 78, 84, 90s, and even those who still commit crimes in 2017.
  4. I heard about this, Japan is very strict on foreigners well not that strict as they were before. Japan used to be Xenophobic.
  5. DIPLOMACY!!!!!! *years of strategy games like Eurasia universalis IV and Victoria 2 has been paying off*
  6. I seen this yet the thing is it's a atheist bringing down this religion, but I respect he speaks about women and non-believers being killed.
  7. bro only if this event happened when I was in rajastan they'd learn a lesson not to abuse. Honestly to all sikhs in india learn self defense, and your rights.
  8. When she walked into a gurdwara and her entourage disturbed the natural order of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji darbar. Sikhs should have stood up and made them stop their distrubance. Cut the snakes head off and its body is rendered useless. Now Sikhs can whine all they like. Sikhs pay respect to the dead and whine when the dead people bites them.
  9. Tommy Robinson is against Islam or something of the sort, and he knows the difference between Sikh and Islamic people and says he respects Sikhism that's all I know about him oh and he speaks against the Govt protecting terrorists or something.
  10. Oh my god I feel like the UK is like the jersey shore TV show
  11. Well yeah depends on how fetishized it is, like how serious it is, I should of wrote preference
  12. yes whoops.
  13. No offense, bro, but could you be bothered to write two sentences as to why we should bother to click on the video? I'm assuming you sat and watched it and found it useful or interesting, so I'd also assume you'd want the maximum no. of people to also watch the video. So how 'bout a short summary of videos when people post them (directed generally, not just you)?
  14. You're wrong, Jagsaw Singh. Did you ever bother to actually read the thread and link you're referring to? The post by @genie you refer to references a link to an article where Katie Hopkins complaining about the sense of dread felt by British people given the ongoing terror attacks. This is the article: It does not contain the words "final solution" or even the concept of final solution. The "final solution" phrase was from a separate tweet by Hopkins, which was, again, not, referenced by @genie in his thread. So, no, the UK sangat or the world Sikh sangat, or are not advocating Hitler's final solution. For someone who's so quick to berate others, you monumentally failed to do your homework this time. Shame, shame.
  15. It's good they posting now we can expose the anti-sikh evil hindustani's outright. Before they were covert and hidden but now their open support for mass murder of Sikhs has given their true evil sentiments away. Now we can collect the tweets they had posted and compile them and expose them praising killers of our community. I suggest all Sikhs who feel strongly about this subject to screenshot every Indian celeb or politician or high profile person who has praised KPS Gill. Its important we know who they are.
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  17. These people don't just post stuff like ordinary people... There Twitter account is very powerful and usually managed by the huge amount of people involved with any one actress bollywood has always shown hatred for Sikhs and there you go it's evident for you all to see
  18. Sorry, brother, I may have come off a little strong. You have to admit your post did not provide necessary clues to whether you were using sarcasm or what. OK, got it. But then what does this mean: What do you mean that it's just a fear of gay Anand Karj? Should we not fear it? I.e., create awareness to avoid such things? ELI5, please.
  19. And here's how grooming of sikh girls for sexual exploitation and conversion to islam or other destructive non-sikh lifestyles starts. First our own girls are brainwashed by our own misguided liberal leftist people.....that to speak out against Islamification or islamic jihadi crimes is racist or Islamophobic and not allowed. And taught that all religions are equal and worthy of respect even if they want to kill or convert you as a long term goal.
  20. I hope no one takes offence. But my experience of Birmingham is that most people down there are a bit dim witted including the Sikh community. Many speak in some low grade accent and have low intellect. This must have rubbed off on the Punjabi community there.
  21. You should write an article about it for a national newspaper, Jagsaw, like you did when Princess Diana died. Not bad for a kid in his young teens at the time. Your talents are wasted on this forum. You deserve a bigger audience more appreciative of your unique worldview.
  22. Here's a prime example of a brainwashed fake Sikh like former cricketer turned politician navjot sidhu whose in the bjp hindu nationalist party pro-india pro-hindutva agenda
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